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Prasthanatraya (Six Volumes)
Prasthanatraya (Six Volumes)
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 Excavation at Karkabhat - Chhattisgarh  A.K. Sharma Excavation at Karkabhat - Chhattisgarh   $44.99  $33.74  Buy Now 
The book is a detailed analytical account of excavations in one of the major magalithic site in Chattisgarh. Inspite of abundance of such sites in this so-called backward region of India, no attempt was ever made either by the Central or State Governments to unearth the glorious hidden past of the region. With excavations at Karkabhat and now elsewhere by the author, it is abundantly clear that this part of the fertile region of the country with abundance of vegetation and mineral wealth was... 
 Buddhist Bronzes from Sirpur  A.K. Sharma Buddhist Bronzes from Sirpur   $125.49  $94.12  Buy Now 
The book, Buddhist Bronzes from Sirpur is a detailed, well researched account of a hoard of bronze sculptures recovered during Sirpur excavation in 2005-2008. The recovery of this hoard along with raw material, crucibles and crucible stands from of Buddha Vihar located in Industrial area in the Capital of Dakshin-Kosala at Sirpur, on the bank of Mahanadi dispels the earlier held view that bronze were imported from Gujarat and Bihar. It is now established that in 7th-8th cent. A.D., during the... 
 Puramanthana: Current Advances in Indian Archeology  A.K. Sharma (Ed.) Puramanthana: Current Advances in Indian Archeology   $25.49  $19.12  Buy Now 
Contents: Prehistoric Mansar Goddess Aditi in Rig Veda Susaka - An Indian Prince who Rules over Egypt, Palestine and Babylonia Exploration around Ganeshwar( Rajasthan) The Indian Copper Hoard Ring: Some fresh Observations Archaeology of Kuppam Region: Recent Discoveries Is Orjhar the Celebrated Purvarama Monestery? Percussion made votive stupas from Satdhara, District Raisen( M.P) Plundering of Antiquities in Post-Taliban Afghanistan Newly Discovered Gupta Remains at... 
 The Departed Harappans of Kalibangan  A.K. Sharma The Departed Harappans of Kalibangan   $66.67  $50.00  Buy Now 
The book gives vivid description about the Harappans, who laid the foundations of the Indian culture and who departed leaving a rich legacy behind them, which forms the backbone of Indian culture today. 
 Early Man In Eastern Himalayas  A.K. Sharma Early Man In Eastern Himalayas   $55.00  $41.25  Buy Now 
The book gives a vivid picture of the Prehistoric past of North-East India and Nepal. Recent discoveries have clearly proved that this difficult cold area was also inhabited by Early Man right from the Early Stone Age onwards.Profusely illustrated and covering the available research material upto 1995 this volume would go a long way in fulfilling the needs of scholars, students and common man. The book would be welcomed by scholars and students of archaeology of North-East India and Nepal. 
 Emergence of Early Culture In North-East India  A.K. Sharma Emergence of Early Culture In North-East India   $44.44  $33.33  Buy Now 
The book is a first ever written authentic document based on archaeological evidences about the glorious past of North-East India. Profusely illustrated with maps, line drawings and rare photographs, this volume presents a detailed cultural spectrum of North-East Region. 
 Manipur  A.K. Sharma Manipur   $41.67  $31.25  Buy Now 
North-East India is general and Manipur in particular is a treasure house of archaeological wealth. The present volume covers in detail the excavations and includes full analyses of the pottery, the metal work, the objects from the burials, the environmental evidence and all other finds. 
 Prehistoric Delhi  A.K. Sharma Prehistoric Delhi   $25.00  $18.75  Buy Now 
The book takes back the antiquity of Delhi and neighbouring areas located on the contours of the Aravallis to several hundred thousand years back. It gives a first hand account of one of the biggest Paleolithic sites in the Indian sub-continent. 
 Health & Harmony Through Ayurveda  A.K. Mehta Health & Harmony Through Ayurveda   $8.33  $6.25  Buy Now 
 Archaeo-Anthropology of Chhattisgarh  A.K. Sharma Archaeo-Anthropology of Chhattisgarh   $88.89  $66.67  Buy Now 
The book is a comprehensive account of recently conducted explorations and excavations by the author in Chhattisgarh. The book brings out the richness of cultural heritage, particularly during megalithic times, of Chhattisgarh. It establishes the link between central Indian megaliths and those of northeast India and shows how during the first millennium B.C. the entire country was engulfed by this great culture overpowering all natural and geographical boundaries, right from Ladakh to... 
