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 Jaina Contribution to Varanasi  R.C. Sharma Jaina Contribution to Varanasi   $20.49  $15.37  Buy Now 
The book highlights multiple aspects of cultural contribution of Jainism to Varanasi such as religion, philosophy, literature, art, iconography, architecture and educational institutions. Varanasi/Kashi has been a confluence of several religious and philosophical thoughts including Jainism. Four pontiffs (Tirthankara) viz. Suparsvanatha, Sreyamsanatha, Chandraprabha and Parsvanatha are supposed to have been born in the Varanasi region. It was thus natural that the town grew into a pilgrim... 
 Comparative Study of the Religious  C. R. Jain Comparative Study of the Religious   $38.89  $29.17  Buy Now 
-Comparative Study of the Religions under is the fruit of many years of patient and painstaking work. The author has tried to bring out the unity in all religions. The book is a valuable contribution religion and represents a noteworthy attempt at a study of all religions in a sympathetic spirit.The Jaina Gazette:- The author has never throughout the book for a moment wavered in his fidelity to reason. The book is indicative of the spirit which is animating all great minds of the world today.... 
 Prakrit Praveshika  Alfred C. Woolner Prakrit Praveshika   $8.33  $6.25  Buy Now 
 Jain Theories of Reality and Knowledge  Umrao Singh Bist Jain Theories of Reality and Knowledge   $4.95  $3.71  Buy Now 
 Spiritual Insights by Pujyapada  C.R. Jain Spiritual Insights by Pujyapada   $16.67  $12.50  Buy Now 
 Essays & Addresses  C.R. Jain Essays & Addresses     
 Jaina Kirtti-Stambha of Chittorgadh (c. 1300 A.D.)  R.Nath Jaina Kirtti-Stambha of Chittorgadh (c. 1300 A.D.)   $8.33  $6.25  Buy Now 
 Jaina (2 Vols.set)  D.C.Jain Jaina (2 Vols.set)   $161.11  $120.83  Buy Now 
About the Author: Dr.Dharamchand Jain has been Professor of modern Indian literature and scholar of language for a long period. During his academic career spanning some thirty-five years he has focussed his interest on the religious, philosophic and literary achievements of the Jains and Ancient Indian History and Culture in close association of late Dr.Hiralal Jain.Dr.R.K.Sharma, Professor and Head of the Department of Ancient Indian History Culture and Archaeology and Dean, Faculty of Social... 
 Jain Biology  Dr.J.C.Sikdar Jain Biology   $16.67  $12.50  Buy Now 
 Yogasara - Prabhrta (English)  S.C. Jain (Tr.) Yogasara - Prabhrta (English)   $9.99  $7.49  Buy Now 
Religion (dharma) basically aims at granting excellent ecstasy and bliss to the jivas. The way leading to this high and noble aim of life is constituted by Right Faith, Right Knowledge and Right Conduct, which imply an attitude of mind, a comprehension of the necessary principles and an observance of a course of discipline repectively. This represents, in a nutshell, the essence of the Science of Jain Yoga, a gift of which is given by Acharya Amitagati to the soulseeking novices through his... 
 Structure and Functions of Soul in Jainism  Dr. S. C. Jain Structure and Functions of Soul in Jainism   $5.99  $4.49   
Temporarily Out of Stock
Here is the thought-provoking work which attempts to provide a rational basis to the Jain concept of soul. The nature, structure and functions of the soul connot be studied without a reference to the physical apparatus. But the independent existence of the spiritual and the physical reality cannot be denied, however close their relationship. The unity and diversity are also important problems that a philosopher cannot ignore. In fact Nagarjuna, Sankara, Hegel, Bradley and others have exercised... 
 Yogasara - Prabhrta (Hindi)  S.C. Jain (Tr.) Yogasara - Prabhrta (Hindi)   $11.99  $8.99  Buy Now 
Religion (dharma) basically aims at granting excellent ecstasy and bliss to the jivas. The way leading to this high and noble aim of life is constituted by Right Faith, Right Knowledge and Right Conduct, which imply an attitude of mind, a comprehension of the necessary principles and an observance of a course of discipline repectively. This represents, in a nutshell, the essence of the Science of Jain Yoga, a gift of which is given by Acharya Amitagati to the soulseeking novices through his... 
