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Camel Karma: Twenty Years Among Indias Nomads
Camel Karma: Twenty Years Among Indias Nomads
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Customer Testimonials Customer Testimonials
The real joy is that the books we are sending to nearly every corner of Mother Earth are in their own way transforming and healing lives. We have a deep fulfilment with this work and feel it is a sacred service. From time to time our Vedic Books family from our the world write in a few words of thanks which we are sharing here for all to enjoy. We appreciate that our customers appreciate the books and our work as much as we enjoy working with it.

Testimonial by Jorge - Spain - November, 2016
Hi, greetings, I just received the order, everything has you very much
Testimonial by Muktimaa - United States - October, 2016
I am very pleased with my Thank You for packing it with great care for its long trip from the sacred land of Bharata to the woods of VA in the
Testimonial by Anthony - Australia - October, 2016
I would like to advise that my book arrived safely Please accept my gratitude in getting this to me at my new address
Testimonial by Vlad - Russian Federation - October, 2016
I've just got this book, I'm happy! Thank you so
Testimonial by Ankie - Netherlands - August, 2016
Thank you for your good care!
Testimonial by Paul - United Kingdom - July, 2016
Thank you for following up on my query and letting me know that the book has been book arrived I am very
Testimonial by Frederic - Japan - June, 2016
I have safely received the books you, Regards, Frederic
Testimonial by Anatoli - Russian Federation - June, 2016
The order was All Thank
Testimonial by Yoko - Japan - June, 2016
Good The Srimad Devi Bhagavatam (Swami Vijnanananda , Hari prasanna Chatterjee and Numerology, Gemology and Rudraksha (Pravin Bhatia) you so much for your support for my a nice day
Testimonial by Mady - Sweden - June, 2016
Already received books on Monday 13th in good order🙂 Thank you very much
Testimonial by Bettina - Germany - June, 2016
Yes, finally received them! Thank you all!
Testimonial by Michael - Germany - May, 2016
Thank you so much for your help for the true learners and the true
Testimonial by Michael - Germany - May, 2016
Thank you so much for your help for the true learners and the true
Testimonial by Christina - United States - April, 2016
The remaining books finally arrived today :) Thank you for making this happen!
Testimonial by Dr. Sandeep - United States - March, 2016
I appreciate Vedic Books for the immediate attention and the fast shipping of the I am also very thankful for follow up emails from the Vedic Books customer service
Testimonial by Alfred - Australia - March, 2016
I would like to thank everyone at Vedic Books for the excellent service I received when I purchased my copy of the Srimad Bhagavatam by Kamala The book arrived as scheduled and was very well I will not hesitate to buy more books from you in the
Testimonial by Aivar - United Kingdom - March, 2016
Thanks for good books, I will be customer for long long years! :) I have learn so much with these ordered
Testimonial by Lisa - United States - February, 2016
I received my book I want to thank you for the care you put into
Testimonial by David - United Kingdom - February, 2016
Thanks for getting this wonderful book to me so promptly and in such great
Testimonial by Sunita - New Zealand - February, 2016
Thank you so much, I thought the regular shipping information was absolutely This is the first time I have received such top class support for an overseas I will gladly order again from you and spread my praise about your awesome website and service to my family and I look forward to purchasing from you again in the
Testimonial by Zayn - United States - February, 2016
This website is amazing and I look forward to reading these books and buying more things in the future! Thank you for what you
Testimonial by Elaine - United Kingdom - February, 2016
Thank you very much, the books have arrived safely! I am looking forward to many hours of reading!
Testimonial by Christian - Germany - January, 2016
Testimonial by Sheela - United Kingdom - December, 2015
Received Thank you very Very grateful to
Testimonial by Venies - Canada - November, 2015
Just a quick note to inform you that the book has Thank You for everything!
Testimonial by Rajesh - India - October, 2015
I want to thank you for making these rare books available on your
Testimonial by David - United Kingdom - October, 2015
Thank you very much for the two magnificent hard-back volumes of this most sacred of Hindu Astrological texts that I received from India today; received so promptly, in such great condition and really well and Thanks again for such a wonderful service!
Testimonial by Ron - United States - October, 2015
I am loving the other books by Sivananda I received in the first What a brilliant sage and great Truly
Testimonial by Jessica - Netherlands - September, 2015
I received the book and I love it, so thank you for
Testimonial by Sanjay - United Kingdom - September, 2015
I Received my order in very good Book is 2015 edition newly printed So I am really happy with your service and hope to order more books in future as
Testimonial by Danilo - Slovenia - September, 2015
Your reply was super Thank you a lot and will buy from Vedic books in future!
Testimonial by Ayurveda Puerto - Puerto Rico - September, 2015
I received the DHL Thanks for the prompt delivery and good books! Regards Paolo
Testimonial by Ayla - Turkey - August, 2015
Thank received these beautiful
Testimonial by Stella - France - August, 2015
I have received my 3 volumes of the Ashtanga Hridayam 2 days ago, thank you very much ! I will keep your address for me and my friends who could be you for sharing the Vedic knowledge all over our Shanti !
Testimonial by Abraham - United States - August, 2015
just a note to let you know that I am enjoying the 4 books I
Testimonial by Stephen - United States - August, 2015
The book arrived in like new condition on July It's an Aurobindo approach to understanding the ancient Egyptian neteru as archetypal gods as
Testimonial by Shirley - Canada - July, 2015
I am grateful that you are responding to my email so promptly and
Testimonial by Carolina - Ireland - July, 2015
Just to let you know the books have just arrived and I am very happy!
Testimonial by David - United Kingdom - May, 2015
My books have been received promptly and in good So, thanks again for a great service!
Testimonial by Heidi - United States - May, 2015
I received it, thank you very much, a beautiful book with beautiful rich knowledge!
Testimonial by Dr. Anitha - India - May, 2015
Thanks for delivering it on I express my deep gratitude and I appreciate your sincere and prompt service
Testimonial by Astrid - Germany - May, 2015
Dear Vedic books team, today I received the book and Im glad Since some years I try to live with ayurveda food and health
Testimonial by Nandish - Canada - April, 2015
I have sucessfully received book Thank you very much for your great
Testimonial by Supra - Singapore - April, 2015
Thank Excellent Service and a fast
Testimonial by Elijah - United States - March, 2015
Thank you for your prompt service!
Testimonial by David - United Kingdom - March, 2015
The above book has been very gratefully received today! Thank you so much for getting me this wonderful hard-to-to-get I will certainly be using your services
Testimonial by Asanka - United States - March, 2015
Thank You, Very Much! Finally, I received all the books that I ordered from your company, and once again I appreciate your
Testimonial by Larry - United States - February, 2015
you also for the wonderful titles stocked by Vedicbooks!
Testimonial by Nagesh - United Kingdom - February, 2015
Thank I got the book in the am surprised how quickly it has
Testimonial by Rinalda - Brazil - February, 2015
I am very happy to receive these Again, thank
Testimonial by Monica - Italy - February, 2015
I would inform you that the book I ordered, has like to thank you for your very good service!
Testimonial by Mo - United Kingdom - February, 2015
I'd like to thank you for your very good service!
Testimonial by Glenda - Australia - February, 2015
went to the Post office today and collected my parcel and everything was in perfect
Testimonial by Hiroshi - Japan - February, 2015
I have gotten the Packing and condition of the books are
Testimonial by Alex - Austria - January, 2015
I let you know, that the books have arrived today! Please let the people from the dispatch know, that they have done everything correct, nothing was wrong and I thank them for their am very happy and I can prepare my lectures Once more: Thank you!
Testimonial by Leland - United States - January, 2015
Hello, the book below arrived in today's post, and in excellent
Testimonial by Unnati Sarda - United States - January, 2015
I love the collection at your store Im so glad i came across the website!
