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Karmathguru Hardcover - 2013 HINDI
Karmathguru Hardcover - 2013 HINDI
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JYOTISH BOOKS Let's See What We Have Here...
Jyotish means simply "The light of God" and this ancient science of the Vedas is available and present so that we humans may live a life more aware of God in everyway. Jyotish, also called Vedic Astrology, is a complete science of understanding our individual lives, what is our deeper purpose, our strengths, our weaknesses, how to best proceed, to decide and ultimately how to be eternally happy and live a life in harmony with the world and cosmos. This is Jyotish! At Vedic Books we are proud to present you with a platter of the finest Jyotish books from beginner to advanced levels. Discover Jyotish Books at Vedic Books. Our Jyotish books will teach you to unravel the mysteries of the 9 planets and the 12 signs.
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 Saturn A Friend or Foe  L.R. Chawdhri Saturn A Friend or Foe   $12.99  $9.74   
Temporarily Out of Stock
The present book is written to shed light on all the aspects of Saturn.  At present there is no book on Saturn devoted exclusively to this planet, although market is flooded with innumerable books, some of them are a real treasure of information.  
 Your Fortune Through Hora  L.R. Chawdhri Your Fortune Through Hora   $4.95  $3.71   
Temporarily Out of Stock
This simple but very useful book is a ready rocker for every man to be kept with him personally all the times for better planning and achieving success. The use of the tables presented, have been explained and made so easy that a man not even knowing Astrology can be benefited directly by simply following the easy directions explained there in. 
 Jyotishatattva Prakasha  Lakshmi Kant Kanyal Jyotishatattva Prakasha   $15.99  $11.99  Buy Now 
 Advance Predictive Technique of Ashtakvarga  M S Mehta Advance Predictive Technique of Ashtakvarga   $9.49  $7.12  Buy Now 
Astrology is a divine science and for accurate predictions grace of gurus and gods is necessary. Ashtakvarga is a unique system to assess the strength of Bhavas and planets and provides guidance for giving accurate predictions. For example, a well-placed Sun in the horoscope will take a person to dizzy heights. The person with such a Sun will be a born leader and success would come to him easily. Since in natural zodiac the Sun is Karaka of the fifth house, the house of Poorva Punya,... 
 Essentials of Horary Astrology or Prasnapadavi  M. Ramakrishna Bhat Essentials of Horary Astrology or Prasnapadavi   $56.49  $42.37  Buy Now 
This book provides an insight into the importance of astrology viz., natal, electional and horary, as well as deals with other dimensions of this science such as spirituality, spiritualism, Ayurveda, transmigration of souls, thought-reading, dreams, temple and its rituals and effects of particular sins. The work presents new theories and methods of determining success and defeat in contests and wars with the help of illustrative charts. It urges readers to avoid fatalism commonly associated... 
 Astrosecrets & Krishnamurti Padhdhati (Part-1)  M.P. Shanmugham Astrosecrets & Krishnamurti Padhdhati (Part-1)   $25.49  $19.12  Buy Now 
Table of Contents:ForwardAbout the authorPublisher's noteIntroductionWhat is astrologyThe planets: How do they act - IPlanetary aspectsPlanetary conjunctionsPlanets in retrogressionPlanets: How do they act? IIMars doshaWhat are the powers of the signs?Lagna: KP explainsAbout accident - 6 personsThe native - poor & rich. 
 Fundamentals of Astrology  M.R Bhat Fundamentals of Astrology   $24.99  $18.74  Buy Now 
In this book a detailed account of the science of astrology has been given with a view to making the reader a good astrologer. It shows that astrology does not make man a fatalist, a helpless automation in the hands of a merciless Fate. Astrology should rather help him to towards self-exertion and self-help. This hoary lore, according to the author, is to be practised not for selfish ends, but to guide the needy and the distressed, to remove the cause of their suffering and to turn their... 
 Annual Horoscope: Varshaphale or Tajak  M.S. Mehta Annual Horoscope: Varshaphale or Tajak   $10.99  $8.24  Buy Now 
The only book on Annual Horoscope (revised second edition) you need to understand and use this predictive technique. MS Mehta has written fourth book in Vedic Astrology. The others "Planets and Travel Abroad', "Ashtakvarga' and "Analysing Horoscopes through Modern Techniques". All his books have run into second or third editions. The book teaches the subject from the basic level with over 60 case studies. Many subtle predictive methods have been given which most... 
