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Srimad Bhagavadgita: Sadhaka-Sanjivani (2 Vols.) (Sanskrit)
Srimad Bhagavadgita: Sadhaka-Sanjivani (2 Vols.) (Sanskrit)
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Try to sleep before 10:30pm, sleep when nature sleeps, sleep is one of the pillars of good health. Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man health, wealth and wise!

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HOMEOPATHY Let's See What We Have Here...
Homeopathy is medicine for the masses. Its medicines are simple to prepare and very affordable and very effective. It works on the basis of the law of similars. If an onion induces tears when cut then the miniscule Homeopathic preparation of onion will thus help remedy a running nose or similar symptoms. If coffee makes one more alert then the miniscule amount of coffee in Homeopathic preparation will induce sleep. It works and India is home to many of the worlds finest Homeopaths and has developed this science further.
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 How to stay Healthy with Homoeopathy  Rajendra Tandon How to stay Healthy with Homoeopathy   $24.99  $18.74  Buy Now 
How to stay Healthy with Homoeopathy is the most uncomplicated manual on homoeopathic treatment ever designed. It is an easy-to-refer book for the householder and for the health conscious busy executive and a simple guide for parents who do not want their children to suffer from severe side effects of medicines normally administered. Homoeopathic drugs, if correctly chosen, have no side effects. It is a book on healthcare for the cost conscious. Quality homoeopathic drugs are made in India... 
 Lotus Materia Medica - II Edition  Robin Murphy Lotus Materia Medica - II Edition   $64.49  $48.37  Buy Now 
About the Author:Dr. Robin Murphy was born on August 15, 1950 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He carried out his undergraduate studies at the Michigan State University (1972-1976). There he discovered their homeopathic historical collection and became intrigued with the system and began his studies. In 1976, he entered the National College of Naturopathic Medicine (NCNM). There he was awarded the Hahnemannian Scholarship for his Thesis: Homeopathy and Cancer. While at school he studied with Dr. Ravi... 
 Science of Sphygmica or Sage Kanada on Pulse  K.R.L. Gupta Science of Sphygmica or Sage Kanada on Pulse   $15.99  $11.99  Buy Now 
In the days of yore the Sphygmica, a science through which nature speaks to the physician by means of its organ, the pulse, was held in the highest esteem and glory by almost all the great and distinguished rishis – Ayurveda was not only considered as most useful and important by the scholars of the time gone by, but also it was the only sure channel through which the exact state of the entire human system was thoroughly known and realized by the aid of the three chief constituent;... 
 Pocket Manual of Homeopathic Materia Medica  William Boericke Pocket Manual of Homeopathic Materia Medica   $18.99  $14.24  Buy Now 
The present work is an accurate and reliable compilation and a full collection of verified Materia Medica facts and clinical suggestions. It contains the well-known verified characteristic symptoms of all our medicines besides other less important symptoms aiding the selection of the curative remedy. All the new medicines and essentials of the published clinical experience of the school have been added. 
 Biodynamic Agriculture & Homeopathy  Lucas Dengel Biodynamic Agriculture & Homeopathy   $4.95  $3.71   
Temporarily Out of Stock
Explores the links between two streams of thought that rely on natural forces. Regarding the strange ways of biodynamic agriculture. The most logical explanation I've ever heard about the why of BD techniques called it "homeopathy of the soil." If you understand homeopathy and how it functions so splendidly in human and veterinary medicine, you will immediately see the connects to BD preps, their mixing, their application. In essence, it is vibrational healing; sending the vibrational... 
 Common Diseases of Urinary System  Dr. S.K. Sharma Common Diseases of Urinary System   $6.49  $4.87  Buy Now 
Table of Contents: Human Body and its Functions Relationship Between Food and Urine Various Systems and Line of Treatment Homeopathy: General Guideliness on Theory and Principles Ayurveda and Basic Principles Causes, Symptoms and Treatment of Urinary Disorders Allopathic Treatment Homeopathic Treatment of Urinary Disorders Urine Therapy Ayurvedic Treatment of Urinary Disorders Naturopathy and Urinary Disorders Methods used in Naturopathy. 
