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The Gita in the Vision and the Words of Sri Aurobindo
The Gita in the Vision and the Words of Sri Aurobindo
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 Om Ma Anandamayi Ma  Swami Manglanand Om Ma Anandamayi Ma   $4.95  $3.71   
Temporarily Out of Stock
 Om Namhoo Ji Aadha  Prabhakar Sadashiv Pandit Om Namhoo Ji Aadha   $8.33  $6.25  Buy Now 
 On Knowing Reality  J.D. Wills On Knowing Reality   $12.49  $9.37  Buy Now 
ON KNOWING REALITY is the first English translation with commentary of a crucial chapter of the Bodhisattvabhumi composed in Sanskrit in the late fourth century of the philosopher-sage Asanga founder of the yogacara school of Mahayana Buddhism. Janice D. Willis, Associate Professor of religion at Wesleyan University has travelled extensively, lived, and studied in India and Nepal. The author of The Diamond Light of the Eastern Dawn": A Collection of Tibetan Buddhist Meditations she is... 
 On Non-Violence and Compassion (With CD)  Satish Inamdar On Non-Violence and Compassion (With CD)   $25.00  $18.75  Buy Now 
 On Voidness  Fernando Tola On Voidness   $9.17  $6.88   
Temporarily Out of Stock
The Buddhist school Madhyamika is one of the most important philosophical schools in India. It was founded by the great thinker Nagarjuna in the second century A.D. His doctrine is centered around the concept of sunyata or Voidness which metaphorically designates the absolute inexistence of an own being of any substance existing in se et per se. Fernando Tola and Carman Dragonetti have been professors in the national Universities of San Marcos and Buenos Aires. They undertool investigation... 
 Opulent Candgragiri  Nagarajaiah Hampa Opulent Candgragiri   $5.56  $4.17  Buy Now 
 Order in Paradox  David H. Holmberg Order in Paradox   $13.89  $10.42  Buy Now 
This lively account of ritual, religion, and exchange in the Tamang society of Nepal is sophisticated and well written. Holmberg draws on his informative descriptions of Tamang Buddhism for comparativist insights into marriage exchange caste, sacrifice, and the coherence of religious fields..... The study illuminates the diversity of types of sacrifice the study illuminates the diversity of types of sacrifice the interplay of spoken and written ritual languages and the paradox of exchange that... 
 Origin and Growth of the Puranic Text Corpus  Petteri Koskikallio Origin and Growth of the Puranic Text Corpus   $33.33  $25.00  Buy Now 
The papers collected in this volume are the outcome of the Purana panel of the 12th world sanskrit conference held in Helsinki in July 2003 envisaged to explore departures from the original Purana texts. They mainly focus on the original Skandapurana which lends itself well to a study of the origins and growth of the Purana texts and the religious developments that they reflect.The sequence of the articles of this book has a purpose although each one of them can be read in itself also. The... 
 Origin of the Young God  Hank Heifet Origin of the Young God   $34.49  $25.87  Buy Now 
The Kumarasambhava of Kalidasa probably composed about A.D. 400, is the greatest long poem in classical sanskrit. It is the love story of Siva and Parvati the God and the Goddess, who are viewed as lovers and as cosmic principles. The poem of their love is a paradigm of the inevitable union between male and female played out on the immense scale of supreme divinity. Beginning with a description of Himalaya and the birth of his daughter Parvati the poem proceeds in perfectly pitched sensuous... 
 Origins of the Urban Development of Pondicherry according to Seventeenth Century Dutch Plans  Jean Deloche Origins of the Urban Development of Pondicherry according to Seventeenth Century Dutch Plans   $31.49  $23.62  Buy Now 
 Our Future  J.C. Kapur Our Future   $21.94  $16.46   
Temporarily Out of Stock
Twenitieth Century world got poised on two poles, one of the market and the other of planned economies. These with some variations became the role model for many countries. In 1990 with the implosion of the Soviet Union and accelerated marketisation of its economy the world was left precariously balanced on a single pole. The uuipolar market economies have now arrived at the stage of Armament Protected Consumerism.` And this is being promoted worldwide thorough globalisation. J.C. Kapur,... 
 Pain and its Ending  Carol S. Anderson Pain and its Ending   $16.39  $12.29  Buy Now 
The four noble truths are the most widely recognized teaching of the Buddha today. This book is the first comprehensive study of the teaching as it appears in the Tipitaka, the canon of the Theravada Buddhism. By first identifying the four noble truths as a "right view", the author traces the teaching throughout the canon and the commentaries. There are two distinct patterns that the four noble truths follow: first, they appear in stories of the Buddha`s biography as a symbol of his... 
