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INDIAN HISTORY Let's See What We Have Here...
Indian history is the history of a nation called Bharat that has at times spanned as far as Thailand, Indonesia and Persia. India culture and it's wisdom has influenced the entire planet.
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 Essays On Ancient India: History And Culture Series  Raj Kumar Essays On Ancient India: History And Culture Series   $44.99  $33.74  Buy Now 
 Exploring The Hindu Mind: Cultural Reflection & Symbolism  M.K.V. Narayan Exploring The Hindu Mind: Cultural Reflection & Symbolism    $23.49  $17.62  Buy Now 
Hinduism has a rich cultural heritage spanning the past four thousand years or more. In this long epoch starting from the Vedic times and its evolution through spiritual and Puranic periods in a multi-ethnic and multi-linguistic settings, the religion had absorbed many changes and modifications to blossom into modern Hinduism. In this book, an attempt is made to bring out the symbolism apparent or hidden in the ideas of Hindu mythology, rituals and cultural practices touching some visible... 
 Expressions in Indian Art: Essays in Memory of Shri M.C. Joshi (In 2 Volumes)  B.R. Mani (ed.) Expressions in Indian Art: Essays in Memory of Shri M.C. Joshi (In 2 Volumes)   $352.99  $264.74  Buy Now 
Expressions in Indian Art contains essays on art and architecture. Seventy-five articles in the volume cover various aspects of Indian art and architecture through the ages. Famous centers of art and architecture dealt with are Mohenjo-dara, Harappa, Chanhu-dara, Kalibangan, Dholavira, Banavali, Lothal, Amravati, Sanchi, Sanghol, Mathura, Sarnath, Deogarh, Ratnagiri, Lalitgiri, Mahasthan, Bangarh, Khajuraho, Bhubneswar, Kanchipuram, Badami, Ajanta, Udaipur, Sirpur, Modhera, Ramgarh,... 
 Facets of Indian Civilization (3 Vols.)  Jagat pati Joshi (Ed.) Facets of Indian Civilization (3 Vols.)   $281.49  $211.12  Buy Now 
Facets of Indian Civilization provides unparalleled source of insight into Indian Civilization through the ages, containing a detailed account of archaeological and artistic data and incorporating the latest researches on the subject. Perceptive, insightful and selective, the book is an indispensable reference tool. The unusual variety of the subjects and the notable richness of illustrations combine to make this a work of endless fascination. The book will prove to be an invaluable asset... 
 Fairs & Festivals of India:  Unfolding the Colourful Heritage of India  S.P. Sharma Fairs & Festivals of India: Unfolding the Colourful Heritage of India   $25.99  $19.49  Buy Now 
Hinduism remains the oldest religion in the world. It has, over the years, continued to assimilate within itself different sects, creeds and castes, along with their respective customs, traditions, culture and mode of worship, forming a formidable amalgam of astonishing vitality and dynamism. The secret of Hinduism’s successful survival can be traced to the imaginative and colourful celebration of its festivals by the people. These joyous occasions of festivals have a powerful impact on the... 
 Faultless to a Fault: Gangesha on Upamana in Indian Epistemology  Uma Chattopadhyay Faultless to a Fault: Gangesha on Upamana in Indian Epistemology   $21.99  $16.49  Buy Now 
The present volume is a sequel to Dishonoured by Philosophers: Upamana in Indian Epistemology (2009). It is a logical and historical extension of the arguments made in defence of upamana in the previous work, upholding Gangesha’s standpoint as the height of perfection, the most vigorous defence of upamana in a series of defences and objections in a long course. 
 Folklore of Gujarat  A.M.T. Jackson Folklore of Gujarat   $70.99  $53.24  Buy Now 
About The Book: The great epic like Ramayana and Mahabharata are known to each and every scholars and readers in India but regional Folk epics remain largely unexplored. However in western India especially in Gujarat numerous epics are existed. Gujarat is accumulated with various culture, complex Traditions and rituals etc. The book contains Essays on many aspects of Folklore exhibits the variety and important Gujarat folk rituals and attitudes. Here folks is made mainly on the Nature power,... 
 Foundations of Indian Aesthetics  Vidya Niwas Misra Foundations of Indian Aesthetics   $25.49  $19.12  Buy Now 
Presenting an analysis of the basic aspects of aesthetics this volume systematically expounds important concepts from the Indian thought system. Presenting a lucid account of the Indian world view the volume explains the dynamics of literary appreciation. The comprehensive perspective offered by this volume covers the notions of Beauty. Originally presented as lectures at Indian Institute of Advanced Studies (IIAS) by the author the chapters provide an experiential Journey into the vast field... 
 Foundations of Indian Culture (2 Volumes)  G.C. Pande Foundations of Indian Culture (2 Volumes)   $57.49  $43.12  Buy Now 
The Two volumes together may be described as search for the original ideational foundations of Indian Culture.  In one way this work recalls the tradition of Coomaraswamy but seeks to join it to the mainstream of critical history.  It argues that the living countinuity of Indian Culture is rooted in a unique spiritual vision and social experience. The Foundations of Indian Culture comprises, under a single connecting title, the series of articles which originally appeared in the... 
