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 Kriya Yoga: The Scientific process of soul culture and the Essence of all Religions  Paramahamsa Hariharananda Kriya Yoga: The Scientific process of soul culture and the Essence of all Religions   $31.99  $23.99   
Temporarily Out of Stock
No equivalent book on Kriya Yoga has yet been written. It is an in-depth study and exposition of the authentic Kriya Yoga by a master who had in his lifetime practiced it, mastered all of its highest techniques, and achieved the highest spirituality of nirvikalpa samadhi - the pulse less and breathless state. He learned Kriya Yoga from the great masters and authorities like Swami Shriyukteshwar, Bhupendranath Sanyal, Paramahamsa Yogananda, and Swami Satyananda. Paramahamsa... 
 Music in Indian Art  M. Hariharan Music in Indian Art   $27.78  $20.84  Buy Now 
 An Anthology of Indian Music  M. Hariharan (Ed.) An Anthology of Indian Music     
 Glimpses of Indian Music  M. Hariharan Glimpses of Indian Music   $27.78  $20.84  Buy Now 
 Indian Music  M. Hariharan Indian Music   $27.78  $20.84  Buy Now 
 Musical Works of Maharaja Swati Tirunal  M. Hariharan Musical Works of Maharaja Swati Tirunal   $38.89  $29.17  Buy Now 
 The Ragas of Tanjore  M. Hariharan (Ed.) The Ragas of Tanjore   $19.49  $14.62  Buy Now 
 Royal Patronage to Indian Music  M. Hariharan (Ed.) Royal Patronage to Indian Music   $27.78  $20.84  Buy Now 
 Indian Dance and Music Literature  Gowry Kuppuswamy Indian Dance and Music Literature   $6.94  $5.21  Buy Now 
 Kriya Yoga: The Scientific Process of Soul Culture and the Essence of all Religions  Paramahamsa Hariharananda Kriya Yoga: The Scientific Process of Soul Culture and the Essence of all Religions   $26.99  $20.24   
Temporarily Out of Stock
Restlessness and calmness are always together. Restlessness comes from the mundane body. Submerge your soul in the Infinite before, during, and after every act-then you will get calmness. We are born for Self-realization-the God-consciousness in us. Think of God constantly, no matter what you are doing. Practice makes man perfect. An ounce of practice is worth a ton of theories. Theory will take a devotee outside, while practice will take him inside. Theory will make an individual restless and... 
 Astrological Diagnosis of Diseases  K. Hariharan Astrological Diagnosis of Diseases   $18.99  $14.24  Buy Now 
Health is precious and the greatest problem that every human being confronts is how to maintain a sound physique. There are various kinds of diseases that torment us right from head to toe. While the doctor has to rely on many a number of experiment to diagnose the ailments, the astrologer, who is far away from the scene comes out with the truth.An earnest endeavour has been made in this auspicious work, to fully acquaint the esteemed readers with the divine teachings of Medical Astrology... 
 How to Judge Longevity  K. Hariharan How to Judge Longevity   $25.49  $19.12   
Temporarily Out of Stock
In this book, the author has chosen to write elaborately on Longevity duly giving various lessons to make easy for the students of Astrology to assess total span of life from a nativity or a Horary Chart, to make the student thoroughly familiar with the principles under the system of Sub Theory and also to arrive at the significators connected to Maraka and Badhaka houses.  The entire lessons are treated with clear explanations under Krishnamurti Paddhati (Sub Theory) which is... 
 A New Light on Jyothisha  K. Hariharan A New Light on Jyothisha   $4.95  $3.71  Buy Now 
Compilation of 17 practical examples wherein KP principles have been demonstrated. Here is a list of articles:  On Timing Events within 24 hoursRumour, False or True? Service or Business? Return of Absconding Boy Education – Profession and Overseas Prosperity of the Institute Purchase of a Car Predicting Time of Employment Independent Business! Will I do? When was My Friend Born? On Prospects of Promotion Timing of Marriage Interview success or not? Promotion... 
 How Krishnamurti Paddhati Pinpoints the Event  K Hariharan How Krishnamurti Paddhati Pinpoints the Event   $28.49  $21.37   
Temporarily Out of Stock
One more book from K Hariharan, S/o late Prof. K S Krishnamurti. A collection of 19 articles giving practical examples of how accurate predictions were made, includes: 1. Astrology & the acquisition of immoveable property2. Events in professional career3. Outcome of Tamilnadu Assembly & Parliamentary elections4. Mismatched marriage caused by malefic Mercury5. Time of marriage6. Will I borrow?7. Seventh house & its significance8. Twin births & significance of the sub9. When will the first child... 
 How to Judge a Nativity  K. Hariharan How to Judge a Nativity   $4.95  $3.71   
Temporarily Out of Stock
The astrologer should not guess. He should possess the power of correct judgment and interpretation. To be a leader among astrologers, one should be able to argue, convince and establish the correctness of his predictions.These common queries are answered here in this book so that it may be useful for students who experience similar difficulties and who have keen desire to learn. This book is published with the object that it would be possible to regularly deal with the subject of... 
