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The Yoga of Sage Vasishta
The Yoga of Sage Vasishta
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Organic cows ghee is very benifical to health. Ancient Ayurvedic texts reccomend daily intake of cows ghee.

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Our concept of history is constantly changing - the Vedic texts give us a consistent frame of reference and open our being to a history that is still very much unknown. That of ancient civilizations who lived without destructive technologies as we do today. They nurtured mother nature and cared for the earth. They enjoyed health and longevity. In today's history books just fragments remain of the Vedic culture that once spanned accross the world. In our history books section you can discover Vedic history, the ancient history of India and go on a journey to your Self.
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 The True Destiny of India  Sri Aurobindo The True Destiny of India   $8.99  $6.74  Buy Now 
This book consists of Sri Aurobindo’s last two messages to his countrymen on August 15, 1947, the day India became independent, and in 1949, when the Indian constitution was being framed. It also contains a biography of Sri Aurobindo. That India gained her freedom on 15 August, the birthday of Sri Aurobindo, was, as he says, the sanction and seal of the Divine on the work he has done for the liberation of India. 
 The Treasury of Good Sayings - A Tibetan History of Bon  Samten G. Karmay The Treasury of Good Sayings - A Tibetan History of Bon   $18.99  $14.24  Buy Now 
This volume is a partial translation of the Tibetan text, 'legsbshad-mdzod,' a history of the Bon religion. Bon is a pre-Buddhist system of belief in Tibet, which survived many persecutions, and still covered large parts of Tibet till occupation by Communist China in 1959. The book gives a full account of the ancient religion, its origins and developments, its struggles against the later imported Buddhism, and its fight for survival in spite of persecution and even abolition on two... 
 The Traditions of Northern India: A Study of Art, Architecture and Crafts in Haryana  Bhup Singh Gulia The Traditions of Northern India: A Study of Art, Architecture and Crafts in Haryana   $156.49  $117.37  Buy Now 
Bhup Singh Gulia and Ranbir Singh have done a remarkable job in generating primary information about the text of the book and enriched it with pictorial representations depicting various unknown elements of folk art and craft that could be gathered from Haryana. A large number of distinctive forms and styles, in respect of arts and crafts invented and developed by the people of Haryana that accompany the text as photographic representations and illustrations in various chapters of the book,... 
 The Tradition of Astronomy in India Jyotihsastra: History of Science, Philosophy and Culture  in Indian Civilization (Volume IV Part-4)  B.V. Subbarayappa The Tradition of Astronomy in India Jyotihsastra: History of Science, Philosophy and Culture in Indian Civilization (Volume IV Part-4)   $115.49  $86.62  Buy Now 
This Volume endeavours to present the preceptible facets of the tradition of astronomy in India:- the torch-bearers of this tradition and their texts; main characteristics of Indian astronomy; scientific approach to the phenomenon of eclipse; pancanga and its social dimensions including the vrata-s, festivals and other observances, origin of astrological ideas, their seeming links with astronomy and certain contraditictions; extensive computations concerning planetary revolutions in a huge... 
 The Three Boys: And Other Buddhist Folktales from Tibet  Yeshi Dorjee The Three Boys: And Other Buddhist Folktales from Tibet   $14.49  $10.87  Buy Now 
A virtuous young woman journeys to the land of the Dead to retrieve the still-beating heart of a king; a wily corpse-monster tricks his young captor into setting him free, the king falls under a curse that turns him into a cannibal; a shepherd who understands the speech of animals, saves a princess from certain death. These are just a few of the wondrous tales that await readers of this collection of Tibetan Buddhist Folktales. Fifteen stories are told for modern readers in a vivid, accessible... 
