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Amrut Laya: The Stateless State
Amrut Laya: The Stateless State
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THE JYOTISH SHELF Let's See What We Have Here...
Jyotish means simply "The light of God" and this ancient science of the Vedas is available and present so that we humans may live a life more aware of God in everyway. Jyotish, also called Vedic Astrology, is a complete science of understanding our individual lives, what is our deeper purpose, our strengths, our weaknesses, how to best proceed, to decide and ultimately how to be eternally happy and live a life in harmony with the world and cosmos. This is Jyotish! At Vedic Books we are proud to present you with a platter of the finest Jyotish books from beginner to advanced levels.
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 Manual of Hindu Astrology  B.V. Raman Manual of Hindu Astrology   $8.49  $6.37   
Temporarily Out of Stock
This manual is devoted to the exposition of the important and essential principles of Hindu Mathematical Astrology to enable casting of horoscopes according to the approved rules of Hindu Astrology. All unnecessary and superfluous information constantly employed by writers on Mathematical Astrology, which are not only cumbersome but also unimportant from the point of view of correct predictions, has been omitted. To caste and read a horoscope, a moderate knowledge of Mathematical Astrology is... 
 Matching For Marriage By Kootas and Birthcharts  S.Natarajan Matching For Marriage By Kootas and Birthcharts   $9.49  $7.12  Buy Now 
Marriage is a sacred occasion for Hindus. While the necessity to marry a second wife is not desirable for men, second marriage is prohibited for Hindu women. Therefore great care has to be exercised in uniting a girl and boy in wedlock. To ensure a long and happy married life, our Sages have devised a method of testing matrimonial adaptability which is called "Marriage Matching". Marriage matching is a part of Muhurtha Astrology and almost all books have dealt only with matching by... 
 Medical Astrology: A Rational Approach  J.N. Bhasin Medical Astrology: A Rational Approach   $21.49  $16.12  Buy Now 
It has been endeavoured to introduce a few specialites in this book. Firstly to discuss for the benefit of the student of astrology a maximum number of diseases [this book was first published in 1986] under astrological laws. Secondly to supply in support of that discussion as many illustrations from actual life as is possible, with a view to make the subject readily understandable. Thirdly we have tried to place the astrolgical material in a rational & logical manner, so that the question... 
 Muhurta: Traditional and Modern  K.K. Joshi Muhurta: Traditional and Modern   $8.49  $6.37  Buy Now 
 Muhurta, or choice of an auspicious moment for commencement of an activity used to be the most important branch of Astrology in ancient times. Reasons for this can be found in its emphasis on the positive aspects of life, i.e., choosing a favorable time to commence any activity. The emphasis on 'Karma' or effort to create a short term destiny relating to a particular aspect of life within the limits set by major destiny or birth horoscope has also been the reason for giving muhurta the... 
 Mystery of Rahu in a Horoscope  Shivraj Sharma Mystery of Rahu in a Horoscope   $7.49  $5.62  Buy Now 
This book will be remembered as an outstanding and classical research of this country.Some of the outstanding features of the book are:It is written most scientifically as astrology books are rarely written.The style of writing this book is most novel and most lucid.It first states all the classical principles known about Rahu.It then proceeds to supplement them with very original and fundamental researches which in themselves open out a new horizon for the modern astrologer.All these are fully... 
 Mystery of Rahu in a Horoscope  Shiv Raj Sharma Mystery of Rahu in a Horoscope   $12.49  $9.37  Buy Now 
This book will be remembered as an outstanding and classical research of this country.Some of the outstanding features of the book are: It is written most scientifically as astrology books are rarely written.The style of writing this book is most novel and most lucid.It first states all the classical principles known about Rahu. It then proceeds to supplement them with very original and fundamental researches which in themselves open out a new horizon for the modern... 
 Naadi Prediction  Shashi Kant Oak Naadi Prediction   $9.99  $7.49   
Temporarily Out of Stock
‘Naadi’ is a collective name given to palm-leaf manuscripts dictated by ancient sages predicting innumerable things. This book aims at imparting information about Naadi Shastra and answering questions that arise in the mind of a common man. The book deals with the subject very incredibly and has something for every inquisitive individual. Wing Commander Shashikant Oak is a voracious reader and a powerful writer. 
