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INDIAN LANGUAGES Let's See What We Have Here...
In this category you can discover many modern and ancient Indian languages spoken on the sub-continent and the surrounding nations by many millions of people. Languages such as Hindi and so forth are used by much of India's population and most of the languages in modern India are derived from Sanskrit. Many still using the Devanagri script from writing which is nearly identical to that used in classical Sanskrit. Discover the languages of India.
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 Buddhism: Pali Text with English Translation  Henry Clarke Warren Buddhism: Pali Text with English Translation   $96.49  $72.37  Buy Now 
Lord Buddha's teachings have a great importance today for the common people to live in peace and to maintain brothrhood in the society. The aim of the present work is to take different ideas and conceptions found in Pali writings and present them to the reader in English. The books is divided into five chapters and more than one hundred sections. The selections of the first chapter are on the Buddha; next follow those which deal chiefly with the doctrine; while others concerning the Order and... 
 Buddhist Hybrid Sanskrit Grammar and Dictionary  F. Edgerton Buddhist Hybrid Sanskrit Grammar and Dictionary   $114.95  $86.21  Buy Now 
This is the first attempt at a description of the grammar and lexicon of Buddhist Hybrid Sanskrit. Most North Indian Buddhist texts are composed in it. It is based primarily on an old Middle Indic vernacular not otherwise identifiable. But there seems reason to believe that it contains features which were borrowed from other Middle Indic dialects. In other words, even its Middle Indic aspects are dialectically somewhat mixed. Most strikingly, however, BHS was also extensively... 
 Buddhist Hybrid Sanskrit Reader  Franklin Edgerton Buddhist Hybrid Sanskrit Reader   $10.99  $8.24   
Temporarily Out of Stock
"Buddhist Hybrid Sanskrit Reader is a collection of selections from the Mahavastu, Mahaparinirvana Sutra, Udanavarga and Lalitavistara, which have been edited according to the principles to be adopted for Buddhist Hybrid Sanskrit. The purpose behind this work is to facilitate the practical use of the author's Buddhist Hybrid Sanskrit Grammar and Dictionary (2 vols.) by scholars and students as well as teachers interested in the language." (jacket) This reader contains selections... 
 Buddhist Literature and Art  Compiled by Mahendra & P. Mittal Buddhist Literature and Art   $16.67  $12.50  Buy Now 
The basic Buddhist literature grew up on Indian siol in Pali nad Sanskrit languages and has shaped the Intellectual climate of India in ancient times. Soon it spread out to other Asian countries and reformed their psyche. It will be a gigentic work to be undertaken by a team of scholars. The Buddhist art occupies a very significant position in the totality of Indian art traditions. The Buddhist art went outside India alongwith the spread of Buddhism and it assumed newer forms in the countries... 
 Burmese Self-Taught-in Burmese & Roman Characters  St. John Burmese Self-Taught-in Burmese & Roman Characters   $12.99  $9.74  Buy Now 
 Caraka Samhita (Text With English Translation) 4 Volume Set  P.V. Sharma Caraka Samhita (Text With English Translation) 4 Volume Set   $175.49  $131.62  Buy Now 
Volume 1: 544p. Volume 2: 879p.Volume 3: 414p. Volume 4: 102p. The Caraka Samhita stands at the top of the ancient texts representing the School of Medicine in Ayurveda founded by the great Scholar-Sage Punarvasu Atreya. Its value is further enhanced by the fact that it is the only text available in complete form where as other contemporary Samhitas such as of Jatukarna, parasara etc. perished, that of Bhela is incomplete and that of Harita is dragged into controversy. Thus any scholar desirous... 
