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The seeds of the ancient dramas are found in the Rig Veda. Viz. Pururava - Urvashi, Yama-Yami, Indra-Indrani, Sarma-Pani and Ushas Suktas. Indian Drama is one of the oldest in the world. By the mid-A.D. 300's, flourishing darma in the Sanskrit language had developed. In technique, Sanskrit plays resembled epic poems. Each play was organized around one of nine RASAS (mood - sentiments). The goal was to produce harmony, so authors avoided clashing moods and all these plays ended happily. The dramas were written on the basis of the epics and puranas. So people found much interest in the dramas. Acharya Bharat is the founder of the Indian dramaturgy. So he said that Drama is the fifth Veda. Natya Shastra states mainly NATA, NATI, Dance, Music, Instrument, Dialogue, Plot and the Stage. The imitation is the soul of the drama.
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 Nayika Bheda in Kathak  Chetana Jyotishi Nayika Bheda in Kathak   $100.49  $75.37  Buy Now 
Nayika Bheda in Kathak deals with various types of heroines with respect to their mental setup and apparent behaviour. Women are ever unpredictable. A close study of their behavior right from an early age can provide a clue to dealing with them. Various female characters in Natya, ie Drama, revolve around her temperament, and attitude towards life as a whole. Drama attempts to portray true picture of women hitherto called Nayika. Kathak dance is rich in this respect. It presents various facets... 
 The Literary Heritage: A New Anthology of Prose and Short Story  Hari Mohan Prasad The Literary Heritage: A New Anthology of Prose and Short Story   $4.99  $3.74  Buy Now 
Most often students of English make a second-level choice for reading prose pieces and stories. They are seized with the idea that poetry, drama and novel are cornerstones of creative writing; the rest is dross or marginal. This notion needs to be corrected. Stories and prose writings are also significant units of literary activities. In a short space demanding less time, they offer prisms of reality, treasures of ideas and streams of entertainment. This anthology is not to be claimed as... 
 Harikatha  I.P. Meera Grimes Harikatha   $16.49  $12.37  Buy Now 
Harikatha (lit. stories of the Lord) is the exposition of a religious theme, usually the life of a saint or a story from one of India's scriptural texts. Its purpose is to spread devotion to the Divine. Harikatha is a composite art containing story-telling, poetry, music, drama, dance, and philosophy. Any story about God, or scriptural incidents, or about saints, who are the living exemplars from the existence of God, is an appropriate subject matter for Harikatha. Table of Contents: Scheme... 
 Early Classical Art of South Asia (Set 2 Vols.)  M.C. Joshi Early Classical Art of South Asia (Set 2 Vols.)   $320.99  $240.74  Buy Now 
The present volume 'Early Classical Art of South Asia' is edited by Prof. M.C. Joshi and Dr. D.P. Sharma. The period of Gupta dynasty begins around 319 A.R ends up to 578 A.D. The art of Gupta period has often been referred to as the classical art of early South Asia. The art of Gupta period was characterized by a sensitivity modeled body from a severity of expansion and dominant spiritual purpose. During Gupta Age there was all-round development particularly in fine arts-literature both... 
 Krishna in Performing Arts  Shovana Narayan Krishna in Performing Arts   $160.49  $120.37  Buy Now 
Krishna is a subject that holds eternal fascination for writers, poets, philosophers and artistes. He demands love, faith, devotion and surrender. He has been the favourite subject of researchers and authors. Many books have featured him in their critiques covering various facets of his personality.  This volume Krishna is Performing Art is one of its kind' for it is a monumental work that presents a detailed exposition of the multi-faceted influence of Krishna in the field of performing... 
 Raja-Cekhara's Karpura-Manjari: A Drama by the Indian Poet Rajacekhara (About 900 A.D.)  Sten Konow, Ed. Raja-Cekhara's Karpura-Manjari: A Drama by the Indian Poet Rajacekhara (About 900 A.D.)   $35.49  $26.62  Buy Now 
Raja-Cekhara has been highly esteemed for his proficiency in the Prakrit. This volume presents the first critical edition of the only Prakrit Drama extant, for here none of the characters speak Sanskrit. The interest of the play is largely philological, likely to throw light on the linguistic History of India, though, not without its importance for the History of the Indian Drama. It abounds in material which may well engage the attention of the student of Antiquities and Folk-lore. The... 
 Millennium Glimpses of Indian Performing Arts  Utpal K. Banerjee Millennium Glimpses of Indian Performing Arts   $248.49  $186.37  Buy Now 
Dance, music, theatre and puppetry were born in India millennia ago, while cinema is the most new-fangled art form hardly a century old. But all five of them have been undergoing rapid transformation over the last few decades and the process has only been accelerated in the new millennium. The present volume attempts to provide some exciting glimpses in the happening scene in the current decade. Some aesthetes and experts, with substantial knowledge of their domains have offered an uncluttered... 
Displaying 1 to 7 (of 7 products) Result Pages:  1 
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01.Nayika Bheda in Kathak
03.Raja-Cekhara's Karpura-Manjari: A Drama by the Indian Poet Rajacekhara (About 900 A.D.)
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Fantastic introductory text for beginners. Starts from the k ..
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My husband is enjoying his book very much and is so inspired by it that he has told me this morning that he would not mind spending a week in India at an Ashram, and just learning about life....


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