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Unani Pharmacopoeia of India Part 1 - Vol 1
Unani Pharmacopoeia of India Part 1 - Vol 1
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Music is called Gandharva Veda in the ancient language of India. This means it is a way to the Eternal through sound essence. All creation starts with the Aum sound, which is the music of music. All sound is there to bring us closer to God and Indian music has an ancient history of Ragas and Sruti where sound is a science to bring you to your Self, the Health and to Inner Peace.
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 Music-Dance and Musical Instruments: During the Period of Nayakas (1673-1732)  K. Kusuma Bai Music-Dance and Musical Instruments: During the Period of Nayakas (1673-1732)   $12.99  $9.74  Buy Now 
We are happy to bring out the English version of Music-Dance Forms and Musical Instruments during the period of Nayakas.  This book is a book for scholars interested in learning literature related with ancient Hindu music, dance and musical instruments.  This is also an useful publication for personalities who are interested in practicing of ancient Indian music, dance and musical instruments.  This book emphasis ancient culture of South India.  The basic fundamentals of... 
 Musical Instruments of the World  Carl Engel Musical Instruments of the World     
Contents: Origin of musical instruments Pre-historic and Egyptian musical instruments Musical instruments of ancient Assyrians and Hebrews Musical instruments of Greeks and Romans Musical instruments of China Musical instruments of Persia and Arabia Musical instruments of American Indians Musical instruments of mediaeval Europe Development of musical instruments Orchestras and musical bands Post medieval musical instruments Musical instruments of India. Bibliography.... 
 Musical Instruments of Tribal India  Dilip Bhattacharya Musical Instruments of Tribal India   $187.49  $140.62  Buy Now 
Contents: Tuning to the key-notesPreludeInterlude:            1. Myths, legends and taboos            2. Environment and occasionClassification of instruments:             1. Membranophone            2.... 
 Natyasastra - English Translation with Critical Notes  Adya Rangacharya Natyasastra - English Translation with Critical Notes   $93.99  $70.49  Buy Now 
The Natyasastra is probably one of the earliest and certainly one of the best treatises on Indian Dramaturgy. At the same time, the book available now is not an early one but may be as late as the seventh or eighth century AD. The authorship is traditionally ascribed to Bharata, the Sage. The eminence of Natyasastra is not that it was the first book on the subject but that it was the first comprehensive treatise on Dance, Drama and Music. Like the Mahabharata, Natyasastra too boasts that What... 
 Natyasastra of Bharatamuni : Text with Commentary of Abhinavbharati & English Translation, 4 Vols.  M.M. Ghosh Natyasastra of Bharatamuni : Text with Commentary of Abhinavbharati & English Translation, 4 Vols.   $384.99  $288.74  Buy Now 
The present edition of the Natya- Sastra of Bharata is reprinted and edited a new form. The English translation of Natya- Sastra by M.M. Ghosh was published hundred years before. It was well received by the scholars at that time and was considered the best. Now, first time with the translation of M.M. Ghosh, along with the abhinava Bharti-the celebrated oldest commentary by erudic scholar for further researches. During one hundred many new editions of Natya-Sastra has been published. Many... 
 Nayika Bheda in Kathak  Chetana Jyotishi Nayika Bheda in Kathak   $100.49  $75.37  Buy Now 
Nayika Bheda in Kathak deals with various types of heroines with respect to their mental setup and apparent behaviour. Women are ever unpredictable. A close study of their behavior right from an early age can provide a clue to dealing with them. Various female characters in Natya, ie Drama, revolve around her temperament, and attitude towards life as a whole. Drama attempts to portray true picture of women hitherto called Nayika. Kathak dance is rich in this respect. It presents various facets... 
 New Instrumental Compositions for North Indian Music  Anil Mihiripenna New Instrumental Compositions for North Indian Music   $36.99  $27.74  Buy Now 
Although many collections of ragadhari vocal compositions have been published over the years, there is a dearth of instrumental compositions.  Hence, it has been the author's long-felt desire to bring out a collection of Gat o instrumental compositions in the north Indian musical tradition.  This book cannot replace a teacher, and it is from a teacher that students of music must seek instructions and guidance.  The purpose of this book is to offer some support to both the teacher and the... 
 Nuri Granth  T.L. Vaswani Nuri Granth   $32.49  $24.37  Buy Now 
Sadhu Vaswani was a singer of immortal songs in English and in his mother-tongue, the Sindhi language.Poems and articles flowed out of his pen like gushing streams down a mountain-side. Although his writings embrace many subjects, they are all in praise of the Lord and Divine Love." Sadhu Vaswani's collection of Sindhi songs, the Nuri Granth, is one of the largest books in the literature of the world, enshrining the songs of a single poet-saint. The Nuri Granth is revered by many as a... 
