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Unani Pharmacopoeia of India Part 1 - Vol 1
Unani Pharmacopoeia of India Part 1 - Vol 1
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 The Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies (Vol. 1)  Karl H. Potter The Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies (Vol. 1)   $89.49  $67.12  Buy Now 
This constitues the first volume of the series. It indicates the scope of the project and provides a list of sources which will be surveyed in the sebsequent volumes, as well as provide a guide to secondary literature for further study of Indian Philosophy. It lists in relative chronological order, Sanskrit and Tamil works. All known editions and translations into European languages are cited; where puplished versions of the text are not known a guide to the location of manuscripts of the work... 
 The Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies (Vol. 2)  Karl H. Potter The Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies (Vol. 2)   $89.49  $67.12  Buy Now 
This volume provides a detailed resume of current knowledge about the classical Indian Philosophical systems of Nyaya and Vaisesika in their earlier stages, i.e. covering the literature from their inception in the sutras of Gautama and Kanada before the time of Gangesa (about A.D. 1350). The summaries are arranged in relative chronolo-gical order to assist the reader in tracing the development of the syncretic school,s thought. Scholars around the world, including: India, Japan... 
 The Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies (Vol. 4)  Karl H. Potter The Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies (Vol. 4)   $89.49  $67.12  Buy Now 
The aim of this series is to present the contents of different streams of Indian Philosophical texts to make more and more people aware about Indian philosophical thought. Samkhya is one of India's oldest philosophical systems, and this volume of the 'Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies', coedited by Gerald James Larson and Ram Shankar Bhattacharya, and under the general editorship of Karl H. Potter, traces the history of the system from its beginnings in the third or fourth century B.C.E. up... 
 The Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies (Vol. 5)  Karl H. Potter The Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies (Vol. 5)   $89.49  $67.12  Buy Now 
This volume of the Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies is devoted to the Philosophy of the Grammarians. The introductory essay summarizes the main philosophical ideas contained in the grammatical works. The summaries of the main sources that follow concentrate on the philosophical ideas contained therein, so that philosophers who are unable to read the original Sanskrit can get an idea of the positions taken and arguments offered. Covered in this text are chapters on Metaphysics, Epistemology,... 
 The Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies (Vol. 6)  Karl H. Potter (Ed.) The Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies (Vol. 6)   $89.49  $67.12  Buy Now 
The present volume of the Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies takes up the history of Nyaya-Vaisesika where Volume Two left off, in the 14th century. It reconstructs the development of Nyaya-Vaisesika through the next two centuries. Some fifty author's names are known to us from this period, and 36 of their works are summarized. The volume closes its reconstruction of literary history into the early 16th century, with Raghunatha Siromani, the great commentator on Gangesa's seminal works and one... 
 The Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies (Vol. 7)  Karl H. Potter (Ed.) The Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies (Vol. 7)   $89.49  $67.12  Buy Now 
Soon after the time of Gautama the Buddha a literature began to grow involving the reported words of Gautama, the rules and procedures governing the order of monks he founded, and attempts to set forth his philosophical teachings as understood and developed by his immediate pupils and the schools of Buddhist thought which grew in succeeding generations. The present volume undertakes to summarize the gist of these philosophical teachings, termed Abhidharma, from the first texts that developed... 
 Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies (Vol. 9)  Karl H. Potter Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies (Vol. 9)   $89.49  $67.12  Buy Now 
This, the third Volume in this Encyclopedia to deal with Buddhist philosophy, takes the reader for the middle of the fourth century A.d. to the end of the sixth.  Many of the authors and texts treated here are not well known to the casual student of Buddhism.  The most important author is clearly Dignaga, who is almost enntirely responsible for turning Indian Buddhism toward an exhaustive analysis of epistemic considerations and in particular of inferential reasoning.  But other... 
 Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies (Vol. XI)  Karl H. Potter Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies (Vol. XI)   $128.49  $96.37  Buy Now 
 This is the second Volume of this Encyclopedia devoted to Advaita Vedanta. It takes up the history of that movement from where Volume Three of this Encyclopedia left off and covers the literature from Vacaspati Misra in the tenth century to Citsukha scholar from around the world both living and dead.In the Introduction the Editor reviews a contentious issue among contemporary Advaita scholars concerning the accuracy of the interpretations of Samkara's intentions found in the writings of... 