Testimonial by Mahendra Mishra - India - January, 2015
I am declaring your Vedic Society a best and honest website around the REMARK-This Vedic team will go on top it's my not even refund back my full amount but also treat me very sent back their consignment but they are still giving me full support like a family
Testimonial by Mahendra Mishra - India - January, 2015
I am declaring your vedic society a best and (most) honest website around the world
Testimonial by Dr. Schrager - United States - January, 2015
Thank That is very kind of I just want to tell you that I have had a wonderful experience with your company at every stage of the
Testimonial by Ceaser - United States - January, 2015
Thank you for your help and frequent It was nice doing business with you!
Testimonial by Martina Crocker - United States - December, 2014
I just wanted to inform you that the books arrived in very good I look forward to reading them! Thank you for making sure that the copies were well
Testimonial by Bill May - Canada - September, 2014
I find your site very well The shopping cart is good, and your prices [are] reasonable
Testimonial by Dale McElroy - United States - September, 2014
I received "The Rahu Ketu Experience" today and it's exactly when it should have arrived, and in perfect Many, many thanks for your
Testimonial by Alan Thompson - United States - August, 2014
is a Godsend and I mean that I was able to obtain a copy of the book I would not have been able to find or afford anywhere The price was great and the shipping charge was My order arrived very quickly and in perfect
Testimonial by Olalekan Aransiola - Nigeria - July, 2014
Thanks for your excellent services, I received my order neatly packed this
Testimonial by URMILA AKOUMBOU - France - June, 2014
I would like to inform you and all your kind team that I've received my I'm so happy! Thank you with all my
Testimonial by John E. Tobin - United States - May, 2014
I wanted to inform you I received the book in perfect I hope to do business with again in the
Testimonial by Ranjan Bose - Canada - May, 2014
Received the package this morning and must commend you on the I get a lot of things by mail, but you certainly deserve an award, or at least an accolade for the extreme care you took in packaging the books :-) Thanks!
Testimonial by Roopa Chandrika - United States - April, 2014
Thank you very much for your kind The books have been delivered
Testimonial by Jason Hurt - United States - March, 2014
I just received the book I ordered I just wanted to say thank
Testimonial by Marcos Salame - Brazil - March, 2014
I just like to confirm that the books arrived today in an excellent I probably will buy more books from your
Testimonial by Iain Hill - France - January, 2014
I can not thank you enough for the service that you offer in making such titles as these, readily available for the enquiring It can be difficult here in Europe to escape from the mindset of all encumbering materialism; I find that even our philosophy is tainted by the same; as such it is a pleasure to be able to read the thoughts developed in other climes, those inspired by your beautiful traditions in sanAtana dharma, that of Vedic thought and
Testimonial by Van Der Gaag - Netherlands - December, 2013
I wish to let you know that the book has arrived and that I am very happy to have it in my possession now, after looking for it for a long
Testimonial by Armel Boueyguet - France - September, 2013
The 3 books set has been received today at home, in a very good The 3 parcels were remarkable so the books have been protected all the Thanks for the service and its
Testimonial by Vedicbooks Customer - Canada - September, 2013
The site has an amazing selection of books, with the kind of prices that I haven't found anywhere on the internet or bookstores across Canada! Even shipping which I had expected to be a lot initially, was an unbelievable price, a really low price to pay for the knowledge you get in return if you ask I received my order within 2 days of it being shipped, and arrived on the auspicious day of Janamashtmi! I feel blessed to have stumbled across Vedic Books - I know that I now have access to the greatest vedic literature at extremely affordable and sometimes unbelievable pricing - that in itself is a great feeling! Thank you Vedic Books for providing the services you provide and making vedic literature so affordable and accessible for everyone!
Testimonial by Olalekan Aransiola - Nigeria - August, 2013
Your website is fantastic, you can easily find books and items, you services to me is second to none, keep up the good
Testimonial by Renata Barzel - Brazil - August, 2013
Just received my order! Thank you so much! It was my second time ordering from you and for sure it wont be the last! You have a very efficient service!
Testimonial by ALFREDO ROMERO - Ecuador - August, 2013
The order has been delivered at home, within the limits you informed me in Your kindness and interest in providing me with a full service are sincerely
Testimonial by Vedicbooks Customer - Canada - August, 2013
I received my order 2 days after getting the shipping notice - such a wonderful day to receive it too! It was delivered right as I was about to begin my Janamashtmi prayers - delighted to have it at such an auspicious
Testimonial by Olalekan Aransiola - Nigeria - August, 2013
I received the books safely today, very well packed and quickly
Testimonial by Sherin Pillay - Brazil - August, 2013
Your website is
Testimonial by Francisco - United States - August, 2013
I really enjoy the great selection of rare and sacred books You offer on your web
Testimonial by Don - United States - August, 2013
I want to thank you for the good service that you do, and I will not hesitate to do business with you again in the
Testimonial by Nada Sobeih - Egypt - August, 2013
The website is A lot of books are found which sometimes are rare to find somewhere else, as they are Indian The follow up is
Testimonial by Bev McGeachy - Australia - August, 2013
The books have arrived and I'm so A group of friends and myself are studying the Bhagavad Gita and the commentary by Swami Parthasathy is wonderful but very hard to find in fact I have only ever been able to get it from Thank you Vedic books for making it Thank you very much for your help with this
Testimonial by Sue Harrison - Australia - June, 2013
I just received my Mahabarata, thank you very much, I am very
Testimonial by Andreas Schliephake - Germany - June, 2013
Thank you so much for your wonderful service and the profound happy to be your
Testimonial by Virendra Singh - United States - June, 2013
I received all books in very good The packing of the books was very good and that helped to keep the books in good It was a very pleasant and trustworthy experience with you and your
Testimonial by Flavio Vizeu - France - June, 2013
I'd like to thank you for the great service you offer in providing high-quality books at an affordable price
Testimonial by Rathika Dharmaraj - Malaysia - June, 2013
Thank you for your I look forward to doing more purchases from
Testimonial by Eva Szily - France - June, 2013
I am glad, that the delay becomes quite reasonable! I recommanded your website around
Testimonial by Andreas - Germany - April, 2013
the books just arrived - it worked very, very well ! Thank you so much for your wonderful service and the profound Very happy to be your
Testimonial by Kumarajith - Sri Lanka - April, 2013
I highly appreciate your performance as genuine web site and concerned about their Really I highly appreciate your relationship with your
Testimonial by Andres - Peru - February, 2013
My feedback to You is I really like your site very much, the interface is quite adequate, the books are easy to search in your search engine, I like the option when similar books are would like to encourage You to continue with your mission, I feel You are doing a great work in bringing the vedic literature, philosophy, history, astrology and other topics of the vedic sciences and related topics to the western It is a blessing for us to have this access to the powerhouse of vedic I have recommended your site to all my
Testimonial by Claude - France - February, 2013
as a comment about Vedicbooks website i would say it is very complete and easy to Congratulations for the efficiency of you
Testimonial by Michael - United States - February, 2013
I am certain that I will purchase items from you in the future because you have such a wonderful inventory (and, overall, your prices are pretty good, I am most impressed with your customer service and interest in Those are two areas that make the difference between a good company and a great I applaud Vedic Books for your initiative to provide quality products and customer Best wishes for continued success and
Testimonial by Manuel - Spain - January, 2013
Hello dear friends, thank you, i have received the book in good I really appreciate your
Testimonial by Victoria - United Kingdom - December, 2012
I found Vedic Books on line whilst searching for a book I was having difficulty getting here in the They have been efficient and My book arrived in perfect condition at a fantastic
Testimonial by Vasanthan - Singapore - November, 2012
Thank Am glad that I have found your Wealth of books is so And the pricing is pleasing!
