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Siva Samhita (A Critical Edition - English Version)
Siva Samhita (A Critical Edition - English Version)
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 The Literary Heritage: A New Anthology of Prose and Short Story  Hari Mohan Prasad The Literary Heritage: A New Anthology of Prose and Short Story   $4.99  $3.74  Buy Now 
Most often students of English make a second-level choice for reading prose pieces and stories. They are seized with the idea that poetry, drama and novel are cornerstones of creative writing; the rest is dross or marginal. This notion needs to be corrected. Stories and prose writings are also significant units of literary activities. In a short space demanding less time, they offer prisms of reality, treasures of ideas and streams of entertainment. This anthology is not to be claimed as... 
 Maha Calisa Samgraha  R.C. Prasad Maha Calisa Samgraha   $14.95  $11.21  Buy Now 
An Anthology of Calisas and Aratis forming part of the Hindu Religious Poetry and Public Worship (Text in Nagari & Roman Scripts with Hindi & Eng. Tr.) 
 Sri Ramacaritamansa: The Holy Lake of the Acts of Rama (900 pages Romanized HB edition)  R.C. Prasad Sri Ramacaritamansa: The Holy Lake of the Acts of Rama (900 pages Romanized HB edition)   $160.49  $120.37   
Temporarily Out of Stock
'Shri Ramacharitamanasa of Tulasidasa' is the single most popular book of the Hindus, which, for over four centuries, has greatly appealed equally to the rich and the poor, the educated and the illiterate, the old and the young, and the scholar and the common man. Its popularity is by no means limited to India, nor are the Hindus its only readers. The message of the Ramacharitamanasa is all the more relevant today as it reiterates man's faith in the soundness of moral order that sustain... 
 The Sraddha - The Hindu Book of the Dead  R.C. Prasad The Sraddha - The Hindu Book of the Dead   $18.49  $13.87  Buy Now 
Of the sixteen samskaras which encompass a Hindu life the last one is performed for the dead by their sons or grandsons or relatives. Many passages in the Puranas and Dharmasastras extol the role of the son in the life of a devout Hindu. The present book deals with the rite of Sraddha and vindicates the popular belief that Sraddha, being an important topic, forms an integral part of Hindu Dharmasastra. the belief in the after-death survival of deceased ancestors and their separate world belongs... 
 The Upanayana: The Hindu Ceremonies of the Sacred Thread  R.C. Prasad The Upanayana: The Hindu Ceremonies of the Sacred Thread   $12.99  $9.74  Buy Now 
Upanayana is one of the sixteen samskaras or purify rites in which a boy is invested with the sacred thread and thus endowed with second or spiritual birth and qualified to learn the Veda by heart. In this ceremony the boy goes to an Acarya well-versed in the Vedas with a view to be initiated into Vedic studies or a Guru draws a boy towards himself and initiates him into one of the three twice-born classes. From the day the initiation ceremony takes place the young celibate commits him to a... 
 The Vivaha - The Hindu Marriage Samskaras  Bhaiyaram Sarma The Vivaha - The Hindu Marriage Samskaras   $12.99  $9.74  Buy Now 
Sanskrit mantras used in the Hindu nuptial rites now comes in English! With the hymns romanized for the benefit of those who do not have any knowledge of Hindi or Sanskrit, this book is a boon for the modern generation, especially expatriate Hindus living in foreign lands. Written originally in Hindi, the book is translated into English by R.C. Prasad. 
 The Bhagavad Gita  Ramananda Prasad The Bhagavad Gita   $12.49  $9.37  Buy Now 
The Bhagavad Gita has the original Sanskrit text with Roman transliteration, and a lucid English rendition. Concise and to the point commentaries of two hundred twenty-seven (227) selected key verses are provided. One hundred thirty three (133) verses are printed in red to enable the first time readers to study these verses before delving deep into the vast ocean of transcendental knowledge. The teachings of saints and sages of major religious denominations as well as world leaders and scholars... 
 Stress and its Management by Yoga  K.N. Udupa Stress and its Management by Yoga   $16.49  $12.37  Buy Now 
This monograph mainly covers our studies on the causes and management of the most common and disabling disorders of stress and strain of life. It is now well established that the brain with its known centres for sensory, intellectual and emotional functions plays the main role in maintaining a balanced condition of our body and mind by liberating required amount of neurohumors and hormones. Any disturbances of this homeostasis by genetic or environmental factors would ultimately lead to the... 
