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Sushruta Samhita: Ancient Indian Surgery (3 Volumes)
Sushruta Samhita: Ancient Indian Surgery (3 Volumes)
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VEDIC HISTORY Let's See What We Have Here...
Vedic history has been given in great details in texts such as the Mahabharata. It is a beautiful orchestra of events and mythology all woven into one.
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 Ideal India  Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Ideal India   $156.49  $117.37  Buy Now 
This book is a special presentation of the highest quality of the applications of Maharishi's Vedic Science to restore India as the Lighthouse of Peace on Earth. Maharishi describes how this Vedic transformation can easily be created through five main areas of governmental responsibility — education, health care, administration, defence and agriculture. A presentation of all Maharishi's Programmes in the fields of Vedic Education, Health Care, Administration, Defence, and... 
 In Search of the Cradle of Civilization  Georg Feurstein In Search of the Cradle of Civilization   $31.99  $23.99  Buy Now 
The book shows that the ancient Indians were no primitives but possessed a high spiritual culture, which not only influenced the evolution of the Western world in decisive ways but which still has much to teach us today. India's archaic spirituality is codified in the rich symbols, metaphors, and myths of the magnificent Rig-Veda, which is shown to be much older than has been widely assumed by scholars. The present book also unravels the astonishing mathematical and astronomical code... 
 In Search of Vedic Harappan Relationship  Agrawal In Search of Vedic Harappan Relationship   $102.99  $77.24  Buy Now 
The search for Vedic-Harappan relationship has received serious attention of the scholars in recent years though the theory was put forward as early as 1920s. With the renewed interest in India's past, a number of works both by Indian and foreign scholars have been published on the subject. Where as a specific group of scholars continues to be sceptic about the idea going to the extent of calling it a fundamentalist attempt, the more scientifically inclined scholars around the world have taken... 
 In Search of Vedic-Harappan Relationship  Ashvini Agrawal In Search of Vedic-Harappan Relationship   $102.99  $77.24  Buy Now 
Although the idea of a Vedic-Harappan relationship was put forward as early as the 1920s, it is only recently that scholars have given it serious attention. With the renewed interest in India's past, a number of works both by Indian and foreign scholars have been published on the subject. Where as a specific group of scholars continues to be sceptic about the idea, going to the extent of calling it a fundamentalist attempt, more scientifically inclined scholars around the world have taken... 
 In the Image of Fire  David Knipe In the Image of Fire   $11.11  $8.33   
Temporarily Out of Stock
A penetratiting study of Vedic man's religious experience of fire and heat. It is a portrayal of the profound and complex system of religious expressions that developed in ancient India from man's intimate relationship with the element fire, from his speculations upon the cosmogonic sacrifice and his intense desire to identify himself as a new being of cosmic heat and life. 
 Indian Alchemy: Soma in the Veda  S. Kalyanaraman Indian Alchemy: Soma in the Veda   $36.49  $27.37  Buy Now 
The book is an epoch-making work-a paradigm-shift in Vedic studies-which identifies soma as electrum (god-silver metallic compound). Soma is referred to in the Rgveda as the should of the Yajna (atmayajnasya). The path-breaking identification is based on textual evidence and a penetrating analysis of the Indian alchemical tradition, spanning nearly five millennia. The author is also the discoverer of the integrating role played by the mighty Sarasvati river adored in the Rgveda as the best of... 
 Indra and Other Vedic Deities  Uma Chakravarty Indra and Other Vedic Deities   $24.49  $18.37  Buy Now 
In deities : whether in anthropomorphic or symbolic forms, the Vedic sages conceived a transcendent principle, which is far too subtle, far too abstract for the ordinary minds to grasp. And likewise, they concretized “as divinities” the various forces of nature — recognizing the indispensability of rain and thunder, of the sun and fire for human survival. "Alongside the material representations of the cosmic order or of nature and nature-related phenomena, mankind has also mythologized... 
 Latyayana Srauta Sutra - 3 Volumes  Critically edited and translated by H.G. Ranade Latyayana Srauta Sutra - 3 Volumes   $137.99  $103.49  Buy Now 
The Srauta Sutras form a very important unit of the Sutra literature which lays down in brief the quintessence of the Vedic texts i.e. the Samhitas and the Brahmanas strengthening further the sacrificial tradition in India. As it is known worldwide, the sacrificial tradition in India is based mainly on the oldest book of the human beings namely the Rigveda (RV) as also on the Yajurveda (YV) and the Samaveda (SV) which have developed a variety of recensions with difference of utterance and... 
 Life and Vision of Vedic Seers, 1 Visvamitra  Satya Prakash Singh Life and Vision of Vedic Seers, 1 Visvamitra   $34.49  $25.87  Buy Now 
Life and vision of Vedic seers is a series aiming at reconstructing lives and thought contents of prominent Vedic seers so that they may emerge out in their individual capacities as great contributors to the history of human vision, ideation and understanding. The series is intended to cover as many seers as possible. This is the first volume of the series dealing with the life and attainments of Visvamitra, the seer of the sacred Gayatri Mantra. It retraces penetratively the contours of... 
