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The Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia of India Part-I Volume-8
The Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia of India Part-I Volume-8
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 Encyclopaedia of Yoga  Ram Kumar Ray Encyclopaedia of Yoga   $18.99  $14.24  Buy Now 
A valuable guide to some of the complexities of the tantrik tradition. Contains much information on obscure and relatively unexplored subjects like mudras.         
 Krishi - Parashara (Agriculture by Parashara)  Nalini Sadhale Krishi - Parashara (Agriculture by Parashara)   $18.49  $13.87   
Temporarily Out of Stock
One of the major activities of AAHF is publishing translations of old manuscripts into English. This is the second publication in the bulletin series of AAHF. The present manuscript (in Sanskrit) is taken from the book, Krishi-Parashara, translated into Hindi by Chaudhary Srinarayan Singh in 1971; the AAHF obtained it from the Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute, Pune, India. The Sanskrit text was rewritten by hand by Mr. Prabhakar R Jogdand. Dr. Nalini Sadhale has translated the Sanskrit... 
 Pancatantra (2 Vols)  K.M. Suresh Pancatantra (2 Vols)   $266.67  $200.00  Buy Now 
Contents: Vol. I  Foreword. I. Pre and Proto history 1. A rare find of engravings on a Neolithic tool from Hasoodi/A. Sundara. 2. Exploration at Timmalapur district Bellary Karnataka/Dillip Kumar Khamari. 3. Ethno history primitive tribes and prehistoric primitives in Tamil Nadu/N. Devasahayam. 4. Story of Harappan discovery/Madhuri Sharma. 5. Harappan minor arts and crafts/Deo Prakash Sharma. 6. Proto historic copper/bronze anthropomorphs fresh observations/Krishna Kumar. 7. Russet... 
 The Garuda Mahapuranam (2 Volumes.)  Pushpendra Kumar The Garuda Mahapuranam (2 Volumes.)   $115.49  $86.62  Buy Now 
The different works known by the name of Puranas (old) are evidently derived from the myth-heroic stage of Hindu belief. The Puranas are commonly stated to be eighteen in number. It is said there are also eighteen Upa-Puranas or Minor Puranas-but the names of all these are not found. The principal eighteen Puranas are Brahma, Padma, Visnu, Siva, Bhagvata, Naradiya, Markandeya, Agni, Bhavisya, Brahma Vaivarta, Linga, Varaha, Skanda, Vamana, Kurma, Matsya, Garuda and Brahmanda. All these Puranas... 
 Researches in Archaeology and Conservation  P.K. Mishra (Ed.) Researches in Archaeology and Conservation   $83.33  $62.50  Buy Now 
This book of its kind is being published in India for the first time. Here we have a book for those who are interested in the critical appreciation of the problems relating to conservation and preservation of monuments and antiquities including the entire World Heritage. It encompasses in itself a vast vista of visions visualizing the entire gamut of conservation and preservation required for the safeguard of the World Cultural Heritage including minor antiquities housed in museums and varied... 
 Simhasana Dvatrimsika  A.N.D. Haksar Simhasana Dvatrimsika   $11.11  $8.33   
Temporarily Out of Stock
The fabled monarch Vikramaditya is considered a model of kingly virtues, and his reign a golden age. These famous stories narrated by the thirty-two statuettes of nymphs supporting the magic throne of Vikramaditya extol his courage, compassion and extraordinary magnanimity. They are set in a framework recounting the myths of his birth, accession, adventures and death in battle, after which the throne remained concealed till its discovery in a large age. A fascinating mix of marvellous... 
 The Hitopadesa of Narayana  A.N.D. Haksar The Hitopadesa of Narayana   $11.11  $8.33  Buy Now 
One of the best-known Sanskrit classics, Narayana's Hitopadesa is a fascinating collection of animal and human fables augmented with polished verse epigrams and gnomic stanzas, amny of which have become proverbial. This satirical, often irreverent and sometimes ribald text has been popular for centuries as a compendium of worldly advice on matters ranging from statesmanship and detailed battleplans to personal conduct and marital fidelity. It has also served generations of students as a model... 
 Modern Saints and Mystics  A.N. Sharma Modern Saints and Mystics   $4.95  $3.71   
Temporarily Out of Stock
We are very happy to be able to present to the spiritually inclined reading public and devotees of God, this latest 5th edition of late Maj Gen A N Sharmaji’s very popular and widely read personal account of his Darshan and Satsang (meeting with and being in the holy company) of numerous modern saints and mystics of our own contemporary 20th Century. This invaluable book is a favorite with all sections of the public. This book constitutes an invaluable Satsang, Svadhyaya (spiritual Study) as... 
