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Bhavaprakasa of Bhavamisra (Vol. I: Including Nighantu Portion)
Bhavaprakasa of Bhavamisra (Vol. I: Including Nighantu Portion)
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ANCIENT TEXTS Let's See What We Have Here...
Ayurvedic texts are the cornerstone of Ayurvedic medicine as it has been written down by great Rishis or sages for the benifit of all mankind. The trinity of Charaka Samhita, Shushruta Samhita and Ashtanga Hrdyam are the main texts but in fact each family had their traditional texts handed down through the centuries and enscribed on palm leaf. Our Ayurvedic text section is a treasure of rare and common texts that will allow you to bathe in the deepest jewels of Ayurvedic wisdom. Dive in!
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 Astanga Hrdayam - 3 Volumes  K.R. Srikantha Murthy Astanga Hrdayam - 3 Volumes   $106.49  $79.87  Buy Now 
Text, English Translation, Notes, Appendix Indices This is a three volume set: Vol. I Sutra Sthana & Sarira Sthana Vol. II Nidan, Cikitsa, Kalpa & Siddhi Sthana Vol. III Uttara Sthana, Index & Appendix Ashtangahridaya of Vagbhata is an ancient authoritative treatise on Ayurveda. Its popularity extended beyond the frontiers of India for more than a thousand years substantiated by its translation in Arabic, Tibetan and some European languages. None of these are available now.... 
 Caraka Samhita (7 vols): Text in Sanskrit with English translation  Dr. Ramkaran Sharma Caraka Samhita (7 vols): Text in Sanskrit with English translation   $218.99  $164.24  Buy Now 
Contents: Vol. I. Sutra Sthana:   Introduction/Alex Wayman Foreword/Pandit Shiv Sharma Preface.   Quest for longevity (Dirghanjivitiya) Dehusked seeds of Achyranthes Aspera Linn. (Apamargatanduliya) Cassia Fistula Linn. (Aragvadhiya) Six hundred purgatives (Sadvirecanasatasritiya) Quantitative dietetics (Matrasitiya) Qualitative dietetics (Tasyasitiya) Non-suppression of natural urges (Navegandharaniya) Description of sense organs (Indriyopakramaniya) Brief chapter on the... 
 Madhava Nidanam (Roga Viniscaya) of Madhavakara: A Treatise on Ayurveda  K.R. Srikantha Murthy (tr.) Madhava Nidanam (Roga Viniscaya) of Madhavakara: A Treatise on Ayurveda   $37.99  $28.49  Buy Now 
This treatise, Roga Viniscaya , is more popularly known as Madhava Nidana after the name of its author. It is counted as the first among the Laghu Trayi (the lesser triad) of Ayurvedic literature. It is considered as the ideal book dealing with Nosology (knowledge of diseases) and has earned appraise for its author as Madhava is best for Nidana. It has retained its importance as a text-book on the subject since the last thirteen centuries. It enjoyed great reputation as an authoritative... 
 Bala Veda: Pediatrics and Ayurveda  V.B. Athavale Bala Veda: Pediatrics and Ayurveda   $28.49  $21.37  Buy Now 
This book gives the basic principles of Ayurveda in short. Bala-veda mentions how the couple should plan for better progeny. The planning starts before the marriage by selection of appropriate life partner. It gives guidelines for the regimen to be followed by the couple and particularly the wife during menstrual period of life, intercourse, pregnancy and delivery. It gives conditions of foetal malnutrition and how to correct them. Balaveda gives guidelines for care of the newborn and mother... 
 Sarngadhara-Samhita - A Treatise on Ayurveda (English Translation)  K.R. Srikrishnamurthy Sarngadhara-Samhita - A Treatise on Ayurveda (English Translation)   $31.49  $23.62  Buy Now 
The Samhita is designed to serve as a practitioner’s hand book as the author himself states. Written in simple and easy language the book consists of 32 chapters with 2600 verses in all; the first section with 7 chapters and 585 verses, the second with 12 chapter and 1261 verses and the third section with 13 chapters and 682 verses. Ancient treatises of Ayurveda have been broadly classified into two groups viz. the Brihat trayee (greater triad) and the Laghu trayee (lesser triad);... 
 Materia Medica of Ayurveda - Madanapala's Nighantu  Vaidya Bhagwan Dash Materia Medica of Ayurveda - Madanapala's Nighantu   $31.49  $23.62   
Temporarily Out of Stock
This book is the translation of the original work Madanapala Nighantu by a king Madanapala. The work has been translated by the reputed scholar Vaidya Bhagwan Dash. It is one of the rare works of Ayurveda which are not available today in any other language other than Sanskrit. The publication of this text was therefore essential for the benefit of readers looking for original work. Over 500 ingredients which have medicinal properties have been described in the book. The detailed information has... 
