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The Siddha Pharmacopoeia of India Part-II (Formulations) - Pharmacopoeial Monograph of Ayush Kutinir Curanam
The Siddha Pharmacopoeia of India Part-II (Formulations) - Pharmacopoeial Monograph of Ayush Kutinir Curanam
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 Doorways to Light  Guruji Krishnananda Doorways to Light   $18.99  $14.24   
Temporarily Out of Stock
Considered as the most important book after “Autobiography of a Yogi”, this book narrates the Spiritual Journey of Guruji. It also contains the life of his guru, Maharshi Amara, who spent his entire life working for the welfare of this world with the Light Beings in the higher planes known as Rishis. The book clearly explains many Spiritual Truths and the real meaning of Guru, Ashrama, Sanyasa, Vairagya, Meditation, Astral Travel, Samadhi, Energies, the New Age, Pralaya and many... 
 Dhyana Yoga  Guruji Krishnananda Dhyana Yoga   $6.49  $4.87  Buy Now 
This companion book for “How to Meditate” provides information on the instruments and faculties of perception within us, the Creation, its beginning, it purpose and its end, our journey and purpose. It also explains in brief, the concepts of Destiny, Karmas, Life and Death, Yoga, Chakras, Astral Travel etc. It is considered as a Spiritual textbook, a must read for serious aspirants. About the Author: Guruji Krishnananda is a direct disciple of Maharshi Amara. He has been teaching... 
 Light  Guruji Krishnananda Light   $4.95  $3.71   
Temporarily Out of Stock
This booklet contains valuable information about Light. As we are entering the Age of Light, everyone must know about Light. This book is for everyone - the young and old, students and professionals, the initiated and uninitiated, the religious and non-religious and for the intellectuals and mystics. It answers questions like what is Light and where is Light and explains how to make use of the Light in our everyday life to sail through the Age of Light. About the Author: Guruji Krishnananda... 
 How to Meditate  Guruji Krishnananda How to Meditate   $31.49  $23.62  Buy Now 
This book, though small in size, is a primer on the Science of Meditation that answers many questions like, “What is Meditation?”, “Why we should meditate?”, “What is initiation?” etc. and explains the relevance of Meditations in the present times. It also explains in simple English many related subjects such as the benefits, obstacles and misconceptions and other factors related to Meditations in a scientific way. About the Author: Guruji Krishnananda is a direct disciple of... 
 Descent of Soul  Guruji Krishnananda Descent of Soul   $9.49  $7.12  Buy Now 
This book narrates the journey of the soul from its origin to this world. It contains rare and unique Knowledge about Creation, Consciousness, Divine Planes, the Material Cosmos, our first experience of this world, Birth and Death and the source of all this Knowledge, the Sapta Rishis. It is regarded as one of the most important books written by Guruji Krishnananda, it is a must read for every Spiritual aspirant seeking answers to questions like “Why are we here?” About the Author: Guruji... 
 Astral Ventures of a Modern Rishi  Guruji Krishnananda Astral Ventures of a Modern Rishi   $7.99  $5.99  Buy Now 
This amazing book is about the Astral experiences of Guruji Krishnananda's guru, Maharshi Amara, who worked for his entire life with the Sapta Rishis for the welfare of this world. It is regarded as the future Puranas, these ventures show that truth can be stranger than fiction and that there are Masters in the Astral Planes who are currently monitoring and guiding humanity towards a bright future. About the Author: Guruji Krishnananda is a direct disciple of Maharshi Amara. He has been... 
 Channelled Knowledge from the Rishis  Guruji Krishnananda Channelled Knowledge from the Rishis   $16.49  $12.37   
Temporarily Out of Stock
This book contains unique knowledge channelled from the Rishis by Guruji Krishnananda. This rare knowledge was received over the years whenever the students asked questions. The book is presented in the form of questions and answers categorized by topic for easy reference. The answers that come from the Rishis are always short and precise, with no elaborate explanations, making it very easy to read and understand. A comprehensive book on Spiritual Knowledge, it is a treasure for all meditators... 
 Guruji Speaks (Part I)  Guruji Krishnananda Guruji Speaks (Part I)   $18.99  $14.24  Buy Now 
This book is a compilation of lectures given by Guruji Krishnananda from 1990 to 1995 on Sundays at Taponagara, covering a range of subjects like Rishis, Satya Yuga, Meditation, Energies, Reincarnation, importance of individual transformation and many others. These lectures are not discourses on scriptures. The Knowledge is received directly from his guru, Maharshi Amara and the Sapta Rishis living in Higher Planes. About the Author: Guruji Krishnananda is a direct disciple of Maharshi Amara.... 
 Guruji Speaks (Part II)  Guruji Krishnananda Guruji Speaks (Part II)   $18.99  $14.24  Buy Now 
This book is a compilation of lectures given by Guruji Krishnananda from 1996 to 1997 based on the knowledge received from the Rishis, covering subjects like Pralaya, Eclipses, Karmas, Divine Love, Astral realities, New Age etc. About the Author: Guruji Krishnananda is a direct disciple of Maharshi Amara. He has been teaching Meditation and guiding Spiritual aspirants of all ages since 1988 right from the initial stages to advanced stages of Samadhi. He has channeled an immense amount of... 