 Sri Aurobindo Came to Me  Dilip Kumar Roy Sri Aurobindo Came to Me   $25.49  $19.12  Buy Now 
In the complex, versatile and expansive personality of Dilip Kumar Roy one found the peculiar clash of contrasting types: the intellectual "Russellian" sceptic with the "Krishna-haunted" "Ramakrishnanian" devotee. In this book Dilip Kumar Roy reminisces about his Guru Sri Aurobindo. The theme of the book is his meeting and interaction with Him. As K.D.Sethna describes in his introduction, "Glimpses of the Ashram's activity and development, portrayals of close friends, sketches of significant... 
 The Sacred Books of the Hindus : Translated by Various Sanskrit Scholars (Set in 30 Volumes in 38 Parts)  B.D. Basu The Sacred Books of the Hindus : Translated by Various Sanskrit Scholars (Set in 30 Volumes in 38 Parts)   $2,500.49  $1,875.37  Buy Now 
This series is the result of the most impressive publishing endeavours of the 20th century. The work was devised along new lines, a simple system envisaged by the Panini office, and Basu, B.D., and its contributors included some of the leading scholars of the day. It brings together a coherent method to the compilation of Hindu scriptures.  It contains 30 volumes: Vol. I. The Upanisads : Prasna, Isavasya, Kena, Katha, Upanisad/Srisa Chandra Vasu. Vol. II. Yajnavalkya's Smriti/Srisa... 
 Music Makers : Living Legends of Indian Classical Music  Ashok Roy Music Makers : Living Legends of Indian Classical Music   $62.49  $46.87  Buy Now 
Contents: Amjad Ali Khan Bhimsen Joshi Bismillah Khan Gangubai Hangal Hariprasad Chaurasia Jasraj Kishan Maharaj Kishori Amonkar Lalgudi Jayaraman M. Balamuralikrishna M.S. Subbulakshmi N. Rajam N. Ramani Ram Narayan Ravi Shankar Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer Shiv Kumar Sharma T.H. Vinayakram Umayalpuram K. Sivaraman Zakir Hussain Zia Fariduddin Dagar. While music cannot be captured on paper, one can however make an attempt to project its essence or... 
 Song of the Spirit : The World of Sacred Music  Sudhamahi Regunathan (Ed.) Song of the Spirit : The World of Sacred Music   $28.49  $21.37   
Temporarily Out of Stock
Contents: Introduction  The presence of the sacred/Sima Sharma Music/Hazrat Innayat Khan ‘The man of my heart’/Selina Thielemann The language of music/Narayana Menon Metaphysical communication/Sehdev Kumar The golden chain of Orpheus—Part one/Joscelyn Godwin The golden chain of Orpheus—Part two/Joscelyn Godwin Music and religion/Ashok D. Ranade Offering with the wind/Muthusamy Varadarajan Silence in Music/Gopal Sharman Going south/Arlie Neskahi Sacred... 
 Agnihotra : Studies in Indic Traditions : Prof. Prabhu Dayalu Agnihotri Felicitation Volume  K.K. Chaturvedi Agnihotra : Studies in Indic Traditions : Prof. Prabhu Dayalu Agnihotri Felicitation Volume   $109.49  $82.12  Buy Now 
Contents: I. Life and achievements: An interview by late K.P. Narayanan/M.P. Chronicle. II. Research papers: Treatment of Rasa-dosas in the Kavyanusasana (Ka. sa.) of Acarya Hemachandra (H.C)/Tapasvi Nandi Parakkumkuttu - a drama in flight/N.P. Unni Ramayana tradition after Valmiki in India and abroad/Rajendra Mishra Sanskrit drama - origin and development/K.G. Paulose The Samavrtta type of meters of the Chandomanjari and the Vrttamanjari/Dipak Kumar Sharma Line of... 
 Autobiography of a Yogi, 1946 (Hard Back Deluxe Edition)  Paramhansa Yogananda Autobiography of a Yogi, 1946 (Hard Back Deluxe Edition)   $12.99  $9.74   
Temporarily Out of Stock
This is no ordinary book. It is a spiritual treasure. To read its message of hope to all truth seekers is to begin a great adventure.Named one of the “Hundred Best Spiritual Books of the Century,” Autobiography of a Yogi has become recognized by followers of many religious traditions as a masterpiece of spiritual literature.Only rarely does a sage of Paramhansa Yogananda’s stature write a firsthand account of his life experiences. Describing in vivid detail his many years of... 
 Mahapurana (4 Vol)  Bhartiya Jnanapith Mahapurana (4 Vol)   $30.99  $23.24  Buy Now 
Mahapurana is the earliest and largest of the three known poetic works of the great poet Pushapadandanta composed in the Apabhramsha language.  The other two are Nayakumarachariu and Jasaharchariu which have been edited by Dr. Hiralal Jain with a detailed introduction and Hindi translation and published by the Bhartiya Jnanpith. This epic is a pure mirror reflecting all facets of Indian culture in the 10th century.  On one side there are in it characters struggling against the bonds... 