Testimonial by Green - United States - November, 2012
Your website is very professional, informative, and easy to I appreciate all aspects of
Testimonial by Jeyanthi - United Kingdom - September, 2012
I found the website user friendly and the ordering process was very I was also very pleased with the quick response to several emails that I sent to the orders
Testimonial by Michelle - United Kingdom - September, 2012
I have just received my copy of Prana, Pranayama, Prana It arrived beautifully wrapped and in perfect condition so thank you very
Testimonial by Theresa - Australia - August, 2012
Thank you so much Vedic You provide a wonderful service indeed!
Testimonial by Justin - Canada - August, 2012
I just wanted to send you and everyone at vedicbooks my warmest wishes and The books I ordered came today and I could not be more happy with them, your customer support and the extremely fast I will be ordering any texts I need from now on through your
Testimonial by Laura - Latvia - July, 2012
Thank you very much, both orders are I think that your website and service is
Testimonial by David - United States - July, 2012
May Lord Ganesh remove all obstacles from your path and grant you peace and prosperity in all things! I am delighted to report that my books were delivered today!! This is much sooner than I Also, I am pleased to report that all books were in excellent condition as your packing provided the necessary protection for traveling such a long
Testimonial by James - United States - June, 2012
Thank you so much for sending my latest The book packaged so nicely still sits on my table unopened, a little bit of India come to my It is just what I need for my newly discovered yoga Blessings be upon you for making this
Testimonial by Dipanwita - India - June, 2012
I have received the book dispatched by Vedic Thanks for the great customer Look forward to doing business with in the near
Testimonial by Ben - Australia - June, 2012
Just to let you know that my order arrived intact and in good Thank you for fast delivery and wonderful service
Testimonial by Anabel - United Kingdom - June, 2012
Thank you so much for quick
Testimonial by dipanwita - India - May, 2012
I have received the books despatched by your I wanted to let you know that your service and choice of books is excellent and unmatched in the Jyotish/Astrology I shall order from Vedic Books again in near Thanks for the wonderful
Testimonial by Joseph - United States - May, 2012
Hello, your website is one of the reasons to love the This is an amazing age that we live The way that we are all able to connect, and order books from the other side of the globe and have them delivered to your home is incredible! Your website has a great selection of books regarding Vedic You are doing a great service, making books that are rare in the US, easily Trying to order from Gita Press was way too complicated, but it was very easy to order from your site and pay with
Testimonial by Neema - United States - May, 2012
I received my order day before yesterday - May 1st! The books are in a great
Testimonial by Victor - United States - April, 2012
is by far the best online site to buy books from book catalouge is vast and book ordering easily Shipping is first rate as is customer service with books arriving at the expected I could not be more satisfied with my shoipping 10
Testimonial by Sally - United States - March, 2012
I have received the books Thank you for your prompt dispatch and the care with which they were packed! they have arrived in excellent condition and I will be happy to refer your company to my
Testimonial by Samuel - Switzerland - February, 2012
I received my books in a very short time and I already transmitted the address of your shop to my you very much for the so precious literature that you are spreading all over the world for a very affordable With love and hope for the best
Testimonial by Ashutosh - United States - February, 2012
My best wishes for your wonderful website and the service you are May the Rishis and Munis guide you and bless you! Om Tat Sat! Om!
Testimonial by Patrizia - United Kingdom - January, 2012
I really like your website because it is very clear and everything can be found appreciated your communicating with me via email
Testimonial by Catherine - Australia - January, 2012
I was most impressed by the quick responses to my emails requesting a change of destination for my Despite these changes being the week before Christmas, my order was rapidly processed and reached its destination in the US before I got Full marks! I will definitely recommend Vedic Books to my Thank
Testimonial by Amani - Germany - January, 2012
the book arrived thank you very it is very good that you send the track number - easy for us to follow its you very much for your very good service
Testimonial by Susanne - Denmark - December, 2011
I received my books today and I want to thank you for the excellent, kind, quick and extremely service minded way you have handled my From my first email to my requests been a great pleasure to buy books in your store I wish all internet-stores would follow your thanks and wishes of a wonderful, merry Christmas
Testimonial by lillian - United States - December, 2011
Thank you for the speedy The books were well packaged and in great condition NEW! Thanks again!
Testimonial by Robert - United States - December, 2011
Using your web site was very easy and As a first time user I had no The questions that I had about your products were answered by the next day via Thank you for the excellent Will be back after my trip back to
Testimonial by Amani - Germany - November, 2011
good- very functional, easy to
Testimonial by Very happy with your service - Malaysia - November, 2011
I've received the book and very happy with your service thus recomending your online store to friends in
Testimonial by Keiko - United States - October, 2011
Your website is I specifically chose to buy from here out of 3 other The interface is great (kind of similar to It looks clean, safe, and open I also love the price you I also appreciate for your prompt customer I love studying Vedic Astrology and there are not many places to buy books from, so I will definitely come back to Thank you!!
Testimonial by Jorn - Norway - October, 2011
Thanks a lot for YOUR EXCELLENT service The book has arrived
Testimonial by Randi - Afghanistan - October, 2011
Thank you very much, I have already received the book and started reading it with great I am deeply touched by it coming so promptly all the way from India, I had no
Testimonial by Alexander - France - September, 2011
The website has been very helpful and leading researches to the right For sure, we'll exchange again, in some near
Testimonial by Keshav - Canada - September, 2011
This is to let you know I appreciate the prompt Keep it up !
Testimonial by Tomas - Slovakia (Slovak Republic) - July, 2011
I have already received and read through This is a nicely printed and packed Exceptionally compiled all the information in one Take You're doing a great job with
Testimonial by Welch - United States - July, 2011
I was delighted to receive shipment of my books from You - so far away in New Delhi I am very eager to begin my exploration of ancient Yogic thought, and you have made that wish come I wasn't sure if I would ever get those particular Thank you very much and especially for the excellent packaging appropriate for overseas Blessings upon your whole book team!
Testimonial by Silvan - Canada - July, 2011
I just received the book today and it is exactly what I was searching THANKYOU! I am very satisfied with the material and your level of customer I am moving soon and when I get settled I am sure that I will be ordering again from your high quality source of Vedic
Testimonial by Fabricio - Brazil - July, 2011
I would like to give my thanks for the books that just arrived I bought last month 3 books and you sent it to me as fast as you could because I need them, precisely one, in
Testimonial by Chellapan - Malaysia - July, 2011
Thank you so much and looking forward for the am very happy for the services and your websites are
Testimonial by Rodica - Romania - June, 2011
The books have just arrived in very good I appreciate your way of taking care of I would be enchanted to thank you personally for your wonderful way of doing your job and having such a necessary job for the lovers of Jyotish and for astrologers
Testimonial by Claire - Canada - June, 2011
Thank you so much for your assistance and I know my teacher will be so pleased that we have new books for our course!
Testimonial by Ramesh - South Africa - June, 2011
Thank you very much, I received the books in a good I also like to thank you for service and professional manner you handled my I intend ordering more books in the nice Keep well and may God bless you and you
Testimonial by Adrian - Romania - May, 2011
I want to thank all Vedic Books Team for the impeccable custom service, the warm and personalized confirmation mails and the discount you My books arrived via courier at my home just when you said they will and in perfect
Testimonial by Kiran - Sweden - April, 2011
Well I fully trust you with sending the same I'm very happy with your prompt service in despatching the God willing will continue our relationship in future too buying many more books from You are doing a great job, keep it up and may God bless you in the
Testimonial by Sarvjeet - Kenya - April, 2011
Your website is In the past I was struggling to find spiritual books and got pretty Your website has every book I It's a blessing for
Testimonial by Rajeshwari - United States - February, 2011
Vedic Books website and services is excellent and efficient that i can rely forward to purchase more books in the future
Testimonial by Diego - Belgium - January, 2011
I can feel the warmth of the wishes And this is for me a sign that I came to the right place for finding this knowledge Thank you
Testimonial by David - Ireland - December, 2010
I just wanted you to know that my order arrived today and in excellent I would recommend your service to
Testimonial by Katarina - Slovakia (Slovak Republic) - December, 2010
just writing to let you know my THANK YOU for the great even if a bit later than expected, the book reached me today (dec 8) in perfect order and i'm very happy with it, and with you keeping in touch as been a pleasure & i'd gladly order with you again in the
Testimonial by Romain - Belgium - December, 2010
Feedback is simple: excellent service !!!
