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Ayurveda and Astrology - Are they related? by Kailasnath Krishnan

It is a very interesting topic that astrology and ayurveda are related or not.   Both of them deals with the complete happiness of  human being.   Astrology gives many tips for prosperity, fame, spiritual enlightenment etc..    Ayurveda, on the other hand, gives us a lot of tips for sound physical health through natural means.   If we go through many classical astrological text, we may be able to find out the compilers of those texts were interested to find out the correlation of planetary configurations and physical ailments.   The planetary configuration means the position of various planets at the time of birth of the subject.   If the individual does not have the birth chart with him, he may approach a good astrologer and this astrologer will cast out  the  planetary position at the time of the subject raising the question with the astrologer.  

Ayurveda deals with the subject matter of longevity. It also studies the factors afflicting the health. There are two methods of approach.

  1. Elimination  of  disease
  2. Suppression of disease.

The elimination of disease is a thorough method that aims at uprooting the whole contents of ailment deposited as residue. Its methodology   contains creating a protecting shield to human being from affecting sickness. Owing to the change of climate, poor resistive power of the body etc. sickness may attack our body. Ayurveda is one of the best methods of providing sound health for the human beings.

A scrupulous analysis reveals that even though medicines play important role of curing diseases, medicines alone sometimes may not be sufficient. For instance, I have personally felt that skin problem, cardiac problem, infertility, lunatic problem, illness related to sense organs etc. are not solely curable with medicines.

At this juncture, we have to carefully analyse the subtle level of body. We classify the body into three forms.

  1. Macro  level body
  2. Micro level body
  3. Causative level of body.

Macro level of body is our physical appearance of the  body. Micro level of body includes Atma, soul etc. Causative level of body includes fate, destiny coincidence, our perception of maya, predisposition etc.

Astrology is interested in the interpretation of events that are occurring in our life without seeking our permission. Here, we may call it as our fate. “I am bound to suffer it”.etc .Astrology deals with the connection between events and planets. Planets means The Sun, The Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu. These are treated as objects irrespective of the qualification   being  star, planet, satellite.  This qualification is irrelevant in the interpretation of the planetary influence upon human beings.

This planetary influence is thrusting on the causative part of the body. The causative part of the body is very important and it is actually the crusader of all affairs of body. The deeds in the past life affects the present life.

The fundamental part of ayurveda  and astrology are same. “Janmaarjitha kritham paapam yaadhi roopena jaayade”. Literally it means that the deeds in the past life influence in this life particularly illness. It further goes on with the advice that ‘find out the deeds in the past life and do appropriate vedic remedial measures to cure diseases’. Here, we have to note that astrology is not at all against medicines. It says that medicines should be administered alongside. In fact, astrology and ayurveda are cognate.

I shall put an example. The Mruthyunjaya manthra Havana of some order will be helpful to cure lunacy, anger, longevity, pneumonia, persistent fever etc. The Karmavipakam, a classical work on the causation of diseases explains the vedic remedial measures of elimination of diseases.

With the help of an expert astrologer, the story of the past life is derived and suitable vedic rituals,rites etc are ascertained from him. This will enable us to have absolute cure of diseases.

The classical text Veerasimhavalokanam also adheres  the necessity of propitiation of the planets to make the consumption of medicines effective. This begins with astrology and proceeds with many important tenets of ayurveda. In the beginning, Veerasimhavalokanam  explaines  many astrological factors that are responsible for various diseases.

Prior to begin with treatment, it is also advisable to check astrologically  the right time. Because, there are a lot of changes that take place every moment in our body.   Astrology says that the Moon represents our body, the moon is fast moving planet, her influence upon our body varies and it is perceptible.   In the modern times, it has been proved that the waxing and waning of the moon influences our psychological and emotional levels.   Particularly, the mentally deranged people have the different behavioural pattern  with the waxing and waning of the moon.  

For instance, the new moon  day is good for treatment for piles, fistula, fissure etc. .   The time of beginning with the treatment should be a time at which the low tide of the moon is operating.   Similarly,  the 4th , 9th , 14th , phases of the moon are good for treatment.   Aswini, Rohini, Mrighashirsha, Pushya, Chithra, Swathi, Shravana, Shathabhishek, stars are good.   The Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, are good.   However, we have to carefully examine the astrological favour of the sick person.   If we look upon the list of favourable time of the sick person to begin with treatment, that favourable time will be such that his body will be ready to accept the medicine.   In other words, the disease causing factors will be prominent and at that time  the medicine can counter attack the disease causing factors and remove the same.    As we know, there are many cases where the surgery and medicine fail to bring the desired result.   This is not at all due to the failure of the doctors, nor  due to medicines, but due to the reluctance of the body to accept the medicine.   At this point, the foregoing astrological influence acting upon the body  becoming crucial. Virtually, we check that whether the body is ready to accept the medicines.

In many cases, the medicines become futile because of the late detection of the diseases. Astrology  gives  us a clear premonition of the possible disease and the time of occurrence of  the disease. This can be used a good and advanced information to be alert   .In the case of cardiac problem, kidney failure, paralysis etc., this advanced information will help us a lot.

To our grace, the great ancient seers have developed vedic remedial measures for illness. All we have to do is tapping this invaluable   source of knowledge. Further,  we  have to do many research in this field and decipher the secret code of their work.  There was a tendency among the great ancient seers to keep many crucial points as top secret.  

All that I wish to point out is the inter relationship of ayurveda and astrology.   They are mutually complementary and supplementary.   In the event of combining both of them together in the field of medicine, we can bring amazing results.   After all, all sciences are aiming at the welfare of human beings.   






This article was published on Wednesday 27 May, 2009.
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