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One Hundred Eight Vedic Upanisads (Vol. 2)
One Hundred Eight Vedic Upanisads (Vol. 2)
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Nature is our first mother. In Peru mother nature is called Pachamama - the mother of all. A baby is born and she is offered to her. We all come from nature - we all are nature - we all return to nature. At Vedic Books our books share the voice of the ancient Mother Nature who is a conscious being. We hope our section will inspire all to become more conscious of protecting and nurturing Mother Nature and our own inner-nature.
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 A bird survey in the Silent Valley national park, Kerala  Lalitha Vijayan A bird survey in the Silent Valley national park, Kerala     
 A Handbook of Medicinal Plants : A Complete Source Book  Narayan Das Prajapati A Handbook of Medicinal Plants : A Complete Source Book   $201.99  $151.49  Buy Now 
A Handbook of Medicinal Plants (A Complete Source Book), is the first book of its kind. The book describes more than 1346 medicinal plants found in the world. The book includes vernacular names, description, distribution, part use, utilization, active principles, agronomic practices and colour plates (about 870 photographs). Separate chapters on organic farming, biofertilizers and biopesticides uses for sustainable cultivation of medicinal plants tips for medicinal plants cultivation and... 
 A Handbook of Organic Farming  Arun K. Sharma A Handbook of Organic Farming   $76.99  $57.74  Buy Now 
An encyclopaedic work on the issue of organic farming, this book covers most aspects of this vast subject. A useful companion for any organic farming enthusiast. Contents of the Book: Cycle for survival. Towards organic farming. Soils environment and plant growth. Soil organic matter and humus. In-situ manuring. Ex-situ manuring. Production of compost. Vermi-composting. Bio-intensive nutrient management. Mechanism of nitrogen fixation. Ecological pest management. Neem : the... 
 A Lexicon of Medicinal Plants in India  Pal .D.C. A Lexicon of Medicinal Plants in India   $225.49  $169.12  Buy Now 
 A Manual of Orchidaceous Plants - 2 Volumes  Veitch A Manual of Orchidaceous Plants - 2 Volumes   $281.49  $211.12  Buy Now 
It inclues: Vol. I: Epidendreae Vol. II: Vandeae- Cypripedieae These volumes have been complied to give amateurs, cultivators, scientists who are interested in detailed account of the principal genera, species and varieties of orchids. This book described in detail the description, Phenology, distribution of associated animals and birds. The work is profusely illustrated with drawings, photographs and for plant there is an illustration.     
 A Sketch of the Flora of British India / Hooker, J.D.  J.D. Hooker A Sketch of the Flora of British India / Hooker, J.D.   $7.99  $5.99  Buy Now 
 Bio-diesel: Bio-degradable Alternative Fuel for Diesel Engines  Dr. Gadepalli Ravi Kiran Sastry Bio-diesel: Bio-degradable Alternative Fuel for Diesel Engines   $29.49  $22.12  Buy Now 
This is a well known fact that the resources of mineral oils are depleting day-by-day, and the cost of exploration of the remaining reserves is bound to escalate. Moreover, the burning of fossil fuels increases the level of carbon-dioxide in the atmosphere causing the 'Green House' effect. In this context, available and sustainable alternative fuel is necessary to cater to a large fleet of automobiles across the world. The advent of biodiesel has come to the rescue in such a warranting... 
 Bio-Pesticide & Integrated Pest Management  G.K. Ghosh Bio-Pesticide & Integrated Pest Management   $37.99  $28.49  Buy Now 
While analysing how the use of chemical pesticides led to environmental disaster, this book suggests many alternative bio-pesticides which can help to increase food production without environmental damage. 
 Biodynamic Agriculture & Homeopathy  Lucas Dengel Biodynamic Agriculture & Homeopathy   $4.95  $3.71   
Temporarily Out of Stock
Explores the links between two streams of thought that rely on natural forces. Regarding the strange ways of biodynamic agriculture. The most logical explanation I've ever heard about the why of BD techniques called it "homeopathy of the soil." If you understand homeopathy and how it functions so splendidly in human and veterinary medicine, you will immediately see the connects to BD preps, their mixing, their application. In essence, it is vibrational healing; sending the vibrational... 