 Astakvarga: Concept and application  M.S. Mehta Astakvarga: Concept and application   $11.49  $8.62  Buy Now 
 Bhuvana Deepika  Mahamahopadhyaya Iranganti Rangacharya Bhuvana Deepika   $9.49  $7.12  Buy Now 
Bhuvana Deepika, a book on Prasna Sastra, was written by Sri Padma Prabhu Soori. This small work comprises 36 doorways dealing easily the contents like journey & return, disease, health, theft, sale & purchase, pregnancy dispute etc. Some fundamentals are also given in the first six doorways. I have published the book translated in Telugu in 1969. I hope this small book which I have translated in English with a few more details from other sources would be of good use to both the... 
 Gems in Human Destiny  Mahan Vir Tulli Gems in Human Destiny   $4.95  $3.71  Buy Now 
About the Author: Mahan Vir Tulli, a former diplomat, who has traversed over 100 countries during his tenure in the Indian Foreign Service and lectured on Astro-sciences in several languages, Tulli has met world celebrities from all walks of life and predicted about them with great precision. A recipient of various awards in this field, he has penned a plethora of other titles which include The A to Z of Astrology, Astro-Numerology, Introduction to Numbers, Numbers and Spiritualism, Numbers... 
 Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra - (2 Vols.)  Maharshi Parasara Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra - (2 Vols.)   $50.49  $37.87  Buy Now 
Various texts attribute the origin of Indian astrology to various gods and Rishis. It is futile to ascertain who was the originator. The most popularly followed astrological classics today are the ones written by Rishis like Parashara, Varahamihira, Garga, Jaimini and their followers. The credit for systematically explaining the entire theory of Hindu predictive astrology goes to Rishi Parashara, in his magnum opus Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra. According to legend he is the grandson of... 
 Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra - Volume 1 & 2  Maharshi Parasara Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra - Volume 1 & 2   $62.99  $47.24   
Temporarily Out of Stock
The Ranjan Publications Edition  Various texts attribute the origin of Indian astrology to various gods and Rishis. It is futile to ascertain who was the originator. The most popularly followed astrological classics today are the ones written by Rishis like Parashara, Varahamihira, Garga, Jaimini and their followers. The credit for systematically explaining the entire theory of Hindu predictive astrology goes to Rishi Parashara, in his magnum opus Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra.... 
 Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra - Volume 2  Maharshi Parasara Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra - Volume 2   $28.49  $21.37  Buy Now 
The Ranjan Publications Edition  Various texts attribute the origin of Indian astrology to various gods and Rishis. It is futile to ascertain who was the originator. The most popularly followed astrological classics today are the ones written by Rishis like Parashara, Varahamihira, Garga, Jaimini and their followers. The credit for systematically explaining the entire theory of Hindu predictive astrology goes to Rishi Parashara, in his magnum opus Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra.... 
 Karmic Control Planets  Manik Chand Jain Karmic Control Planets   $12.99  $9.74  Buy Now 
Table of Contents: Introduction Cases of Suicides Cases of Murder Kidnapping/Molestation/Murder  Famous People Lunar Mansions Tables Ayanamsa Table Vimsottari Dasa Tables.   
 Predicting Through Dwisaptati Sama Dasha  Manoj Pathak Predicting Through Dwisaptati Sama Dasha   $18.99  $14.24  Buy Now 
About the Book:   To use Vimshottari Mahadasha only for predictions, as many astrologers do, is a case of astrological poverty, technical deficiency and avoidable defect. Maharishi Prashara and Jamini have givens so many dashas which should be used along with Vimshotari Dasha to make predictive techniques meaningful and effective. In any medical diagnosis there are multipronged approach. In Hindu Astrology such approach had existed for thousands of years. It has to be revived. Here... 
 What Is Your Rashi?  Miles Davis What Is Your Rashi?   $8.99  $6.74  Buy Now 
What Is Your Rashi? Is the most complete text avilable today on the subject of Vedic Lunar astrology? It provides the most through analysis that can be found on each of the tweleve Moon signs or rashis. Researched from dozens of ancient texts and based upon sacred eternal truths, this book scientifically describes why the Hindu system of jyotish is the only accurate, logical, and liberating system of astrology. Additionally What Is Your Rashi? Is takes you the reader into the heart and soul of... 