 Massage Therapy for Diseases of Vital Areas: Marma Treatment  S.V. Govindan Massage Therapy for Diseases of Vital Areas: Marma Treatment   $15.99  $11.99   
Temporarily Out of Stock
In Ayurveda Marmas are mentioned. Susruta Samhita deals with Marmas elaborately. Those who practise Ayurvedic Massage should have the general knowledge about Marmas. Now-a-days the Acharyas of Kalari Payattu (Martial Aart) know the Marmas and the Marma treatment. By massage Marmas are protected and also activated. Some diseases can be treated or controlled by activating the Marmas. There are 19 Marmas which are damaged. The prognosis is sudden death due to diminution of fire of the body. So... 
 Basic Principles of Ayurveda  Dr. V. B. Athavale Basic Principles of Ayurveda   $25.49  $19.12  Buy Now 
Table of Contents:AcknowledgementsPreface1. Ayurveda2. Man and Universe3. Philosophy and Goals of Ayurveda4. Medical Education and Ideal Physician5. Origin of Various Constituents and Quality of Body and Mind 6. Psychological Constitution7. The Five Basic Elements - Panchamahabhutas8. Origin of the Basic Biological Elements 9. Biological Elements - Vata, Pitta and Kapha10. Constitution - Prakriti (Based on Tridoshas)11. Increase or Decease in... 
 Digestion and Metabolism in Ayurveda  C. Dwarakanath Digestion and Metabolism in Ayurveda   $50.49  $37.87  Buy Now 
"Digestion and Metabolism in Ayurveda" is one of the scholarly works written by Prof. C. Dwarkanath. The textual matter presented in this book is of high standard and thus written to meet the needs of Ayurvedic teachers and research workers involved in the Ayurvedic system of medicine. The knowledge of the fundamentals of Ayurveda is a prerequisite to understand the concepts explained in this book. This work is critical scientific appraisal of the classical Ayurvedic concepts of... 
 Caraka-Samhita : Text with English Translation - 4 Volumes  P.V. Sharma (Ed.) Caraka-Samhita : Text with English Translation - 4 Volumes   $156.49  $117.37  Buy Now 
The Caraka-Samhita stands at the top of the ancient texts representing the School of Medicine in Ayurveda founded by the great Scholar-Sage Punarvasu Atreya. Its value is further enhanced by the fact that it is the only text available in complete form where as other contemporary Samhitas such as of Jatukarna, parasara etc; perished, that of Bhela is incomplete and that of Harita is dragged into controversy. Thus any scholar desirous to know about the fundamentals of Ayurveda and its approach to... 
 Alchemy and Metallic Medicines In Ayurveda  Vaidya Bhagwan Dash Alchemy and Metallic Medicines In Ayurveda   $31.49  $23.62  Buy Now 
Metals and minerals which are very toxic in their unprocessed form have been converted by special processes into preparations for treatment of diseases by Ayurvedic physicians for thousands of years. Covers physico-chemical and philosophical concepts, processing of metals and minerals, gems and jewels, shell and bone, conversion of poisonous vegetable substances; with diagrams, index and appendices.       
 Clinical Methods in Ayurveda  K.R. Srikanta Murthy Clinical Methods in Ayurveda   $31.49  $23.62  Buy Now 
Contents: Preface Introduction Vyadhi Sarnprapti (Pathogenesis of Diseases) A Review of Normal and Abnormal Condition of Dosas, Dhatus, Agni, Vyadhi Laksanas. Etc. Pariksa Kramas (Methods of Examination) Four Pramanas, Case Sheet and Case Taking Prakrti Pariksa (Normalcy) Pranavaha Srotas (Respiratory System) Annavaha Srotas (Digestive System) Purisavaha Srotas (Feces System) Udakavaha Srotas (Body Fluid System) Mutravaha Srotas (Urinary System) Swedavaha Srotas (Sweat... 
 Sushruta Samhita: An English Translation based on original Sanskrit Texts (In 3 Volumes)  Kaviraj Kunja lal bhishagratna Sushruta Samhita: An English Translation based on original Sanskrit Texts (In 3 Volumes)   $137.99  $103.49  Buy Now 
The Practice of surgery has been recorded in India around 800 B. C. This need not come as a surprise because surgery (Shastrakarma) is one of the eight branches of Ayurveda the ancient Indian System of medicine. The oldest Samhita ( Shushuta’s compendium). Sushruta Samhita is the only complete book we have which deals with the problems of practical surgery and midwifery. Shushruta was one of the first to study the human anatomy. In the Shusruta Samhita he has described in detail the study... 