 Homoeopathic Cure for Common Diseases  Dr. Yudhvir Singh Homoeopathic Cure for Common Diseases   $8.49  $6.37  Buy Now 
Homoeopathy is fast gaining recognition and popularity as a safe, convenient and inexpensive system for curing a large number of diseases. This book, organized for quick and handy reference, provides homoeopathic cures and prevention for nearly all-common diseases as also many chronic ones. It includes a list of 100 most commonly required medicines for your family and a homoeopathic first aid guide. This book is based on the vast experience, over 50 years, of the author of curing thousands of... 
 Love Your Eyes: Enjoy Better Vision by Yoga and Alternative Natural  M. S. Agarwal Love Your Eyes: Enjoy Better Vision by Yoga and Alternative Natural   $12.99  $9.74  Buy Now 
The new age has moved towards materialistic lifestyle with leading electronic media and bad eating habits. Television, Laptop, Computer, Internet and Mobile have brought many ailments to lovely eyes and body which are giving problems to the coming generation. The Alternative Natural System has been popularized through as Yoga, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, and Naturopathy which has changed our lifestyle of living. In the present developed countries such as USA, UK and rest of the world, its... 
 A Complete Guide to Homeopathy  Alan V. Schmukler A Complete Guide to Homeopathy   $18.49  $13.87  Buy Now 
This easy-to-use handbook features remedies and instructions for nearly two hundred illnesses, injuries, physical conditions, and health care needs, including headaches, colds, arthritis, food poisoning, insomnia, pregnancy and birth flue, antibiotic-resistant infections epidemics, wounds, fears.  This book presents a variety of methods for finding the right remedy beased on ailments and symptoms, specific organs, and even the needs of particular occupations. 
 A Complete Guide to Biochemic Remedies  Dr. S.K. Sharma A Complete Guide to Biochemic Remedies   $4.99  $3.74  Buy Now 
The book is based on Dr. Schussler’s theory of 12-tissue remedies. It gives in fairly good details, all the relevant facts about each tissue remedy, symptomatology, drug affinity, inimical and compatible remedies, modalities’ comparison with some homeopathic symptoms so that the reader can know, at the outset, what the salient features of a remedy are. It will save his time and energy in choosing the most suitable remedy to treat a patient. It also contains a chapter on biochemic... 
 Case Analysis and Prescribing Techniques  Robin Murphy Case Analysis and Prescribing Techniques   $15.99  $11.99  Buy Now 
Case taking is the most important part of homeopathic professional treatment, and an art, which can decide not only the progress of a patient but the final outcome of the case as well. The book includes topics such as the Organon, Mistakes in Prescribing, Vital Force, Definition of Health, Etiologies, Case Management, and Miasms. Several cases are analyzed throughout the book with] discussions and follow-up. Contains the transcripts of seven, 95-minute audio tapes, practical hints on... 
 Key Notes of the Materia Medica Commentary & Group Discussions (5 Volume Set)  Robin Murphy Key Notes of the Materia Medica Commentary & Group Discussions (5 Volume Set)   $96.49  $72.37   
Temporarily Out of Stock
Five volumes of keynotes contain valuable information on each remedy, covering areas such as: Pharmacy, Historical Dose, History, Planets and Commentary, transcribed from his lectures on Materia Medica.About the Author:Dr. Robin Murphy was born on August 15, 1950 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He carried out his undergraduate studies at the Michigan State University (1972-1976). There he discovered their homeopathic historical collection and became intrigued with the system and began his studies.... 
 Homeopathy: The Modern Prescriber  Henrietta Wells Homeopathy: The Modern Prescriber   $14.49  $10.87  Buy Now 
This book is a practical approach to using homeopathics. It gives step-by-step instructions for many first aid situation and how to treat everyday coughs, colds, and fevers as well as food poisoning and even hangovers! It also addresses a number of controversial issues including vaccination, giving homeopathic alternatives. A responsible and helpful guide to homeopathic remedies - when they are appropriate and when they are not. 
