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INDIAN LANGUAGES Let's See What We Have Here...
In this category you can discover many modern and ancient Indian languages spoken on the sub-continent and the surrounding nations by many millions of people. Languages such as Hindi and so forth are used by much of India's population and most of the languages in modern India are derived from Sanskrit. Many still using the Devanagri script from writing which is nearly identical to that used in classical Sanskrit. Discover the languages of India.
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 The Ashtadhyayi of Panini (2 Vols)  Srisa Chandra Vasu The Ashtadhyayi of Panini (2 Vols)   $250.49  $187.87  Buy Now 
Panini's Ashtadhyayi represents the first attempt in the history of the world to describe and analyse the components of a language on scientific lines. It has not only been universally acclaimed as the first and foremost specimen of Descriptive Grammar but has also been a chief source of inspiration for the linguist engaged in describing languages of different regions. To understand Sanskrit language, and especially that part of it which embodies the highest aspirations of ancient Aryan... 
 Teach Yourself Sanskrit  Michael Coulson Teach Yourself Sanskrit   $69.99  $52.49  Buy Now 
Do you want to read Indian classics in the original? Do you want to progress quickly beyond the basics? Do you want to reach a high standard? "Teach Yourself Sanskrit" is not only a primer, but also a work of scholarship, for the book contains much original material on Sanskrit syntax and usage. The carefully graded chapters explain Sanskrit grammar and style with exceptional clarity. The text includes an introduction to the n gar script, a useful explanation of how to use... 
 Teach Yourself Hindi: Complete Audio Cd Program (Teach Yourself Language Complete Courses)  Rupert Snell Teach Yourself Hindi: Complete Audio Cd Program (Teach Yourself Language Complete Courses)   $92.99  $69.74   
Temporarily Out of Stock
Begins with the basics and gradually promotes the student to a level of smooth and confident communication, including: Up-to-date, graded interactive dialogues; Graded units of culture notes, grammar, and exercises; Step-by-step guide to pronunciation; Practical vocabulary; Regular and irregular verb tables; Plenty of practice exercises and answers; Self-assessment quizzes to test progress; Bilingual glossary. For beginners and those who want to brush up their Hindi, this is a complete course... 
 Tantrabhidana  Arthur Avalon Tantrabhidana   $57.49  $43.12  Buy Now 
This work forms the first volume of the famous Tantrik Texts series edited and published in Sanskrit by Arthur Avalon (Sir John Woodroffe). The work belongs to the Dictionary Class. The Matrikanighantu and Vijanighantu or Mantra-Kosha by Bhairava Rishi are dictionaries of the single vowels and consonants of the Sanskrit language. Both dictionaries, published for the first time from ancient and rare (in some cases extinct) manuscripts, comprise the main body of this book. They give the Tantrik... 
 Symbol, Script and Writing  Subrata Ganguly Symbol, Script and Writing   $68.99  $51.74  Buy Now 
This book attempts to deal with the old and yet very modern problem of different scripts for different languages. However, it is concerned with one people-the variegated people who make up the multi-lingual republic of modern India, with all its requirements for developing into an up-to-date commercial and industrial power-centre. Starting from the very beginnings of script in Egypt and summer, the book deals with the fascinating evolution and spread to South Asia of various scripts and their... 
 Swastika the Earliest Known Symbol and its Migrations  Thomas Wilson Swastika the Earliest Known Symbol and its Migrations   $16.99  $12.74  Buy Now 
About the Book The word swastika is derived from the Sanskrit svastika (in Devanagari, स्वस्तिक), meaning any lucky or auspicious object, and in particular a mark made on persons and things to denote good luck. It is composed of su- (cognate with Greek ευ-), meaning "good, well" and asti a verbal abstract to the root as "to be"; svasti thus means "well-being". The suffix -ka forms a... 
 Study of Philology  R.G. Bhandarkar Study of Philology   $33.69  $25.27  Buy Now 
This book deals with various aspects of philology. Modern vernaculars of Northern India are also included. This book delivers a course of seven lectures on Sanskrit in its several forms, the Pali and the Dialects of the period, the Prakrits and the Apabhramsa, Phonology of the Vernaculars, Remnants of the older Grammatical Forms in the Vernaculars, New Grammatical Formations to supply the place of the forms that have disappeared and General Questions as to the relation between several... 
 Studies in Indian Linguistics  B.K. Dalai Studies in Indian Linguistics   $6.99  $5.24  Buy Now 
The volume tries to present a comparison and competition of the Indian contribution to the scientific study of language for last 2500 years or more, with the modern learning on the subject.  This bringing together of tradition and modernity should enable the traditional learning to present her in modern terms and gain vitality and strength to appear with youthfulness.  Further it attempts to highlight the importance of the study of traditional grammar and the linguistics principles... 