Testimonial by Murali - Canada - December, 2010
Thanks for your very nice I now have a very good source of Indian
Testimonial by Nuriya - Germany - November, 2010
I find your site very well
Testimonial by Jen - Canada - November, 2010
I wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for the wonderful service! I received my book order today, and I am very happy! I appreciate the care you wrapped it with and the prompt I will definitely be ordering more books soon and recommending your site to
Testimonial by Olalekan - Nigeria - November, 2010
Thanks as usual i received all my books yesterday morning, neatly packed and am very more of me in the for your wonderful
Testimonial by Spencer - Canada - November, 2010
I happily received my book order a week was pleasantly surprised at the short length of time it took for my order to be processed and am very much satisfied and impressed by your
Testimonial by Barbara - Chile - October, 2010
I really like your website, its very friendly and you have lots of books I am sure I will be buying more books in the coming went just perfect, thanks again :)
Testimonial by Yagil - Israel - October, 2010
Being in touch with your company is in good feelings
Testimonial by Abrao - United States - October, 2010
I just want to say that I loved your website and the selections of books you I am so happy to see a company in which service is more of a priority than I had a wonderful experience ordering from I was so happy that you did all you could to get the order to me before the time I Thank you and keep up with this beautiful mission you
Testimonial by Faye - Australia - September, 2010
Your website is It has all the qualities that readers buying on the web require and It has a fabulous choice of categories to search in and each of these are very Mostly the titles have an image of the cover and also the ability to drill down to really good information about the All the info that you need is readily The site is enjoyable to use whether one is looking for something specific or just buying process is very easy, clear and quick to your customer service is second to You keep the customer well informed about the progress of the order and you are also always very polite and the books arrive with astonishing speed and in good Keep it up and thanks for having such a comprehensive and interesting
Testimonial by Sarthak - India - September, 2010
It has been one of the most wonderful online shopping Have received the Everything is in order and in good Your mails and responses have been prompt and Thanks and keep it
Testimonial by Monica - United States - September, 2010
I would definitely recommend your business to anyone looking for items you sell and I'm sure I will use your site again in the Again Thank
Testimonial by Udayshanker - United States - September, 2010
Your Website is very useful & the number of vedic books you have is Please continue the exemplary service to the Hindu
Testimonial by Siva - India - September, 2010
I really like the website that you It is quite easy to move around Although looking for books is not that easy, but I was I also liked the service from your I received the books early in the week and was glad that I didn't have to sweat waiting for it since I am in New Delhi only a short Otherwise, do keep the website I hope you will be very I will slowly start reading the books and enjoy regards
Testimonial by Nagaraj - United States - August, 2010
I received the book, thank This was my first order with your organization and it has been a very good Spreading the vast ocean of knowledge of our Vedic ancestors thru access for good books is a noble cause and I wish you all the best in your endeavors
Testimonial by Tan - Malaysia - July, 2010
I have received the books on 12 Thank you for sending it to me in such a short time, I am impressed by your company
Testimonial by Diane - South Africa - July, 2010
Your website is a spiritual aspirant’s portal to the written treasures of knowledge not easily accessible in most parts of the love that the book prices are reasonable and discounts are also am certainly in my element to have stumbled upon your website and thank you for the pleasant professional interaction regarding my
Testimonial by Razman - Malaysia - June, 2010
The website is easy and it is not is excellent, keep it International shipment must be done with care as you do not want the book to be
Testimonial by Ramachandra - India - June, 2010
Dear sir, i really like to see one shop where books dealing with our traditional and rich heritage culture of our India are kept and served to the i wish all success and hope that old and ancient books on Sanskrit, Hindu culture,yogas,astrology etc are again rebrought into the net and offered for sale so that people will purchase these old books and get immense benefit and spread our Hindu culture further and you
Testimonial by Robert - Australia - June, 2010
I am very happy with Vedic Books' customer responded promptly to my query on the missing books I The issue was resolved and I received the books soon service!
Testimonial by Richard - United States - June, 2010
service was great and the product Thanks
Testimonial by Vanitha - India - June, 2010
It has given me great pleasure browsing through your netsite and choosing some wonderful Sanskrit is a sad state of affairs that most book stores do not keep such Sanskrit books,the greatest disappointment was that even Crossword does made placing the order on the net and receiving books hassle free and in good time from you even more you and God bless
Testimonial by Elizabeth - Australia - April, 2010
I've really enjoyed the last lot of books that I bought from you - thank you!
Testimonial by Saptarshi - India - April, 2010
Good site
Testimonial by Juha - Sweden - March, 2010
I found what i needed and ordering was am a satisfied customer
Testimonial by Chui - Hong Kong - March, 2010
I'm fine with the service provided from Vedic I like that the response from your team is pretty fast, usually i will get a reply the next day after i have raised my And the courier service you use is efficient too, you sent out on Mar 5, and I can receive it on Mar The book quality is well wrapped
Testimonial by Patrick - Australia - February, 2010
This seems to be the most satisfactoory site for the books I have found so far
Testimonial by Lajos - Australia - February, 2010
Today I have received five books of my first order from you very much for the careful packaging, they arrived in an impeccable Extra thanks for the lovely
Testimonial by Sriram - India - January, 2010
Vedic Books Team You are actually doing a wonderful service by creating a platform for dealing in Spiritual Books that are a part of the Vedic Traditions in India / I have been extremely happy and more than satisfied with your services / the response has been great / I would definitely deal with you again and also recommend this site to my dear you
Testimonial by Rajesh - United Arab Emirates - January, 2010
I like your service and the fast response you That is the reason I order from your
Testimonial by Carol - United States - January, 2010
I thought your website was very easy to I also think your kindness came through via your e-mails, it made everything more I am hoping I can order from you sometime in the future, my son-in-law loved the books!
Testimonial by Mousa - United Arab Emirates - January, 2010
I have recieved my order and appreciate your perfect you and your team in Vedic book a happy new
Testimonial by Meepahani - Sri Lanka - January, 2010
I received my order today in good condition & the exact books I U very much! I appreciate your quick services in even this Holiday season!!!