 How to Live a Fruitful Hundred Years  Surajnandan Prasad How to Live a Fruitful Hundred Years   $6.95  $5.21   
Temporarily Out of Stock
How to Live a Fruitful Hundred Years gives the readers a first hand account of 'near death' experience four times in the life of the author. These valuable experiences are reckoned as incentives to live and how it is possible to escape death by manipulating the events to happen. It includes a paragraph on intimate conversation with Shri Jai Prakash Narain on the subject of 'Life after death' and also as to how the 'Soul' which is immortal re-entered the mortal frame of Shri Narain... 
 9 Secrets of Successful Meditation  Samprasad Vinod 9 Secrets of Successful Meditation   $12.99  $9.74  Buy Now 
The author shows his readers how to enjoy meditation-and how to integrate the practice into everyday living. He blends Indian Spiritual Wisdom with modern scientific knowledge through different activities related to Yoga. A book that will be of great value to the novice and to the advanced practitioner of Meditation alike. Yogi Dr Vinod brings a fresh approach to Meditation; he inspires his readers to experience Meditation and to integrate it with their daily living; only those who really... 
 The Haravijayam of Rajanaka Ratnakara  Pandit Durgaprasad The Haravijayam of Rajanaka Ratnakara   $60.99  $45.74  Buy Now 
The Haravijaya of Ratnakara is an epic poem (mahakavya) belonging to the era of artificial poetry. The mahakavya is not oral poetry; it is artificial and learned; it lays more importance on description than narration. Its only claim to the term epic lies in its breadth of content. A great kavya takes its plot from myth or from history; it must further the four ends of man; it must contain descriptions of cities, seas, mountains, moonrise, and sunrise. A great kavya should also be ornamented... 
 Jaina Sources of the History of Ancient India  Jyoti Prasad Jain Jaina Sources of the History of Ancient India   $23.99  $17.99  Buy Now 
The contribution of the Jaina sources to the making of the history of our great nation, during the epoch-making millennium of 100 BC to AD 900, is of vital importance. But it has only lacked proper research and application. This book presents a brief survey of the more important sources, particularly literary ones, and a discussion of certain fundamental problems such as the dates of Mahavira and of the beginning of the Earlier Saka, Vikrama, and Saka eras, as well as the dates of important... 
 Prasada Mandana of Sutradhara Mandana  Raghunath purushottam Kulkarni Prasada Mandana of Sutradhara Mandana   $48.49  $36.37  Buy Now 
The present book is the English translation of this treatise which is in Sanskrit.  It contains information on different levels of elevation like basement,wall, tower, finial and flag, of temples.  As Mandana himself states, most of the information is culled from the encyclopaedic treatise Aparajitaprccha written by Bhuvana-devacarya. Treatise on Indian architecture written by the famous engineer Mandana. English trans., with original text,critical introd. 
 Divine Songs of Sage Poet Ramprasad  Shyamal Banerjee Divine Songs of Sage Poet Ramprasad   $25.99  $19.49  Buy Now 
Ramprasad Sen was born in the second decade of the eighteenth century in Halishahar in (then) Bengal. He was a great saint in Shakta cult. But, he was too a natural poet and composer. The songs are hymns to Goddess Mother Kali couched in rustic words and symbols of everyday life. Yet, most of this symbolism is a rare mosaic of the occult mystery of Tantrashastra and carry a double meaning. Thus, flying kites, the blind ox trudging routine endless circles of the village oil-machine (ghaani),... 
 Crime and Punishment in Ancient India  Ram Prasad Das Gupta Crime and Punishment in Ancient India   $25.99  $19.49  Buy Now 
This book deals with the crimes and punishments in ancient India. Apart form crimes and punishments, its evolutionary process has also been discussed. Criminal laws laid down by Gautama, Vasistha, Apastamba, etc. also find place in the book. The influcence of caste system on the criminal law, apprehension of criminals, the courts, offences against the state, king, public justice, offences relating to weights and measures, religion, morality and family life are also given in the book with... 
 Mundaka Upanisad  Swami Muni Narayana Prasad Mundaka Upanisad   $8.99  $6.74  Buy Now 
The book looks afresh at some of the perpetually puzzling questions that Mundaka addresses - questions, like for instance: What is the nature of Brahman, the one Causal Reality? How can a seeker know it? Who can be eligible for its knowledge? Offering an in-depth, analytical commentary on this time honoured text, Swami Muni Narayana Prasad presents at once appropriate metaphors, analogies and, these besides, backgrounds to the varying contexts that not only elucidate various philosophical... 
 Art and Science of Self-Realization  Jagdish Prasad Jain Sadhak Art and Science of Self-Realization   $16.99  $12.74  Buy Now 
This volume on the moral discipline of a householder by Amrtachandra is a masterly exposition of the means (upaya) to attain the highest objective of human endeavour (purusharthasiddhi), i.e. self-realization. It argues that the external behaviour of the conscious self (purusha) cannot be divorced from the world of his inner thoughts and feelings. The book stresses that internal aspects or the self-referential spiritual perspective of nishchaya naya (viewpoint) plays the primary role in... 
