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The Siddha Formulary of India - Formulary Specification of Ayush Kutinir Curanam
The Siddha Formulary of India - Formulary Specification of Ayush Kutinir Curanam
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 Bhadrabahu Samhita  Bhartiya Jnanapith Bhadrabahu Samhita   $28.49  $21.37  Buy Now 
This is an important work expounding ashtanga nimitta or the eight-part science of omens in Jaina astrology.  Experts of nimittta shastra or knowledge of omens hold that before the occurrence of every event certain disturbances can be seen to take place in nature which if correctly understood can help one to easily foretell auspicious or inauspicious events which could happen in the future.  This work is an exposition of favourable or unfavourable portents of future happenings... 
 Jaina Tattvavidya  Bhartiya Jnanapith Jaina Tattvavidya   $14.49  $10.87   
Temporarily Out of Stock
The light of the unique jewels of knowledge from the vast ocean of Tirthankara’s illuminating teachings, as embodied in the Jaina scriptural texts Prathmanuyoga, Karananuyoga, Charananuyoga and Dravyanuyoga, was crystallized by Maghanandiyogindra in the form of two hundred Sanskrit aphorisms. The grasp of the learned Jaina scholar and monk Muni Pramanasagar ji of the essence of these eternally significant aphorisms is indeed comprehensive. The present volume Jaina Tattva-vidya is an... 
 Jaina Nyaya  Bhartiya Jnanapith Jaina Nyaya   $10.49  $7.87  Buy Now 
Readers of Indian philosophy and logic are well acquainted with the fact that Jaina logicians have shown their dialectic skills in prolonged debates with Hindu and Buddhist logicians in early and medieval India.  In this book Pandit Kailashchandra Shastri, a profound scholar of Jaina philosophy,  religious doctrines and logic has painstakingly collected material regarding Jaina logic and presented an authentic study of many of its important aspects. It is obvious that whereas Jaina... 
 Dharmamrit Anagar  Bhartiya Jnanapith Dharmamrit Anagar   $19.49  $14.62  Buy Now 
Among ancient writers of Jaina religious treatises the pre-eminent scholar Pandit Ashadhar is revered so much that although a householder, he is called ‘acharyakalpa’ (one who is regarded like a preceptor). He has written so extensively and outstandingly on different subjects pertaining to Jaina religion, philosophy, literature, grammar etc. that he is compared to the great scripture- writer Hemachandra. Of great significance are his commentaries on works written by others as well as the... 
 Dharmamrit Sagara  Bhartiya Jnanapith Dharmamrit Sagara   $10.99  $8.24  Buy Now 
Dharmamrit is a unique work which presents an authentic, scholarly and all-round exposition of the code of conduct to be followed by the class of Sadhus or Jaina saints and the class of Shravakas or Jaina disciples (householders). The pre-eminent scholar Pandit Ashadhar (12th-13th A.D.) has written it in two parts, Dharmamrit Anagara and Dharmamrit Sagara, for the two classes respectively. Adorned by the author’s own commentary named Bhavyakumudachandrika, several editions of this work have... 
 Shatkhandagama Parisheelan  Bhartiya Jnanapith Shatkhandagama Parisheelan   $12.99  $9.74  Buy Now 
Shatkhandagama is the most authentic and most important text of Jaina philosophy and doctrine. There is such a vast analytical literature of its commentaries that one is stunned at the immensity of the knowledge of the commentators and the intensity of their study. There has been a tradition in preceptorial lineages and generation after generation of ascetics and lay adherents of regarding its expert study as the touchstone of the dignity of learning. In the modern age it has been... 
 Pahuda Doha  Bhartiya Jnanapith Pahuda Doha   $4.95  $3.71   
Temporarily Out of Stock
A work of pure mystic poetry, Pahuda Doha  is a manifestation of emotive expressivity in the earliest tradition of Indian spirituality. A powerful work of the 9th century incorporating notes of the spiritual Shramanic tradition and echoing voices of protest on poetic level, it has influenced early and medieval Hindi poetry. A unique poetic volume composed in two hundred dohas, it presents a beautiful example of self-expression underlining the ultimate goal.  Shastri ji’s... 
 Kevalagyana Prashna Chudamani  Bhartiya Jnanapith Kevalagyana Prashna Chudamani   $9.49  $7.12  Buy Now 
Take the name of any flower, fruit, god, river or mountain and ask any question you want. You will get your answer.  That is what the treatise Kevalagyana-Prashna-Chudamani means for you.  Whatever you ask – whether it be about life or death, profit or loss, union or separation, happiness or sorrow, or about something that has been stolen, the time when someone who has gone abroad will return, whether you will have son or daughter, or whether you will win or lose a court case... 