 The Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies (Vol. 3)  Karl H. Potter The Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies (Vol. 3)   $125.49  $94.12  Buy Now 
This volume summarizes what we know of early Advaita Vedanta upto the Samkara's pupils, Suresvara, Padmapada, totaka and hanstamalaka.  An analytical introduction by the editor introduces the reader to the concepts utilized by Gaudapada, Samkaracarya and mandana Misra in expounding and defending the Advaita view.  This is followed by summaries of all the authentic Advaita works of these authors, together with those of Suresvara and padmapada as well as a number of other works which... 
 The Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies (Vol. 8)  Karl H. Potter The Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies (Vol. 8)   $115.49  $86.62  Buy Now 
 The following volume constitutes the second in a series devoted to Buddhist philosophy. It takes up more or less where its predecessor, Volume VII of this Encyclopedia, leaves off, around the beginning of the second century A.D. This is a period still not well understood, with a great deal of scholarly disagreement remaining about many aspects of the history and thought of the period. The editor of the volume has tried to utilize the most up-to-date scholarship known to us. The volume... 
 Encyclopaedia of Indian Philosophies (Vol XI  Karl H. Potter Encyclopaedia of Indian Philosophies (Vol XI   $71.94  $53.96   
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 Encyclopaedia of Indian Philosophies - Vol VIII  Karl H. Potter Encyclopaedia of Indian Philosophies - Vol VIII   $76.99  $57.74   
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 Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies - Vol. XI  Karl H. Potter Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies - Vol. XI   $89.49  $67.12   
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This is an endeavour by an international team of scholars to present the contents of Indian Philosophical texts to a wider public than has hitherto been possible. It attempts to provide a definitive summary of current knowledge about each of the systems of classical Indian philosophy. Each volume consists of an extended analytical essay together with summaries of every extant work of the system for which a summarizer can be found. Volumes include a Bibliography, a Glossary, and treatments of... 
 Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies (Volume XV)  Karl H. Potter Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies (Volume XV)   $128.49  $96.37  Buy Now 
All too frequently the term Vedanta is used when what is meant ,whether recognized or not, is Advaita Vedanta and more specifically, the philosophical system associated with Sankaracarya. Yet in fact Vedanta, literally meaning “the concluding portions of the Veda” i.e ., the Upanisads, is properly used in Indian Philosophy to designate those systems that take such texts as the Upanisads authoritatively alongwith a few others such as the Brahmasutras, alternatively known as the... 
 Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies (Vol 16)  Karl H. Potter Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies (Vol 16)   $81.99  $61.49  Buy Now 
About the Book:  This Volume deals with the philosophies of Purva Mimamsa, one of two schools of Mimamsa traditionally considered systems of Hindu philosophical thought. 'Mimamsa', as used classically, has among its meanings that of an "exploration" or "investigation" of something. In the context of early Vedic thought, it can mean specifically a theory governing the origins, basic values, and assumptions about man, in particular about the type of actions a human... 
 Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies (Vol 17)  Piotr Balcerowicz Karl H. Potter Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies (Vol 17)   $61.49  $46.12  Buy Now 
About the Book: Volume Seventeen concludes the series of the Encyclopedia dealing with jain philosophy (Volumes 10,14 and 17) bringing its development to the present day. In his introduction, Piotr Balcerowicz provides a formalized classification of the basics of the Jain theory of seven-fold modal description (saptabhangi or syadvada), which as he explains gives a complete account of all perspectives relevant in the verbal description of a thing.About the Author:  Piotr Balcerowicz, of... 
 Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies (Vol. X)  Dalsukh Malvania Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies (Vol. X)   $95.99  $71.99  Buy Now 
About the Author:Karl H. Potter is professor of Philosophy and south Asian Studies at the University of Washington in Seattle and is General Editor of the Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies.     
Displaying 1 to 17 (of 17 products) Result Pages:  1 
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