 Of Past Dawns and Future Noons  Shonar Of Past Dawns and Future Noons   $37.49  $28.12  Buy Now 
Ancient India achieved and contributed in almost every field of human endeavour in ways that were bewildering for her time. Although much has been written on Indian culture and history, an attempt has been made here at a fresh approach. Practically all areas of human interest – architecture, sculpture, painting, handicrafts, dance, theatre, music, education, literature, politics, war, science, agriculture, medicine, religion – have been studied and presented. Historical, yet not... 
 Pahuda Doha  Bhartiya Jnanapith Pahuda Doha   $4.95  $3.71   
Temporarily Out of Stock
A work of pure mystic poetry, Pahuda Doha  is a manifestation of emotive expressivity in the earliest tradition of Indian spirituality. A powerful work of the 9th century incorporating notes of the spiritual Shramanic tradition and echoing voices of protest on poetic level, it has influenced early and medieval Hindi poetry. A unique poetic volume composed in two hundred dohas, it presents a beautiful example of self-expression underlining the ultimate goal.  Shastri ji’s... 
 Rabindranath Tagore  Mohit Chakrabarti Rabindranath Tagore   $18.99  $14.24  Buy Now 
An inward exploration of diverse finer sensibilities and softer visions of life in terms of aesthetics and mystic grandeur, Rabindranath Tagore's songs of prayer unfold an unending panorama of joy, sorrow, life, death, light, darkness, void and fullness in a serene symphony with Nature.   An alltime entry into the elegant cathedral of the language of silence and poignant suggestiveness to life as it ought to be for deliverance in ardent devotion and dedication. 
 Ragas in Indian Music: A Complete Source Book For Ragas in Carnatic Music, Hindustani Music, Tamil Music, Equivalent Western Scales (Prensented in Western Staff Notation)  V.K. Krishna Prasad Ragas in Indian Music: A Complete Source Book For Ragas in Carnatic Music, Hindustani Music, Tamil Music, Equivalent Western Scales (Prensented in Western Staff Notation)   $56.49  $42.37  Buy Now 
Ragas in Indian Music is an exhaustive reference guide for Ragas in Indian Music. Comprehensive information and equivalent of about 1200 Ragas covering variousCarnatic ragas, Hindustani Ragas,Tamil Panns, andWestern Scalesare included in this book.Information on Melakartha parentage, its svara notation, Equivalent Western scale, Staff Notation, TheTamil Pann relationship, Hindustani raga equivalent are some of the important information provided for each raga.Each Raga is graphically presented... 
 Sacred Music : Its Origins, Powers, and Future : Traditional Music in Today's World  Alain Danielou Sacred Music : Its Origins, Powers, and Future : Traditional Music in Today's World   $22.49  $16.87  Buy Now 
Contents: The Mleccha's Exercise Books by/Jacques Cloarec Alain Danielou and the musical renaissance/Jean-Louis Gabin The Origins of the Musical Languages: The origins of sacred music Symbolism in the musical theories of the orient The magic of sound Magic and pop music. Tradition and Modernity: Tradition and innovation Modal music and harmonic music Can harmony be introduced in Indian music? Harmonic aggression The musical cultures of the east in the face of... 
 Sangita-Ratnakara of Sarngadeva (2 Volumes)  R.K. Shringy Sangita-Ratnakara of Sarngadeva (2 Volumes)   $125.49  $94.12  Buy Now 
This monumental treatise from the 13th century sums up and organises what had gone before, and in doing so provides both master plan and basic topics for subsequent musicological work, even to the present day. The combination of Devanagari text (from the Adyar edition) running concurrently with English translation, commentary, and footnotes, makes the work very convenient. Dr. Shringy's English translation and commentary, prepared under the expert supervision of Dr. (Miss) Prem Lata Sharma, is... 
 Sangitanarayana (2 vols.)  Sangitanarayana (2 vols.)   $134.99  $101.24  Buy Now 
Sangitanarayana is a Sanskrit text on music and dance written in the 17th century by Purusottama Misra, a minister at the court of King Gajapati Narayanadeva of Parlakimidi in Orissa and his instructor in musicology, with the assistance of the king. While the precise date of the Sangitanarayana is not known, its relationship to Purusottama Misra and Gajapati Narayanadeva prompts us to place it in the first half of the 17th century. One of the most valuable and extensive texts on music and... 
 Science in Veda  D.R. Khanna Science in Veda   $62.49  $46.87  Buy Now 
Vedas are considered as an ocean of knowledge. Every bit of Vedas is very important each stanza, each line, each word has a significant meaning to it. For the language also supports its purpose. It is said that Sanskrit is the only nearest language which could be used to explain or describe anything clearly and specifically. It is the only Vedic Dharma where religion and Science go in hand to hand. The Vedas contain in them the gems of all true sciences. The book science in Veda deals with... 
