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Bhavaprakasa of Bhavamisra (Vol. I: Including Nighantu Portion)
Bhavaprakasa of Bhavamisra (Vol. I: Including Nighantu Portion)
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THE JYOTISH SHELF Let's See What We Have Here...
Jyotish means simply "The light of God" and this ancient science of the Vedas is available and present so that we humans may live a life more aware of God in everyway. Jyotish, also called Vedic Astrology, is a complete science of understanding our individual lives, what is our deeper purpose, our strengths, our weaknesses, how to best proceed, to decide and ultimately how to be eternally happy and live a life in harmony with the world and cosmos. This is Jyotish! At Vedic Books we are proud to present you with a platter of the finest Jyotish books from beginner to advanced levels.
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 Astrological Diagnosis of Diseases  K. Hariharan Astrological Diagnosis of Diseases   $18.99  $14.24  Buy Now 
Health is precious and the greatest problem that every human being confronts is how to maintain a sound physique. There are various kinds of diseases that torment us right from head to toe. While the doctor has to rely on many a number of experiment to diagnose the ailments, the astrologer, who is far away from the scene comes out with the truth.An earnest endeavour has been made in this auspicious work, to fully acquaint the esteemed readers with the divine teachings of Medical Astrology... 
 Astrology & Education  K. Subramaniam Astrology & Education   $9.99  $7.49  Buy Now 
The book will be useful to every reader to know thoroughly about his future success in the field of higher education and success in educational prospects. It will be more useful for KP students, research scholars and all astrologers, giving new insights into the scientific basis of astrology and contemporary techniques of interpretation of predictions. The topics discussed are: Admission to School; Higher Education; Foreign Travel and Higher Education; Day of Admission to College; Prediction of... 
 Astrology & Remedies of Lal Kitab  D.P. Saxena Astrology & Remedies of Lal Kitab   $6.49  $4.87  Buy Now 
The Lal Kitab is a great work of our times written by one who happened to live amongst us. It is a treatise on astro palmistry with astrological remedies. In other works on palmistry we find names of lines, mounts and marks etc after the names of planets and there ends their astrology. Lal Kitab after naming the mounts etc after names of planets goes much further. Palmistry is explained in astrological terms. This work would have attained the status of a great classic but for its script, which... 
 Astrology A New Age Guide  Perrone Ed Astrology A New Age Guide   $14.49  $10.87  Buy Now 
This book is intended as a guide for all those who would use astrology’s ancient wisdom to gain greater insights into themselves. It is not aimed at advanced students of the occult, but it written for the average man and woman who seek personal answers to the timeless questions: Who am I? Why am I here? What is my personal role in the greater scheme of existence? The author offers his evaluation of the effects each sign of the zodiac has, not on our personality, but on our immortal, inner... 
 Astrology and the Hoax of Scientific Temper  Gayatri Devi Vasudev Astrology and the Hoax of Scientific Temper   $30.99  $23.24  Buy Now 
A fine book of essays. It is marred in places by a shrill tone & consistently drops us into the middle of ongoing arguments, such as the one over the famous Humanist manifesto of 1975. Includes unmentioned sidebars & cartoons. This book is an inspired collection of writings that expose the fraud of "scientific temper" in its attack on astrology. Astrology always had its critics, the unfair and unjust criticism should be nipped at the bud. This book tells you all... 
 Astrology and You  Gopesh Kumar Ojha Astrology and You   $24.99  $18.74  Buy Now 
This book proposes to bring Astrology within the easy grasp of the layman. Shorn of tough astrological verbosity, it treats the subject with clarity and detail. Verily the answer to the layman's need. The book presents the essence of Astrology (Jyotish) in a systematic form for the enlightenment of knowledge seekers. You will be delighted to unravel the mystery of your future, and that of your near and dear ones. What is more, you no longer need be the victim of unscrupulous people who... 
 Astrology Concepts Explained  S.K. Duggal Astrology Concepts Explained   $34.49  $25.87  Buy Now 
The book is an explanation of astrological concepts to clear any doubt about the exact clarification of astrological terminology. Though it contains the tremendous amount of literature available in Vedic Astrology in various languages yet terms used in Western Astrology have also been explained. The book enlightens both the elementary and advanced readers of the Divine Science of Astrology. About the Author:S.K.Duggal is the Vice-President, international Council of Astrology & Allied... 
 Astrology for You  Shakuntala Devi Astrology for You   $6.99  $5.24   
Temporarily Out of Stock
Astrology is not a complex science as it often made out to be and, in the hands of the world-famous 'human computer' Shakuntala Devi, it becomes yet simpler and easier to understand and practice. The present book discusses zodiacs, planets, asterisms, the rising signs, Bhavas, Yogas, Dasas and their effects and transits. It enables the reader to cast a horoscope, and also read one. There are tables of correction for various cities and for sidereal time. It is a complete book that leaves nothing... 