 Ayurveda for Child Health Care  P.H. Kulkarni Ayurveda for Child Health Care   $18.99  $14.24   
Temporarily Out of Stock
Contents: Principles of Ayurveda Embryology New born baby Health care of child Health tips Kalpani (Ayurvedic medicines) Scope of Kaumarbhritya) Food as medicine Treatment of diseases Appendix Research references Bibliography. About the Author: Prof Dr. Kulkarni is well known Ayurvedic Physician. Research Guide in Ayurveda, University of Pune. Founder Director, Institute of Indian Medicine / Ayurveda Academy. Editor of seven Medical Journals including Deerghayu International.... 
 Diagnostic Methods in Ayurveda  Prof. Ajay Kumar Sharma Diagnostic Methods in Ayurveda   $35.99  $26.99  Buy Now 
The book 'Diagnostic Methods in Ayurveda' written by the well known author Prof. Ajay Kumar Sharma is a complete and comprehensive treatise on the subject. This book is one of its own kind which deals with the subject in all completeness and clarity covering all aspects of Ayurvedic Diagnostics as described in various Ayurvedic treatise and judiciously supplemented by the modern literature available on the subject. The entire text is nicely supported with original references from Ayurvedic... 
 Ancient Healing Secrets  Dian Dincin Buchman Ancient Healing Secrets   $5.99  $4.49   
Temporarily Out of Stock
Ancient Healing Secrets is a journey into antiquity to recapture some of the safe and practical healing remedies of the past and to adapt them to the needs of the present times. It includes many remedies recommended by vaids and hakims of India and Persia, medicine men of Pacific Islands and the nomads of Bedounins. It also includes many old family recipes from all parts of the globe.       
 Caraka Samhita Vol 1 : Text in Sanskrit with English translation  Dr. Ramkaran Sharma Caraka Samhita Vol 1 : Text in Sanskrit with English translation   $36.99  $27.74  Buy Now 
Contents: Vol. I. Sutra Sthana:   Introduction/Alex Wayman Foreword/Pandit Shiv Sharma Preface.   Quest for longevity (Dirghanjivitiya) Dehusked seeds of Achyranthes Aspera Linn. (Apamargatanduliya) Cassia Fistula Linn. (Aragvadhiya) Six hundred purgatives (Sadvirecanasatasritiya) Quantitative dietetics (Matrasitiya) Qualitative dietetics (Tasyasitiya) Non-suppression of natural urges (Navegandharaniya) Description of sense organs (Indriyopakramaniya) Brief... 
 Dictionary of Ayurveda  Kanjive Lochan Dictionary of Ayurveda   $12.99  $9.74  Buy Now 
As a first attempt of an authentic dictionary of Ayurvedic terms used in classic texts and their commentaries the present manual fills a real gap felt by many students of Indian medicine as well as lay readers. It provides the readers not with a mere superficial enumeration of Ayurvedic terms and their English equivalents but offers them precise and authentic definitions and explanations. These terms include ones related to pharmaceutical processes, herbs and herb-groups, diagnosis of... 
 Cancer Therapy in Ayurveda  T.L. Devaraj Cancer Therapy in Ayurveda   $18.99  $14.24  Buy Now 
Contents: Preface. Introduction Brief history of cancer (Arbuda) Granthi Cancer of the brain (Mastiskrarbuda) Cancer of the eyelids (Vartma Arbuda) Cancer of the nose (Nasarbuda) Cancer of the lips (Ostarbuda) Cancer of the palate (Talarbuda) Cancer of jaws (Hanvarbuda) Cancer of the face (Mukharbuda) Cancer of the gum Cancer of the tongue Cancer of the throat (Kantarbuda or galarbuda) Cancer of the muscle tissue (Mamsarbuda) Cancer of the blood (Raktarbuda) Cancer of the... 
 Sahasrayogam  Dr.K. Nishteshwar Sahasrayogam   $28.99  $21.74   
Temporarily Out of Stock
The classic Ayurvedic text - with full English translation. A popular book on Keraliya tradition of Ayurvedic treatment 
 Bhavaprakasa of Bhavamisra (In 2 Volumes)  K.R. Srikantha Murthy Bhavaprakasa of Bhavamisra (In 2 Volumes)   $142.49  $106.87  Buy Now 
Bhavaprakasa written by Bhavamisra is an authoritative text on Ayurveda and is being studied by students, teachers and practitioners of Ayurveda since last five centuries. It is comprehensive, dealing with basic doctrines, aetiology, symptomatology and treatment of all diseases. It describes about 500 drugs belonging to vegetable, mineral and animal kingdoms. This lexicon of drugs (Nighantu Bhaga) is considered as a speciality of this text since in incorporates many new drugs unknown in the... 
