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Vyaktitva Vikas : Sangharsh Aur Safalata (Hindi)
Vyaktitva Vikas : Sangharsh Aur Safalata (Hindi)
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Ayurveda Rejuvenation Therapy - Rasayanas by Dr. Sachin Dua

Ayurveda Rejuvenation Therapy



This is an unique therapy in the science of ayurveda. It keeps the body

young and agile. Rasayana or rejuvenation therapy helps to promote and

preserve health and longevity in the healthy, and to cure disease in the

sick. The therapy enhances one's energy and is even known to have cured the

sick. It also increases a healthy person's mental and physical capabilities.

It is known to have improved skin complexion and texture, modulates the

voice and increases sensing capacity of sense organs. Rasayanas or

vitalizers, as they are called, do exactly the same. They replenish the

vital fluids of our body, thus keeping us away from diseases. Rasayana is

actually that which increases the essence of each dhatu, starting with rasa.

Taking rasayana is helpful to increase the immunity of the person to keep

him away from diseases. The person becomes healthy and strong.


Some of the benefits of rejuvenation therapy are as follows:


.           Long life.

.           Increase in memory power.

.           Good health.

.           Young looks.

.           Glowing skin.

.           Modulated voice.

.           Calmness.

.           Resistance to diseases

.           Optimum strength of the body




Rasayanas deal with the methods to maintain youth, increase longevity,

intellectual capacity and strength and keep the patients free from diseases.



Effects of Rejuvenation

When rejuvenation therapy is complete, the indulgence in activities as

ordained by the scriptures, understanding the mind of the persons nearby and

mind unwavering by the (effect of) objects (of sense organs), becomes





Ayurvedic Rasayana


Ayurvedic medicine is rich in natural herbs and the rejuvenator group of

Herbs, traditionally termed as ' Rasayana ' has micronutrients, which

improve health, immunity, vigor, vitality, and give longevity as well as

protection against stress. All these actions of certain Rasayana herbs have

now been scientifically proved through experimental as well as clinical

studies. The Rasayana or rejuvenation herb aims at keeping the enzymes in

the tissue cells in their normal functioning condition. These cells are

revitalized and their composition is changed. The tranquility of the mind is

promoted and the nerves as well as bones are kept soft and smooth. This

prevents the process of aging and keeps the individual free from disease

even at an advanced age.

In Ayurveda the vitalizers or rasayanas plays an important role because they

replenish the vital body fluids, which are necessary to function. The

Rasayanas are meant to impart long, healthy, disease free life, intelligence,

power of memory, youth and luster.


There are various types of rasayanas in Ayurveda like Chyavanaprasha,
Pippali rasayana, Triphala rasayana and Shilajita rasayana are few of them.
In addition to these, the Achara rasayana also holds an important
place in geriatrics.



Ayurvedic Rasayana – Chyavanaprasha


Among all these rasayanas, Chyavanprasha is the most popular and widely used
Ayurvedic herbal medicine. It is considered as India's oldest longevity tonic.
According to Ayurveda, Chyawanprash comes under the category of 'Rasayana',
which aims at maintaining youthfulness, vigor, vitality of the body and keeping
away aging process, senility and debility. It maintains the proper functioning
of the cells and rejuvenates the cells. As such it also keeps away diseases and

builds resistance power to fight diseases. Among all the Rasayanas,

Chyawanprash is most useful and famous. It is the most popular rejuvenating

Ayurvedic tonic’s in India having a consistency of Jam and consisting of about

35 natural herbs including Amla (Embellica Officinalis) the richest natural

source of vitamin C. It works on the immune system of the body protecting

body against everyday infections like cough cold and fever. Thus it is very

useful in children, old persons, tubercular patient, debilitated persons and

for those suffering from pestoral lesions. Chyavanaprasha is the elixir of

Rishi Chyavana and celebrated as the highest rasayana.


Ingredients of Chyavanaprasha

Today there are various recipes for Chyavanaprasha. With ingredients such as

herbs and spices ranging from mere 20 to 80 ingredients. But the main

ingredient of Chyavanaprasha is always amla or amalaki (Indian gooseberry),

which forms the base the other ingredients of the traditional recipe include

ashwaganda, pippali, cardamom, nutmeg and cinnamon in a base of clarified

butter and honey.



Chyawanprash aims at maintaining youthfulness, vigor, and vitality of the

body. There are numerous benefits of chyawanprash. The holistic traditional

formula of chyawanprash improves skin complexion, glow and fights dermal

bacterial infection. It promotes hair growth and helps absorption of calcium

resulting in strong bones and teeth. It sharpens the sense organs, increases

the digestive fire, desire for sex and strength of the body if used in the

proper manner. It is especially good for alleviating cough and asthma,

dyspnea, fever, heart diseases, gout, diseases of urine and semen and

disorders of speech. The anti-oxidant properties of the tonic act against

the ageing process and maintain youthfulness. Chyawanprash enhances

fertility, keeps menstruation regular and helps to overcome difficulties in

conception. It also improves muscle tone by enhancing protein synthesis

effectively. It helps in the growth of the children and body development it

also protects the aged, the wounded and emaciated.