 Nakshatrachikitsa-Jyotisham  Maharishi Abhay Katyayan Nakshatrachikitsa-Jyotisham   $4.95  $3.71  Buy Now 
 Narayana Dasa  Sanjay Rath Narayana Dasa   $38.49  $28.87   
Temporarily Out of Stock
The first book on the Narayama dasa, also known as the Padakrama dasa. The book is comprehensive in scope The dasa starts from the stronger of the two signs, the Lagna or the 7th house, since they are the seat of truth, otherwise known as the satya-peethas. To ascertain the stronger of the two signs, the lagna or the 7th, following rules can be followed. The rules are culled out from Brhat Parasari Hora Shastra and the Jaimini Sutras and beautifully presented in the Narayana Dasa book by Pt.... 
 Nasta Jatakam: Lost Horoscopy  Mukunda Daivajna Nasta Jatakam: Lost Horoscopy   $7.99  $5.99  Buy Now 
The present work of Mukundacharya, a well-know Sanskrit scholar and traditional astrologer of lore is supposed to assist the reader in reconstructing a horoscope in the absence of birth details. A large number of aphorisms are explained herein based on the works of Varaha Mihira, Kalyana Verma, Amirchanbra & Keralite scholars. Besides, an astrology that is well versed with horary branch only is not unlikely to derive advantages of the rules Infra. Table of... 
 Notable Horoscopes  B.V. Raman Notable Horoscopes   $18.99  $14.24  Buy Now 
The book analyses the various combinations which have produced personages like Lord Krishna, the Buddha, Adi Sankara, Jesus Christ, Prophet Mohammad, Einstein, Akbar, Aurangzeb, Tippu Sultan, Vidyaranya, Tagore, Hilter, Suryanarian Rao, Abraham Lincoln, Sudhash Bose, Aurobindo, Thyagaraja, Bernad Shah, Godse, and many others. This will prove to be a useful book for study and research work. No other existing book contains such a collection of valuable data and horoscopes. Most of these... 
 Numerology and Your Business  V. Rajsushila Numerology and Your Business   $9.49  $7.12  Buy Now 
This book is written specially for the benefit of businessmen to check if they are in the right business or not based on their dates of birth. It summarizes the nature of each business, the planet ruling the business, who can get maximum out of each business. For those who are already in business but not successful what6 they can do to make it successful. It also describes the appropriate gem, color and number for each business category wise. This book will be of great use for those who want to... 
 Numerology for All  Ashutosh Ojha Numerology for All   $7.99  $5.99  Buy Now 
This book introduces you to the fascinating world of numbers, and shows how they influence your destiny. A complete and easy-to-understand guide to fundamental principles of numerology.Contents of the Book:Numerology: Interpreting the Mystical Influence of Numbers Numerology: The Science of PeriodicityNumbers: Their Affinity and SignificanceThe Basic NumbersDetermining the Real Date of BirthUsing the Affinity PrincipleThe Tenets of Hindu Numerology Number Nine: The Crest of PerfectionThe Mystic... 
 Only First for Last Born Child  K.N. Rao Only First for Last Born Child   $9.99  $7.49  Buy Now 
 Parasaratantra  R.N. Iyengar Parasaratantra   $56.49  $42.37  Buy Now 
About the Book:  Ancient Sanskrit texts of India are a treasure trove of knowledge. Parāśaratantra- Ancient Sanskrit Text on Astronomy and Natural Sciences a reconstructed text with translation and notes by R.N. Iyengar is a fruition of a long journey of research and investigation into History of Science in India. The book is divided into 21 chapters with an intellectually lettered introduction. These chapters present a compilation of Sanskrit texts by Parasara, a sage and... 
 Pataki Risht Chakra  Shalini Dhasmana Pataki Risht Chakra   $7.99  $5.99  Buy Now 
A special technique for finding mishaps in the lives of children and boys and girls up to the age of twenty-four. Pataki Rista Chakra (P.R.C.) is a traditional technique in eastern India, in Orissa, Bengal, Bihar (Darbhanga part).Method of calculation starts like this:P.R.C. as a chakra is made up of three vertical lines & three horizontal lines crossing each other as shown. [Think tic-tac-toe with extra lines] From the ends of these lines, transverse [e.g., diagonal] lines are drawn to... 
