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Saivism refers to the traditions of Hinduism that focus on the deity Shiva.
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 Vijnana Bhairava : The Practice of Centring Awareness  Swami Lakshman Joo Vijnana Bhairava : The Practice of Centring Awareness   $24.99  $18.74  Buy Now 
The Vijnana Bhairava is one of the most important Tantras of Kashmir Saivism, at least as far as the practical aspect of the yoga of this school is concerned. It teaches 112 dharanas, or ways of centring awareness and entering divine consciousness (which includes ordinary and extraordinary experience), as well as tantric methods of spiritual practice such as kundalini, mantra and mudra. The modern need to integrate all aspects of life makes this ancient text of great relevance to our times. In... 
 Shiva Svarodaya  Ram Kumar Rai Shiva Svarodaya   $18.99  $14.24   
Temporarily Out of Stock
This little book Sivasvarodya, herein presented for the first time, with an English Translation together with Roman version of the Sanskrit text, is an ancient Sanskrit Text of great importance and the only one extant which elucidates the Science of Predicting auspicious and inauspicious results based on the flow the breathing through one or the other nostril. It was initially revealed by Lord Siva to His Divine Consort Parvati with specific instructions to keep it a closely guarded secret,... 
 Kashmir Shaivism : The Secret Supreme  Swami Lakshman Joo Kashmir Shaivism : The Secret Supreme   $18.99  $14.24   
Temporarily Out of Stock
Swami Lakshman Jee is the last living Master of the oral tradition in Kashmir Shaivism. This exposition of the non-dual philosophy with practical applications is his first book in English. The tantric teachings are hidden in a language of allusion and symbols. Swamiji offers the skeleton key of the oral tradition that allows access to secrets. The intent is to preserve the tradition and to make it available. The emphasis is on practical realization of Truth through the experience of... 
 Lord Siva and His Worship  Swami Sivananda Lord Siva and His Worship   $28.49  $21.37  Buy Now 
This is a most valuable and instructive book for the aspirants, particularly for the devotees of Lord Siva. It is full of instructions on practical Sadhana for attaining Siva-Tattva or God-realisation. The secrets of Siva Tandava, Sakti -Yoga, etc. are very nicely presented. The translation of the Saiva Upanishads is a beautiful addition. The lives of Siva Acharyas, the Bhaktas and the Nayanars are inspiring and soul-stirring. A study of their lives will make one's life sublime and holy. Up to... 
 Shiva Samhita  Rai Bahadur Shrisha Chandra Vasu (Tr.) Shiva Samhita   $19.99  $14.99  Buy Now 
In Hindu mythology, Shiva is also known as the god of asceticism, and as such is called Mahayogi, or "great yogi". This book consists of an ancient collection of texts or verses, which elaborate the essentials necessary for the practice of yoga.Reading this book you will discover the discover the secrets of Hatha Yoga and Raja Yoga. Transcend to the spiritual heights of the ancient rishis and yogis through their secrets. Learn about the steps which must be traversed before one may... 
 Pratyabhijnahrdayam: The Secret of Self-Recognition  Jaideva Singh Pratyabhijnahrdayam: The Secret of Self-Recognition   $20.49  $15.37  Buy Now 
The Paratrisika (or Paratrimsika) is a short Tantra which has been held in the highest esteem by Kashmir Saivism or Trika. After Somananda, Abhinavagupta has written two commentaries on it, a short one (Laghuvrtti) and an extensive one the present Vivarana which is presented here for the first time in an English translation. The Paratrisika Vivarana is one of the most fascinating but also most difficult texts of the Kashmir Saiva School, and of the mystical philosophical literature of India as... 
 Siva: The Siva Purana Retold  Ramesh Menon Siva: The Siva Purana Retold   $31.99  $23.99   
Temporarily Out of Stock
'One day of Brahma has 14 Indras; his life has 54,000 Indras.  One day of Vishnu is the lifetime of Brahma.  The lifetime of Vishnu is one day of Siva.'  There are eighteen Mahapuranas, great puranas, and the Siva Purana is one of them.  Siva is a vivid retelling of the Siva Purana for today's reader.  The book contains all the major legends of Siva, bringing them alive again for a new generation.  The characters and events one encounters here are awesome, many are... 
 The Yoga of Siddha Tirumular  T.N. Ganapathy The Yoga of Siddha Tirumular   $62.99  $47.24  Buy Now 
This book fulfills a longtime need for a comprehensive introduction and commentary in the English language for one of Yoga's greatest source works: the Tirumandiram or "Holy Garland of Mantras," described by Dr. Georg Feuerstein Ph.D "as important as the Yoga-Sutras of Patanjali, the Bhagavad Gita and the Yoga-Vashistha combined." Tirumandiram is considered to be the greatest and earliest seminal work of the Siddhas, the greatest adepts of Yoga, and an encyclopedia of... 