Testimonial by Olalekan - Nigeria - December, 2009
You are doing a wonderful job over there, please keep it up, you have one of the best site on the internet and a very good customer support services which i site is very ok by me, improvement is also will always come back to your site for business transactions
Testimonial by Unnikrishnan - India - December, 2009
Your web site is very Easy to search and also very customer friendly for placing the Response from your end is also very Thank you very much and all the
Testimonial by Shannon - United States - December, 2009
Yes, I did receive the book just yesterday, I was so pleased to finally receive I've already begun reading it! I thank you one last time for your incredible service with this issue, which was begun when I gave you the wrong Thus I realize my responsibility for the mess, and am very grateful to you for helping me to make everything I will certainly order from Vedic Books in the future, should I be looking for another book that you Happy Holiday season to you, and all the best to you
Testimonial by Natarajan - United States - November, 2009
Thank you! The books arrived, shrink wrapped and in excellent I am delighted with the excellent quality of service that Vedic Books has provided and impressed with the quick time to
Testimonial by Bruno - Italy - November, 2009
your books are They was good packaged and the delivery was fast and smooth and I want to thank you for also want to thanks you for your great kindness and for all additional work that you did for
Testimonial by Judith - United States - November, 2009
I received my order, Mudras for Healing, yesterday, October 30th and was surprised at how quickly it Thank you for your great I look forward to doing more business with your company in the
Testimonial by Dawn - United Kingdom - October, 2009
Just a note to let you note that my books arrived this morning, a very pleasant Thank you very much for dealing with questions and order so
Testimonial by Rafael - Bulgaria - October, 2009
I just want to say "thank you!" Your customer service is excellent and also the The first ordered books I received in Bulgaria in 6 I recommended your website to many of my you success
Testimonial by John - United States - September, 2009
Just a note to let you know the book arrived this week in in fine Thank you for the careful packaging and the excellent am sure that my yoga instructors will be very pleased with this book and will find it helpful in their further study of
Testimonial by Ravi - United States - September, 2009
You guys provide Excellent customer service and support Thanks
Testimonial by Angelina - United States - August, 2009
We're so grateful for your efficient work on our
Testimonial by Susan - United States - August, 2009
I am very impressed with the customer service level of Vedic The delay in shipment was clearly my fault and your prompt assistance in resolving this issue is very
Testimonial by Olalekan - Nigeria - August, 2009
I am very glad to inform you that i received the order yesterday, which i am very for your prompt services, I am very keep up the exceptional timely
Testimonial by Susan - United States - August, 2009
I just want to tell you how surprised and delighted I was to receive my book today! I can't believe the shipping from India was so Also, a special thanks to you for finding the last copy of the book for I truly appreciate hope to do business with you
Testimonial by Monica - United States - June, 2009
Hi, Just wanted to let you know the Garland of the Guru's sayings arrived today, very nicely and protectively Thanks for the care and attention to this Om Shanti, Monica
Testimonial by Phyllis - Australia - June, 2009
Fantastic Just to let you know the books arrived Excellent service and delivery, very again for you're exceptional
Testimonial by Donna - Canada - May, 2009
The phrase "quality customer service", is used a lot, but not very often is it truly What you have done has restored my faith in the goodness and fairness of people in And this is the kind of action that results in such positive good will that one could never hope to buy with any advertising I thank you so much for your very prompt, very fair and very friendly method of doing I hope to continue to look to your company for my teaching
Testimonial by Barbara - Brazil - May, 2009
I'd like to thank you for your received today my order, in perfect pleased with the books i have bought ! Namaste!
Testimonial by Ranjeet - India - May, 2009
We have received the you so much for delivering it on time, really appreciate is the first time that Internet service has been so
Testimonial by Oded - Israel - March, 2009
My books had arrived and i thank you very much for a fast and excellent service! All the way from Israel, i wish all success and
Testimonial by Beatrice - United States - March, 2009
I am delighted to say that I received my books today! I am very pleased at how quickly they arrived and I look forward to broadening my world through them!!! Thanks so much!
Testimonial by Hunter - United States - March, 2009
Thank you for completing my order for "Beyond Freedom" by It took a while to receive the book (paid for on January 20, 2009), but it did arrive at my home today in excellent It was beautifully Thank you for reliable I'll look forward to doing business with you again at some point in the
Testimonial by Calvin - Canada - February, 2009
I have made the payment of the requested Thank you so much for continuing to work on my order even after it appeared impossible to get the book! I also would like to say that your customer service has been absolutely wonderful and I will not hesistate to reccoment your services to others in the
Testimonial by Arun - Canada - February, 2009
If I am in need of some other books, Vedic book store wil be my first
Testimonial by Syama - United States - January, 2009
I do not know how I can thank you and your Vedic Books Team for due deligence and prompt shipment of the If you have any rating system in your website from 1 to 10, I will give you full 10 (or even 11 if it were Thanks to all of you very much! You people are indeed doing a great noble service to people like me all over the world and from the bottom of my heart, I wish you ALL THE VERY BEST !!!!! May you continue to grow and continue to provide such services to all !!!
Testimonial by Ravi - Canada - January, 2009
Thanks i did receive the books on time and i appreciate Vedic service They live by the words and according to vedic principle - Satyameva Jayathi
Testimonial by Lilia - United States - December, 2008
Thank you very Your delivery services for the titles in hand are great, and customer care and courtesy are
Testimonial by David - United States - December, 2008
My copy of "The Holy Science" was delivered to my home this past Wednesday, December It is a beautiful copy -- I'm so glad that it is an Indian you for your kind attention to my I will happily tell my friends about Vedic Books, and look forward to placing orders with you in the
Testimonial by MOHSIN - Pakistan - December, 2008
I am thankful for your contribution regarding my vedic book order of Rasa Jala I have received my parcel Again I am thankful for vedic books team and hope for good relation in I am also very sad on strange happening in Mumbai and pray for effected people and wants to be one with you at the painful will be helpful to you in future for your future regarding for grateful
Testimonial by Hayley - France - November, 2008
Just to let you know that my Yoga Nidra book arrived today in perfect Thank you so much for a lovely Peace & good thoughts to you,
Testimonial by Elane - United Kingdom - November, 2008
A quick note to thank you for your excellent service, I am delighted with the books and look forward to purchasing more from you in the
Testimonial by Ahmed - Sweden - November, 2008
I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation for so fast received the books this morning I am very satisfied with your
Testimonial by Marija - Croatia - November, 2008
Just wanted to let you know that I received the book and am very happy and grateful! Keep up the good work!
Testimonial by Gary - United States - November, 2008
got a shipment yesterday They arrived wrapped, in perfect I am very impressed by your service and I assure you that I will be a future
Testimonial by Brett - Lao People's Democratic Republic - November, 2008
The order arrived in Laos on last Friday, November The care and detail with which the books were packaged was impressive and very much Thank
Testimonial by Lougal - Lebanon - November, 2008
This is just to tell you that your first Lebanese customer is very satisfied! I just received the below Thank you! Following this "trial run" expect me to place orders at regular
Testimonial by Arkadi - France - November, 2008
The book has peacefully arrived! I thank very much for your marvelous service which I've enjoyed as much as the books I got from Vedic
Testimonial by Ruchir - India - November, 2008
I am so very happy to know that our vedic wisdom is being preseved and shared in the 21st century!!!! I have always been interested in this topic and always try to find books etc on topics like ayurved principles, vedic maths,
Testimonial by Lynne - Australia - September, 2008
The book arrived safely Thank you for a smooth transaction & for keeping me advised of the progress of the I would not hesitate in placing further orders with you & will recommend Vedic Books to my warmest wishes
Testimonial by Martine - Swaziland - September, 2008
Books were received, with great pleasure, even you so much for your kind attendance, it was a pleasure to order at your Innumerable hours of deep reading are ahead ! May everything be propitious to you,
Testimonial by Phillip - New Zealand - September, 2008
I've received my You guys are the bomb! Thanks for an excellent, fast and efficient thanks to the Vedic book team!
Testimonial by Claire - United States - September, 2008
You are right up there with SW Airlines, a Fortune 500 Company that knows how to treat their Thank I'll be back to buy
Testimonial by Judith - United States - August, 2008
I want to thank you and the staff of Vedic Books for your excellent service and customer My book arrived today in fine I certainly wish to continue as a customer and hope to visit India in the near future: a pleasure to know every best wish
Testimonial by Bimal - India - August, 2008
Thank you for your excellent service and prompt attention,
Testimonial by Daith - Ireland - August, 2008
You guys run the nicest, friendliest book service on the
Testimonial by Susan - Australia - August, 2008
thank you again for your EXCELLENT customer service, I think that Vedic Books is one of the friendliest on-line companies I have ever dealt
Testimonial by Assata - United States - August, 2008
Thank you for the service you I appreciate the selection of products you
Testimonial by Candramukhidas - United States - July, 2008
Please accept my Jaya Srila Gurudeva! Thank you, I just ordered the glories to Sri RadhaGovinda!