 Life and Vision of Vedic Seers: Dirghatamas  Satya Prakash Singh Life and Vision of Vedic Seers: Dirghatamas   $34.49  $25.87  Buy Now 
About the Author: Born in the year 1934 near Varanasi, Prof. Satya Prakash Singh is a product of the Banaras Hindu University as also a D. Litt of the Aligarh Muslim University. Having served the Aligarh Muslim University as a Lecturer, Professor and Dean of the Faculty of Arts, he retired as Chairman of the Department of Sanskrit in 1994. He has also served as Director of the Dharam Hinduja International Centre of Indic Research, Delhi for a period of four years. Presently he is a Senior... 
 Materia Medica of India and their Therapeutics  Rustomjee Naserwanjee Khory Materia Medica of India and their Therapeutics   $93.99  $70.49  Buy Now 
A Reprint of Khory's and Katra's famous book first published in 1903. The organic drugs from the vegetable kingdom described in this book and their therapeutic value are mainly intended for those who believe in Hindu system of medicine, the system which was in the heyday of its glory in the earlier centuries of the Christian era but afterwards declined in the country of its origin. The first decline set in, when the Muhammedans conquered India, for the Muhammedans brought with them their own... 
 Medicinal Plants and Raw Drugs of India  Purshotam Kaushik Medicinal Plants and Raw Drugs of India   $150.49  $112.87  Buy Now 
India is one of the richest floristic regions of the world and is well known for its ancient heritage regarding medicinal plants and plant drugs since time of the Rigveda the oldest book to the world and the fourth of the vedas, the Atharveda that altogether deals with medicinal plants and their formulations in the form of 'mantras' (hymns) and the post Vedic Sanskrit literature of 'Charak', 'Sushrut' and 'Kashyap' and a large number of nighantus. The volume begins with genesis, drugs, drug... 
 Medicine in the Veda: Religious Healing in the Veda (Soft Cover)  Kenneth G.Zysk Medicine in the Veda: Religious Healing in the Veda (Soft Cover)   $31.99  $23.99  Buy Now 
Tracing the history and evolution of Indian medicine is a complex enterprise. Continuties of doctrine and practice rarely occur, preventing historian from positing an unbroken succession of development from earliest time. Until now most commentary has focused on later stages of Indian medical science that feature approximate analogies to the Hippocratic and Gaelic systems. This volume looks back to the earliest period (1200-200 B.C.) in which a clearly discernible medical... 
 Myths and Legends in Indian Art  S.D. Trivedi Myths and Legends in Indian Art   $189.49  $142.12  Buy Now 
The book starts with an Introduction discussing the concept and role of myths and legends in Indian Art. It talks about the centrality of myths and legends in ancient Indian literature, folklore and popular imagination of the ordinary people. It traces the essential role that myths played in the development of Hindu cosmology and cosmogony, the flights of fancy of the early Aryan mind and the efforts of Vedic and post-Vedic poets and thinkers to rationalize unexplained phenomenon and man's... 
 Orion : A Search into the Ancientness of Aryan-Vedic Culture (An Ignored Historical Research)  Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak Orion : A Search into the Ancientness of Aryan-Vedic Culture (An Ignored Historical Research)   $19.49  $14.62   
Temporarily Out of Stock
That the sacred thread – Yajnopavita among the Hindus and Kushti among the Parsis – is the sign of the constellation Orion’s belt, underlines its supreme significance among ancient and modern Aryans. Its mention in Vedic literature inspired the Sanskrit scholar Lokmanya Tilak to use it to fix the date of that early period of history – a task neither Yaska nor Sayana could think of. A unique and definitive study of the subject, it casts interesting new light on obscure... 
 Orissa Through the Ages: Historical Background (4 vols.)  S.R. Bakshi Orissa Through the Ages: Historical Background (4 vols.)   $243.99  $182.99  Buy Now 
The theme has deep academic link with various phases of the history of Orissa. The four volumes have been dealt in a comprehensive manner and its contents are fairly useful for teachers and scholars.  Volume I deal with eleven chapters commencing from Kurus and Panchalas, the age of Mauryas, the Magadha Empire, kingship and administration, foreign invasions, the Gupta Empire, advent of a new era, the caste system, constitution of 1935 and views of the Viceroy Lord Linlithgow. Volume II... 
 Perspective of Indian Thought  Narasingha Charan Panda Perspective of Indian Thought   $75.49  $56.62  Buy Now 
Perspective of Indian Thought is a collection of seventeen research Articles on Indology, written by Dr. Narasingha Charan Panda. These research articles are presented before the intellectual audience on various conferences and highly appreciated because of their originality and deep clarity on the subject. The articles contained in this volume deal with an extended canvas of topics including Vedas, Epics, Puranas, Buddhism, Kashmir Saivism and some other renowned works of Classical Sanskrit... 
