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We are here to be happy, to live in Bliss. The more we advance in our spiritual unfoldment, the more we know we are Bliss at the core of our existence.

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 Music in the Sky  Michele Martin Music in the Sky   $21.95  $16.46  Buy Now 
This book offers the biography and the teachings of the 17th Karmapa, who escaped from Chinese-occupied Tibet three years ago and is now living in exile in northern India. The biography offers numerous miracle stories, tales of wisdom beyond the boy's years and other extraordinary accomplishments. It also presents a dramatic account of the Karmapa's flight from Tibet at the tender age of 14. Other sections contain some of his public addresses and poetry. If the teachings seem... 
 Folk Songs of Goa  Jose Pereira Folk Songs of Goa   $19.10  $14.33  Buy Now 
Konkani Song, of which Goan Song is the preeminent branch, is a treasury of the traditional music of the Indian subcontinent. It has at least 35 types, monophonic and harmonic, the former prevalent before the Portuguese brought Western music into India, and the later, consequent to the Western impact. It was in Goa that Indian musicians first began to compose in Western musical forms, incorporating into them motifs and nuances of their own immemorial tradition. Among these 35 types, four were... 
 This earth of ours  Marti This earth of ours   $15.49  $11.62   
Temporarily Out of Stock
This book of meditations on nature opens our hearts and minds to the immense diversity of this planet we call home. It reminds us of our profound connections to the world around us. 
 Baba the Breath of Sai  Grace J.McMartin Baba the Breath of Sai   $4.95  $3.71   
Temporarily Out of Stock
No book can describe the greatness and power of Almighty God. Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba is the living God Incarnate and He responds to the devotees' call by whatever name He is called. He says, "Let Me tell you one thing in the end. However you are, you are Mine. I will not give up. Wherever you are, you are near Me; you cannot go beyond My reach." He says "You can hear My foot-steps for I walk with you, behind you, beside you." He openly invites everyone to come, examine and experience... 
 Change your Aura Change your Life: A step-by-step guide to unfolding your spiritual power  Barbara Y. Martin Change your Aura Change your Life: A step-by-step guide to unfolding your spiritual power   $16.49  $12.37  Buy Now 
This book is designed to be a hands on training manual in how you may work with the arua to improve the quality of your life. It introduces a powerful meditation tool for accessing an unlimited source of spiritual power that is simple and easy to follow. Everything you think, feel, and do radiates a spiritual energy that comes through in various colors and hues: this is your aura. The aura is your spiritual blueprint. In this groundbreaking book, renowned aura expert Barbara Martin, known... 
 A Recapitulation of Babas Divine Teachings  Grace J.McMartin A Recapitulation of Babas Divine Teachings   $4.95  $3.71   
Temporarily Out of Stock
The endless stream of divine thoughts has been pouring out from the Avatar of the Age - Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Ruminating over these teachings and parables is the easiest spiritual exercise to quell the deluding mind to reinstate ever-eluding peace. The author has thoughtfully selected Divine quotes from discourses of Bhagawan and compiled them into categories of common interest like God, Love, Vedas, mothers, children, teachers, students, doctors, friends, nation and so on. This... 
 Seva - A Flower at his Lotus Feet  Grace J. McMartin Seva - A Flower at his Lotus Feet   $4.95  $3.71   
Temporarily Out of Stock
Seva - spontaneous selfless acts of service to others is the Avatar's prescription to the humanity for its own upliftment as well as for attaining salvation. Bhagawan not only preaches and personally demonstrate the highest ideal of service, but He also established a mammoth service organization as a part of His Mission. This valuable compilation, beautifully put together by Grace J.McMartin can be described as a treatise on Avatar's message of service and a guide for spiritual aspirants in... 
 An Introduction to Metaphysics  Martin Heidegger An Introduction to Metaphysics   $17.95  $13.46  Buy Now 
In this work Heidegger presents the broadest and the most intelligible account of the problem of being, as he sees this problem.  First, he discusses the relevance of it by pointing out how this problem lies at the root not only of the most basic metaphysical questions but also of our human existence in its present historical setting. Then, after a short digression into the grammatical forms and etymological roots of the word "being", Heidegger enters into a lengthy discussion of the... 
 Spiritual Beauty Care  Jacqueline Sinnige Spiritual Beauty Care   $21.95  $16.46   
Temporarily Out of Stock
More and more people recognise the link between inner and outer beauty, and here is a practical guide and introduction to spiritual beauty care and the wide range of possibilities of exploration. People are beginning to recognize the link between inner beauty and outer beauty. This book provides an introduction to the possibilities of enhancing your natural radiance through integration of practices for inner peace, calm and joy with the use of natural body care techniques and... 
 Japan Haiku  Marti Japan Haiku   $6.49  $4.87  Buy Now 
Japan Haiku is an exquisite journey through a Japanese landscape rich in beauty, irony, simplicity, and humour. Marti, the author, loves nature and is a student of Zen.     