Testimonial by Jenee - United States - July, 2008
I adore your I rest easy in your professionalism, reliability and I am waiting excitedly for my I have learned so much since becoming a customer of yours because your books have seen me through many trying Thank you for keeping such a fine selection and being so Peace and Blessings
Testimonial by Roya - United States - July, 2008
I am not familiar with Vedic wisdom but hopefully with books that I ordered I gain some I praise your effort in working towards peaceful, humanitarian
Testimonial by Dennis - United States - July, 2008
The books arrived today - only 5 days! Many thanks for your friendly and helpful method of doing business and may you prosper!
Testimonial by KL Viswanathan - India - July, 2008
I received the books per Wish to thank you & the organization for providing me an opportunity to read about Siddha Boganathar, it is a like finding a lost treasure for
Testimonial by Martin - Germany - July, 2008
My order delivery arrived Wednesday and Im very very happy and a little stressed because now I have a lot of good and interesting literature to you and my best wishes from Frankfurt
Testimonial by Vicky - Singapore - July, 2008
Hare Krsna thank you very much for having this wonderful Please feel free to contact me for any other Haribol
Testimonial by Greta - United States - July, 2008
Your personal e-mail reply answered my question about the shipping rate and touched my heart with the description about your spiritual, ecological, and ethical commitment to justice and planetary I have forwarded your note to friends in the and look forward to receiving these books, which I will use to educate my daughter and to use as examples in my writing about environmental children's Thank you for the work you do!
Testimonial by Christian - United States - July, 2008
Today I received the books I ordered from your They arrived in excellent The packaging was perfect and I am very pleased with the again, and you did a great job of filling my
Testimonial by Annette - United States - June, 2008
Hello hello! I just received the wonderful Vedic Mathematic Teacher's am very excited and happy! Thank you so much for your great product and service!
Testimonial by Vinny - New Zealand - June, 2008
Hey guys, Pleased to tell you that our book arrived yesterday and that we're very happy with our We look forward to buying more books from you in the future and telling our friends all about your bizo :) Thanks a million,
Testimonial by Gregory - Canada - May, 2008
I fully support your mission and I will definitely be ordering more in the future and I have already told some friends and my teacher about your The books are very reasonably priced so I know your motivation is more elevated than with most book My Vedic path is and has been focused on Jyotish for a few years I am blessed to have the highly reputed and redoubtable Mantriji as my teacher (teacher to Svoboda and De I know that all so called new age wisdom, paths, etc, even Gurdjieff invariably leads back to the Consider yourself blessed for spreading the divine Have a wonderful
Testimonial by Tana - United States - April, 2008
Wonderful Wonderful Thank you
Testimonial by Bala - United States - April, 2008
I sincerely appreciate all your think you have found a solid customer in me!
Testimonial by Shivraj - India - April, 2008
Respected Sir, I am very much Thankful to you for keeping in store such a valuable books which impresses our mind and also enlightens our Thank You Once Again
Testimonial by Patricia - New Zealand - April, 2008
Dear Folk at Vedic wanted to let you know my book arrived And in record time, 11 I am so happy with the great service and will not hesitate to purchase from you in the Thank you Warmest regards
Testimonial by Bill - Australia - April, 2008
I am delighted with all my books & your prompt and courteous
Testimonial by Stella - Cyprus - March, 2008
Thanks so much ! you and your team have been beyond helpful ! i look forward to receiving this book !!
Testimonial by Agnes - United Kingdom - February, 2008
I wish to convey may thanks for the fast and efficient service I received from your bookshop - the book I ordered arrived very safely packed and will definitely be back checking your books out as I was very, very pleased with the price and service you provided
Testimonial by Jen - United States - February, 2008
As expected, my purchase arrived professionally It may have taken a while, but it was well worth the This is why you have a loyal customer in I love my It's one of the best I've gotten to You guys are great and I will make sure that all my friends know that you are Take care, be safe, and keep up the good Thank you so very much
Testimonial by Satya - India - February, 2008
The book reached Many, many thanks for the I had despaired of ever finding this book in one I'm extremely grateful to you and Vedic Books for making it possible for me to access this
Testimonial by Ana - Canada - January, 2008
I truly appreciate your work-dedication to make India's wonderful wisdom accessible to all mankind! Rest assured that I will be ordering soon from your site!! Wishing you much success and many blessings!!
Testimonial by James - United Kingdom - January, 2008
Your website is the best I have seen and reflects well the intentions behind your (to bring out the knowledge of ancient realized scriptures - the Ved) Tamil Nadu is a Divine realize the difficult challenges you must be facing there but progress forward with the goal to serve will make things turn out just Renounce the fruit of labor totally if possible - its tough on the ego but as you, unbounded bliss awaits difficult to find true seva working souls, everybody wants feel your genuie will to serve and I salute you in greeting - May God provide for you all there and shower His/Her eternal joy and abundance to support you and guide you for your heart warming I appreciate the
Testimonial by Tulika - Australia - January, 2008
I would like to add that as a customer, an avid reader, and a regular Net shopper, I found your website very impressive and user
Testimonial by Marek - Poland - January, 2008
Thank you for the kind Your definitely doing a marvellous I wish you all to discover Para-brahman in this Thanks for your time and kind
Testimonial by Jennifer - United States - January, 2008
I got it (Ordered Book) and it is Thank you so
Testimonial by Jason - United States - January, 2008
I am in continuous search of books to help me on my path and finding your site may be a tremendously helpful I plan on using your site in the future! Thank you
Testimonial by Oded - Israel - January, 2008
dear vedic books package had arrived safely and I'm already enjoining my new 5 thank you for a wonderful serves and may all of my Friends take my advice and shop with new year, oded from Israel!
Testimonial by Lisa - United States - December, 2007
My books arrived in great condition! Thank you so I wish all book sellers packaged their books so Thank you again! I appreciate the care that has gone into your costumer service and couldn't be happier with my
Testimonial by Oded - Israel - December, 2007
I feel you are giving me a personal treatment and i am relaxed shopping on-line with you (something that is sometime could be a i have already recommended you to my friend and i hope you will have more happy costumers from
Testimonial by Zsuzsa - Hungary - December, 2007
Thanks for the nice book, the enclosed bookmark with lovely Vedicbooks elephant pattern and last but not least your kind service! As for the first insight, the book exactly as described will help me a lot to deepen my knowledge in ayurvedic marma massage:-) Wish you a sunny day! Namaste,
Testimonial by Colleen - United States - December, 2007
I appreciate your policies and will be back to order again from Vedic Your customer service is, indeed, Thank you,
Testimonial by Nancy - United States - November, 2007
In 1979, the year I met Ananda Mayi Ma, KD Sethna was kind enough to spend an afternoon in his house talking to a friend and While it was a joyful time with him, I did not realize then what a treasure he Vedanta as Universal Truth has become more and more meaningful over the There are many here interested in these Thanks to technology there is much greater access I'm happy to know about your work!
Testimonial by Tomahiro - Japan - November, 2007
Thank you for the brilliant wish to express our gratitude for being able to give an unavailable book in reached on October was packed and the state was also gets excited for several days and it
Testimonial by Ido - Israel - November, 2007
I was very happy to read about you, and was happy to find a shop with all the books I love to I hope some day to come and visit Auroville as I heard a lot about the place, and read many of Aurobindo's thank you for the service, and I hope I will succeed continue your massage and spread these books in
Testimonial by Tamara - United States - October, 2007
I will always purchase from you I'm very thankful I found you on
Testimonial by Roy - United Kingdom - October, 2007
Thank you for your kind email Your website is very nicely arranged and easy to only positive feedback for you!