 Gandhi an Autobiography  Mahatma Gandhi Gandhi an Autobiography   $6.49  $4.87  Buy Now 
Gandhi's nonviolent struggles in South Africa and India had already brought him to such a level of notoriety, adulation, and controversy that when asked to write an autobiography midway through his career, he took it as an opportunity to explain himself. Although accepting of his status as a great innovator in the struggle against racism, violence, and, just then, colonialism, Gandhi feared that enthusiasm for his ideas tended to exceed a deeper understanding. He says that he was after truth... 
 Gandhi Wields The Weapon Of Moral Power  Gene Sharp Gandhi Wields The Weapon Of Moral Power   $5.95  $4.46   
Temporarily Out of Stock
We have arrived at a moment in human history when wars have to be banned if humanity is to survive. Nations are forging nuclear weapons which, if used in a war, are likely to destroy or poison life on this planet for generations. Man has, therefore, for his very survival to find some other way of overcoming conflict than war. Against this background Gandhiji's life, message and work derive vital significance for he points to an alter native to war. He turned his back to violence, but he did not... 
 Gandhigiri: Satyagraha after Hundred Years  B N Ray Gandhigiri: Satyagraha after Hundred Years   $51.49  $38.62  Buy Now 
In a time ravaged by large scale violence and unending terror where nothing seems more promising and urgent than to be reminded of another possibility: the path of non-violent struggle for justice exemplified by Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhi continues to be subject of enduring relevance and interest as it is evident in the interest and passion generated by popular Hindi movie, Lage Raho Munnabhai, Gandhigiri is gradually entering into popular imagination and academic discourses. His writings, running... 
 Ganga: In Search of the Source  Mireille Josephine Guezennec Ganga: In Search of the Source   $24.99  $18.74  Buy Now 
Since the dawn of humanity, Ganges-Ganga-the sacred river of India, born in the higher Himalayan realms, has inspired the imagination of mankind. In this book, the author invites us on an initiatory voyage to the sources of the revered river at Gaumukh, passing through the principal holy cities of Uttaranchal (Haridwar, Rishikesh, Gangotri, Badrinath) and following the prestigious junctions where the powerful affluent mixes with the venerated river. A crowned path in the Garhwal Himalayas,... 
 Geometrical Patterns Of Ancient Icons  Dr.A.P. Singh Geometrical Patterns Of Ancient Icons   $83.49  $62.62  Buy Now 
Iconography means not merely the mechanical description and identification of on image but also the study of various aspects, which lead to the growth of cult. The worship of Icon originated the right from prehistoric period. The excavation of Mohan Jodaro and Harappa substantiate to this fact. It is critical study of geometrical patterns of Icons of different sects of various dynasties of ancient India. Besides this, it enables us to visualize with the idea of anatomical details of human body.... 
 Glimpses of Devayana: A Short Synopsis of the Third Epic of India (with CD)  Dr. Hajari Glimpses of Devayana: A Short Synopsis of the Third Epic of India (with CD)   $15.99  $11.99  Buy Now 
The result of this birth of divine vision is that man's path manifests itself to him and those journeys of the Gods or to the Gods "Devayana" which lead to the infinite wideness of the Divine Existence.  Before me the paths of the journeyings of the Gods have become visible, journeyings that violate not, whose movement was formed by the Vasus.  The eye of the Dawn has come into being in front and she has come towards us over our houses. 
 Glimpses of Karnataka Folklore  Dr. Hebbale K. Nagesh Glimpses of Karnataka Folklore   $22.22  $16.67  Buy Now 
The great epics like Ramayana and Mahabaratha are known by each and every scholar and reader, even illiterate people and village folk know of these two epics- more often than not, they know the stories very well. But in India, regional folk epics remain largely unexplored. In South India, especially in Karnataka, numerous epics exist and yet not one can be placed within the same realm of familiarity as the Ramayana and Mahabaratha. Karnataka is not short in variety of cultural complexities,... 
 Glorious Indian Diamonds  T.M. Babu Glorious Indian Diamonds   $406.49  $304.87  Buy Now 
Based on decades scientific research this book projects India as the foremost country of the world where diamonds were discovered first. It explains past beliefs, present status of diamond mines, cutting-polishing industry, trade & marketing, and talks about future challenges and remedies to regain original glory. 
 Going To Wipe Their Tears  Pyarelal Going To Wipe Their Tears   $5.70  $4.28  Buy Now 
Between 1946-47, occured the heart-rending communal divide across the sub-continent and Mahatma Gandhi's valiant, single-handed struggle to stand against the tornado of primitive passions. With what super-human strength did Gandhiji carry on the battle is summed up by Pyarelal (Gandhiji's faithful secretary for 28 years) in one panoramic stroke of the pen : "During those fateful days like a Titan he rushed from one danger spot to another to prop up the crumbling heavens." An attempt is made in... 