 Nyaya-vinishchaya-vivarana (Vol I & II)  Bhartiya Jnanapith Nyaya-vinishchaya-vivarana (Vol I & II)   $70.49  $52.87  Buy Now 
Works of Akalanka Deva (8th century) have a significant place in Indian literature on logic. Among his works discovered so far Laghiyaratraya, Pramana Sangraha, Nyaya-vinishchaya and Siddhi-vinishchaya are fully concerned with the subject of logic. The vivarana (commentary) written on his work Nyaya-vinishchaya by Acharya Vadiraja Suri (12th century) is very extensive, covering all aspects completely. The three sections expounded upon by Akalanka Deva in Nyaya-vinishchaya –... 
 How to Live Hundred Years  Swami Sivananda How to Live Hundred Years   $4.95  $3.71  Buy Now 
Gerontology is an ancient science! Since time immemorial Man has sought ways and means to conquer death; because, he is immortal. There is an innate urge in him to express that immortality, and to experience that immortality here and now. The Isavasya Upanishad enjoins upon man the duty to try to live for a hundred years, performing right actions. The Rishis had in their forest-research-laboratories discovered various methods of prolonging life-Pranayama, Asanas like Sirshasana and... 
 Adhyatma Ramayana (2 Vols set)  Sri Ajai Kumar Chhawchharia Adhyatma Ramayana (2 Vols set)   $141.49  $106.12  Buy Now 
Adhyatma Ramayan is a magnificently rendered, eternally divine classical epic story of Lord Ram, a manifestation of the transcendental Supreme Being, as the king emperor of Ayodhya. Being incorporated in the Brahmand Puran's Uttar Khand, it is the most ancient, authentic and authoritative version on Lord Ram's eternal and sublime story. Flowing from the prolific, expert and flourishing hand of the legendary sage Veda Vyas, the prodigious classifier of the Vedas and the Captivating narrator of... 
 Shri Hanuman Prarthana: The Complete Prayer (With 2 CD)  Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia Shri Hanuman Prarthana: The Complete Prayer (With 2 CD)   $31.99  $23.99   
Temporarily Out of Stock
This album of Prarthana Shri Hanuman features all the most important and popular shlokas, chants and prayers on the Lord of bhakti and devotion. Shri Hanuman, also know as Pavan-putra [deity of the wind] is considered to be the 11th avatar of Shri Shiva. Know for His wisdom, devotion to Shri Rama and valour. He has always been associated with the act of surrendering oneself to the Almighty. The music in this album, composed by the legendary flute maestro Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia, brings out... 
 Prasuti Tantra: Text Book as per CCIM Syllabus  Bharati Kumaramangalam Prasuti Tantra: Text Book as per CCIM Syllabus   $17.99  $13.49  Buy Now 
The book is written according to the curriculum framed by the Central Council for Indian medicine for Prasuti tantra subject (Paper-I) for BAMS graduates. Part-A and B of the syllabus are given separately. Each topic is provided with Ayurvedic and modern concepts simultaneously. Relevant slokas are given in Devanagari in each topic at appropriate places along with references. All the literature, which is relevant to Obstetrics and Gynecology available in Ayurvedic classics, was consulted while... 
 Caranatic Music Reader in Western Staff Notation (7 Volumes)  V.K. Krishna Prasad Caranatic Music Reader in Western Staff Notation (7 Volumes)   $56.49  $42.37   
Temporarily Out of Stock
This Carnatic Music reader series introduces a systematic study of Carnatic Music with the help of western staff notation. The series has been designed with the beginner in mind so that he can learn to play the lessons on western instrument like guitar, piano, saxophone, violin etc. and midi instruments with minimum effort. All the exercises are presented in western staff notation, letter notation and conventional carnatic music letter notation. The series contains a basic introduction to... 
 The Ultimate Collection (210 Singles + 10 Specials)  Amar Chitra Katha The Ultimate Collection (210 Singles + 10 Specials)   $849.00  $636.75  Buy Now 
A comprehensive collection of Amar Chitra Katha comics covering all subjects.This Collection Consists of the Following Single Titles and Special Editions:AbhimanyuAdi ShankaraAdventures Of Baddu And ChhotuAgastyaAhilyabai HolkarAjatshatruAkbarAlbert EinsteinAndhakaAngulimalaAniruddhaAruni And UttankaAshokaAshwini KumarsAyyappanBabasaheb AmbedkarBaburamar chitra katha bahubaliBaji Rao IBaladitya And YashodharmaBeni Madho And Pir AliBhagat SinghBhanumatiBheema And HanumanBheeshmaBidhi... 
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