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Oral Instruction Tantra: From the Four Tantras of Tibetan Medicine
Oral Instruction Tantra: From the Four Tantras of Tibetan Medicine
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 Contemporary Indian Philosophy  S. Radhakrishnan Contemporary Indian Philosophy     
Temporarily Out of Stock
 Eastern Religions and Western Thought  S. Radhakrishnan Eastern Religions and Western Thought     
 Foundation of Civilisation: Ideas and Ideals  S. Radhakrishnan Foundation of Civilisation: Ideas and Ideals   $4.95  $3.71  Buy Now 
 Indian Religions  S. RAdhakrishnan Indian Religions   $12.99  $9.74  Buy Now 
 Living with a Purpose  S. Radhakrishnan Living with a Purpose   $20.49  $15.37  Buy Now 
 Our Heritage  S. Radhakrishnan Our Heritage   $4.95  $3.71   
Temporarily Out of Stock
 Recovery of Faith  S. Radhakrishnan Recovery of Faith   $4.95  $3.71   
Temporarily Out of Stock
 Religion and Culture  S. Radhakrishnan Religion and Culture   $4.95  $3.71  Buy Now 
 The Creative Life  S. Radhakrishnan The Creative Life   $4.95  $3.71   
Temporarily Out of Stock
 The Present Crisis of Faith  S. Radhakrishnan The Present Crisis of Faith   $4.95  $3.71  Buy Now 
 Towards a New World  S. Radhakrishnan Towards a New World   $4.95  $3.71  Buy Now 
 True Knowledge  S. Radhakrishnan True Knowledge   $4.95  $3.71   
Temporarily Out of Stock
 Hinduism at a Glance  Swami Nirvedananda Hinduism at a Glance   $4.95  $3.71  Buy Now 
Hinduism at a Glance is only a rboad outline of the prominent features of this religion. It presents its essential contents in a nutshell, and aims at acquainting the busy reader with all that Hinduism stands for, and that as quickly as possible. Though intended mainly for Hindu students, the book seeks to provide the interested public, including those living outside India, with necessary information on this ancient religion. The subject has been surveyed from a catholic standpoint, and the... 
 The Heart of Hindusthan  S. Radhakrishnan The Heart of Hindusthan   $12.99  $9.74  Buy Now 
THE HEART OF HINDUISM is a collection of seven essays by the eminent philosopher and former President of India, S. Radhakrishnan, centered around the theme of Hindu religion and philosophy. The essays dealing with the various aspects and the philosophical basis of Hinduism included in this collection are : The Heart of Hinduism; The Hindu Dharma; The Hindu Idea of God; Islam and Indian Thought; Hindu Thought and Christian Doctrine; Buddhism; and Indian Philosophy. The book brings together... 
 The Heart of Hindusthan  S. Radhakrishnan The Heart of Hindusthan   $5.28  $3.96  Buy Now 
THE HEART OF HINDUSTAN is a collection of seven essays by the eminent philosopher and former President of India, S. Radhakrishnan, centered aroudn the theme of Hindu religion and philosophy. This books is the collection of various aspects and the philosophical basis of Hinduism such as: The heart of Hinduism;The Hindu Dharma;The Hindu Idea of God;Islam and Indian Thought; Hindu Thought and Christian Doctrine;Buddhism; and Indian Philosophy.The book is a helpful guide for all those interested in... 
 Buddhism Omnibus ( One )  With and Matthew T. Kapstein Iqbal Singh, Buddhism Omnibus ( One )   $33.06  $24.80  Buy Now 
 The mind of Mahatma Gandhi  R. K. Prabhu The mind of Mahatma Gandhi   $22.49  $16.87  Buy Now 
From the Foreword by S. Radhakrishnan: There is so much misunderstanding today about Gandhi's views and ways of thinking. This book, where we find collected together the relevant extracts from Gandhi's own writings on the central principles of his faith and conduct, will help to make Gandhi's position clearer to the modern mind. Reviews: "To many it will have the value of a new Bible or a new Gita; for here are words that have come out from the depth of truth, here is tireless striving... 
 All Men Are Brothers  Mahatma Gandhi All Men Are Brothers   $9.49  $7.12  Buy Now 
A great teacher appears once in a while. Several centuries may pass by without the advent of such a one. That by which he is known is his life. He first lives and then tells others how they make live likewise. Such a teacher was Gandhi. These Sections from his speeches and writings compiled with great care and discrimination by Shri Krishna Kripalani will give the reader some idea of the workings of Gandhi's mind, the growth of his thoughts and the... 
 Long Pilgrimage: The Life and Teaching of the Shivapuri Baba  John Godolphin Bennett Long Pilgrimage: The Life and Teaching of the Shivapuri Baba   $25.99  $19.49   
Temporarily Out of Stock
Long Pilgrimage: The Life and Teaching of the Shivapuri Baba A wonderful New Edition. Many new pictures. Bennett writes of one of the most remarkable men in our time: a 137 year old Indian saint. The guide to Right Living described in this book is extraordinary in its simplicity, yet adaptable to any age or culture.The Shivapuri Baba aka Swami Govindanath Bharati was born in a rich Brahmin household in the Indian state of Kerala in 1826. At a tender age of 18, he decided to abandon the world... 