Testimonial by Eliana - Canada - October, 2007
Thank you for prompt All looks beautiful and I do like that each and every book was individually care,
Testimonial by Suresh - United States - October, 2007
Once again, thank you very much for promptly replying and your will be your customer for ever, as I am quite interested in all Vedic
Testimonial by Bardia - United States - October, 2007
Your services are greatly Thank you for selling such great books for reasonable
Testimonial by Mrs Pearson - Australia - October, 2007
I am delighted as the books came I am very happy with the beautiful are very good to deal
Testimonial by Michael - South Africa - September, 2007
I'm very impressed with the service from Vedic Books! Have a wonderful and Blessed day! Om Shanti
Testimonial by Hank - United States - September, 2007
I received the books in excellent condition and am very happy with you for your service and wonderful blessings to you,
Testimonial by Jose - Spain - September, 2007
I seize the occasion to thank you for the opportunity of direct contact with the Indian culture that you offer by means of your excellent web and shopping
Testimonial by Wilson - United States - September, 2007
Thanks again for the exceptionally honest business I think a majority of retailers would have popped that book in the mail, no questions I'm truly grateful for your attention to detail and your spirit of putting the customer Thank you, thank you, thank Moments like that remind me how the divine manifests in the everyday transactions of life I look forward to returning to Vedic Books
Testimonial by Mike - United States - September, 2007
Thank you very much for being understanding and flexible on I am very excited about receiving the I have already told some of my friends about Vedic Math and they are excited When they are ready to order I will definitely direct them to your site and Care!
Testimonial by David - Mexico - September, 2007
Your astrology selection can't be beat!
Testimonial by Rajan - Sudan - September, 2007
I hereby confirm that my uncle in Khartoum/SUDAN has received the 5 copies of the book "The Village Swaraj" as ordered from India by air mail THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your efficient
Testimonial by Robert - United States - August, 2007
Dear Damian, Thank you very much! Your service is outstanding as always, that is why I will recommend you to all my
Testimonial by Valintino - United States - August, 2007
Hello, Your site is Regards, Valintino Guxxi
Testimonial by Fran - United States - August, 2007
Dear vedic_books, Good evening - I received the book It arrived in perfect condition and I'm excited to start reading Thanks so much for all your help in getting this to
Testimonial by J. Hernandez - United States - August, 2007
Thank you for your approach on sharing the eastern philosophies to all of us who were lucky to find you
Testimonial by Rob - United States - August, 2007
Your company is very customer friendly and reliable
Testimonial by Chris - Australia - August, 2007
Many thanks for your Your bookshop is quite I am reading your books It is difficult to know which to read Strover
Testimonial by Suyono - Indonesia - August, 2007
I say thank you for your excellent service, it's a pleasure to have business with
Testimonial by Edward - United States - August, 2007
Thank I wanted to let you know that the book arrived today in excellent This order is now I am extremely pleased with all the books I have Your product list is Thanks
Testimonial by S Ravi - United States - June, 2007
I understand your sincerity and appreciate your service… by supplying good and ever useful books to
Testimonial by Rishi - United Kingdom - June, 2007
Many thanks for your fantastic I looking forward to shopping from you in the
Testimonial by Marko - Croatia - June, 2007
I thank you again for exceptionally professional customer it has been a pleasure communicating with
Testimonial by Baskaran - Malaysia - June, 2007
Thanks for your wishes & professional
Testimonial by Anil - Canada - June, 2007
I received my parcel of Hari Thank
Testimonial by Cheryl - Canada - June, 2007
It was my first visit to the store and I am happy to have found items, great prices and great service!
Testimonial by Ms Cilica - Canada - June, 2007
I received one of the books in my Thank you, what a great book!
Testimonial by Edward - United States - June, 2007
Thank you for all the I have started reading two of the books and am using the Sanskrit The books are I intend to order more in the
Testimonial by Sharon - United Kingdom - May, 2007
Thanks for your care and
Testimonial by Elvire - France - May, 2007
Thank you for the parcel we received in mid-May, in almost perfect shape and reasonable delay, that is a true miracle for articles coming from India :-) !!!
Testimonial by Sat Sharma - United States - May, 2007
That is certainly the nicest and most personal email response I have ever
Testimonial by Hans - Australia - May, 2007
Thank you for your determination in getting the book to received it I appreciate your
Testimonial by Edward - United States - April, 2007
I wanted to let you know the my order has arrived in excellent condition, thank
Testimonial by Jennifer-Anne - South Africa - April, 2007
I am very happy to advise that (my books have) arrived Thank you so much for all the trouble you went to to get them to
Testimonial by John - United States - April, 2007
Thank you very much for your great
Testimonial by Wilfredo - Puerto Rico - March, 2007
Thanks for doing this blessed work of spreading Vedic I'm practicing Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) in Puerto Rico, so I am looking for this subject in
Testimonial by Natasha - South Africa - March, 2007
Thank you to the vedic books team for doing such an incredible job!!!
Testimonial by Leonie - Australia - February, 2007
Your store has been prompt and kept me informed of the It is much
Testimonial by Hans - Australia - January, 2007
I have received another book from you in the past and I received it very, very In fact the delivery was faster than other books I have ordered from other
Testimonial by Jahangir - India - January, 2007
My name is Jahangir and I am a hatha yoga First of all let me congratulate you for your service spreading the yogic and vedic knowledge to the
Testimonial by Sakshi - Australia - January, 2007
I would like to thank you for your excellent I received my book (sent to Australia) and was most impressed with the packaging which meant that it arrived in perfect It is also wonderful to find a source of such informative literature, and at affordable prices, without overinflated postal I will certainly use your service again, and will recommend
Testimonial by Lorraine - United States - January, 2007
Thanks so much! I'm really impressed with your affiliate support and I will put a lot of Vedic books on our I look forward to a prosperous 2007 for both of us!
Testimonial by Sampson - United States - December, 2006
The books were on time for the long Christmas I am very delighted and
Testimonial by Allen - United States - December, 2006
Thank you for your prompt
Testimonial by Rusty - United States - December, 2006
The book arrived in excellent Thank
Testimonial by Adam - Australia - November, 2006
Thank you very much for your speedy and professional service!!!
Testimonial by Remi - United States - November, 2006
I thank you for you attention, patience and persistence as You have done
Testimonial by Kristine - Latvia - November, 2006
You have so much good books, I could buy them all in a :o) I am very happy that I found your website!
Testimonial by Adam - Australia - November, 2006
Thanks you for your prompt and organised service!! :-) Further, it is a great pleasure to see this kind of professional and personal
Testimonial by Chad - Australia - November, 2006
I think you guys have a great
Testimonial by Vincent - United States - October, 2006
Thank you for your diligent work!
Testimonial by Leena - Latvia - September, 2006
I love dealing with Vedic Books and appreciate your follow
Testimonial by Chaitanyananda - United States - September, 2006
I have recommended you guys to our students who wish to get the Satyananda Yoga Books to study I think it is a good website and I am happy to support
Testimonial by Dr. Heinz - Germany - July, 2006
I do enjoy the so much actually, that I have placed another order With a cosmic
Testimonial by Raquel - Spain - July, 2006
I am very happy to have contacted Vedic Books to order the In the future I won't have any doubt contact you again for ordering Thans so much for your professionalism and
Testimonial by Remi - Canada - May, 2006
Thanks for your kindness, professionalism and quick
Testimonial by Lacy - United States - April, 2006
Thank you for the follow It is rare these days to find a company that will take time out to find out what a customers concerns I will order from you in the future, keep up the good
Testimonial by Philip - United States - April, 2006
I wanted you to know how much I appreciate your fine
Testimonial by Marla - United States - April, 2006
I have nothing but great compliments to say about your company and have spread the word among Thank you again! AND AGAIN!
