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ARCHAEOLOGY Let's See What We Have Here...
Discover secrets of the earth, hidden glimpses of where we as a humanity have come from. India has some of the most ancient and wonderful archeological sites on the planet.
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 Art and Culture Under the Sungas  Dr. Vijay Kumar Mathur Art and Culture Under the Sungas   $67.38  $50.54  Buy Now 
The Sunga rule marks an important epoch in the political, religious, social, economic and literary field in ancient India. The author has presented in elaborate form a picture of the developments of the arts of sculpture, architecture and terracotta of this period. A detailed survey of the sources of the material, an exhaustive bibliography, an index and the plates make this book a rich contribution to the study of the art. About the Author:Dr. Vijay Kumar Mathur is M.A., Ph.D. in... 
 Between Jerusalem and Benares: Comparative Studies in Judaism and Hinduism  Hananya Goodman Between Jerusalem and Benares: Comparative Studies in Judaism and Hinduism   $31.49  $23.62   
Temporarily Out of Stock
This book represents the first serious attempt by a group of eminent scholars of Judaic and Indian studies to take seriously the cross-cultural resonances among the Judaic and Hindu traditions. 
 Bhojpuri Panktipavan Arts  Prem Prakash Pandey Bhojpuri Panktipavan Arts   $96.49  $72.37  Buy Now 
Folk art is the visual representation of folk culture and folk customs. As literature is the mirror of society, so is art the manifestation of its culture, Religious beliefs, myths, symbols and traditions, when reflected in the art of a society. The documentation of such art is not only significant for preservation of our heritage, but also important from anthropological point of view for understanding of human values.This introductory monograph examines the folk arts of Bhojpuri Saryupareen... 
 Bibliography on Indian Buddhist Art and Archaeology  Utpal Chakraborty Bibliography on Indian Buddhist Art and Archaeology   $47.49  $35.62  Buy Now 
The book gives a representative overview of what has been researched and accomplished in the field of Indian Buddhist Art and Archaeology since Wilkins’s article on Bodh-Gaya in 1788 or Thomas Daniel’s first illustration on the Kanheri caves in 1798.  The bibliography includes 4081 entries, covering published materials in English and French languages over the last two centuries. It is divided into two parts. The first part contains 2410 entries and archaeology and Indian art in... 
 Bronze and Iron Ages in South Asia  Agrawal Bronze and Iron Ages in South Asia   $162.99  $122.24  Buy Now 
Recent years have witnessed a flurry of archaeological activity in India, Pakistan and other parts of South Asia, producing an enormous wealth of data and consequently making most of the general books on South Asian archaeology out of date. This encouraged the authors to attempt a balanced and holistic synthesis of the new evidences and research material. To do justice to the vast data, the project (Archaeology of South Asia) was planned in two volumes. The story of humans from the beginning... 
 Buddhism in Mathura: A Detailed Study of Buddhist Tradition, Archaeology and Art  Vinay Kumar Gupta Buddhism in Mathura: A Detailed Study of Buddhist Tradition, Archaeology and Art   $96.49  $72.37  Buy Now 
The book is an attempt by the author to present the holistic view of Buddhist Mathura. This book explores all the literary references available about Mathura and nearby region in the ancient Buddhist literature. An attempt has been made by the author to identify those sites mentioned in the literature with the archaeological sited found during explorations. The author has also delved in the account of Chinese pilgrims Fa-hian and Hiuen-Tsang related with Mathura and has tried to verify those... 
 Buddhist Centres of Orissa  Bimal Bandyopadhyay Buddhist Centres of Orissa   $84.22  $63.17  Buy Now 
Orissa has been the Cinderella of Indian archaeological exploration. For historical reasons the decision makers deterred the spade of the archaeologists. Nonetheless, the occasional foray into the field threw a flood of light on the hitherto hidden historical, religious and artistic traditions of the state. The excavation conducted by the Archaeological Survey of India from 1997 to 2000 at Udayagiri was epoch-making. It unearthed a grand monastery with magnificent shrines and unique... 