 Caraka Samhita (Text With English Translation) 4 Volume Set  P.V. Sharma Caraka Samhita (Text With English Translation) 4 Volume Set   $206.49  $154.87  Buy Now 
Set of 4 Volumes:The Caraka Samhita stands at the top of the ancient texts representing the School of Medicine in Ayurveda founded by the great Scholar-Sage Punarvasu Atreya. Its value is further enhanced by the fact that it is the only text available in complete form where as other contemporary Samhitas such as of Jatukarna, parasara etc. perished, that of Bhela is incomplete and that of Harita is dragged into controversy. Thus any scholar desirous to know about the fundamentals of Ayurveda... 
 Chalisa Sangreh  B. K. Chaturvedi Chalisa Sangreh   $4.95  $3.71  Buy Now 
Chalisa Sangreh including Aarties in RomanWith 7 full colour pictures, this handbook brings together 20 Aarties in roman for the benefit of those who are not familiar with devnagari script. 
 Chhandogyopanishad  Shankaracharya Chhandogyopanishad   $17.99  $13.49  Buy Now 
 Classical Indian Thought and the English Language  Mohini Mullick Madhuri Santanam Sondhi Classical Indian Thought and the English Language   $53.49  $40.12  Buy Now 
This book is based on the proceedings of a Workshop held in 2011 on Rendering of the Categories of Classical Indian Thought in the English Language: Perspectives and Problems.Although scientific texts appear to have successfully solved the problem by standardizing technical terms for all languages of instruction and communication, the problem of translation becomes acute when dealing with vocabularies of long standing belonging to ancient cultures, as is the case in India. More urgently,... 
 Collected Works of T.V.Kapali Sastry: Volume 11 - Writings in Tamil and Telugu (in Tamil and Telugu)  T. V. Kapali Sastry Collected Works of T.V.Kapali Sastry: Volume 11 - Writings in Tamil and Telugu (in Tamil and Telugu)   $6.49  $4.87   
Temporarily Out of Stock
Volume - 1: The Book of Lights-1: Lights on the Veda Further Lights on the Vedas Lights on the Teachings (1) Lights on the Ancients (1) Upanishads Sidelights on the Tantra Gospel of the Gita. Volume - 2: The Book of Lights-2: Lights on the Teachings-2 Lights on the Ancients (2) Lights on the Fundamentals Flame of White Light The way of the Light (Above 50 pages of Sanskrit shlokas with meaning and commentary) Volume - 3: The Book of... 
 Comprehensive Sanskrit English Lexicon  Prof. H. H. Wilson Comprehensive Sanskrit English Lexicon   $62.95  $47.21   
Temporarily Out of Stock
Chiefly based on Prof . H . H . Wilson's Sanskrit - English Dictionary and compiled from various recent authorities for the use of Schools and Colleges 
 Concise Pali-English Dictionary  A.P. Buddhadatta Mahathera Concise Pali-English Dictionary   $22.49  $16.87  Buy Now 
This concise Pali-English Dictionary has been prepared mainly for use by students in schools and colleges. The author is not only eminent Elder of the Buddhist Order but one of the leading Pali scholars recognized both in the East and the West as an authority on the subject. It is to be observed that the author has kept more or less to the traditional sense of words while not altogether ignoring the meanings given by Western scholars in their translations and lexicons.Many errors in the latter... 
 Deciphering the Indus Script  Asko Parpola Deciphering the Indus Script   $62.49  $46.87  Buy Now 
Of the writing systems of the ancient world which still await deciphering, the Indus Script is the most important. It developed in the Indus or Harappan Civilization, which flourished c. 2500 -1900 bc. in and around modern Pakistan. Prof. Parpola outlines what is known about the Harappan culture and its script, presents a decipherment of a small number of interlocking Indus signs, and proposes a method which will permit further progress in decipherment. His fascinating study confirms that the... 