Testimonial by Rebbie - United States - March, 2006
Love the You are doing a great
Testimonial by Devadatta - United States - March, 2006
I received the book several days ago and I am took probably seven days for the book to arrive in upstate New Excellent
Testimonial by Devadatta - United States - March, 2006
I received the book several days ago and I am took probably seven days for the book to arrive in upstate New Excellent
Testimonial by John - India - March, 2006
The BOOK ARRIVED 2DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! Initially I didn't realize you were sending it all the way from I understand how things can take a while I am going to have a nice time reading this JAI MA!
Testimonial by Jyoti - India - March, 2006
I'm very delighted to recieve your message and appreciate your personal care for your Really, this gives us feeling as if you're inviting us at your home more visitors visit your site as this is very eternal site which is able to answer our May your site flourish more and
Testimonial by Selva G - United States - February, 2006
I would like to inform you that I received the book that I have ordered from Excellent packaging and customer Thank you to you and to your Keep up the good I am looking forward to placing more orders in the near future
Testimonial by Marla - United States - February, 2006
Thank you very much for your timely Yours is a very professional
Testimonial by Soren - Denmark - February, 2006
you for a fantastic service as always :-))
Testimonial by Swami Indirananda - United States - February, 2006
Guess what! My two books Thank you so much for all your It was well worth the wait!
Testimonial by Zsuzsa - Hungary - February, 2006
All six books travelled right to my door-step via magic indian carpet, exactly as Thanx for your extra care, it's always a pleasure to order from I'm glad to see that India is using recycled carton, shredded paper and hemp string for packaging instead of our "beloved" Poly protects against damage during the long-long journey Greetz from the snow-covered Hungary, Sat Nam, Zsuzsa
Testimonial by Anne - United States - February, 2006
I love your what you bright light on the planet!
Testimonial by Pam Barone - United States - February, 2006
I enjoyed the It is comforting and encouraging to know that even though we may all resonate to the vibrations of different gurus, our purpose is the same - Self-realization and service to
Testimonial by Xihua - United States - January, 2006
I am so glad I have received the most of books today ! They are done so I appreciate this very Thank you so much for all you have done for I sincerely wish you have brilliant business in the future! I will definitely come back to Vedic book store when I need
Testimonial by Rod - South Africa - January, 2006
I am even more delighted to tell you that BOTH these January orders arrived over a week ago - what service! I don't know how you guys do it, but the amazing work you do is a true sadhana and serves us all so Thank you for wonderful service and a book selection that there are no good enough adjectives to describe!
Testimonial by Renata - Poland - January, 2006
This is really nice that you care for your customers so I have receiveid Vedic Books a week after you had confirmed my Till now I havent time to read them , but hope will do it soon!
Testimonial by K.Bhaskaran - Malaysia - January, 2006
Thanks for your superfriendly
Testimonial by Xihua - United States - January, 2006
Thanks a lot for your kind updated information, such communications made custmer feel really
Testimonial by Zsuzsa - Hungary - January, 2006
I cannot find words to express my feelings about your kindness, and I admire your mission and the way you come up with I'd just like to say that You and in this manner all and these books contribute to keep me on path to accomplish my mission to heal at least only a little part of the Hungarian
Testimonial by Rod - South Africa - January, 2006
doing a tremendous job of making the best quality available at the best prices, thanks!
Testimonial by Zsuzsa - Hungary - January, 2006
You made my new year very happy, I received my book! This book is wonderful, now I experienced the finest quality of Indian published In Hungary these Ayurveda and Yoga books are not available, so your store is like a treasure for Many thanks for your excellent customer
Testimonial by Celia - Spain - January, 2006
Thanks very much, I did received the books and everything was great!, thanks for your good service and have a happy new year!
Testimonial by Suzie - United Kingdom - January, 2006
of my Vedic books arrived - it was so beautifully wrapped and had so much love and energy with it -
Testimonial by Luca - Italy - January, 2006
The second volume of Egenes Introduction to Sanskrit has arrived! Thank you very much for helping me better understand what I see inside myself, during my yoga meditations!
Testimonial by Sren - Denmark - December, 2005
Was very satisfied with your service on my first order last month - thanks!
Testimonial by Roxanne - United States - December, 2005
THANK YOU SO MUCH, MARTIN (and all others who got my order through to Both books I ordered were packed so carefully - even with a little "window" so that security checks could be easily done without opening the I'm sure that extra step got the package to me faster and just want to let you know I appreciate You've got a new regular customer - who will spread the word about your great online bookstore and mindful
Testimonial by Dennis - United States - December, 2005
Today I received my copy of SRI VIJNANA BHAIRAVA TANTRA - The I am very happy with the It arrived in a timely manner and in pristine Thank
Testimonial by Peter - United States - December, 2005
Last week I sent you an email to inquire about where in the process you were up to in sending me "The Buddhist Monastic It has arrived here safely today and is beautiful! Thankyou for your May you be well and happy, free from all suffering and may you know
Testimonial by Louis - United States - December, 2005
I am so happy to have found the I just ordered four more books!!!
Testimonial by Arun - United States - December, 2005
Thank you very much for your wonderful It was a pleasure to discover it online and order
Testimonial by Jim - United States - November, 2005
I appreciate your extremely cooperative me say that making available good and substantial course teachings in yoga and kriya is a good
Testimonial by Llyn - United States - November, 2005
I enjoyed looking at your website and will mark as a
Testimonial by Nivann - South Africa - November, 2005
I am eternally grateful for the extra effort taken in trying to assist Your efforts are greatly
Testimonial by Leah - South Africa - October, 2005
Thank you for your close personal contact! It is nice to feel the people behind the business!
Testimonial by Roxanne - United States - October, 2005
Thanks for your careful attention to this order!
Testimonial by Mahesh - India - September, 2005
Many thanks for the promptness in your replies and, while I thought, that a customer comment in one of the testimoniles on your site about him being impressed with the site's 'personal touch' might have just been a one off happy customer, I can now well imagine that this might be regular feature when dealing with you people!
Testimonial by Kurt - United States - August, 2005
"I love your site!
Testimonial by Patrick - Netherlands - July, 2005
I just received the package, so everything is fine, and i will definitely order from you in the future!"
Testimonial by Phillip - United States - June, 2005
I have worked in libraries for 35 years, and have been the director at the library where I am currently employed for 27 A full reading room brings joy to my The books I purchase from you, however, are for my avocation - and there is nothing more I enjoy - even during my leisure - than perusing a catalog of new publication, and then plotting how to order them, pay for them, and then sneak them into the house past my wife, who thinks I already have too many books!
Testimonial by Phillip - United States - June, 2005
It is a pleasure doing business with a firm that sincerely has the personal
Testimonial by Xenia - South Africa - April, 2004
I ordered and received a book last year (Ayurvedic Healing) and just wanted to express my deepest and most sincere thanks to It is one of the most valuable pieces I have ever
Testimonial by Silvana - South Africa - April, 2004
My husband is enjoying his book very much and is so inspired by it that he has told me this morning that he would not mind spending a week in India at an Ashram, and just learning about
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06.A Systematic Course in the Ancient Tantric Techniques of Yoga and Kriya
07.Introduction to Sanskrit (Volume I and Volume II)
08.Siddhas: Masters of the basics
09.Kundalini Tantra
10.Vastu Architecture: Design Theory and Application for Everyday Life
11.Health In Your Hands: Acupressure and Natural Therapies (2 Vols.)
12.Hatha Yoga Pradipika
Complete Guide to Spiritual Awakening
The Path of the Mother
Living Enlightenment
Beating Tantra at its Own Game: Spiritual Sexuality
The Empire of the Great Mogol
Sathyam Sivam Sundaram - 4
Homeopathy: The Modern Prescriber
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