 Shri Jin Taran Triveni  Bhartiya Jnanapith Shri Jin Taran Triveni   $12.99  $9.74   
Temporarily Out of Stock
The spiritually exalted saint Shri Taran Swami (1505-1572) was a great revolutionary seer. The fourteen books he has written for the welfare of one and all include Pandit Puja, Malarohan, and Kamal Batitsi. Shri Taran Swami has mentioned five doctrines of praxis for self-attainment. One of these doctrines is the ‘doctrine of truth’. What kind of spiritual practice should an aspirant of good moral character perform, what is the nature of contemplation-reflection and good conduct etc. are... 
 Savayapannatti (Shravaka-prajnapti)  Bhartiya Jnanapith Savayapannatti (Shravaka-prajnapti)   $4.95  $3.71  Buy Now 
Composed in Prakrit in 401 gathas (verses) by the 8th century Jaina Acharya Haribhadra Suri, Savaypanatti (Shravaka-prajnapti) is a manual on shravakachara or the course of moral discipline to be followed by householders/lay adherents based on Acharya Gridhrapiccha alias Umaswami’s Tattvartha Sutra. A shravaka is a person equipped with samyak darshana or the right faith who hears from a Jaina saint or ascetic rules of shravakadharma or the discipline prescribed for a lay adherent. The... 
 Panchastikaya Sangraha  Bhartiya Jnanapith Panchastikaya Sangraha   $11.49  $8.62  Buy Now 
For two thousand years continuously Acharya Kundakunda has been the most dominant master and renowned author of Jaina religious texts. In his five great scriptural works and particularly in all of his pahuda compositions one can fully discern a synthesis of spiritualism and Jaina doctrines. Like all other works by him, this volume is also composed in Shaurseni Prakrit. Written by Acharya Jayasen (12th century), its Tatparyavritti commentary is an authentic interpretation of the work which has... 
 Gommatsara (4 Vol.)  Bhartiya Jnanapith Gommatsara (4 Vol.)   $63.99  $47.99  Buy Now 
Gommatsara is a great work giving a detailed exposition of jiva tattva or the reality of living beings and karma siddhanta or the principle of karma as propounded in Jainism. Acharya Nemichandra Siddhantachakravarti (10th century) had produced this tome in the form of ‘Gommatsara Jivakanda’ and ‘Gommatsara Karmakanda’. With Dr. Adinath Neminath Upadhye and Pandit Kailashchandra Shastri as editors, this work was published for the first time by the Bharatiya Jnanpith during 1978-1981... 
 Bharatiya Jyotish  Bhartiya Jnanapith Bharatiya Jyotish   $14.49  $10.87  Buy Now 
This latest edition of Bharatiya Jyotish is in your hands. It has not only set a new standard in the world of Indian publishing, but also provided a relevant proof of how useful and popular this book on a serious subject like astrology is. The present book is an authentic work on the subject. Not only that, one of its greatest distinguishing features is the simplicity and lucidity of its style which makes it possible for any person to acquire the practical knowledge of astrology while... 
 Jaindera siddant kosh (5 Vol)  Bhartiya Jnanapith Jaindera siddant kosh (5 Vol)   $76.49  $57.37  Buy Now 
Vast as the sphere of Jaina religion and philosophy is, it is even more profound. At one end philosohical works such as Kasayapahud, Mahabandha,Gommatasara expounding various concepts like gunasthana or stages of spiritual development, jivasamasa, margana etc. have been composed in it and at the other end we have spiritual works like Samayasara, Pravachanasara giving exposition of the nature of soul endowed with pure consciousness. Another characteristic that we find is that the system of... 
 Tattvartha Vritti  Bhartiya Jnanapith Tattvartha Vritti   $12.99  $9.74  Buy Now 
A popular work among Jaina scriptures, Tattvartha-vritti Sutra is called Tattvartha Sutra in short and Moksha Shastra or ‘The Treatise on Salvation’ in other words. Its author Acharya Umapati is believed to have belonged to the 1st century AD. Commentaries on this work have been written in all periods of time, in all sizes and from different points of view. Acharya Pujyapada, the author of Sarvartha Siddhi, and Bhatta Akalanka Deva, who authored Tattvartharaja Vartik, were among other... 
 Sarvartha Siddhi  Bhartiya Jnanapith Sarvartha Siddhi   $15.49  $11.62  Buy Now 
Tattvartha Sutra is one of the earliest works on Jainology and perhaps the first to have systematically introduced Jaina metaphysics in brief through the sutra system of Sanskrit. It is such a beautiful and authentic work on the subject that no other work is comparable to it. The importance and prominence of this work is evident from the fact that it is equally in use in all the Jaina sects – Digambara, Shvetambara, Sthanakvasi etc. From the point of view of popularity also... 
 Nayachakko (Nayachakra)  Bhartiya Jnanapith Nayachakko (Nayachakra)   $9.99  $7.49  Buy Now 
For a comprehensive understanding of the Jaina faith, it is essential to know about naya (system of approaches /disciplines) and pramana (epistemology). Both these are the chief mediums for knowing the nature of reality. Naya in fact is the root of anekanta (non-absolutism). As indicated in the Nayachakko (Nayachakra), apart from Acharya Kundakunda, Acharya Samantabhadra several other ancient acharyas have also written books in Prakrit on the topic of naya. The present work Nayachakko... 