 Phala Deepika  G.S. Kapoor Phala Deepika   $16.49  $12.37   
Temporarily Out of Stock
"Phaladeepika" holds a most distinguished position amongst the great ancient astrological classics. It deals in a most comprehensive and authoritative manner with almost alll the astrological aspects of human life. There can be said to be nothing that this great work has omitted from its purview. Table of Contents: Description of characteristic features of sings and houses Characteristic Features of the Planets and the matters falling under their jurisdiction Divisions of a... 
 Phaladeepika-Bhavarthabodhini (Hindi)  Gopesh Kumar Ojha Phaladeepika-Bhavarthabodhini (Hindi)   $15.99  $11.99  Buy Now 
 Phaldeepika: Bhavartha Bodhini (English)  Gopesh Kumar Ojha Phaldeepika: Bhavartha Bodhini (English)   $39.49  $29.62  Buy Now 
This is one of the best books on Predictive Astrology. It includes the essence of Parashar, Jaimini and many more masters. Four hundred and fifty Yogas of Bhavartha Ratnakar of Shri Ramanuja have been added to befit the title Phaldeepika; Bhavartha Bodhini. The 28 chapters in the book cover various topics: the characteristics, house divisions, strength of planets, career, various yogas, raja yogas, marriage, children, longevity, periodic influence of planets, the effect of transits and... 
 Planetary Aspects in Astrology  O.P. Verma Planetary Aspects in Astrology   $12.99  $9.74  Buy Now 
Planetary aspects are the combined influence of two or more planets on a native on earth. They are harmonious or inharmonious according to lordships, natural significations and characteristics of the planets involved. Their intensity varies according to strength of planets in a particular chart. Aspects operate like conjunctions of planets. This treatise on planetary aspects is the first of its kind, equipped with Vedic interpretation of conjunctions and aspects of planets along with exhaustive... 
 PLANETS & CHILDREN  K.N. Rao PLANETS & CHILDREN   $12.99  $9.74   
Temporarily Out of Stock
Read the book deeply and repeatedly to be able to predict about the birth of children mishaps to children, the problems of childlessness spiritual remedies to overcome problems of childlessness and tragedies to children. No such book has ever been written about children. Gynecologists who study astrology can make very good use of such a book and astrologers can help sympathetic gynecologists with such illuminating guidance which they often need.Table of Contents:Section One - Transit of planets... 
 Planets and Education  Naval Singh Planets and Education   $12.99  $9.74  Buy Now 
This is a very original book with the most original research ever written on educational choices for a student and will be most useful for guiding anxious parents in helping choose for their children right type of education. 'It took me years of research to arrive at a dependable classification of subjects according to planets and rashis. In the stream of humanities it was easy to guide as I have been a student of humanities all through'. KN Rao When it came to the choice of technical and... 
 Pointers to Profession: An Astrological Exposition  Mridula Trivedi Pointers to Profession: An Astrological Exposition   $43.99  $32.99  Buy Now 
"Pointers to Profession : An Astrological Exposition' is one of the most exhaustive and comprehensive work, among the books available so far, on the judgement of suitable occupation of the native. One of the important queries to an astrologer is about the profession and professional prospects of the native or his children. Absence of any authentic book, which covers all aspects of profession, led to the creation of this exhaustive work related to profession, covering its every aspects, as... 
 Practical Application Of Nadi Techniques  G.P. Gopal Krishnan Practical Application Of Nadi Techniques   $25.49  $19.12   
Temporarily Out of Stock
Contents: i. Acknowledgmentsii. About the authoriii. The need to share these favourite & practical techniquesiv. Introduction & dedicationv. Some insights about Nadi readingvi. Preface by K.N. RaoPart A1. Bhrigu nandi nadi2. Basic techniques with illustrationsPart B3. My understanding of the principles of nadi techniques4. 35 golden rules to be followed5. The importance of transits of the slow moving planets6. Transit of Saturn7. Transit of Jupiter8. Transit of Rahu & Ketu9.... 
 Practical Remedial Measures  L.R. Chawdhri Practical Remedial Measures   $8.99  $6.74  Buy Now 
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