 Textbook of Applied Materia Medica  J.D. Patil Textbook of Applied Materia Medica   $14.95  $11.21   
Temporarily Out of Stock
This book contains medicines covering therapeutic and applied aspects arranged in a systemized manner. The medicines affecting various systems are very vast and this covers the syllabus of B.H.M.S and P.G. courses in Homeopathy. About the author: Dr.J.D. Patil B.Sc., B.H.M.S, PG DirectorDKMM Homoeopathic Medical CollegeShree Guru Ganesh NagarAurangabad - 431 004, MaharastraPhone : 0240 - 2401051 / 2400170 
 All You Wanted To Know About Headache  Savitri Ramaiah All You Wanted To Know About Headache   $4.95  $3.71   
Temporarily Out of Stock
Headache can be defined as discomfort or pain in the head. Tension, migraine, cluster, cervicogenic, after injury, vascular and effort-induced are sonic of the different types of headaches. In rare cases the headache may be due to a serious disease such as bleeding in the space around the brain, fever, increased pressure on the brain, severe hypertension and inflammation of some arteries. Ayurveda lists diet, life-style, environment, psychological, season and injury as common causes of... 
 A Complete Guide to Homeopathic Remedies  Dr. S.K. Sharma A Complete Guide to Homeopathic Remedies   $7.99  $5.99  Buy Now 
The book throws ample light on the use of homeopathic medicines for the treatment of various diseases including blood dyscrasias. The main purpose of writing this book is to enable a general reader to treat some of the cases at home, without much expense of time and money, thereby sparing the agony and burden of medical expenses. It contains a separate chapter on 28 biochemical on snap shot hints on preventive medicines. 
 A Guide to Family Medicine For All Ages  Dr. Rajeev Sharma A Guide to Family Medicine For All Ages   $9.99  $7.49  Buy Now 
Normally, a family consists of husband-wife, two kids and grand parents. This book "A Guide to Family Medicine" contains all the information from head to toe which provide complete information including symptoms/treatment/complications/self care and appropriate homoeopathic and ayurvedic medicines. So, this is a useful book for youngers as well as elders. This book provides simple treatment plans for conjuctivities, epistaxis, sore throat, toothache, common cold, cough diarrhoea,... 
 Homeopathy: Heart and Soul  Dr. Keith Souter Homeopathy: Heart and Soul   $17.99  $13.49  Buy Now 
Emotional problems are part and parcel of life. However, whilst some people seem able to ride any emotional storm, others find life a continual battle against their emotions. 'Homoeopathy: Heart & Soul' outlines this gentle form of treatment, which works by matching up the remedy to the pattern of emotional disturbance. By restoring balance, the individual may then be able to deal with his or her emotional problem. 
 Prescribing Methods  Keith Souter Prescribing Methods   $5.95  $4.46  Buy Now 
We all know that there are many ways to arrive at the homeopathic simillimum. Sometimes we use totality of the case, sometimes keynotes or some peculiar symptoms, layers, tautopathy, miasms, and we sometimes base our prescription on the causative factors alone etc. Most homeopaths have their own favorite clinical techniques that they use often in their practice. But have you ever wondered ‘HOW' people develop their clinical techniques and ‘WHAT' goes in their minds while they are trying to find... 
 Lotus Materia Medica - III Edition  Robin Murphy Lotus Materia Medica - III Edition   $64.49  $48.37  Buy Now 
About the Author:Dr. Robin Murphy was born on August 15, 1950 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He carried out his undergraduate studies at the Michigan State University (1972-1976). There he discovered their homeopathic historical collection and became intrigued with the system and began his studies. In 1976, he entered the National College of Naturopathic Medicine (NCNM). There he was awarded the Hahnemannian Scholarship for his Thesis: Homeopathy and Cancer. While at school he studied with Dr. Ravi... 