 Puraratna (Vol. I)  C.Margabandhu Puraratna (Vol. I)   $138.89  $104.17  Buy Now 
 The Concept Of Sunya  A.K.Bag The Concept Of Sunya   $69.44  $52.08  Buy Now 
 Heritage of Tansa Valley  A.K. Sharma Heritage of Tansa Valley   $66.67  $50.00  Buy Now 
 Advanced Techniques of Astrological Predictions  K N Rao Advanced Techniques of Astrological Predictions   $9.99  $7.49   
Temporarily Out of Stock
An excellent collection of essays. The book has an interesting history. First published in 1991, with a second edition in 1994, K.N. Rao withdrew the book thereafter. This was in the face of numerous requests for a reprint. Suddenly a new printing appeared, but without Rao's name on the front, or the title page. Copyright is now with "Sansthan", or so the book claims. This is a pirate edition, which seems not unknown in India. In the first chapter of Saadhe-Saati Rao... 
 Early Classical Art of South Asia (Set 2 Vols.)  M.C. Joshi Early Classical Art of South Asia (Set 2 Vols.)   $320.99  $240.74  Buy Now 
The present volume 'Early Classical Art of South Asia' is edited by Prof. M.C. Joshi and Dr. D.P. Sharma. The period of Gupta dynasty begins around 319 A.R ends up to 578 A.D. The art of Gupta period has often been referred to as the classical art of early South Asia. The art of Gupta period was characterized by a sensitivity modeled body from a severity of expansion and dominant spiritual purpose. During Gupta Age there was all-round development particularly in fine arts-literature both... 
 Conservation of Cultural Heritage  Kamal K. Jain (Ed.) Conservation of Cultural Heritage   $125.49  $94.12  Buy Now 
Archaeologists and conservators have contributed their latest research papers to felicitate Sri A.S. Bisht who retired as Head of the conservation laboratory of the National Museum, New Delhi, and is one of the senior most archaeological chemists in the country. The methods of preservation explained would be very useful to professional archaeological chemists. Table of Contents: Editor's Note Man of Science and Spirituality (A Biographical Sketch of Shri A.S. Bisht/Amar Nath Khanna) List... 
 The Son of the God of Wind: The Exploits of Sri Hanumana  Pandit Atma Ram Sharma The Son of the God of Wind: The Exploits of Sri Hanumana   $25.99  $19.49  Buy Now 
The present work is the result of translation of selected stories about Sri Hanumana by late Pandit Atma Ram Sharma, a Sanskrit teacher at Scindia School, Swalior, Madhya Pradesh. Although the translation is of selected stories only, it makes a coherent and well-connected reading. The translated version was edited by Dr. A.K. Monga. The final reading of the manuscript was done by Dr. G.P. Bhatt who also provided the diacritical marks.For the Hindus, Hanumana personifies the highest level of... 
 Excavating in A Cave, Cist and Church  A. K. Sharma Excavating in A Cave, Cist and Church   $50.00  $37.50  Buy Now 
The book is therr is one. It deals with the excavation reports of sites excavated by the author randing from prehistoric times to almost modern. Beginning with the excavations in a cave in Maharashtra to Megalithic cist burials in Uttranchal and ending with the excavation and conservation of a church built by the Augustinian Fraurs in Goa. It shows as how the friction between the two sects belonging to the same religion could lead to destruction of their own place of worship. Shri A.K.... 
 Pancatantra (2 Vols)  K.M. Suresh Pancatantra (2 Vols)   $266.67  $200.00  Buy Now 
Contents: Vol. I  Foreword. I. Pre and Proto history 1. A rare find of engravings on a Neolithic tool from Hasoodi/A. Sundara. 2. Exploration at Timmalapur district Bellary Karnataka/Dillip Kumar Khamari. 3. Ethno history primitive tribes and prehistoric primitives in Tamil Nadu/N. Devasahayam. 4. Story of Harappan discovery/Madhuri Sharma. 5. Harappan minor arts and crafts/Deo Prakash Sharma. 6. Proto historic copper/bronze anthropomorphs fresh observations/Krishna Kumar. 7. Russet... 
Displaying 1 to 19 (of 19 products) Result Pages:  1 
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Fantastic introductory text for beginners. Starts from the k ..
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