 Shad-darshana-samuchchaya  Bhartiya Jnanapith Shad-darshana-samuchchaya   $15.99  $11.99   
Temporarily Out of Stock
Written by Acharya Haribhadra Suri, Shad-darshana-samuchchaya is the oldest available collection giving authentic description of the six schools of Indian philosophy namely Bauddha, Naiyayika, Samkhya, Jaina, Vaisheshika, and Jaiminiya. It presents the core doctrines of each of these schools of philosophy in an orderly and balanced manner. Another feature of the work is that it includes both the Vedic and non-Vedic philosophies under the rubric of the six schools of philosophy.... 
 Mulachara (Vol I & II)  Bhartiya Jnanapith Mulachara (Vol I & II)   $25.99  $19.49  Buy Now 
Mulachara is a significant work having many peculiarities. Firstly, it is the oldest work in which there is an authentic and systematic description of the manners and morals, character development and basic qualities of Digambara Jaina munis. It has been composed some two thousand years ago. The author is Acharya Vattaker, who is also known as Acharya Kundakunda by many scholars, because in ancient commentaries and handwritten manuscripts this is mentioned as the name of its... 
 Padmapurana (3 Vol)  Bhartiya Jnanapith Padmapurana (3 Vol)   $125.49  $94.12  Buy Now 
In the Jaina tradition Maryada Purushottama Rama is recognized as one of the sixty-three shalakapurushas or divine personages. One of his names was Padma. This name has been more in usage in the Jaina puranas and charitkavyas or biographical epics. Jaina epic writers have presented Rama’s life-story under many names like Paumachariya, Paumachariu,Padmapurana, Padmacharit etc. in Prakrit, Sanskrit and Apabhramsha languages. Written by Acharya Jinasena in the 7th century,... 
 Mahapurana (4 Vol)  Bhartiya Jnanapith Mahapurana (4 Vol)   $30.99  $23.24  Buy Now 
Mahapurana is the earliest and largest of the three known poetic works of the great poet Pushapadandanta composed in the Apabhramsha language.  The other two are Nayakumarachariu and Jasaharchariu which have been edited by Dr. Hiralal Jain with a detailed introduction and Hindi translation and published by the Bhartiya Jnanpith. This epic is a pure mirror reflecting all facets of Indian culture in the 10th century.  On one side there are in it characters struggling against the bonds... 
 Aadipuran (Vol I & II)  Bhartiya Jnanapith Aadipuran (Vol I & II)   $33.99  $25.49  Buy Now 
Composed by Acharya Jinasena (9th century), the Adipurana, is an extremely important work which along with describing the holy lives of the first Tirthankara Rishabhadeva, Bharata and Bahubali also throws elaborate light on the main sources and development of Indian culture and history.  For the study of Jaina culture and history, it makes an essential reading. It is not just a Puranic work but a superb epic also. So far as subject matter is concerned, it is regarded as a... 
 Uttarapurana  Bhartiya Jnanapith Uttarapurana   $17.99  $13.49   
Temporarily Out of Stock
Acharya Jinasena and Achrya Gunabhadra (9th century) have a unique place in Indian literature, particularly in Jaina Sanskrit literature. The Mahapurana composed by them, which describes the lives of sixty-three shalakapurushas (divine personages), is an important treasure of Jaina Purana literature. The whole work is divided into two parts. The first part called Adipurana has been published by the Bharatiya Jnanpith in two huge volumes. Along with the virtuous lives of the first... 
 Nyaya-vinishchaya-vivarana (Vol I & II)  Bhartiya Jnanapith Nyaya-vinishchaya-vivarana (Vol I & II)   $70.49  $52.87  Buy Now 
Works of Akalanka Deva (8th century) have a significant place in Indian literature on logic. Among his works discovered so far Laghiyaratraya, Pramana Sangraha, Nyaya-vinishchaya and Siddhi-vinishchaya are fully concerned with the subject of logic. The vivarana (commentary) written on his work Nyaya-vinishchaya by Acharya Vadiraja Suri (12th century) is very extensive, covering all aspects completely. The three sections expounded upon by Akalanka Deva in Nyaya-vinishchaya –... 
 Pajjunna Chariu  Bhartiya Jnanapith Pajjunna Chariu   $4.95  $3.71  Buy Now 
The 13th century Apabhramsha epic Pajjunna Chariu (Pradyumna Charit) written by Mahakavi Singh is a great Indian language literary work.  Lives of the shalakapurusha Shrikrishna and his son Pradyumna have been described in detail in this work.  This work offers very authentic and useful material not only from the linguistic and literary point of view but also for studying Indian history, society and culture.  What also makes this work distinctive is that its content has been... 
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