 The Technique of Pahari Painting : An Inquiry into Aspects of Materials, Methods and History : (Based Upon Observation and Field –Work)  Vishwa Chander Ohri The Technique of Pahari Painting : An Inquiry into Aspects of Materials, Methods and History : (Based Upon Observation and Field –Work)   $112.99  $84.74  Buy Now 
This richly illustrated book is the first detailed study of the technique of Indian painting with an emphasis on the particulars for crafting of Pahari paintings of the Basohli, the Guler and the Kangra styles. After Moti Chandra’s The Technique of Mughal painting, 1949, numerous articles on various aspects of this subject had appeared in the long intervening period. The author presents here a comprehensive account of the technique, the methods and the materials used in painting, miniatures... 
 The Taj Mahal is Tejomahalaya a Shiva Temple  P.N. Oak The Taj Mahal is Tejomahalaya a Shiva Temple   $23.49  $17.62  Buy Now 
 The Siege of Troy  Kireet Joshi The Siege of Troy   $9.99  $7.49  Buy Now 
An extract from the famous poem of Homer, the Iliad. Through this epic, Homer presents the Greek world-view, a view of life where men are seen as a base metal beaten and shaped by the gods and fate until their inner golden nature is revealed. He showed the Greeks more than just heroic deeds; his poetic genius drew aside the curtain of outer events and gave a vivid picture of the inner forces there at work. Introduction, text and notes.     
 The Shape of Ancient Thought:  Comparative Studies in Greek and Indian Philosophies  Thomas McEvilley The Shape of Ancient Thought: Comparative Studies in Greek and Indian Philosophies   $102.49  $76.87  Buy Now 
This unparalleled comparative study of early Eastern and Western philosophy challenges every existing belief about the philosophical foundations of Western civilization. Spanning thirty years of intense intellectual inquiry and research, the author proves what many scholars before him have sensed but couldn't empirically explain: that the seemingly autonomous and separate metaphysical schemes of Greek and Idnian cultures have mutually influenced each other over a long period of time, to the... 
 The Seven Cities of Delhi  Gordon Risley Hearn The Seven Cities of Delhi   $81.00  $60.75  Buy Now 
The present volume contains an excellent account of the history and architecture of Delhi. It will afford readers and visitors not only a clear guide to all that is seen in Delhi but also an intelligent record of the history of the place in all its various phases. Sir Hearn coined the phrase "Seven Cities of Delhi", popularizing the famous drawing of the seven cities that accompanied the original text. Both the drawing and the notion of the seven cities of Delhi have survived to this day.... 
 The Secret Teachings of the Vedas: The Eastern Answers to the Mysteries of Life - Vol 1  Stephen Knapp The Secret Teachings of the Vedas: The Eastern Answers to the Mysteries of Life - Vol 1   $17.99  $13.49  Buy Now 
This is a book that provides one of the best reviews of ancient Eastern philosophy and gives access to some of the most important spiritual knowledge found anywhere. It also offers a look at some of mankind's loftiest of thoughts and realizations about who he is and what his relationship is with the universe. This book supplies a means to unlock the mysteries of the ancient Eastern wisdom and presents answers to questions not found in other religions or philosophies. It condenses information... 
 The Saraswati Flows On: The Continuity of Indian Culture  B. B. Lal The Saraswati Flows On: The Continuity of Indian Culture   $80.49  $60.37  Buy Now 
This book deals with two major controversies relating to India's past. First, It has been asserted by many scholars, both Indian and foreign, that the Sarasvati mentioned in the Rigveda is the Helmand of Afghanistan. The author examines the entire Rigvedic evidence and demonstrates that it goes counter to aforesaid assumption. On the other hand, there are compelling geographical data in the Rigveda itself which unambiguously show that the Rigvedic Sarasvati is none other than the present-day... 
 The Sanskrit Language  T. Burrow The Sanskrit Language   $49.95  $37.46  Buy Now 
The Sanskrit Language presents a systematic and comprehensive historical account of the developments in phonology and morphology. This is the only book in English which treats the structure of the Sanskrit language in its relation to the other Indo-European languages and throws light on the significance of the discovery of Sanskrit. It is this discovery that contributed to the study of the comparative philology of the Indo-European languages and eventually the whole science of... 