 The Book of Reflections (Vol. 1)  Guruji Krishnananda The Book of Reflections (Vol. 1)   $12.99  $9.74  Buy Now 
This book is a compilation of the “Reflections” column written by Guruji Krishnananda in the monthly Newsletter of Light Work published from 1990 to 1999. As the name suggests, this book contains the reflections of a New Age Guru on many issues plaguing humanity like corruption, poverty, hunger, wars and other important world affairs from a Spiritual perspective. Being constantly in link with the guiding Rishis, he also speaks about the bright future awaiting those who are good, honest,... 
 The Book of Reflections (Vol. 2)  Guruji Krishnananda The Book of Reflections (Vol. 2)   $12.99  $9.74  Buy Now 
This book is a compilation of the “Reflections” column written by Guruji Krishnananda in the monthly Newsletter of Light Work published from 1999 to 2007. The second volume in the series, these “Reflections” continue to inspire and bring hope to its readers of a better tomorrow. These columns bring clarity to subjects like religion, spirituality, morality, rituals, humility, ego etc. that help the reader understand the true meaning of spirituality. About the Author: Guruji... 
 Living in Light  Guruji Krishnananda Living in Light   $4.95  $3.71  Buy Now 
This book by Guruji Krishnananda, though tiny, contains invaluable Knowledge about Enlightenment, Mukti, Rishis etc. and explains how to live life with a positive attitude without grumbling and complaining. It contains simple yet powerful techniques of Sapta Rishi Pranayama, Light Channelling, Healing, Astral Travel etc. that can be practiced straightaway by anyone. About the Author: Guruji Krishnananda is a direct disciple of Maharshi Amara. He has been teaching Meditation and guiding... 
 Practising Shambala Principles  Guruji Krishnananda Practising Shambala Principles   $6.49  $4.87   
Temporarily Out of Stock
This book contains a brief introduction to Shambala, the City of Light where only the most advanced beings and Rishis live and the Seven Principles followed by the Shambalites to remain in a perfect and divine state. The book explains the techniques and the benefits of practicing them. These principles and techniques are very simple and can be followed by anyone. Practicing just the first principle regularly will help us sail through the upheavals and prepare us for the New Age. About the... 
 Meditational Experiences  Students of Guruji Krishnananda Meditational Experiences   $15.99  $11.99  Buy Now 
This book gives the thousands of genuine experiences reported by the meditators of the Sapta Rishis' Path; a few select experiences are published in the monthly Newsletter of Light Work. This book is a rich collection of such experiences published from 1993 to 2001 and is an inspiration to the Spiritual seeker. 
 iGuruji Informal talks with Guruji (Vol. 2)  Seema Almel iGuruji Informal talks with Guruji (Vol. 2)   $7.99  $5.99  Buy Now 
This book, a sequel to ‘iGuruji’, written based on informal conversations with Guruji Krishnananda, contains more knowledge hitherto unknown to many and prompts a seeker to open new doorways and go beyond. 
 New Age Realities: Beyond East and West  Study Centre Members New Age Realities: Beyond East and West   $12.99  $9.74  Buy Now 
Based on the research done by the Study Centre of Manasa Foundation under the guidance of Guruji Krishnananda, this book contains rare and authentic Knowledge about the New Age as explained by the Rishis. This book attempts to find a common ground between the eastern and western understanding of the New Age and explains in simple English, topics like the Creation, Souls, Planes and Dimensions, Photon Belt, Central Sun, Black Holes, DNA Activation, Mayan Calendar and the prophesies for the year... 
 iGuruji Informal talks with Guruji (Vol. 1)  Seema Almel iGuruji Informal talks with Guruji (Vol. 1)   $25.49  $19.12   
Temporarily Out of Stock
This book contains rarely spoken Spiritual Realities, privately shared with a select few disciples of Guruji Krishnananda, who, under the guidance of Sapta Rishis, works for the transition of this world into the New Age. Written with a simple and engaging narrative, the book reveals the truth behind many misconceptions and contains explanation of little understood subjects such as Satya Yuga, Pralaya, Consciousness, Shambala, Karma, Maya, Vairagya, Eclipses, Photon Belt, Elementals and many... 
 Living in the Light of My Guru  Pramila Living in the Light of My Guru   $21.99  $16.49  Buy Now 
This book is written by Pramila and Rangaraj, friends of Guruji Krishnananda who have spent their entire life in serving the disabled through “Abilities”, this book is based on the interviews of Guruji's students and friends. Through these interviews, these individuals speak about their Spiritual Journeys taken under the Guiding Light of Guruji. 
 Awareness  Somayaji Awareness   $9.49  $7.12   
Temporarily Out of Stock
This is the first book from the Research Centre established by Guruji Krishnananda to understand Higher Truths. The book explains in detail topics like Creation, Space and Time, States of Mind, Ego etc. 
Displaying 1 to 19 (of 19 products) Result Pages:  1 
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