 Devanagari  Suryastra-Publisher Devanagari   $12.49  $9.37   
Temporarily Out of Stock
 Devavanipravesika: An introduction to the Sanskrit Language  Robert P. Goldman Devavanipravesika: An introduction to the Sanskrit Language   $32.49  $24.37  Buy Now 
The purpose, in writing this book, is to provide a self-contained primer, workbook and reader for teaching first year Sanskrit students with no previous linguistic training. The author has tried throughout the work to introduce, explain and illustrate the most significant features of the language and through verses, quotations, and readings. To these ends the grammar has been, in several areas, simplified to prevent the beginner from being more hampered than is absolutely necessary by... 
 Dhaturupa Manjari  Vidyasagar K L V Sastri Dhaturupa Manjari   $7.99  $5.99  Buy Now 
An Easy Text on Sanskrit Verbs. 
 Dictionary of Buddhism  Soka Gakkai Dictionary of Buddhism   $63.99  $47.99  Buy Now 
Anyone reading English translations of Buddhist texts will encounter a host of names, terms, and phrases who meanings are not clear even though they appear in English. Buddhism is famous for its specialized terminology and translation alone many not communicate its full meaning. East Asian Buddhist diction is layered with several languages - Pali, Sanskrit, Chinese, and Japanese - and the only way to make one's way through this linguistic maze without getting lost is with the aid of a... 
 Dictionary of Pali Proper Names (2 Vols.)  G.P. Malalasekera Dictionary of Pali Proper Names (2 Vols.)   $93.99  $70.49  Buy Now 
The present work Dictionary of Pali Proper Names is a magnum opus of Malalasekera, in two  volumes. It is a dedicated work of meticulous scholarship which can be seen from the extensive references from the Pali cononical and non-cononical literature and the vast number of entries on the proper names.       
 Dictionary of the Great Andamanese Language (English-Great Andamanese-Hindi)  Anvita Abbi Dictionary of the Great Andamanese Language (English-Great Andamanese-Hindi)   $245.99  $184.49  Buy Now 
On the brink of extinction, the Great Andamanese language, one of the oldest in the world, had been crying out for concerted effort for salvage and documentation. This multilingual interactive dictionary is a maiden effort to capture the last remnant data. The dictionary comes with a meticulously designed CD-ROM of the entire dictionary backed by original sound recordings of Great Andamanese speakers. The development of the Great Andamanese linguistic structures followed a completely... 
 Encyclopeadia of Yoga  Ram Kumar Rai Encyclopeadia of Yoga     
Temporarily Out of Stock
Table of Contents: List of Illustrations Bibliography with Abbreviations Table of Nagari Alaphabets, their Roman Equivalents and Ponunciation guide  Preface to the Second Edition Preface to the First Edition Text  Appendix I: Botanical Names of Indian Fruits, Plants and Herbs (Latin- Hindi) Appendix II: Botanical Names of Indian Fruits, Plants and Herbs (Hindi-Latin)  Line Drawings. 
 English - Bengali Dictionary  Adhikary, Debasis English - Bengali Dictionary   $18.99  $14.24  Buy Now 
 English and Burmese Dictionary  A. Judson English and Burmese Dictionary   $48.49  $36.37  Buy Now 
 English Bengali - Bengali English Dictionary (Combine)  Adhikary, Debasis English Bengali - Bengali English Dictionary (Combine)   $28.99  $21.74  Buy Now 
 English Tibetan Dictionary of Modern Tibetan  Melvyn C. Goldstein English Tibetan Dictionary of Modern Tibetan   $28.99  $21.74   
Temporarily Out of Stock
The New Tibetan-English Dictionary of Modern Tibetan surpasses existing dictionaries in both scope and comprehensiveness. Containing more than 80,000 lexical items used in political, social, economic, literary, and scientific discourse, this invaluable sourcebook includes the tens of thousands of new words that have been coined or that have come into use since Tibet was incorporated into the People's Republic of China in 1951. The dictionary lists lexical items characteristic of the special... 
Displaying 51 to 75 (of 182 products) Result Pages: [<< Prev]   1  2  3  4  5 ...  [Next >>] 
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