 Cusp Sublords & Its Significance  K. Hariharan Cusp Sublords & Its Significance   $9.49  $7.12   
Temporarily Out of Stock
In Krishnamurti Paddhati, great importance is given to Cusp Sub-lords. In this book, the results of all the twelve Cusp Sub-lords are given in detail with respect to their significations and their occupation in the cusp chart. An extremely useful booklet for KP students and astrologers.  Table of Contents:  1. Lagna sub-lord2. Second house3. Third house4. Fourth house5. Fifth house6. Sixth house7. Seventh house8. Eighth house9. Ninth house10. Tenth house11. Eleventh... 
 Vedic & KP Astrology  K Hariharan Vedic & KP Astrology   $16.49  $12.37   
Temporarily Out of Stock
Collection of 24 articles with practical examples of correct judgment through KP Kalachakra Dasa System and Stellar AstrologyAstrology and Krishnamurti PaddhatiLagna Dasa Vs. New Light in KPStellar Astrology Ashtottari Dasa SystemAstrology: Traditional and Krishnamurti PaddhatiPlanetary Effects under Cuspal Lordship and Twelve LagnasKP and the Subs of House CuspsImportance of Significators in KP TheoryVerification of sex of offspring and correcting birth timeAscendant and Assessment of... 
 Great Composers  Dr. Gowri Kuppuswamy Great Composers   $4.99  $3.74  Buy Now 
Indian Music has reached its present position by the great contribution made to it by the great composers. The present volume contains a detailed analytical evaluation of the great composers of Carnatic Music. The essays have been contributed by eminent musicologists like Sambamoorthy, Dr.Raghavan, T.S.Parthasarathy etc. The essays have been arranged in such a way that they portray the evolution and development of South Indian music, from the from the 12th century composer like Jayadeva to the... 
 Madhura Kala  K. Lakshminarasimhan Madhura Kala   $10.49  $7.87  Buy Now 
The present volume contains contributions from eminent musicians and musicologists in the field of music and Dance, Performing arts. The article portray the different facets of the theory of music, the tradition of Music and its performance, the science of Music, the concept of voice and Rhythm, the dance in its many splendours. The last section on Miscellany traces the technical aspects of Tolkappiyam, Meaning in Indian sculpture, Folk songs and folklore. In total these articles cover a wide... 
 Prahlada Bhakti Vijayam of Saint Tygaraja  Dr. Gowri Kuppuswamy Prahlada Bhakti Vijayam of Saint Tygaraja   $4.95  $3.71   
Temporarily Out of Stock
The text contains a critical study of the Opera and the complete text of the Prahladabhakti vijayam in English. An exhaustive and critical introduction evaluates the text PrahladaBhakthivijayam in all its literary,musical and philosophical context. 
 Tamil Padangal  Dr. Gowri Kuppuswamy Tamil Padangal   $5.99  $4.49  Buy Now 
This book contains Tamil Padas of various composers of Carnatic Music. The notation has been given in simple style with the text of the songs in Tamil. The introduction contains a study of the development, literary and compositional aspects of Pada, An essential book for learners as well the practicing musician. 
 Ragamalika  Dr. Gowri Kuppuswamy Ragamalika   $4.95  $3.71  Buy Now 
Ragamalikas denotes a genre of musical compostions which are couched in a series of ragas instead of the same ragas througout the compositions. It represents the novel platform for the composer and the musician to present his expression of musical thought. 26 Ragamalikas of various composers like Purandaradasar, Maharaja Swathi Tirunal, Pattanam Subramanya Iyer, Veena Kuppayyar, Muthuswamy Dikshitar, Seetharamayya, Karur Dakshinamurthi, Subbarama Dikshitar, Periyaswami Thooran, Jayadevar, have... 
 Javali  Gowri Kuppuswamy Javali   $5.99  $4.49  Buy Now 
Javalis form an important musical form in Carnatic Music. More than 40 Javalis have been notated in simple form alongwith the text of the songs. The compositions represent a collection of representative composers. The introduction traces the history, development and literary aspects of Javali. An essential book for the learners as well as the practicing musician. 
 Tillana  Gowri Kuppuswamy Tillana   $4.95  $3.71  Buy Now 
The present edition of the book contains 35 tillanas notated in simple style in Tamil of major Carnatic composers, including contemporary composers like Lalgudi Jayaraman and Balamurali Krishna. 
 Purandaradasa Compositions  Gowri Kuppuswamy Purandaradasa Compositions   $4.99  $3.74   
Temporarily Out of Stock
Compositions of Purandaradasa contains compositions of the great composer Purandaradasa in Tamil with simple notation and text in Tamil. The songs have been well notated in simple style so that the beginner as well as the performing artist is able to make use of the notations. 
Displaying 1 to 25 (of 29 products) Result Pages:  1  2  [Next >>] 
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Child Health Care in Ayurveda
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