 The Sanskrit Language  Pierre Sylvain Filliozat The Sanskrit Language   $14.49  $10.87  Buy Now 
The Sanskrit Language by P S Filliozat has the rare distinction of being both an introductory book and a new ground-breaking study. It is an introductory book because the reader gets an accurate overview of the language, and it is also a new ground-breaking study because Filliozat’s approach harmonizes two different and complementary stands that often have been at war: the Western historical and comparative approach and the indigenous pundit tradition. Sanskrit is described here from these two... 
 The Saga of Indian Cannons  R. Balasubramaniam The Saga of Indian Cannons   $288.49  $216.37  Buy Now 
The invention of cannons and their use in warfare added a different dimension to battles. The fates of nations were decided by the use of cannons. The science of gunpowder and the technology of cannons, from their introduction in the Indian subcontinent in the middle of the fifteenth century up to the pre-modern period, have been illustrated using Mughal miniature paintings and analysis of extant cannon pieces. The massive and wonderful forge welded iron cannons and cast bronze cannons of... 
 The Renaissance in India  Sri Aurobindo The Renaissance in India   $4.95  $3.71  Buy Now 
On the spirit behind the Indian social and cultural resurgence. About the Author: Sri Aurobindo was an Indian/Hindu nationalist, scholar, poet, mystic, evolutionary philosopher, yogi and guru. After a short political career in which he became one of leaders of the early movement for the freedom of India from British rule, Sri Aurobindo turned to the development and practice of a new... 
 The Religious Imagery of Khajuraho  Devangana Desai The Religious Imagery of Khajuraho   $179.49  $134.62  Buy Now 
Because of undue association with erotic sculpture, Khajuraho's significant contribution to the religious art of the country is hardly noticed. This Medieval religious town of central India, now a lovely village, preserves an important group of temples which represents the Indian temple in its highly evolved form, both architecturally and conceptually. While the architectural survey of the temples is done by scholars, the present work is an iconological and interpretative study of images and... 
 The Religion of the Veda  Shridhar B. Shrotri The Religion of the Veda   $29.95  $22.46  Buy Now 
The work is complete in four chapters preceded by an introduction discussing in detail the sources, viz., the Vedas, brahmanas and Sutras. Translation of Oldenberg's classic German work on Vedic religious beliefs, cults and customs. trans. by Shridhar B. Shrotri. Represents the best of orientalist scholarship. 
 The Regal Patriot: Maharaja Ganga Singh Of Bikaner  Prof L.S. Rathore The Regal Patriot: Maharaja Ganga Singh Of Bikaner   $37.49  $28.12  Buy Now 
The princely states of pre-independent India threw up many charismatic leaders, political stalwarts and influential princes. Among the more dynamic was Maharaja Ganga Singh of Bikaner (1880-1943). Inheriting a strife-ridden kingdom as a mere adolescent of eighteen, Ganga Singh showed a leadership and wisdom well beyond his years, successfully reigning in warring factions and carving out a meticulous, and far sighted plan of progress for Bikaner, which he executed with remarkable success.... 
 The Raghuvamsa of Kalidasa  M.R. Kale The Raghuvamsa of Kalidasa   $18.99  $14.24  Buy Now 
This epic poem in Sanskrit text with a literal English translation and copious notes and also commentary Sanjivani of Mallinatha is the only work of Kalidasa which contains a number of references to the geography of India as it was known to him in those days. 
 The Ragas of Northern Indian Music  Alain Danielou The Ragas of Northern Indian Music   $41.99  $31.49  Buy Now 
The first part of the book traces the history of Indian music and the continuity of its theory and practice for more than two thousand years. It is based on many years' research into the vast ancient Sanskrit literature of music. These valuable technical treatises, which lie in the form of scarcely catalogued manuscripts throughout the public and private libraries of India, had hitherto remained unemplored. Part Two transcribes and studies in detail 50 typical Raga-s. Each is preceded by a... 