 Buddhist Remains from Haryana  Devendara Handa Buddhist Remains from Haryana   $84.22  $63.17  Buy Now 
Buddhist Remains from Haryana is based on the first-hand study of the Buddhist remains, mostly lying unnoticed at various places and in museums and private collections. It has taken years of study and fieldwork to dig up the literary and archaeological data to prepare this monograph which brings to light many stupas, pillars, sculptures, terracottas and other antiquities from the region of Haryana showing clearly that Buddhism continued to live here even after it was wiped off from the... 
 Chandragupta Maurya: A Gem of Indian History  Purushottam Lal Bhargava Chandragupta Maurya: A Gem of Indian History   $16.49  $12.37  Buy Now 
A Ksatriya hero of little-known antecedents, Chandragupta Maurya was unmistakably a born leader of men, who within twenty-four years of his reign: 317 bc-293 bc, established a gigantic empire by not only unifying the countless fragments of a distracted India, but annexing some of the erstwhile Persian dominions as well. Professor Bhargava here profiles this “first historical emperor of India”, in all essential detail. Based on diverse original sources, notably, Brahmanical,... 
 Chroonological Idenitity in Indian Art  Brija Kishor Paddhi Chroonological Idenitity in Indian Art   $189.49  $142.12  Buy Now 
The book deals with the various religious places of Jainism, Buddhism, Hindu temples of Vaishnavism, Shaivism, Shaktism, etc., and Kabyas of Upendra Bhanja relating to the religion, culture, art and architecture. The book will be useful to these interesting subjects ancient history, geography, religion, Jainism, Buddhism, Vaishnavism, Shaivism, Shaktism, Archaeology, architecture, Epigraphy, linguistics, literature, Philosophy, history, etc. for the benefit of Scholars, students and general... 
 Classical Indian Ethical Thought  Kedar Nath Tiwari Classical Indian Ethical Thought   $12.99  $9.74  Buy Now 
The book is a philosophical treatise on the Hindu, Bauddha and Jaina morals meant for the University students of Indian Ethics as well as for the general readers interested in the subject. Books on the subject are generally written in a historical perspective. On the contrary, the present work is philosophical and critical which takes full cognisance of the recent developments in Western ethical thought and its likely impact on the understanding of the traditional Indian ethics. Attempt has... 
 Conservation of Cultural Heritage  Kamal K. Jain (Ed.) Conservation of Cultural Heritage   $125.49  $94.12  Buy Now 
Archaeologists and conservators have contributed their latest research papers to felicitate Sri A.S. Bisht who retired as Head of the conservation laboratory of the National Museum, New Delhi, and is one of the senior most archaeological chemists in the country. The methods of preservation explained would be very useful to professional archaeological chemists. Table of Contents: Editor's Note Man of Science and Spirituality (A Biographical Sketch of Shri A.S. Bisht/Amar Nath Khanna) List... 
 Deciphering the Indus Script  Asko Parpola Deciphering the Indus Script   $62.49  $46.87  Buy Now 
Of the writing systems of the ancient world which still await deciphering, the Indus Script is the most important. It developed in the Indus or Harappan Civilization, which flourished c. 2500 -1900 bc. in and around modern Pakistan. Prof. Parpola outlines what is known about the Harappan culture and its script, presents a decipherment of a small number of interlocking Indus signs, and proposes a method which will permit further progress in decipherment. His fascinating study confirms that the... 
 Discovering the Vedas: Origins, Mantras, Rituals, Insights  Frits Staal Discovering the Vedas: Origins, Mantras, Rituals, Insights   $31.99  $23.99  Buy Now 
This is a remarkable book. It untangles the many complexities of the Vedas and combines Staal’s scholarly respect for the texts, with explanations that are lucid and occasionally witty. His insights are thoughtful and perceptive. Romila Thapar In this unprecedented guide to the Vedas, Frits Staal, and the celebrated author of Agni: The Vedic Ritual of the Fire Altar and Universals: Studies in Indian Logic and Linguistics examines almost every aspect of these ancient sources of Indic... 