 Rudra Mantras: From Taittiriya Samhita  Dr. R. L. Kashyap Rudra Mantras: From Taittiriya Samhita   $5.49  $4.12   
Temporarily Out of Stock
Rudra mantras from Taittiriya Samhita are given to the mankind by the great rishis for manifesting the power of healing and the upward evolution of the consciousness. There are many books giving the text and meaning of Namaka hymn. Our book is different from them in several significant ways. The focus here is not on the mere chanting of the mantra, but on the practice of inner yajna, the yajna which is occuring in our subtle bodies. The recitation of the Namaka and the Chamaka hymns is a part... 
 Sri Tantralokah: Text with English Translation Chapter Two, Three, Four  Abhinavagupta Sri Tantralokah: Text with English Translation Chapter Two, Three, Four   $75.49  $56.62  Buy Now 
Tantraloka is a magnum opus of the Indian Tantric-world, written in the Tenth Century, in the light of Kashmir Saivism by the great polymath Sri Abhinavagupta. This great work does not only include all the philosophical and Tantric essence of monistic Kashmir Saivism but is also often considered the apex of Indian Tantric Philosophy. About the Author: Gautam Chatterjee, well-known writer, has a lineage of Pt. Ishvara Chandra Vidyasagar, with deep Sanskrit Tradition and has been a close... 
 Siva Mahapurana: An Exhaustive Introduction (In 3 Volumes)  Shanti Lal Nagar Siva Mahapurana: An Exhaustive Introduction (In 3 Volumes)   $187.99  $140.99  Buy Now 
Sanskrit Text, English Translation with Photographs of Archaeological Evidence. The Puranas are considered to be the pillars of the Vedic dharma comprising of Sruti, Smrti and Puranas. The Siva-Mahapurana is a famous one amongst the eighteen Mahapuranas. Relatively bigger in size, this Purana is primarily of a religious tone, dedicated mainly to the glory, various forms, their importance and valour of lord Siva. There had been certain deities, who after once appearing over the Indian... 
 The Stanzas on Vibration: The Spandakarika with Four Commentaries  Mark S.G. Dyczkowski The Stanzas on Vibration: The Spandakarika with Four Commentaries   $40.99  $30.74  Buy Now 
Spanda is the vibratory dynamism of the absolute consciousness. In this book, the author focuses on the school of Kashmir Shaivism that presents this doctrine as its cardinal principle and whose literature consists in a large part of the works translated here. In his introduction and in his exposition of the four commentaries, the author shows both how the Spanda tradition contributes to the other schools of Kashmir Shaivism and how it is different from them. He presents for the first time a... 
 Linga Purana  B K Chaturvedi Linga Purana   $5.99  $4.49  Buy Now 
In the list of the eighteen Mahapuranas, the Linga Purana is invariably listed as number eleven. But it does not mean that the Linga Purana was eleventh in the order of composition. There are many rituals in the text and these tend to indicate that the Linga Purana was composed much earlier because it contains many legends and stories that date back to much hoary a period. Even though the Linga Purana doesn’t conform strictly to the conditions laid down for a Purana to be a Mahapurana.... 
 Kundalini Aghora II  Robert E. Svaboda Kundalini Aghora II   $18.49  $13.87  Buy Now 
Aghora, described in this volume as "super-tantra", is a Path of Devotion to the Great Mother Goddess Kundalini, here manifesting with the Name and Image of the Goddess Tara. This way is one of extraordinary extremes and intensities, even for tantra, and its aim is nothing less than to destroy the human limitations of the practioner, so that he or she becomes a super-human in fact, a kind of deity. 
 The Aphorisms of Siva  Mark S.G. Dyczkowski (Tr.) The Aphorisms of Siva   $55.99  $41.99  Buy Now 
The Siva Sutra was revealed to Vasugupta by Siva in order to counter the effects of dualism. This revelation initiated the hermeneutics of syntheses and exegesis climaxed by the great Abhinavagupta. The Siva Sutra is the most important scripture in the Trika system of Kashmir Shaivism. As a book on yoga, it explains the nature and cause of bondage and the means to liberation from bondage.Bhaskara is in the direct lineage of Vasugupta. To Bhaskara's commentary, Mark Dyczkowski has added his... 
 The Lilas of the Sons of Shiva  Vanamali The Lilas of the Sons of Shiva   $37.99  $28.49  Buy Now 
In this book, Vanamali has given us a fascinating glimpse into the lilas of the three sons of Shiva. This is a captivating book for all those who are interested in knowing the esoteric secrets of Hindu gods. Shiva and his sons are all aspects of the great electromagnetic forces that control life. Shiva is the source of all energies. He is the nuclear energy underlying the subatomic particles. At the very core of matter Shiva whirls in his cosmic dance as Nataraja. Ganesha is the god of gravity... 