 Religion of the Rigveda  H.D. Griswold Religion of the Rigveda   $21.94  $16.46  Buy Now 
The present work expounds substantially the value and significance of Indo-Aryan religious ideas as represented in the Rgveda. The work is divided into three Sections arranged in thirteen chapters. Section I deals with the origin of Indo-European and Indo-Iranian religion, its development into the concept of Godhood, Demonology and Priesthood. It describes Vedic tribes, their expansion, colonization, settlement, organization and culture. Section II discusses the peculiar traits of major... 
 River Valley Cultures of India  K.K. Chakravarty River Valley Cultures of India   $160.49  $120.37  Buy Now 
River Valleys have been the sites of the oldest human settlements and consequently the cradles of civilization as well as the repositories of the cultural milestones of the mankind. In India, rivers have played a predominant role in the temporal, cultural and spiritual life of the people through the ages. Several civiliza-tions and associated multi-cultures have evolved around them. Many of them have disappeared leaving trails behind them; others continue in fully and partly transformed... 
 Sangiti Sabda Kosa  Dr. Bimal Roy Sangiti Sabda Kosa   $37.99  $28.49   
Temporarily Out of Stock
Dealt in Bengali alphabetical order, it explains origin and evolution from Vedic Era, of Svaras, Srutis, Grammas, Murcchanas, Ragas, Talas, notation systems and later developments like Gharana Systems etc., along with all relevant words related to these, so that there is no need to look for them elsewhere. In this book, many technical terms of Arabic, Persian and western origin have found place. About the Authors: Smt. Chhaya Chatterjee had her initial training in music in Patna in the Style... 
 Science in Veda  D.R. Khanna Science in Veda   $62.49  $46.87  Buy Now 
Vedas are considered as an ocean of knowledge. Every bit of Vedas is very important each stanza, each line, each word has a significant meaning to it. For the language also supports its purpose. It is said that Sanskrit is the only nearest language which could be used to explain or describe anything clearly and specifically. It is the only Vedic Dharma where religion and Science go in hand to hand. The Vedas contain in them the gems of all true sciences. The book science in Veda deals with... 
 Script and Image  Adalbert J. Gail, Gerd J.R. Mevissen and Richard Salomon Script and Image   $40.49  $30.37  Buy Now 
The articles collected in this volume, which were originally presented in the panels on art and epigraphy at the 12th World Sanskrit Conference in Helsinki, Finland, illustrate the depth, diversity and sophistication of recent studies in these subjects by scholars from several countries.  The subjects treated include new archaeological and epigraphic discoveries, the relation between textual and iconographic traditions in both Hindu and Buddhist contexts, the historical and Cultural... 
 Some Blunders Of Indian Historical Research  P.N. Oak Some Blunders Of Indian Historical Research   $23.49  $17.62  Buy Now 
The author, in this book incites some blunders of India historical Research. This is Oak’s most popular work.Table of Contents:PrefaceWhat Prompted My Historic QuestBlunder No.Indian monuments Credited to Alien MuslimsIgnoble Akbar Believed NobleMisplaced Faith in Mediaeval ChroniclesMyth of the Indo-Saracenic Theory of ArchitectureMyth of the Moghul School of PaintingMyth of the Development of Music in Mediaeval Muslim CourtsMyth about the Moghul Garden ArtMythical Golden Periods Under... 
 Some Missing Chapters of World History  P.N. Oak Some Missing Chapters of World History   $23.49  $17.62  Buy Now 
A revolutionary work by P N Oak. The book is about those facts which were ignored knowingly or unknowingly by the said great historians. In the light of these facts history seems to be different.This book is intended to awaken and arouse the world from its complacent slumber about its history to the realization that there is much to learn and unlearn.History as it is currently taught, presented and presumed throughout the world, harbours a number of misconceptions, at times so gross as to... 
 The Asvamedha - The Rite and it's Logic  Subhash Kak The Asvamedha - The Rite and it's Logic   $12.99  $9.74  Buy Now 
This book describes the Asvamedha rite and its symbolism to explain distinctive aspects of the Vedic sacrifice system. Several questions related to the Asvamedha are posed and answered in the context of Vedic epistemology. This rite has three important functions: (i) it presents and equivalence of the naksatra year to the heaven, implying that it is rite that celebrates the rebirth of the Sun; (ii) it is symbolic of the conquest of Time by the king, in whose name the rite is... 
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01.Agnihotra: The Vedic Solution for Present-Day Problems
02.Some Missing Chapters of World History
03.The Daily Evening and Morning Offering (Agnihotra) : According to the Brahmanas
04.Some Blunders Of Indian Historical Research
05.In Search of the Cradle of Civilization
06.The Hindu Mind: Fundamentals of Hindu Religion and Philosophy for All Ages
07.Orion : A Search into the Ancientness of Aryan-Vedic Culture (An Ignored Historical Research)
08.Hindu Goddesses
09.The Principle Of Tridosa In Ayurveda
10.The Principal Upanishads
11.The Vedic Experience
12.A History of Sanskrit Literature
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Buddhas Not Smiling: Uncovering Corruption at the Heart of Tibetan Buddhism Today
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