 Jatak Nirnay Vol.1  Mnshi Late B.V.Raman Jatak Nirnay Vol.1   $5.28  $3.96  Buy Now 
Hindi Text Only 
 Foretelling Widowhood (Hard Cover)  Mridula Trivedi Foretelling Widowhood (Hard Cover)   $38.49  $28.87  Buy Now 
Foretelling Widowhood is the outcome of intensive research carried out by the authors over a period of two decades, on various aspects of marriage, marital life, widowhood, etc. Apart from encompassing a plethora of principles enshrined in various classical texts on the subject. It studies practical birth charts of those who have been unfortunate enough to suffer the immeasurable grief and plight of untimely widowhood. This work will preclude widowhood at practical and theoretical levels and... 
 Pointers to Profession: An Astrological Exposition  Mridula Trivedi Pointers to Profession: An Astrological Exposition   $43.99  $32.99  Buy Now 
"Pointers to Profession : An Astrological Exposition' is one of the most exhaustive and comprehensive work, among the books available so far, on the judgement of suitable occupation of the native. One of the important queries to an astrologer is about the profession and professional prospects of the native or his children. Absence of any authentic book, which covers all aspects of profession, led to the creation of this exhaustive work related to profession, covering its every aspects, as... 
 Secrets of Saturn  Mridula Trivedi Secrets of Saturn   $9.49  $7.12  Buy Now 
True to its title the book "Secrets of Saturn" minces no words and has nothing to hide in regard to Saturn, whose secrets it attempts to disclose. Learning about your natal Saturn can be illuminating as well as rewarding, as it offers insights into the areas of life where one is likely to Face the most intense internal Battles on the way to peace, prosperity and continuous happiness. Saturn, the Celestial Task Master teaches lessons that imply practice of perseverance, humility and... 
 Ardha-Maartanda  Mukund Vallabh Mishra Ardha-Maartanda   $6.49  $4.87  Buy Now 
This title is available in Hindi language only. 
 Nasta Jatakam: Lost Horoscopy  Mukunda Daivajna Nasta Jatakam: Lost Horoscopy   $7.99  $5.99  Buy Now 
The present work of Mukundacharya, a well-know Sanskrit scholar and traditional astrologer of lore is supposed to assist the reader in reconstructing a horoscope in the absence of birth details. A large number of aphorisms are explained herein based on the works of Varaha Mihira, Kalyana Verma, Amirchanbra & Keralite scholars. Besides, an astrology that is well versed with horary branch only is not unlikely to derive advantages of the rules Infra. Table of... 
 Brihaddeivagyaranjanam--Srimadramadeendeivagyakritam (Pt.2)  Muralidhar Chaturvedi Brihaddeivagyaranjanam--Srimadramadeendeivagyakritam (Pt.2)   $24.99  $18.74  Buy Now 
 Encyclopaedia of Indian Astrology (2 Vols)  N. E. Muthuswamy Encyclopaedia of Indian Astrology (2 Vols)   $112.99  $84.74  Buy Now 
A comprehensive Encyclopaedia on Indian Astrology comprising a detailed description of the concepts encompassing the various branches of Indian Astrology, Predictions, Combinations, Prasna, Ashtamangalaprasna, Stellar Astrology, Muhoortha, etc. More than 300 articles, 15,000 words relating to Indianj Astrology, 300 tables of various astrological data, comprehensive and exhaustive information on Prasna and Ashtemangala branch of Indian Astrology, different systems of Indian Astrology,... 
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01.Mantras, Yantras and Fabulous Gems
02.Horary Astrology (KP - Sixth Reader)
03.Astrosecrets (4 Vols.)
04.Brhat Naksatra
05.Vibrational Healing with Gems
06.Fundamental Principles of Astrology
07.Gem Therapy in Vedic Astrology
08.Astrology in Buddhism
09.How Krishnamurti Paddhati Pinpoints the Event
10.Tibetan English Dictionary of Tibetan Medicine and Astrology
11.Tajik Neelkanthi
12.Gems & Astrology
Handbook of Vastu
How to Live Hundred Years
Bhartiya Vastu Vidya kay Vaigyanic Aadhar (Hindi)
Ayurvedic cure for common diseases
Fortune Telling from the Permutation & Its Combinations of t he Planets
Les couvertures ferrallitiques des Ghâts occidentaux en Inde du Sud. Caractères généraux sur l'escarpement et dégradation par hydromorphie sur le revers
Astanga Samgraha Of Vagbhata - Volume 1
The Siva Purana (AITM Vol. 4)
Kalidasa--The Loom of Time
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