 Student's English-Sanskrit Dictionary  Vaman Shivram Apte Student's English-Sanskrit Dictionary   $37.99  $28.49  Buy Now 
The present Dictionary is a pratical exercise in word-compilation to facilitate the study of the Sanskrit language. Based on Webster's complete English dictionary, it includes general terms of all sciences, and such technical terms as could be duly represented by Sanskrit equivalents actually existing in that language. Besides the general vocabulary, quotations from the works of famous authors have been inserted to render the connotation of a word easily intelligible. It is also... 
 Stotravali: A Book of Hymns, Prayers and Praises in Sanskrit  Dr Sampadananda Mishra Stotravali: A Book of Hymns, Prayers and Praises in Sanskrit   $15.99  $11.99  Buy Now 
Hymns and prayers to Vishnu, Shiva, Durga, Ganesha, Rama, Krishna, Lakshmi, etc., in the original Sanskrit with English transliterations and translations. As mentioned in the introduction, "Several of these hymns have the 'Mantric' quality and even if we do not understand the words, the sound-rhythms themselves are capable of lifting us into another world."             
 Spirituality: A Way of Life  Indu Mittal Spirituality: A Way of Life   $11.49  $8.62  Buy Now 
Spirituality: A Way of Life, is a guiding path for those disgruntled and restless in their lives, unsure about their real self and attempting self development through the dreary desert sand of desire. Aiming at discovering the truth about ourselves, the Reality we know as God, and our relationship to God, the book, in a very simple language, guides us to self-discovery, lasting peace and total oneness with God. It addresses the confusion besieging most people regarding the differences between... 
 Speak Tibetan like a Tibetan  Dhondup Tsering Speak Tibetan like a Tibetan   $12.95  $9.71  Buy Now 
This book provides with an opportunity to learn and speak the Tibetan language as it is spoken today. Not only has the author provided with simple and practical examples of its usage in the present day but he has also very carefully explained the pronunciation and idiosyncrasies found within the language. This revised and enlarged edition of Colloquial Tibetan is the ideal book for anyone interested in learning modern spoken Tibetan. The engaging dialogues cover every situation a learner... 
 Speak Fluent Tibetan (2nd Edition)  Peltsok Speak Fluent Tibetan (2nd Edition)   $21.99  $16.49  Buy Now 
 Semantics of Rig Veda  Dr. R. L. Kashyap Semantics of Rig Veda   $8.49  $6.37   
Temporarily Out of Stock
Syntax (or grammar) and Semantics are the two wings of a language. Syntax gives the set of rules to construct sentences which are legal in the language. Semantics is the study of the meanings of words and phrases. Every legal sentence need not be meaningful. For instance the sentence, 'the mantra-chant smashed a hill' is legally correct, but makes no sense. The Sanskrit of Veda mantras is substantially different from the classical Sanskrit. The grammar of the sanskrit of Veda mantras is... 
 Second Book of Sanskrit  R.G. Bhandarkar Second Book of Sanskrit   $37.99  $28.49   
Temporarily Out of Stock
A companion volume to the First Book of Sanskrit, this work contains as much Grammar as is needed for all practical purposes.Each lesson in this volume consists of four parts: Grammar Sanskrit Sentences for Translation into English English Sentences for Translation into Sanskrit A Vocabulary The author has attempted to render this book as much a Sanskrit Reading Book as a book on Sanskrit Grammar. With this objective in mind, good many extracts containing examples of the particular... 
 Sanskrit-Worterbuch: In Kurzerer Fassung  Otto Bohtlingk Sanskrit-Worterbuch: In Kurzerer Fassung   $250.49  $187.87  Buy Now 
The so-called Smaller Petrograd Dictionary "the German title is "Sanskrit-Worterbuch in Kuerzerer Fassung" was started by O.V. Bohtlingk only a few years after the completion in 1875 of the 7-volumed Larger P.D. As stated by B himself in the preface of 1879 the shorter version was not meant to replace the earlier one but to improve where something ought to be improved and to add where remind the reader by leaving out all the quotations and references that the larger dictionary had to remain... 
 Sanskrit-Telugu Dictionary  Anon Sanskrit-Telugu Dictionary   $31.99  $23.99   
Temporarily Out of Stock
 Sanskrit-Hindi-English Dictionary  Suryakanta Sanskrit-Hindi-English Dictionary   $44.99  $33.74  Buy Now 
This unique trilingual compilation lists over 6,000 entries. All roots, etymologies, inflections, genders, numbers and cases have been recorded, accompanied by examples of usage from classical and modern Sanskrit literature.About the Author: SURYAKANTA, Professor and Head, Department of Sanskrit and Pali, Banaras Hindu University. 