 Archaeology of Lower Ganga-Yamuna Doab (2 Vols.)  Deo Prakash Sharma Archaeology of Lower Ganga-Yamuna Doab (2 Vols.)   $245.00  $183.75  Buy Now 
The book "Archaeology of Lower Ganga-Yamuna Doab" includes field research work. Various controversies of Kausambi excavations done by G.R. Sharma have been discussed in this work. B.B. Lal had raised few points after a gap of 30 years of these excavations. This region consisting of Fatehppur, Kausambi and Allahabad district and has many significant discoveries like Reh inscription of Menander (Posthumous) and inscribed 3rd century A.D. Siva Linga from Mazilgao, Neolithic tools from Khaga... 
 An Introduction to Epic Philosophy  Subodh Kapoor An Introduction to Epic Philosophy   $179.95  $134.96  Buy Now 
The Epic Age of India was an age of Light and Darkness, Peace and Unrest, Progress and Decline, Prosperity and Adversity- an age of proud self-assertion and fiery valour. It was an age of excellent learning, culture, religion, philosophy. moral and manners, solemn rites and pompous ceremonies. It was an age where the learned Rishis became the pioneers of civilization. They traveled all over India, selected suitable sites for their hermitages on hill-tops, by tidal rivers or in some lovely and... 
 Elements of Jaina Geography  Frank Van Den Bossche Elements of Jaina Geography   $27.99  $20.99  Buy Now 
The present work provides a critical edition and translation of the Jambudvipasamgrahani of Haribhadra Suri (c. 1123 A.D.) together with its Sanskrit commentary by Prabhananda Suri.  The Jambudvipasamgrahani is one of the minor (Laghu) texts of Jaina Geography wirtten in standard Maharastri.   It consists of thirty gathas and describes the structure of Jambudvipa in a very concise manner.  Together with its commentary it was one of the primary sources used by W.... 
 Researches in Indian and Buddhist Philosophy  Ram Karan Sharma Researches in Indian and Buddhist Philosophy   $25.00  $18.75  Buy Now 
The present volume, comprising ninteen articles by renowned scholars, is divided into three sections, namely, Buddhist Jaina and Hindu Philsosphical Researches. The articles in Hindu section take a comperative base. K.K.Raj compares the Buddhist and Mimamsa views on Laksana. K. Bhattacharya speaks of grammarians and philososphers regarding post-Panini grammarians on a certain anusasana. R.C.Dwivedi compares kashmir Saivism with Sankara`s Vedanta and T.S.Rukmani compares Siddhis as found in the... 
 Dravya-Samgraha of Nemi Chandra Siddhanta-Chakravartti  S.C. Ghoshal Dravya-Samgraha of Nemi Chandra Siddhanta-Chakravartti   $19.49  $14.62  Buy Now 
Dravya-Samgraha is a Sanskritized title of a Prakrit work Drava-Samgaha or Compendium of Substances containing 58 gathas or verses.3:07 PM 9/13/01 The first part extending from verses 1 to 27 deals with the six substances recognized in the Jaina canon including the five Astikayas; the second part comprising verses 28-39 deals with the seven tattvas or reals and nine padarthas or categories; and the third part consisting of verses 40-57 describes the way to attain liberation. The last verse of... 
 Chandragupta Maurya and His Times  Radhakumud Mookerji Chandragupta Maurya and His Times   $9.99  $7.49   
Temporarily Out of Stock
This is a comprehensive work dealing with the life and times of India`s first historical emperor, and a picture of the civilization of India in the early period of the fourth century BC. The author had utilized much material found in Arthasastra. The work also embodies collation and comparison of evidence from different sources, classical works in Sanskrit, Buddhist and jaina texts and the inscriptions of Asoka. The book gives a detailed account of Chandragupta Maurya and the general view of... 