 Textbook of Dermatology For Homoeopaths  Dr. Ramji Gupta Textbook of Dermatology For Homoeopaths   $21.99  $16.49  Buy Now 
The book provides practical application of homeopathy in skin diseases. It includes an in-depth yet easy to read description of all the common skin diseases well supported with more than 200 colored clinical photographs. The pictures shall help to illustrate the text which includes Hereditary disorders, Naevi, Metabolic disorders, Leprosy, Fungal infections, Viral infections, Diseases of the Hair, Sebaceous and Sweat glands, Nails, Auto-immune disorders, tumours and miscellaneous disorders. It... 
 Psychiatric Disorders with Relevant Remedies  M.Roger Psychiatric Disorders with Relevant Remedies   $6.49  $4.87  Buy Now 
Physical game rather its all about severe mental work-out. This exaggerated mental labour usually brings on deteriorated psychiatric disorders like anxiety, fear, phobia, panic disorders, mania, depression, etc. This is a compilation of exclusive lectures on psychiatric disorders and their relevance in homeopathy. The mental disorders are being understood under the homeopathic perspective with discussions over various remedies and enlightening description of various cases which were treated... 
 Gems: Textbook of Homoeopathic Materia Medica  Dr. J.D. Patil Gems: Textbook of Homoeopathic Materia Medica   $21.99  $16.49  Buy Now 
1) Easy to understand language. No complicated words or sentences.2) Simplified explation of each drug.3) Guide lines for students about "HOW TO STUDY HOMOEOPATHIC MATERIA MEDICA"4) Useful for students of all years of BHMS and MD course.5) Special chapter regarding introduction.About the Author:Dr. J.D. Patil M.D. (Hom) is a well known author and Teacher in Homoeopathy. He is highly qualified Principal, and was former Director, S.W. Maharashtra University of Health Sciences Nasik. He... 
 Homeopathy: A Comparative Materia Medica (2 Volumes)  Santosh Kumar Homeopathy: A Comparative Materia Medica (2 Volumes)   $54.95  $41.21  Buy Now 
The sole aim of the physician (Homeopath) is to cure the patient rapidly, gently, and permanently. To achieve this aim he must find out what is curable in the disease and what is curative in medicine. In a healthy man, the vital force keeps the entire organism in harmonious order. In a diseased man, this vital force is deranged and this derangement expresses itself by abnormal sensations and functions of the organism. These sensations, or disease signs, are called disease symptoms. For the... 
 Homeopathy for Common Ailments  Robin Hayfield Homeopathy for Common Ailments   $31.95  $23.96  Buy Now 
Homeopathy for Common Ailments is a practical, beautifully illustrated guide that explain and demystifies this safe and simple form of treatment. As well as offering guidance for treating children and using homeopathy for first aid, the book will help you to select and use widely available homeopathic remedies to treat frequently encountered physical and mental health problems such as: anxiety; indigestion, chickenpox, coughs and croups, shock, travel sickness, hayfever, bites and stings.... 
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01.How to stay Healthy with Homoeopathy
02.Lotus Materia Medica - II Edition
03.Science of Sphygmica or Sage Kanada on Pulse
04.Biodynamic Agriculture & Homeopathy
05.Common Diseases of Urinary System
06.Homoeopathic Cure for Common Diseases
07.Love Your Eyes: Enjoy Better Vision by Yoga and Alternative Natural
08.Pocket Manual of Homeopathic Materia Medica
09.A Complete Guide to Biochemic Remedies
10.A Complete Guide to Homeopathy
11.Case Analysis and Prescribing Techniques
12.Key Notes of the Materia Medica Commentary & Group Discussions (5 Volume Set)
Psychic Powers: A Practical Guide
Lifetime Weight Control
The Book of Buddhas
The Book of Hindu Imagery: Gods, Manifestations and Their Meaning
Self and its States
Siddhanta Siromani of Bhaskaracharya
Living Meaningfully, Dying Joyfully
The Expanding Light Cookbook
Indian Kavya Literature Vol. IV
How to Sleep Well
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