 Sanskrit Syntax  J.S. Speijer Sanskrit Syntax   $30.99  $23.24  Buy Now 
Sanskrit grammar has remained, for long, professedly deficient in its treatment of Syntax, in spite of the labours of Delbruck, De Saussure, and Whitney in this field. The present work is an attempt to remove this deficiency. Herein the author has presented a vivid portrait of Syntax as it is represented by Classical Sanskrit literature, Vedic prose and Epics.  The book is divided into six sections. Section II explains concord and case-relations.  Section - III deals with the... 
 Sanskrit Study Made Easy Series # 4 - Reader 3  K L V Sastri Sanskrit Study Made Easy Series # 4 - Reader 3   $6.49  $4.87  Buy Now 
A Reformed Series of 4 Illustrated Readers with Grammatical & Conversational Exercises, Glossary etc. for a Pleasant & Quick Study of Sanskrit 
 Sanskrit Study Made Easy Series # 3 - Reader 2  K L V Sastri Sanskrit Study Made Easy Series # 3 - Reader 2   $6.49  $4.87  Buy Now 
A Reformed Series of 4 Illustrated Readers with Grammatical & Conversational Exercises, Glossary etc. for a Pleasant & Quick Study of Sanskrit 
 Sanskrit Study Made Easy Series # 2 - Reader 1  K L V Sastri Sanskrit Study Made Easy Series # 2 - Reader 1   $6.49  $4.87  Buy Now 
A Reformed Series of 4 Illustrated Readers with Grammatical & Conversational Exercises, Glossary etc. for a Pleasant & Quick Study of Sanskrit 
 Sanskrit Study Made Easy Series # 1 - Infant Reader  Vidyasagar K L V Sastri Sanskrit Study Made Easy Series # 1 - Infant Reader   $6.49  $4.87  Buy Now 
A Reformed Series of 4 Illustrated Readers with Grammatical & Conversational Exercises, Glossary etc. for a Pleasant & Quick Study of Sanskrit. 
 Sanskrit Manual: A Quick Reference Guide To The Phonology And Grammar(of Classical Sanskrit) (Hard Cover)  Roderick S. Bucknell Sanskrit Manual: A Quick Reference Guide To The Phonology And Grammar(of Classical Sanskrit) (Hard Cover)   $37.99  $28.49  Buy Now 
This book is designed to serve as a convenient quick-reference guide to the grammar of Classical Sanskrit, for the use of the university students and others. It is not intended to be a complete grammar of the language. Rather, its purpose is to present, mainly in the form of easily read tables, essential reference information such as the rules of sandhi, the declensional and conjugational paradigms, and the principal parts of major verbs. 
 Sanskrit Grammar  William Dwight Whiteny Sanskrit Grammar   $37.49  $28.12  Buy Now 
This work presents the facts of the Sanskrit language as they are used in literature and also as laid down by the grammarians. Forms and constructions as exhibited in the Vedas, the Brahmanas, the Epics and the Puranas are included. The treatment is consistent with the teachings of linguistic science. Review: "Fresh, readable, and a treasure. I used this book at the University of Washington and it is as great as ever. We have been using Whitney's Grammar in addition to Whitney's Roots and... 
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01.Sanskrit English Dictionary
02.The Ashtadhyayi of Panini (2 Vols.)
03.Samkhya Darshan: Yogic Perspective on Theories of Realism
04.The Practical Sanskrit English Dictionary(Enlarged)
05.Student's English-Sanskrit Dictionary
06.A Practical Sanskrit Dictionary
07.Oxford Hindi-English Dictionary
08.Stotravali: A Book of Hymns, Prayers and Praises in Sanskrit
09.Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Puranas (5 Vols.)
10.Sanskrit-Hindi-English Dictionary
11.Dictionary of Pali Proper Names (2 Vols.)
12.The Student's Sanskrit-English Dictionary
Yogic Management of Common Diseases
Astrology & Remedies of Lal Kitab
Stylistics of Early Khmer Art (2 Vols Set)
Studies in Indology
Inscriptions of Orissa (Vol. 2)
Hamdard Pharmacopoeia of Eastern Medicine
The Shalakya Tantra: Diseases of Eye, Head & E.N.T. (2 Vols., bound in One)
The Wisdom of India
Layayoga: The Definitive Guide to The Chakras and Kundalini
Srimad Bhagavatam
The Yoga of Sleep and Dreams: The Night-School of Sadhana
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