 Indian Kavya Literature Vol. VI  A.K. Warder Indian Kavya Literature Vol. VI   $41.67  $31.25  Buy Now 
It is multi-volume series work. The main pupose of this work is literary criticism, evaluating a great tradition of literature and to present comprehensive study of sanskrit literature. So far 6 volumes have been published. Each volume presents literature itself in successive periods of its development. Volume VI continues the exploration of Indian Literature (Kavya) into the eleventh century, from Padmagupta and Atula to Hilhana and Manovinoda. In the eleventh century besides what seems to be... 
 Ahimsa Anekanta and Jainism  Tara Sethia Ahimsa Anekanta and Jainism   $10.83  $8.13  Buy Now 
Essays in this volume offer fesh insights into Jain principles of Ahimsa and Anekanta by examining their meaning and historical significance, and demonstrate their relevance and role in addressing contemporary issues of intolerance, conflict, violence and war. Contributers to this book bring perspectives from the disciplines of philosophy, religious studies, history and art history. Tara Sethia is Professor of History and Director of Ahimsa Center at California State Polytechnic University,... 
 A History of Indian Philosophy (Vol. 1)  Surendranath Dasgupta A History of Indian Philosophy (Vol. 1)   $35.49  $26.62  Buy Now 
This is mainly intended to give an exposition of Indian thought strictly on the basis of the original texts and commentaries. Occasionally, however, the author has sometimes discussed and borrowed the view of other writers in the assessment of chronological facts. Often the ground covered has been wholly new and the materials have been obtained by a direct and first-hand study of all available texts and manuscripts. The work appears in five volumes. Vol. I comprises Buddhist and Jaina... 
 Pancatantra (2 Vols)  K.M. Suresh Pancatantra (2 Vols)   $266.67  $200.00  Buy Now 
Contents: Vol. I  Foreword. I. Pre and Proto history 1. A rare find of engravings on a Neolithic tool from Hasoodi/A. Sundara. 2. Exploration at Timmalapur district Bellary Karnataka/Dillip Kumar Khamari. 3. Ethno history primitive tribes and prehistoric primitives in Tamil Nadu/N. Devasahayam. 4. Story of Harappan discovery/Madhuri Sharma. 5. Harappan minor arts and crafts/Deo Prakash Sharma. 6. Proto historic copper/bronze anthropomorphs fresh observations/Krishna Kumar. 7. Russet... 
 Pasanaha Cariu (Pasrhvanath charit ) of Mahakavi Budha Sridhara  Raja Ram Jain Pasanaha Cariu (Pasrhvanath charit ) of Mahakavi Budha Sridhara   $19.49  $14.62  Buy Now 
Written by the great poet Budha Shridhara (13th century), this Puranic epic is a unique Apabhramsha work.  It gives an account of the Jaina shalakapurusha Tirthankara Parshvanatha’s life. This story of the nine births and bhavantaras (different states of existence) of the hero presents a picture of his glorious life in which samskaras or impressions acquired during various states of existence are helpful in the emergence of his tirthankara nature.  Not only are these events of... 
 Sacred Complex of Ujjain  D.K. Samanta Sacred Complex of Ujjain   $18.06  $13.55  Buy Now 
Dr. Samanta studies the 'sacred complex' of Ujjain--the ksetra itself, the Sipra river, bathing ghats, etc. He also investigates the linkages between this 'cultural centre' and the 'cultural area' and compares this sacred complex with others. 
 Glimpses of Jainism  Surender K. Jain, Ed. Glimpses of Jainism   $12.99  $9.74  Buy Now 
The book comprises tutorial lectures delivered on Jainism for common-folks (especially residents of North America) who are Jains but are not familiar with the history and tenets of Jainism. It will also be useful to those who are interested in the various aspects of Jainism in the various aspects of Jainism and its place in the history of Indian civilization.These lectures were delivered at a seminar on Jainism organized by the Jain Center of Central Ohio, Columbus on May 20-21, 1995, and were... 
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04.Astanga Hrdayam - 3 Volumes
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