 The Problem of Aryan Origins: From an Indian Point of View  K. D. Sethna The Problem of Aryan Origins: From an Indian Point of View   $38.49  $28.87  Buy Now 
This research work is a challenge to the historical orthodoxy that believes in the dogma of an Aryan invasion of the Indian subcontinent around the middle of the second millennium B.C.. The author, with the help of the insight provided by Sri Aurobindo in this subject, has mustered a host of arguments archaeological, literary and linguistic, in order to establish his thesis that contrary to the belief of an Aryan invasion of a Dravidian country, the presence of Dravido-Aryanism or... 
 The Principle Of Tridosa In Ayurveda  Kaviraja Dhirendra Nath Ray The Principle Of Tridosa In Ayurveda   $10.49  $7.87  Buy Now 
Ayurveda is the most ancient of all medical sciences. It is the only medical science which has withstood the ravages of time and is still thriving steadily and triumphantly even amidst the modern medical sciences of the West. It is a rich heritage handed down to us by the ancient Hindu sages of divine insight and unlimited experience. Like Hindu sages of divine insight and unlimited experience. Like Hindu philosophy, it is a vast storehouse of knowledge and even in this age of rapidly... 
 The Principal Upanishads  Alan Jacobs The Principal Upanishads   $22.95  $17.21  Buy Now 
The origins of the Upanishads, sacred writings of Hinduism, predate recorded history.  They are thought of by many as perhaps the greatest of all the books in the history of world religions. Since they were revealed to the Rishis of the Vedic civilisation some 5,000 to 10,000 years ago, many have come to regard them as the kernel of the mystical and philosophical truths that are the basis of understanding religion today.  Alan Jacobs has used free modern verse to convey the essential... 
 The Power of Gender and the Gender of Power: Explorations in Early Indian History  Kumkum Roy The Power of Gender and the Gender of Power: Explorations in Early Indian History   $54.49  $40.87  Buy Now 
Is it possible to recover the histories of gender for early India? How can gender analyses enrich our understanding of early India today? Drawing upon a range of textual traditions, this unique collection examines the significance of gender in the reconstruction of India’s past. It goes beyond the simple binaries of a ‘high’ or ‘low’ status for women to explore the diversities and complexities of gender relations in early India. Table of Contents: Introduction Towards... 
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01.Agni: The Vedic Ritual of the Fire Alter (2 Vols.)
02.Caturdandiprakasika of Venkatamakhin (2 volumes)
03.Some Missing Chapters of World History
04.The Matrix and Diamond World Mandalas in Shingon Buddhism (2 Vol)
05.In Search of the Cradle of Civilization
06.Jesus Lived in India - His Unknown Life Before and After the Crucifixion
07.The Daily Evening and Morning Offering (Agnihotra) : According to the Brahmanas
08.Dating The Era of Lord Ram
09.Ideal India
10.Some Blunders Of Indian Historical Research
11.Agnihotra: The Vedic Solution for Present-Day Problems
12.The Ragas of Northern Indian Music
Ma Vaishno Devi
Vrikshayurveda: The Science of Plant Life
The Mind in Ayurveda and Other Indian Traditions
Srimad Valmiki Ramayana (2 Vols.) (English)
Ananga Ranga
Dictionary of Buddhism
Treasures of Buddhism
Ayurveda and Panchakarma
Ayurvedic Healing : A Comprehensive Guide
The Basic Ways of Knowing
Bhrigu Nandi Nadi: (A Classical work based on Nadi Technique of Prediction)
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I received the books per order. Wish to thank you & the organization for providing me an opportunity to read about Siddha Boganathar, it is a like finding a lost treasure for me....

KL Viswanathan

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