 Early Classical Art of South Asia (Set 2 Vols.)  M.C. Joshi Early Classical Art of South Asia (Set 2 Vols.)   $320.99  $240.74  Buy Now 
The present volume 'Early Classical Art of South Asia' is edited by Prof. M.C. Joshi and Dr. D.P. Sharma. The period of Gupta dynasty begins around 319 A.R ends up to 578 A.D. The art of Gupta period has often been referred to as the classical art of early South Asia. The art of Gupta period was characterized by a sensitivity modeled body from a severity of expansion and dominant spiritual purpose. During Gupta Age there was all-round development particularly in fine arts-literature both... 
 Early Indian Historical Tradition and Archaeology  G.P. Singh Early Indian Historical Tradition and Archaeology   $38.49  $28.87  Buy Now 
Surveying the whole extent of Itihasa-Purana and sifting facts from myths, the book reconstructs millennia of ancient India`s political-cultural history (pre-Bharata war days to about AD 1200), with chronological details of all kingdoms that ruled. 
 Early Rulers of Khajuraho  S.K. Mitra Early Rulers of Khajuraho   $38.49  $28.87  Buy Now 
Dr. Sisir Kumar Mitra's book, entitled "The Early Rulers of Khajuraho" constitutes a welcome addition to the existing literature on the history of the Candellas of Bundelkhand. He gives a comprehensive and fascinating account of the varied activities of this distinguished family of rulers, based on a minute and detailed study of the material which he collected with great industry and thoroughness from diverse sources, indigenous and foreign, literary and archaeological. Though most of... 
 Education Gandhi and Man: Select Writings Khwaja Ghulamus Saiyyadain  Akhtarul Wasey Education Gandhi and Man: Select Writings Khwaja Ghulamus Saiyyadain   $35.49  $26.62  Buy Now 
The task of education is the task of training good men and women with a quality of goodness. He (Mahatma Gandhi) not only meant all that he said and wrote but for him a thought in the morning was a deed by nightfall, so far it was humanly possible. Khwaja Ghulamus Saiyyadain was a traditional man but in a more rewarding sense of the term. He inherited all the good values of the social, cultural and religious ethos that the Indo-Islamic civilization offered to a sensitive and intelligent human... 
 Encyclopaedia of Indian Architecture: Hindu, Buddhist, Jain & Islamic: Buddhist  K.M. Suresh (Ed.) Encyclopaedia of Indian Architecture: Hindu, Buddhist, Jain & Islamic: Buddhist   $281.49  $211.12  Buy Now 
This volume of the work entitled 'Encyclopedia of Indian Architecture' is devoted to the study of Buddhist architecture. It has twenty four chapters. The chapters discuss Buildings during the Rule of the Early Mauryan Dynasty (c. 400 B.C.): Wooden Origins, Asoka and the Beginnings of the Buddhist School (c.250 B.C.) The Stupa and its Symbolism, Architecture of Sungas, Buddhist Rock -Cut Architecture, Rock-Cut Architecture of Hinayana 2nd Century B.C., Buddhist Architecture in Southern India... 
 Exploring The Hindu Mind: Cultural Reflection & Symbolism  M.K.V. Narayan Exploring The Hindu Mind: Cultural Reflection & Symbolism    $23.49  $17.62  Buy Now 
Hinduism has a rich cultural heritage spanning the past four thousand years or more. In this long epoch starting from the Vedic times and its evolution through spiritual and Puranic periods in a multi-ethnic and multi-linguistic settings, the religion had absorbed many changes and modifications to blossom into modern Hinduism. In this book, an attempt is made to bring out the symbolism apparent or hidden in the ideas of Hindu mythology, rituals and cultural practices touching some visible... 
 Facets of Indian Civilization (3 Vols.)  Jagat pati Joshi (Ed.) Facets of Indian Civilization (3 Vols.)   $281.49  $211.12  Buy Now 
Facets of Indian Civilization provides unparalleled source of insight into Indian Civilization through the ages, containing a detailed account of archaeological and artistic data and incorporating the latest researches on the subject. Perceptive, insightful and selective, the book is an indispensable reference tool. The unusual variety of the subjects and the notable richness of illustrations combine to make this a work of endless fascination. The book will prove to be an invaluable asset... 