 Golwalkar’s “We or our nationhood defined”: A critique  Shamsul Islam Golwalkar’s “We or our nationhood defined”: A critique   $7.99  $5.99  Buy Now 
This book attempts to put across actual facts about Golwalkar's life and beliefs in the light of his original writings, publications of the RSS, documents available in its archives and many other RSS documents the writer collected over the last 35 years from different parts of the country, specially the original text of Golwalkar's book We or Our Nationhood Defined (1939) which is being reproduced in this book. It is the most important text in order to understand the RSS' concept of Hindu... 
 Great Epics of India: Purana (Vol. 19)  Dipavali Debroy Great Epics of India: Purana (Vol. 19)   $48.99  $36.74  Buy Now 
 Great Mughals  Anil Saxena Great Mughals   $64.49  $48.37  Buy Now 
Indian history is glamourous and eventful.  India is a great country, which boasts of a rich history, richer than many a nation in the world.  Its history is vast and illustrious by all counts.  the term 'India' finds its origin in the 'Indus Valley Civilisation' that florished at the banks of the river Indus.  The history of India is one of the most interesting and enlightening onnes in the midst of a plethora of world histories.  For the purpose of ease, it can... 
 Great Soul: Mahatma Gandhi and His Struggle with India  Joseph Lelyveld Great Soul: Mahatma Gandhi and His Struggle with India   $44.99  $33.74  Buy Now 
A highly original, stirring book on Mahatma Gandhi that deepens our sense of his achievements and disappointments. This is a vital, brilliant reconsideration of Gandhi’s extraordinary struggles on two continents, of his fierce but, finally, unfulfilled hopes, and of his ever-evolving legacy, which more than six decades after his death still ensures his place as India’s social conscience – and not just India’s.About the Author:Pulitzer Prize winner Joseph Lelyveld worked... 
 Hanuman  Catherine Ludvik Hanuman   $14.95  $11.21  Buy Now 
The monkey-god Hanuman, one of contemporary Hinduism's most popular deities, has a long history in Indian art and literature. This study traces Hanuman's gradual evolution from his role as helper and messenger of Rama in the Valmiki Ramayana in the 3rd century B.C.E. to his more dominant function in Tulasi Dasa's Ramacaritamanasa, written circa 1575 C.E. The study begins with a concentrated overview of Hanuman's non-Aryan origins and later associations. It then illustrates and elucidated... 
 Hindu Architecture in India and Abroad - Manasara Series 6  Prasanna Kumar Acharya Hindu Architecture in India and Abroad - Manasara Series 6   $31.49  $23.62  Buy Now 
Contents:  Preface Introduction I. Pre Vedic Architecture/Mohenjo-Daro Harappa Jhukun Johi, Sehwan and Kohistan Baluchistan Waziristan II. Vedic Architecture: Vedas Brahmanas and Suras III. Classical or Post-Vedic Architecture: Buddhist architecture Jain architecture Brahmanical architecture: i. Epicsii. Puranasiii. Agamasiv. Miscellaneous treatises IV. Silpa-Sastra: Manasara Mayamata Amsumadbheda of Kasyapa Visvakarma Agastya Sanatkumara... 
 Hindu Goddesses  David Kinsley Hindu Goddesses   $31.99  $23.99  Buy Now 
Hindu Goddesses is a valuable sourcebook and reference work for students and scholars of Hindu goddesses and of Hinduism in general. Each goddess is dealt with as an independent deity with a coherent mythology, theology and, in some cases, cult of her own. Within the complex, diverse, and rich goddess traditions of Hinduism, one can find suggestions of nearly every important theme in the Hindu religion. In many ways, this book is as much a study of the Hindu tradition itself as it is a... 
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01.Some Missing Chapters of World History
02.Taj Mahal is a Temple Palace
03.Gandhi an Autobiography
04.Jesus Lived in India - His Unknown Life Before and After the Crucifixion
05.Some Blunders Of Indian Historical Research
06.In Search of the Cradle of Civilization
07.Dating The Era of Lord Ram
08.The Hindu Mind: Fundamentals of Hindu Religion and Philosophy for All Ages
10.Hindu Rites, Rituals, Customs and Traditions
11.In Indian Culture: Why do we
12.The Ragas of Northern Indian Music
Why Read Rig Veda
The Physics of Karma: A Requiem to Time
Introduction to Buddhist Tantric System
Indological and Buddhist Studies
Herbal Cure for Common Diseases
Monsanto - Peddling "Life Sciences" or "Death Sciences"
South Indian horizons. Felicitation volume for François Gros on the occasion of his 70th birthday
Crime and Punishment in Ancient India
Chhandah Sara Sangrahah
Introduction to Tantra Sastra
Predicting Through Astro-Numerology
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