 The Presence of Siva  Stella Kramrisch The Presence of Siva   $78.49  $58.87  Buy Now 
One of the three Great Gods of Hinduism, Siva is a living god.   The most sacred and most ancient book of India, the Rg Veda, evokes his prsence in tis hymsn.  Vedic myths, ritual, and even astronomy testify to his existence from the dawn of time.  In a lively meditation of Siva - based on original Sanskrit texts, many heretofore not translated - Stella Kramrisch ponders the metaphysics, ontology, and myths of Siva from the Vedas to the Puranas.       
 Mahanirvana Tantra: Sanskrit & Romanized Text With English Translation, Notes & Index (2 Volumes)  Pushpendra Kumar Mahanirvana Tantra: Sanskrit & Romanized Text With English Translation, Notes & Index (2 Volumes)   $118.99  $89.24  Buy Now 
This tantra is to all other agama as Siva is there to all other gods. The ‘Mahanirvana Tantra’ as now available consists of over 2500 verses in fourteen chapters. It is in the form of replies given by the lord Siva to the Devi Parvati on mount Kailash in answer to her urgent queries regarding the most appropriate sastra for men in the kaliyuga. 
 Shiva Sutra (Part 1 & 2)  Vasantha Sai Shiva Sutra (Part 1 & 2)   $18.99  $14.24  Buy Now 
From the deepest despair has emerged the brightest ray of hope for the world. It is only under the press that a flower yields its fragrance. Read the Author’s wisdom that shone through her many dark hours. The fruit laden tree received the heaviest blows, but was protected by the Lord. This book has been published by Swami’s Will though some may have tried to hinder this. Swami has commanded that these revelations be made known to show the triumph of truth over untruth. And Swami said,... 
 The Brahma Purana (AITM Vol. 33)  J.L. Shastri (Tr.) The Brahma Purana (AITM Vol. 33)   $43.99  $32.99  Buy Now 
Volumes 33-36 of the AITM series are devoted to the study of the Brahma Purana. The Brahma Purana contains ancient Hindu legends on world creation birth of Manu and his descendants, births of Gods and demi Gods, descriptions of earth and its different sections, of hells and heavens, of holy places, of Utkala sacred to sun, Shiva, Vishnu and the myths, legends and rituals connected thereto: divisions of time, yugas, yoga and Sankhya philosophies. 
 Sri Tantralokah - Chapter One  Gautam Chatterjee Sri Tantralokah - Chapter One   $35.99  $26.99   
Temporarily Out of Stock
Abhinava Gupta's magnum opus the "Tantraloka" is a great work in the ambience of tantragama treatise. This precept consists of right descriptions of almost all branches of saiva and sakta agama. The right will to translate the entire work into English (Direct from Samskrta) is arisen in the mind of Mr. Gautam Chatterjee. As the result, the translation work of the first chapter has been completed with illustrious footnotes. I pray to Lord Siva, who blesses with his Trisula of powers i.e. will,... 
 Jnana Sankalini Tantra  Paramahamsa Prajnanananda Jnana Sankalini Tantra   $18.99  $14.24  Buy Now 
With the passage of time, the real meaning of Tantra was misunderstood. From a highly evolved spiritual science Tantra was demeaned as a tool for magical or occult power or an enhancer of sensual enjoyment.Tantra is none of these. It is an ancient discipline that provides a vast learning, a deep understanding of life, and a methodology to attain Self-realization.Jnana Sankalini Tantra is a beautiful and meaningful dialogue between Lord Shiva and his consort, Parvati. In Tantric practices, both... 
 The Yoga of Kashmir Shaivism  Swami Shankarananda The Yoga of Kashmir Shaivism   $25.49  $19.12   
Temporarily Out of Stock
Consciousness is the most intimate experience of life the essence of life itself. among the many spiritual traditions born and developed in India one ancient philosophy--------Kashmir Shaivism----has explored it completely.The Yoga of Kashmir Shaivism is a book that will transform you. It is a resource and guide towards investigating and deepening your own consciousness. Swami Shankaranands grew up in Brooklyn New York, and as a greduate of both Columbia and New York Universities began a... 
 Centrality of Self in Saiva Siddhanta  George Joseph Centrality of Self in Saiva Siddhanta   $16.49  $12.37   
Temporarily Out of Stock
Well-documented, detailed and thoughtful, V.S. George Joseph’s book manifests a refined understanding of Tamil, philosophical, commentarial dimensions of the Saiva Siddhanta. It highlights both the philosophical content and the sophisticated methodology of the Siddhanta. 
 The Hymns & Orisons of Lord Shiva (Roman)  B. K. Chaturvedi The Hymns & Orisons of Lord Shiva (Roman)   $4.95  $3.71   
Temporarily Out of Stock
This book contains all the renowned hymns, orisons, Stutis, Aartis plus the prominent scriptural details of Lord Shiva - the Grand God. Besides translations in English and Hindi, it also carries original text in the Roman script with appropriate diacritical notations. 
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