 Scientific Literature in Sanskrit: Papers of the 13th World Sanskrit Conference (Vol. 1)  S.R. Sarma Scientific Literature in Sanskrit: Papers of the 13th World Sanskrit Conference (Vol. 1)   $48.49  $36.37  Buy Now 
David Pingree and G. Jan Meulenbeld have made us aware of the enormous volume and the astonishing diversity of Sanskrit literature on Jyotihsastra and Ayurveda respectively through their monumental works, Census of the Exact Science and History of Indian Medical Literature. Literature on other scientific subjects, though not so stupendous, is still very large. This rich diversity of Sanskrit scientific literature is reflected in the papers presented in Section 8 on Scientific Literature of the... 
 Singing Bowl Exercises for Personal Harmony  Anneke Huyer Singing Bowl Exercises for Personal Harmony   $9.72  $7.29  Buy Now 
This book explains the symbolism of the bowls and beaters, how their metal corresponds to the planets, and how planetary energies, reflected in the frequencies of certain bowls, can be harnessed for personal transformation. 
 Sitar Technique in Nibaddh Forms  Stephen Slawek Sitar Technique in Nibaddh Forms   $36.99  $27.74   
Temporarily Out of Stock
The book focuses on Sitar technique and shows how that technique comes into play during the improvisatory music-making endeavours of master Sitarists. A series of systematic descriptions and analyses reveals how instrumental technique as that of Sitar acts as a generative structure at the broad level and provides a corpus of factors of variation at the specific level. It includes musical transcriptions detailing physical gestures to produce melody. Students of Indian music are... 
 Songs of Bhaktivinoda Thakura (4 Vol.)  Bhaktivinoda Thakura Songs of Bhaktivinoda Thakura (4 Vol.)   $89.95  $67.46  Buy Now 
This is a four volume set consisting of:Kalyana KalpataruThis is the first of a four-volume series of songs written by Bhaktivinoda Thakura. This volume has 78 songs, many of them never published in English before. These compositions are deep instructions for the path of devotional service to Krishna. Bhaktivinoda Thakura gives voice to a range of experience: from that of the untrained soul deeply steeped in materialism to the highest ecstasies of pure devotional service. His songs are a... 
 Songs of Nepal - An Anthopology of Nevar Folksongs and Hymns  Seigfrried Lienhard Songs of Nepal - An Anthopology of Nevar Folksongs and Hymns   $9.49  $7.12  Buy Now 
An Anthopology of Nevar Folksongs and Hymns 
 The Art of Tabla Rhythm  Sudhir Kumar Saxena The Art of Tabla Rhythm   $37.99  $28.49  Buy Now 
This authoritative work deals comprehensively with tabla rhythm, focusing on the performed art with an eye to its history and aesthetics. It is aimed at the tabla student, the tabla performer, as well as the inquiring listener of Hindustani music, for whom it encapsulates a tabla practitioner's knowledge in these matters acquired over a lifetime of learning and teach. Beginning with the evolution of the tabla, the book explains the technique of producing the basic bols. It further describes... 
 The Celestial Nagasvaram: Origin, Myths, Reception and the Maestros  Geetha Rajagopal The Celestial Nagasvaram: Origin, Myths, Reception and the Maestros   $75.49  $56.62  Buy Now 
Classical Musical Instruments from India, No. 2Nagasvaram, world’s loudest non-brass acoustic instrument, is known as mangala vadyam (auspicious instrument), and raja vadyam (king of all instruments). This popular wind-group musical instrument is well known all over the south Indian states, more specifically in Tamil Nadu. Its origin is associated with the Thiruvarur Temple and its legacy continued all through the Pallavas, Colas, Pandyas, Nayakas, and Marathas. It has imprinted its sheen... 
 The Darbhanga Tradition Dhrupada in the School of Pandit Vidur Mallik  Selina Thielemann The Darbhanga Tradition Dhrupada in the School of Pandit Vidur Mallik   $24.49  $18.37  Buy Now 
Dhrupada is the oldest genre of North Indian vocal music, referred to by Indian musicians and music scholars with high respect as the fundamental style, the ancient and most sacred genre - the quintessence of North Indian art music. Despite its key function in the music history, dhrupada has assumed the role of a museum piece within the rich and colorful tradition of Hindustani classical music. Having been the predominant style at the Mughal court of Akbar in the second half of the 16th... 
 The Harmonium Handbook  Satyaki Kraig Brockschmidt The Harmonium Handbook   $31.49  $23.62  Buy Now 
The story behind the modern version of the harmonium is a fascinating testimony to the love, skill, innovation, and interminingling of may of the world's great cultures.This book provides detailed instruction on how to play, maintain, and repair this popular devotional instrument. It also reveals the colorful history of free-reed instruments (such as the harmonium), which dates back to the time of Marco Polo. 
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