 Painted Abode of Gods Mural Traditions of Kerala  A. Ramachandran Painted Abode of Gods Mural Traditions of Kerala   $200.00  $150.00  Buy Now 
The Kerala mural tradition of the medieval period at least 400 years old, retained element sof the great classical wall painting traditions. By 20th century it slopped into oblivion and most of the sites were onliterated through damage or repainting, This lavishly illustrated book is the first comprehensive effort to document a vividly colourful tradition to enrich Indian are History. 
 Pakdarpan Nalpradit  Hariharprasad Tripathi Pakdarpan Nalpradit   $4.95  $3.71  Buy Now 
 Palaeolithic Age (2 Vol)  Deo Prakash Sharma Palaeolithic Age (2 Vol)   $277.78  $208.33  Buy Now 
The book "Palaeolithic Age" is the first book on Prehistoric Art and Archaeology of South Asia. The second book of this series is on Mesolithic-Neolithic and third book is Early BronZe and Iron Ages in South Asia. The book deals with Pleistocene stratigraphy of middle Narmada Valley.Papers on Homo-erectus of Hathnora and other human fossils from Narmada are interesting. The book also deals with middle palaeolithic and upper Palaeolithic of South Asia. This book is encyclopaedia of Palaeolithic... 
 Pali Mahavyakarana  Jagdeesh Kashyap Bhikshu Pali Mahavyakarana   $18.99  $14.24   
Temporarily Out of Stock
 Pali: Bhasha Aur Sahitya  Ramanand Sharma Pali: Bhasha Aur Sahitya   $13.89  $10.42  Buy Now 
 Pancagranthi Vyakarana of Buddhisagarasuri  N.M. Kansara Pancagranthi Vyakarana of Buddhisagarasuri   $93.49  $70.12  Buy Now 
This is the first compact comprehensive and complete metrical Grammar of Classical Sanskrit composed by the celebrated Jain Acarya Buddhisagarasuri (981-1025 A.D.)In accordance with the traditon of all the extant systems of Sanskrit Grammar, Buddhisagara has treated in his work all the five aspects, viz., the Dhatupatha, Ganapatha, Unadipatha, Linganusasana, and the main text of the Vyakaranasutras of which the former five are the auxiliaries, thus making it the full Pancanga Vyakarana. Dr.... 
 Pancatantra (2 Vols)  K.M. Suresh Pancatantra (2 Vols)   $266.67  $200.00  Buy Now 
Contents: Vol. I  Foreword. I. Pre and Proto history 1. A rare find of engravings on a Neolithic tool from Hasoodi/A. Sundara. 2. Exploration at Timmalapur district Bellary Karnataka/Dillip Kumar Khamari. 3. Ethno history primitive tribes and prehistoric primitives in Tamil Nadu/N. Devasahayam. 4. Story of Harappan discovery/Madhuri Sharma. 5. Harappan minor arts and crafts/Deo Prakash Sharma. 6. Proto historic copper/bronze anthropomorphs fresh observations/Krishna Kumar. 7. Russet... 
 Panchatantra of Vishnu Sharma  Shayamacharan Pandey Panchatantra of Vishnu Sharma   $17.99  $13.49  Buy Now 
This title is available only in Hindi language only. 
 Pandit N.R. Bhatt Felicitation Volume  P.S. Filliozat Pandit N.R. Bhatt Felicitation Volume   $23.61  $17.71  Buy Now 
 Panini  Theodor Goldstucker Panini   $33.33  $25.00  Buy Now 
Still a provocation of this kind alone would have as little induced me to take up my pen now as it did heretofore; but when I see the public told authoritatively, yet without any proof, that Sayana teaches that understanding of the Veda which was current in India no londer that a few centuries ago;-------when I see that the most distinguished and the most learned Hindu scholars and divines. 
 Panini: A Survey of Research  George Cardona Panini: A Survey of Research   $61.49  $46.12   
Temporarily Out of Stock
The present work is intended as a critical survey of research carried out in the area of Paninian grammar including works by Paniniyas on semantics and philosophy of grammar. Although the bibliography is not and indeed could not be exhaustive it is representative of the research done in India and elsewhere on the topics of discussion. The bibliography is accompanied by the author`s appraisal of the work that has been done and the conclusion which have been reached: he treats the ideas and... 
 Panini: His work and Its Traditions (Vol. 1)  George Cardona Panini: His work and Its Traditions (Vol. 1)   $131.49  $98.62  Buy Now 
This is the first volume of a study of Panini`s work, its antecedents. and the traditions of interpretation and analysis to which it gave rise. This revised second editon included the text of Panini`s Astadhyayi with indications of changes that were introduced to this text and a discussion concerning such changes. Subsequent volumes take up in full detail issues of interpretation, method, and theory associated with the Astadhyayi. This first volume is meant to provide a basic for such detailed... 
 Paniniyam Vyakaranam  Harisankara Pandeya Paniniyam Vyakaranam   $105.99  $79.49  Buy Now 
Displaying 51 to 75 (of 787 products) Result Pages: [<< Prev]   1  2  3  4  5 ...  [Next >>] 
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