 Astrology in Predicting Weather and Earthquakes  B.V. Raman Astrology in Predicting Weather and Earthquakes   $5.99  $4.49   
Temporarily Out of Stock
 Astrology of Professions  Col. A K Gour Astrology of Professions   $40.99  $30.74  Buy Now 
 This book is well structured, well illustrated and well explained. And it is a very timely, very helpful, very useful book. Need exists in the age in which we live all over the world, particularly in India, to guide young men and women in the choice of their educational and professional patterns. Where an educational psychologist begins to meander through many possibilities and ends with some hit or miss successes and failures, the astrologer is on a more certain ground. Col.... 
 Astrology of the Seers: A Guide to Vedic/Hindu Astrology  David Frawley Astrology of the Seers: A Guide to Vedic/Hindu Astrology   $24.99  $18.74  Buy Now 
Astrology of the Seers is a clear yet comprehensive presentation of Vedic astrology and makes this difficult-to-understand subject clear, practical and relevant. it reveals the deeper implications of the Vedic system in sections on astrology as a spiritual science, astrology and psychology, astrology and yoga.  Of special interest, the book explains the cycle of the world-ages (yugas), showing the Vedic view of human history, and the connection of our solar system with galactic... 
 ASTROLOGY, DESTINY & THE WHEEL OF TIME, Techniques & Predictions  K.N. Rao ASTROLOGY, DESTINY & THE WHEEL OF TIME, Techniques & Predictions   $18.99  $14.24   
Temporarily Out of Stock
Read the book and the evidences in it. Even if you do not know astrology, you will understand the true stories with evidences...If you know astrology, you will add to your own techniques of prediction. We live in an age in which we fined that physical sciences and astronomy have been anthropomorphised into God for moderm man.Arrogant display of discoveries of physical sciences have blocked the formation of a wholesome holistic attitude to God  and His universe. Only the super science of... 
 Astrology, Psychology and the Four Elements: An Energy Approach to Astrology & Its Use in the Counseling Arts  Stephen Arroyo Astrology, Psychology and the Four Elements: An Energy Approach to Astrology & Its Use in the Counseling Arts   $16.49  $12.37  Buy Now 
This recognized classic of modern astrology is truly a pioneering book. It established a new science of astrological psychology. It presents a language of energy that has enabled astrology to be widely and reliably used in the helping professions as well as by the general public. As Library Journal stated, "Transcending the boundaries of separate disciplines, this work represents a major distillation of astrological principles." This book relates astrology to modern psychology and... 
 Astronomy and Mathematical Astrology  Deepak Kapoor Astronomy and Mathematical Astrology   $25.49  $19.12  Buy Now 
Our classical texts on astrology state that one who knows this science, is truthful, well versed in mathematics, vedas, mantras and tantras can only be an astrologer capable of correctly predicting the future. Astrology was therefore divided into two main parts – Ganita Jyotisha (mathematical astronomy and astrology) and Phalita Jyotisha (predictive astrology). This book deals with the Ganita Jyotisha, so very essential to lay the foundation on which the edifice of Phalita Jyotisa can be... 
 Astroprofessor  Dr. V.S. Ramakrishnan Nair Astroprofessor   $18.99  $14.24  Buy Now 
This book contains all basic principles of astrology in simple language which can be understood by any laymen Contents of the book also includes, "signs of death", "what is birth and death", "Love at first sight", "cause of genetic disorders". etc.  The contest of this book is used for teaching astrology to students.  He is conducting astrology classes in Cochin (Kerala) since 1988 and in Bangalore since 1998.  Tens of thousands of students have studied astrology from him and... 
 Astrosecrets & Krishnamurti Padhdhati (Part-1)  M.P. Shanmugham Astrosecrets & Krishnamurti Padhdhati (Part-1)   $25.49  $19.12  Buy Now 
Table of Contents:ForwardAbout the authorPublisher's noteIntroductionWhat is astrologyThe planets: How do they act - IPlanetary aspectsPlanetary conjunctionsPlanets in retrogressionPlanets: How do they act? IIMars doshaWhat are the powers of the signs?Lagna: KP explainsAbout accident - 6 personsThe native - poor & rich. 