 Biodynamic Farming & Gardening - Philosophy, principles, practice  Peter Proctor Biodynamic Farming & Gardening - Philosophy, principles, practice   $16.49  $12.37  Buy Now 
In this revised and updated edition of his pioneering book (earlier titled, Grasp the Nettle), Peter Proctor succinctly outlines the application of biodynamic methods to a wide range of farming and gardening operations. Proctor provides practical observation and biodynamic techniques, tips on how to recognise healthy soil and pasture, and how to make biodynamic preparations. This edition includes new ideas on applying the preparations; appendices on understanding the planting calendar and the... 
 Birds in Sanskrit Literature  K.N. Dave Birds in Sanskrit Literature   $49.95  $37.46  Buy Now 
The ancient sages of India were great lovers of nature, with keen powers of observation and an extraordinary sensitivity about animal behaviour.In his monumental research in ancient Sanskrit literature, the author has restored gaps in lexicons, and removed doubts in the later Sanskrit works about the identity of a very large number of birds of the Indian sub-continent.  
 Community City Farming  R.T. Doshi Community City Farming   $9.99  $7.49  Buy Now 
Practical guides written by an amazing city farmer who grows practically the entire universe on the terrace of his flat at Bandra, Mumbai, using the garbage from the community or building at hand. Bharat Ratna. 
 Cost Reduction for Primary School Buildings  Laurie Baker Cost Reduction for Primary School Buildings   $6.49  $4.87  Buy Now 
 Ear: The Switchboard of Your Body  Dr. Rama Venkataraman Ear: The Switchboard of Your Body   $7.99  $5.99  Buy Now 
Among the many reflexology parts a human body has, ear is most unique and significant. Ear is rich in nerve endings and placed at outer rim of the skull, vibrating with energy. In the ear body's representation corresponds to a child in mother's womb, curled in an upside down manner. Because of this the ear cure mechanism is also effective in curing problems originated in the womb. Ear acts like the body's radar reflecting its working precisely. When these reflex points are activated the... 
 Ecological Spirituality  G. Naganathan Ecological Spirituality   $8.33  $6.25  Buy Now 
Every major step man takes wreaks its own damage on the environment. Aware of this, man is yet unwilling to forgo the immediate material benefits his actions give. For all his professions of concern about the environment, in reality his concern reduces to nothing more than cosmetic changes in the exterior which are of no value. This calendar monograph is critique on this pervasive culture of ambivalence. The author resorts to the first principles Sanatana Dharma which literally means eternal... 
 Ecological Traditions Of Kerala  Nanditha Krishna Ecological Traditions Of Kerala   $9.99  $7.49  Buy Now 
Kerala is a land blessed by nature and is appropriately referred to as "God's own country". Kerala's natural resources have been preserved by respecting those traditions that gave primacy to nature. The book is a compilation of research papers focusing on the various aspects of Kerala's ecological heritage. The papers were presented by eminent researchers / scholars at the one-day seminar on the 'Ecological Traditions of Kerala', organized by the ENVIS Centre at CPREEC at Thiruvananthapuram in... 
 Ecological Traditions Of Tamilnadu  Nanditha Krishna Ecological Traditions Of Tamilnadu   $16.49  $12.37  Buy Now 
The book is a collection of papers presented by eminent researchers / scholars at a Seminar on "Ecological Traditions of Tamilnadu", organised by the CPREEC. 
 Ecology and Environment in the Himalayas  K.S. Gulia Ecology and Environment in the Himalayas   $56.49  $42.37  Buy Now 
Today environment and ecology are the buzzwords. The pace of development and modernisation has endangered the ecological balance of Himalaya. When the British brought railways in India in the late eighteenth century, the Himalayan jungles were denuded of vast forests cover due to the demand for sleepers. When in early nineteenth century, the Britishers attempted to curb wanton tree-felling, there arose resentment among the people of Garhwal and Kumaon in Uttarakhand. But in later times, those... 