 Contemporary Indian Philosophy  Basant Kumar Lal Contemporary Indian Philosophy   $13.99  $10.49  Buy Now 
Contemporary Indian Philosophy has arisen in an awareness of the need to reconcile the forces of tradition with those of modernity. It is not merely repetitive. There is, in it, a definite attempt to construct a system. It develops under the conviction that the basic aim of Philosophy is to cultivate a world-view. This requires an awareness of the existential condition of life as also the consciousness of life's ultimate ideal, viz….., redemption, not only of the individual, but of the... 
 Fundamentals of Indian Philosophy  Ramakrishna Puligandla Fundamentals of Indian Philosophy   $30.99  $23.24  Buy Now 
Indian Philosophy reflects some of the earliest thought-traditions in human history. Its foundations can be traced to ancient minds and their capacity for insatisable curiosity and constant meditation.  The Indian thinkers of old aimed their pragmatic philosophies at not just the satisfaction of intellectual curiosity or pursuit of theoretical truths but actually the assimilation of intellectually discerned and established truths into one's own personality for a life of freedom and... 
 Experiential Dimension of Advaita Vedanta  Arvind Sharma Experiential Dimension of Advaita Vedanta   $10.83  $8.13   
Temporarily Out of Stock
The Experiential Dimension of Advaita Vedanta provides a clear, concise and precise introduction to Advaita Vedanta, on the basis of something more powerful than argument, namely, experience. About the Author: A former member of the I.A.S., Arvind Sharma is currently Professor of Comparative Religion at McGill University, Montreal, Canada. He is a leading historian of religion and one of the most significant Hindu thinkers since Radhakrishnan. Dr Sharma is a leading historian of religion and... 
 History of Science, Philosophy and Culture in Indian Civilization (Vol-XI Part 4)  D.P. Chattopadhyaya/R.Balasubramanian History of Science, Philosophy and Culture in Indian Civilization (Vol-XI Part 4)   $144.49  $108.37  Buy Now 
The volumes of the Project on the History of Science, Philosophy and Culture in Indian Civilization aim at discovering the main aspects of India's heritage and present them in an interrelated way. The jiva who lives in the world is the enworlded subjectivity. The concept of trhe "enworlded subjectivity" interrelates consciousness, science, society, value, and Yoga. Every individual who is placed in this world becomes an enworlded subjectivity encountering and experiencing three worlds as... 
 History of Early Vedanta Philosophy (Pt. 1)  H. Nakamura History of Early Vedanta Philosophy (Pt. 1)   $27.50  $20.63   
Temporarily Out of Stock
The history of the Vedanta school is well known since the time of Sankaracarya on, and its prehistory before Sankara is quite obscure. However, from the time of compilation of major Upanisads to Sankara there is a period of thousand years, and the tradition of Upanisads was not lost; there appeared many philosophers and dogmaticians, although their thoughts are not clearly known. The author has made clear the details of the pre-Sankara Vedanta philosophy, utilizing not only Sanskrit materials,... 
 The Naiskarmyasiddhi of Suresvara: A Monograph  John Grimes The Naiskarmyasiddhi of Suresvara: A Monograph   $25.99  $19.49   
Temporarily Out of Stock
As a compendium of Advaita Philosophy. The Naisakarmyasiddhi touches on all the salient features of that system. Consisting partly of verse and partly of prose, it presents a clear, brief, and simple account of the Advaita doctrine. Its style is charming and Suresvara handles the philosophical arguments with ease. The central question that the book deals with is literation from transmigratory existence and the means thereto. Ignorance of the Self (Atman) is the cause of bondage and it can be... 
Displaying 26 to 50 (of 65 products) Result Pages: [<< Prev]   1  2  3  [Next >>] 
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01.Ayurveda and Life Impressions Bodywork
02.Kriya Yoga Rahasya
03.Oral Instruction Tantra: From the Four Tantras of Tibetan Medicine
04.Human Physiology - Expression of Veda and the Vedic Literature
05.Building Architecture of Sthapatya Veda
06.Caraka Samhita (7 vols): Text in Sanskrit with English translation
07.Astanga Hrdayam - 3 Volumes
08.Asana Pranayama Mudra Bandha
09.A Systematic Course in the Ancient Tantric Techniques of Yoga and Kriya
10.The One Straw Revolution: An Introduction to Natural Farming
11.Introduction to Sanskrit (Volume I and Volume II)
12.Siddhas: Masters of Nature (2nd Edition)
Predicting Through Jaimini's Navamsa Dasa
100 Thoughts That Lead To Happiness
A Textbook of Kayachikitsa (3 Volumes)
The Kalika Purana: Sanskrit text, introduction & translation in English
The Niti and Vairagya Satakas of Bhartrhari
The Last Marathon
The Fate of Tibet
Kanvasatapathabrahmanam (Vol. 2)
Women and the Ideal of Purity
The Supreme Yoga: Yoga Vasistha
Predicting Through Astro-Numerology
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