 The Principles and Practice of Kaya Cikitsa : Ayurveda's Internal Medicine - Volume  II  S. Suresh Babu The Principles and Practice of Kaya Cikitsa : Ayurveda's Internal Medicine - Volume II   $20.49  $15.37  Buy Now 
Susruta being a practical man very clearly defined the 'Scope of Kaya Cikitsa, even though it is not his speciality. He says "Kaya Cikitsa" is concerned with "Sarvanga" related diseases like Jwara, Apasmara etc. where as Vagbhata in simple words-stressed the importance of Kaya Cikitsa as "Nitya upayogi" useful in daily life. Kaya Cikitsa has been enumerated first, while elaborating Astanga Ayurveda. Even today this speciality is in optimum use in the management of... 
 Ayurvediya Prasuti-Tantra Evam Stri-Roga (Parts I & II)  P.V. Tewari Ayurvediya Prasuti-Tantra Evam Stri-Roga (Parts I & II)   $75.49  $56.62  Buy Now 
It is an unique book written in the style not attempted by any author so far, most suited to present day demand of scientific world, as it unveils the gems of subject related to prasuti-tantra (obstetrics) and striroga (gynecology), hidden amidst thousands of pages compiled within eleven most important and widely read books on ayurveda, alongwith their commentators of ancient and medieval period. Recapitulation of textual references under specific headings provide the reader an opportunity to... 
 Ayurvedic and Herbal Medicines : Digestive Diseases : Acidity, Constipation, Diarrhoea, Gastritis Piles, Ulcer, Vomiting, Worms  Narendra Jain Ayurvedic and Herbal Medicines : Digestive Diseases : Acidity, Constipation, Diarrhoea, Gastritis Piles, Ulcer, Vomiting, Worms   $9.99  $7.49   
Temporarily Out of Stock
Contents: Anatomy and physiology of digestive system Digestive diseases: Anorexia, constipation Cholera, diarrhea and dysentery Dyspepsia, gastritis Hyperacidity, intestinal worms Peptic ulcer, piles, sprue Ulcerative colitis, vomiting Ayurvedic medicines Herbal medicines Yoga therapy Herbs name Glossary and illustrations Index This book provides in-depth knowledge of skin diseases and its treatment through Ayurvedic and herbal medicines. The important aspect of this book... 
 Kasyapa-Samhita or Vrddhajivakiya Tantra (Text with English Tr. & Comm.)  P.V. Tewari Kasyapa-Samhita or Vrddhajivakiya Tantra (Text with English Tr. & Comm.)   $80.49  $60.37  Buy Now 
Kasyapa-Samhita, a treatise of ancient period has remained the only source book on Kaumarbhrtya till 19 century AD. Though initial fabrication of sections and number of chapters of each section is in tune with Caraka-Samhita, however, subjects dealt are original, some of which are unparalleled. Hitherto only one Hindi translation with commentary is available, which does not quench the thirst of knowledge of those not so well-versed with Samskrta and / or Hindi. Present edition bridges this... 
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01.Astanga Hrdayam - 3 Volumes
02.Caraka Samhita (7 vols): Text in Sanskrit with English translation
03.Madhava Nidanam (Roga Viniscaya) of Madhavakara: A Treatise on Ayurveda
04.Bala Veda: Pediatrics and Ayurveda
05.Sarngadhara-Samhita - A Treatise on Ayurveda (English Translation)
06.Materia Medica of Ayurveda - Madanapala's Nighantu
07.Massage Therapy for Diseases of Vital Areas: Marma Treatment
08.Basic Principles of Ayurveda
09.Digestion and Metabolism in Ayurveda
10.Caraka-Samhita : Text with English Translation - 4 Volumes
11.Alchemy and Metallic Medicines In Ayurveda
12.Clinical Methods in Ayurveda
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Great Treasury of Merit
Psychological Philosophical and Sociological Foundations of Education
Sell Your Way to the Top
Seven Great Untenables
The Art of Matching Charts
Seeds of Suicide: The Ecological and Human Costs of Globalisation of Agriculture
The Guardian Deities of Tibet
Lahiri's Indian Ephemeris of Planets Positions: According to the Nirayana or Sidereal System for 2010, A.D
What Doctors Don't Get to Study in Medical School
Geeta for Children
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