 Global Awareness for Preservation of Cultural Property  G.T. Shendey Global Awareness for Preservation of Cultural Property   $96.49  $72.37  Buy Now 
The Control over the illegal activities of art treasures in cultural properties should be tighten with International Conventions and national legislations on the International platform by UNESCO and inside the country by the concern nation for preserving the human art treasures and could pass on it to the future generals intact.  The United Nations had proclaimed the period 1988-1997 as would decade of cultural development.  Out of this, the global awareness concept for preserving... 
 Hari Smriti - Studies on Art Archaeology and Indology (2 Vols)  Arundhati banerji Hari Smriti - Studies on Art Archaeology and Indology (2 Vols)   $307.99  $230.99  Buy Now 
This collection of sixty-one papers contributed by the scholars from India and abroad is in memory of Dr. H Sarkar who retired as Jt. Director General, Archaeological Survey of India. He is very well known for his invaluable contribution to the field of archaeology. The papers included herein are the outcome of researches done on art, architecture, iconography, epigraphy, numismatic, archaeological explorations and excavations, antiquities and museums, conservation and heritage management... 
 History and Archaeology of North-East India: With Special Reference to Guwahati  Paromita Das History and Archaeology of North-East India: With Special Reference to Guwahati   $96.49  $72.37  Buy Now 
This book is an exhaustive study of the archaeological remains of the modern city of Guwahati from the fifth century A.D. to the end of the pre-colonial period in Assam. It focuses primarily on the different aspects of the history of the city, its religious and economic life, its society and polity. The history of the city is traced based primarily on its material remains, inscriptions, coins and sculpture. The history of Guwahati is intricately linked with the forces that shaped the history... 
 History and Heritage: In Honour of Prof. Kiran Kumar Thaplyal (In 3 Volumes)  R.S. Bisht (Ed.) History and Heritage: In Honour of Prof. Kiran Kumar Thaplyal (In 3 Volumes)   $160.49  $120.37  Buy Now 
As a humble tribute to their esteemed teacher and a great human being, Prof. Kiran Kumar Thaplyal, this book, History and Heritage, is brought out by his proud students as a guru-dakashina. All his students of successive generations have always held him high I great admiration, respect and love for his erudition, for his self-effacing nature and for his ever-charged enthusiasm that he has shown ungrudgingly whenever someone sought his help, guidance, interaction, or exchange of ideas. Truly,... 
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01.Some Missing Chapters of World History
02.A Tribute to Hinduism: Thoughts and Wisdom spanning continents and time about India and her culture
03.Alberuni's India
04.I am a SINDHI: The Glorious Sindhi Heritage
05.Discovering the Vedas: Origins, Mantras, Rituals, Insights
06.Chandragupta Maurya: A Gem of Indian History
07.Early Indian Historical Tradition and Archaeology
08.Prehistory and Protohistory of India (An Appraisal): Palaeolithic -- Non-Harappan Chalcolithic Cultures
09.The Battle for Ancient India - An Essay in the Sociopolitics of Indian Archeology
10.A New Light on Hampi
11.An Introduction to Hindu Culture: Ancient & Medieval
12.Archaeology of Indian Musical Instruments
The Haravijayam of Rajanaka Ratnakara
Teen Sau Mahatvapurna Yoga
Meditation and Its Practice
Nine Principal Upanishads: From the Teachings of Swami Satyananda Saraswati
Harappan Maritime Legacies of Gujarat
Preksha Yoga
Path to Liberation from Known to Unknown
History of Indian Philosophy (5 Vols.)
Happy For No Good Reason
Arthritis and Rheumatism
The Yoga of Sleep and Dreams: The Night-School of Sadhana
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Hooray -- my book was this delivered this afternoon, I have just picked it up.Many thanks Yuri for your patience and Thank You Verdic Books for printing this precious book and keeping up the publishing of this book so long ago written. What would we do without these little treasures and all of India's Self Realised sages who explain in simple language the inexplicable -- in abundance-- out there in the real material world and beyond....


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