Ayurvedic Rasayana – Pippali


Among the vitalizers (rasayanas) Pippali is the most widely used of all the

Ayurvedic herbs. There are various advantages of this herb. It is one of the

best herbs for enhancing digestion, assimilation and metabolism of the foods

we eat. It is also highly prized for its ability to enhance assimilation and

potency of herbs in a synergistic formula (this is called the Yogavahi

effect). The Ayurvedic texts list Pippali as one of the most powerful

Rasayana herbs, meaning it is a longevity enhancer. It also cleans the

shrotas that transport nutrients and remove wastes, so it is considered

important for purification. It balances two of the three laws of nature at

work in the mind and body (Vata and Kapha). It also soothes the nerves to

improve the quality of sleep at night. It is a very important ingredient for

digestion. Along with Black Pepper and Ginger, Pippali is part of the famous

digestive formula known as Trikatu (Three Spices). Pippali also has a

rejuvenating effect so anybody desirous of rasayana guna (rejuvenation)

should consume pippali five, eight, seven or ten in number added with honey

and ghee daily for one year it will give a long lasting effect. Pippali

rasayana is a traditional Ayurvedic formulation consisting of Piper longum

and Butea monosperma (palash). Pippali rasayana has traditionally been used

in the treatment of chronic dysentery and worm infestations.  
It also provides relief from cough, consumption, dyspnea, hiccup, throat

infections, piles, assimilation disorders, anemia, and irregular fever.

Pippali enhances all 13 of the metabolic processes (Agnis) that create the 7

categories of bodily tissues (Dhatus).


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Ayurvedic Rasayana - Triphala


According to Ayurveda, perfect digestion is the basis of all health, if your

digestive system functions properly then it helps the other parts of the body

to perform well, including skin health. So traditional Ayurvedic tonic for

proper digestion also acts as the best herbal food for the skin because its

cleansing action is replenishing instead of draining, and because of its

nutrition content, Triphala, the well-known traditional Ayurvedic

formulation, makes an excellent skin tonic. Triphala is one of the most

famous Ayurvedic medicinal herbs. Triphala literally means "three fruits."

The three fruits contained in Triphala are Haritaki, Amalaki and Bibhitaki.

And because Triphala is tridoshic--equally balancing for Vata, Pitta and

Kapha--it is useful for all skin types. It can be mixed with other herbs in

compound formulations. Triphala has the quality to nourish the skin both

directly and indirectly. Amla, one of the three ingredients in Triphala, is

the richest known natural source of vitamin C. Vitamin C helps in the

production of collagen, which is necessary to keep skin supple and thick.

Triphala also contains calcium. Calcium helps enhance skin clarity and

brings dull, tired skin to life.


Triphala Preparation

Mix triphala with equal quantity of madhuka (mahua tree), tavakshir (East

Indian arrowroot) pippali (long pepper), saindhava (long salt), and each one

of the lohas (iron), suvarna (gold), vacha (Acorus calamus) with either

honey, ghee or sugar in equal quantity.


Benefits of Triphala

A rasayana promotes ojas, the finest product of digestion that prevents

disease, creates luster and glow in the skin and rejuvenates the whole body.

Besides nourishing the mind and body and promoting longevity, Triphala has

many specific effects. It is particularly rejuvenating for the digestive

tract, and is a rasayana for the eyes and the skin. It removes ama from the

fat tissue, and balances cholesterol. Triphala also purifies the urine and

prevents urinary tract disease. It enhances all thirteen agnis (digestive

fires), especially the main digestive fire in the stomach. It pacifies Kapha

and Pitta, and if taken regularly, is a powerful anti-aging rasayana. In

short Triphala:


.           Cures all diseases.

.           Bestows intelligence.

.           Gives long life and good memory.

.           A rejuvenator.







Other Ayurvedic Rasayanas


Apart from the Chyavanaprasha, Triphala rasayana,

Pippali rasayana , Shilajatu and Achara rasayana, there are some other

rasayanas, which are good for rejuvenation.


Some of the other rasayanas are as follows:


Eating fried haritaki (Terminalia chebula) followed by drinking ghee, makes

the strength stay forever in the body.


Diseases of old age disappear in the person who consumes the juice of dhatri

(Emblica officinalis) added with honey, sugar and ghee followed by

healthy/suitable foods only.


A person can regain his lost youth and good complexion by consuming the

powder of dhatri (Emblica officinalis), kymighna (Embelia ribes) and asana

sara (Indian kino tree) mixed with oil of sesame, ghee, honey and powder

(ash) of loha (iron) daily.


Using powder (ash) of loha (iron) and vella mixed with ghee and honey, kept

sealed inside saucer for one year prepared from bija sara (Indian kino tree)

helps living with good strength and black hair.


People who habitually consume vidanga (Embelia ribes), bhallataka

(Senecarpos anacarbiun) and nagar (dry ginger) added with ghee and honey

gives the strength to swim even at old age.




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Published with the kind permission of Dr. Sachin Dua


Dr. Dua has a tremendous passion for Ayurveda, believing that it is by far the best preventative healthcare system known to man. He holds a B.A.M.S. Degree from M.D. University, Rohtak, Haryana. He is committed to academic excellence and his ongoing goal of providing the highest level of Ayurvedic training outside of India.  

He teaches both the public and professionals such as; physicians, chiropractors, osteopaths, psychologists and other professionals in the basic principles and practices of Ayurveda.


Dr. Dua may be emailed at: sachin_dua1979[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]in


Copyright © 2006 Dr. Sachin Dua. All rights reserved.




This article was published on Monday 11 May, 2009.
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