 Economic Growth in India: History & Prospect  Pularre Balakrishnan Economic Growth in India: History & Prospect   $48.49  $36.37  Buy Now 
This study of economic growth in India is both an interpretation of its trajectory since 1950 and an evaluation of its prospects in the near future. It is marked by theoretical integrity, historical perspective, thick description, discriminating use of econometrics, and definitive conclusions. Commencing with a favorable appraisal of the growth record of early independent India and an account of how this advantage was lost, the author proceeds to argue that by now it is more than just delayed... 
 Encircling the Seamless India, Climate Change, and the Global Commons  A. Damodaran Encircling the Seamless India, Climate Change, and the Global Commons   $54.49  $40.87  Buy Now 
This book explores global environmental negotiations against the backdrop of complex political relations, the climate change conventions and multilateral environmental assessments and their effect on special interest groups. It weaves in the story of India’s emergent economy, its sustainable development, and the multifaceted nationhood, the diversity of its rural scene, and the challenges of seamlessness brought in by the power of its information technology. Viewing global environmental... 
 Encyclopaedia of Indian Fairs and Festivals  Sanjay Kumar Encyclopaedia of Indian Fairs and Festivals   $160.49  $120.37  Buy Now 
India is a land of festivals and fairs. Every day of the year there is a festival celebrated in some part of the country. Some festivals welcome the seasons of the year, the harvest, the rains, or the full moon. Others celebrate religious occasions, the birthdays of divine beings, saints and gurus (revered teachers), or the advent of the New Year. In this handy volume, primarily the attention has been paid to all Pan-Indian festivals, but efforts been also made to cover every leading regional... 
 Encyclopeadia of Yoga  Ram Kumar Rai Encyclopeadia of Yoga     
Temporarily Out of Stock
Table of Contents: List of Illustrations Bibliography with Abbreviations Table of Nagari Alaphabets, their Roman Equivalents and Ponunciation guide  Preface to the Second Edition Preface to the First Edition Text  Appendix I: Botanical Names of Indian Fruits, Plants and Herbs (Latin- Hindi) Appendix II: Botanical Names of Indian Fruits, Plants and Herbs (Hindi-Latin)  Line Drawings. 
 Environmental Vaastu  Dr. Bhojraj Dwivedi Environmental Vaastu   $9.99  $7.49   
Temporarily Out of Stock
About the Author: Dr. Bhojraj Dwivedi is a world famous Vaastu Shastri and Jyotishacharya. He is a great pioneer in the field of Vedic Astrology and Occult Sciences. He has authored over 108 books on different topics which is a valuable contribution to the ancient Indian Heritage of Occultism. Dr. Dwivedi has earned great name and fame in the field of Astrology and Vaastu shastra. He has traveled extensively for the promotion of the science of Astrology and Vaastu all over the world.   
 Excreta Matters (2.Vols Set)  Sunita Narain Excreta Matters (2.Vols Set)   $92.99  $69.74  Buy Now 
This is India's first and most comprehensive survey presented in an attractive 2-volume set on the state of its water and its management. It is the 7th Report in our highly popular SOE Series. It would be of immense value to professionals and decision makers in the Central and State Governments besides academicians, researchers, NGOs and all major Libraries.In these two volumes you will get to know the water-waste profiles of 71 Indian cities. Within their pages lie the model for a sustainable... 
 Festivals of Biodiversity  Kusum Misra Panigrahi Festivals of Biodiversity   $5.49  $4.12  Buy Now 
Documents 13 festivals of biodiversity traditionally celebrated in Orissa. Highlights the importance of biodiversity in Indian tradition and draws links between biodiversity and the flourishing of cultural diversity. 
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I hereby confirm that my uncle in Khartoum/SUDAN has received the 5 copies of the book "The Village Swaraj" as ordered from India by air mail THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your efficient services....


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