 Dharmakirti's Theory of Inference: Revaluation and Reconstruction  Rajendra Prasad Dharmakirti's Theory of Inference: Revaluation and Reconstruction   $34.99  $26.24   
Temporarily Out of Stock
Dharmakirti was a Buddhist logician of 640CE. In this book, Rajendra Prasad uses the method of contemporary logic to clarify Dharmakirti's system of inference. Despite not being organized along the lines of formal logic, Dharmakirti's inference emerges as a theory of deductive inference with an economy of formulation. 
 Sri Ramacharitamanasa or the Holy Lake of the Act of Rama  R.C. Prasad Sri Ramacharitamanasa or the Holy Lake of the Act of Rama   $32.49  $24.37   
Temporarily Out of Stock
Shri Ramacharitamanasa of Tulasidasa is the single most popular book of the Hindus which for over four centuries has greatly appealed equally to the rich and the poor the educated and the illiterate the old and the yound and the scholar and the common man. Its popularity is by no means limited to India nor are the Hindus its only readers. The message of the Ramacharitamanasa is all the more relevant today as it reiterates man`s faith in the soundness of moral order that sustain the world.... 
 Sri Ramacharitamanasa: The Holy Lake of the Acts of Rama (Romanized Devnagari text & English Translation)  R.C. Prasad (Ed.) Sri Ramacharitamanasa: The Holy Lake of the Acts of Rama (Romanized Devnagari text & English Translation)   $160.49  $120.37  Buy Now 
Shri Rama Charitamanasa of Tulasidasa is the single most popular book of the Hindus, which, for over four centuries, has greatly appealed equally to the rich and the poor, the educated and the illiterate, the old and the young, and the scholar and the common man. Keeping in mind people`s ever-increasing quest for the epic, this unique edition of the Ramacharitamanasa with verse to verse Hindi and English translation along with Tulasidasa`s original text has been prepared. The translation... 
 Philosophical Humanism and Contemporary India  Vishwanath Prasad Varma Philosophical Humanism and Contemporary India   $8.33  $6.25  Buy Now 
An attempt has been made in this book to reconstruct idealist humanist philosophy on the basis of Eastern and Western metaphysics and the natural sciences. It supports the basic principle of ethical absolutism as opposed to relativism. It analysis the fundamental principles of humanist political thought with reference to sovereignty, obligation and rights.It is hoped that policy-makers and planers in the developing countries will find here an integral world-view and exposition of concrete... 
 The Kena Upanisad  Swami Muni Narayana Prasad The Kena Upanisad   $9.99  $7.49  Buy Now 
Swami Muni Narayana Prasad renders a superbly novel analysis of this Upanisad in the backdrop of recent developments in various scientific disciplines and attempts to show that mysticism is a corollary to scientific investigation. 
 The Vedanta Sutras of Narayana Guru  Swami Muni Narayana Prasad The Vedanta Sutras of Narayana Guru   $19.49  $14.62  Buy Now 
The Vedanta Sutras of philosopher-poet Narayana Guru has 24 beautiful-fluent sutras revealing the essential message of the Vedanta. The highly-perceptive commentary by Seami Narayana Prasad elucidates the guru's interpretation of the Vedantic concept. 
 Taranatha`s History of Buddhism in India  Alaka Chattopadhyaya Taranatha`s History of Buddhism in India   $21.94  $16.46   
Temporarily Out of Stock
Born in A.D. 1575, Lama Taranatha wrote this book in 1608. V. Vasil`ev of St. Petersburg translated it from Tibetan into Russian in April 1869 followed by the German translation of the text by Schiefner also published from St. Peterburg in October of the same Year. In view of the profound importance of the work for understanding Indian history in general and of the history of Buddhism in particular. modern scholars have extensively using specially Schiefner`s German translation of the History... 
 Silparatnakosa of Sthapaka Niranjana Mahapatra  Bettina Baumer, Ed. & Tr. Silparatnakosa of Sthapaka Niranjana Mahapatra   $22.22  $16.67  Buy Now 
The Silparatnakosa is a 17th century Orissan text composed by Sthapaka Niranjana Mahapatra describing all the parts of the temple types of Orissa such as the Manjusri and Khakara. It also contains a section on sculpture on image-making (Pratimalaksana). This text though much later than the temples described reflects the still living tradition and it contributes much to clarify the terminology of Orissan temple architecture.The text has been edited from three palmleaf MSS and translated with... 
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