 Astrosecrets & Krishnamurti Padhdhati (Part-II)  K. Subramaniam Astrosecrets & Krishnamurti Padhdhati (Part-II)   $25.49  $19.12  Buy Now 
Table of Contents:Krishnamurti Padhdhati & educationSub lordKP & astrologySublord speaksSelection paper through Krishnamurti PadhdhatiUnity amongst brothersSub-lords who divert the dasa lordsAscendant lagnaLagna determination (from article Epileptic Fits)Lagna determination (Late Shri N. Krishnamurthy)A method to set a correct lagna by KPAdvanced stellar astrology & the 9th cusp sublordBirth time verificationThe trigonsLearn KP & earnChoice of friends (friend or foe)Ruling... 
 Astrosecrets & Krishnamurti Padhdhati (Part-III)  K. Subramaniam Astrosecrets & Krishnamurti Padhdhati (Part-III)   $15.99  $11.99  Buy Now 
Table of Contents:Correct time of birthThe quintensence of the superiorRealization of the amount lentLove marriage through horary & KP sub. lord theoryCuspal sublords & their impact on dasa effectsPrinciple of sublords & relevant housesAstrology, traditional & KPRetrieving lands from tenantOn buying a vehicleTheft articles revealed through KPChildbirth & the wonderful behavior of subHow the ruling planets workOn foreign travelKP - A unique predictive methodFree from... 
 Astrosecrets (4 Vols.)  K. Subramaniam Astrosecrets (4 Vols.)   $93.99  $70.49  Buy Now 
A humble person, the late K S Krishnamurti, the mighty giant of the recent past, who found Astrology in all its pell-mell, set the House of Astrology in order and pristine purity by his untiring work, emerging at last victoriously, only to give his toil, free, the Krishnamurti Paddhati to all. In the footsteps of the Guruji, as the disciples and KP-lovers so lovingly call late Prof. Krishnamurti, the author brought out this book to contribute is mite in a still lucid and clear manner,... 
 Ayurvedic Astrology  David Frawley Ayurvedic Astrology   $43.99  $32.99  Buy Now 
Ayurvedic Medicine represents the healing branch of yogic science, while Vedic astrology provides its understanding of time and karma. Ayurvedic astrology teaches the interface of these two extraordinary systems in the Vedic astrology of healing. The book explains how the different mind-body and planetary types of the two systems interrelate. It examines disease factors from an astrological perspective and goes in depth into astrological remedial measures, particularly gem therapy. It also... 
 Bhartiya Jyotish Vijyaan  Ravindra Kumar Dube Bhartiya Jyotish Vijyaan   $4.95  $3.71  Buy Now 
 Bhrigu nadi principles: Profession & life style through Saturn & Jupiter  N. Srinivasan Sastry Bhrigu nadi principles: Profession & life style through Saturn & Jupiter   $10.49  $7.87  Buy Now 
This book is unique and very handy for the Astrologers to look into the profession and lifestyle of an individual as per Brighu Naadi Astrology. The author has given different methods to know the type of profession, date of entering into the profession etc., by using the placement of Saturn. The case study given in the book is for easy learning the techniques of knowing the pattern of an individual’s profession. In the second part the author has given the guidelines for the readers to... 
 Bhrigu Nandi Nadi: (A Classical work based on Nadi Technique of Prediction)  R.G. Rao Bhrigu Nandi Nadi: (A Classical work based on Nadi Technique of Prediction)   $21.99  $16.49  Buy Now 
Bhrigu Nandi Nadi is an ancient and authentic Nadi Grantha very popular in South India. Whatever is the ascendant, with the help of this book, all about parents, brothers, sisters, wife and children, about past and future in precise terms can be ascertained. Clear indications can be obtained about the prospects in educational and professional career, foreign travels, financial position at various stages of life and longevity. All that has to be done is to pick out from more than 500 birth... 
 Bhrigu Sutram  Dr. Gouri Shankar Kapoor Bhrigu Sutram   $9.49  $7.12  Buy Now 
Bhrigu Sutras the English translation of the book Bhrigu Sutram said to have been written by Maharishi Bhrigu himself. It is a forgotten but a very valuable ancient classic of Hindu Predictive Astrology in which are described effects of the various planets in the twelve houses of the horoscope, in a very simple, direct, lucid, logical and meaningful manner. The learned author of this small but very useful work has delineated the effects of the planets in the various houses in accordance with... 
 Biorhythms of Natal Moon (Mysteries of Pancha Pakshi)  U.S. Pulippani Biorhythms of Natal Moon (Mysteries of Pancha Pakshi)   $15.99  $11.99  Buy Now 
Biorhythms of Natal Moon" otherwise called The Pancha Pakshi Shastra is a golden key in the hand of man which can be used with advantage in any endeavour and in any walk of life unlike the prevalent Biorhythm theories which reckon the cycles of time in terms of days only, too common for all humans.  This system was propounded by ancient Tamil Sidha Saints and is now presented in English for the first time for universal benefits by the esteemed author.  The system is unfailing as... 
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