 Buddhism & Ecology  Martine Batchelor (Ed) Buddhism & Ecology   $4.95  $3.71  Buy Now 
Buddhism exists in many different forms in many different countries. In this book Buddhists from Japan, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Tibet and the West offer their approaches to ecology and tell of practical activities as well as Buddhist teachings and philosophy. Stories, pictures and poems add to the picture of Buddhism and ecology and the book concludes with a message from the Dalai Lama. The book provides: new ideas and ways of thinking for Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike; a resource for... 
 What is a tree?  Marti What is a tree?   $6.49  $4.87   
Temporarily Out of Stock
This book introduces small children to the role and usefulness of trees.  (English & French) 
 Buddhism and Ecology  Martine Batchelor Buddhism and Ecology   $4.95  $3.71   
Temporarily Out of Stock
Buddhism exists in many different forms in many different countries. In this book Buddhists from Japan, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Tibet and the West offer their approaches to ecology and tell of practical activities as well as Buddhist teachings and philosophy. Stories, pictures and poems add to the picture of Buddhism and ecology and the book concludes with a message from the Dalai Lama. The book provides: new ideas and ways of thinking for Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike; a resource for... 
 Semiosis in Hindustani Music  Jose Luiz Martinez Semiosis in Hindustani Music   $27.50  $20.63  Buy Now 
For thousands of years music in India has been considered a signifying art. Indian music creates and represents meanings of all kings, some of which extend outwardly to the cosmos, while others arise inwardly, in the refined feelings which a musical connoisseur experiences when listening to it. In this book the author explores signification in Hindustani classical music along a two-fold path. Martineq first constructs a theory of musical semiotics based on the sign-theories of Charles Sanders... 
 The Valmiki Ramayana  Romesh C. Dutt The Valmiki Ramayana   $13.89  $10.42  Buy Now 
 The Golden Book of the holy Vedas  Tr. A.A. Macdonell, H. Oldenberg The Golden Book of the holy Vedas   $49.99  $37.49  Buy Now 
 The Bhagavadgita  Edwin Arnold The Bhagavadgita   $27.50  $20.63  Buy Now 
 The Mahabharata  Romesh C. Dutt The Mahabharata   $13.89  $10.42  Buy Now 
 The Cult of the Deity Vajrakila  Martin J. Boord The Cult of the Deity Vajrakila   $115.49  $86.62   
Temporarily Out of Stock
 The Twilight Language  R.S. Bucknell The Twilight Language   $16.49  $12.37   
Temporarily Out of Stock
 Martial Arts  Leter Lewis Martial Arts   $5.28  $3.96  Buy Now 
 The Religion of India  Max Weber The Religion of India   $18.06  $13.55  Buy Now 
 Gods of India  E.O. Martin Gods of India   $7.78  $5.84  Buy Now 
 Materia Medica  John Martin Hongberger Materia Medica   $8.89  $6.67  Buy Now 
 Iconography of Southern India  G. Gouveau-Dubreuil Iconography of Southern India   $44.17  $33.13  Buy Now 
Iconography in Southern India is entirely religious, and as liturgical subjects cannot be treated according the fancy of the artist, extremely strict rules always govern the method of representing the gods and sculptors chisel is invariably guided with exact precision.Southern India denotes in this book as the stretch of country along the Cooromandel coast, from the mouth of the Northern Pennar river to cape Comorin. More specifically it is concerned with the iconography of Dravidian... 
Displaying 1 to 25 (of 67 products) Result Pages:  1  2  3  [Next >>] 
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01.Human Physiology - Expression of Veda and the Vedic Literature
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03.Caraka Samhita (7 vols): Text in Sanskrit with English translation
04.Astanga Hrdayam - 3 Volumes
05.Asana Pranayama Mudra Bandha
06.A Systematic Course in the Ancient Tantric Techniques of Yoga and Kriya
07.Introduction to Sanskrit (Volume I and Volume II)
08.Siddhas: Masters of the basics
09.Kundalini Tantra
10.Vastu Architecture: Design Theory and Application for Everyday Life
11.Health In Your Hands: Acupressure and Natural Therapies (2 Vols.)
12.Hatha Yoga Pradipika
Kindle my Heart (Rev, Ed.)
The Yoga of Herbs
The Gitagovinda of Jayadeva: Love Song of the Dark Lord
Encyclopedia of Jainism (30 Vols.)
Hindu Religions
Tantric Art of Orissa
Simple Ayurvedic Remedies
The Bhagavad Gita
Sri Sathya Sai Educare - Lesson Plans
Lives of Saints
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My husband is enjoying his book very much and is so inspired by it that he has told me this morning that he would not mind spending a week in India at an Ashram, and just learning about life....


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