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Siva Samhita (A Critical Edition - English Version)
Siva Samhita (A Critical Edition - English Version)
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MEDITATION BOOKS Let's See What We Have Here...
It is said that Prayer is "asking" from God and meditation is the "listening" for the response. Today more and more people are discovering the essential practice of Meditation and our books on Meditation share various techniques and insights into this practice which when incorporated into daily life causes a person to flower like a plant after first rains. Discover all dimensions of meditation books at Vedic Books. Encounter a world of inner stillness - transformation - inspiration!
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 Karma and Chaos  Paul R. Fleischman M.D. Karma and Chaos   $12.99  $9.74  Buy Now 
These eight essays explore the interface between psychiatry, science, and the timeless teachings of the Buddha. Drawn from the personal experiences of a therapist and practitioner of Vipassana meditation, this work explores meditation's similarities and differences with psychotherapeutic and scientific endeavors. In the title essay, parallels are drawn between the atomic synthesis of free choice and lawful consequence in Chaos Theory and karma, offering contemporary insights into... 
 Karmic Facts and Fallacies  Ina Marx Karmic Facts and Fallacies   $14.49  $10.87  Buy Now 
Karmic Facts and Fallacies demystifies such topics as karma, reincarnation, faith-healing, Yoga and meditation, and motivates the seeker, the skeptic and the stoic alike to integrate esoteric practices into their lives. This book provides inspiration and insight for both the dedicated New Age seeker, and for the average person who may be bewildered by New Age lingo and puzzled by its ideas. While metaphysical practices and techniques are accepted as part of everyday life by many, such... 
 Key to Pali Primer  Lily de Silva Key to Pali Primer   $9.49  $7.12  Buy Now 
The answers are here! The Pali Primer by Lily de Silva published by Vipassana Research Institute is an introduction to Pali grammar for beginners. It is based on the principle of teaching grammar through composition using a gradually expanding vocabulary. Exercises requiring translation from and into Pali form an integral part of each lesson. Many students who found this book very useful have requested that the answers to the exercises in the Pali Primer be made available. Prof. Lily de Silva... 
 Kundalini and Meditation  Arjan Dass Malik Kundalini and Meditation   $8.49  $6.37   
Temporarily Out of Stock
Based upon personal experiences of the author, this book brings the unique phenomenon of Cit-Kundalini which induces mystic trance and enables the soul to take a quantum leap beyond the mind and experience the bliss of the moksa. If also incorporates the teachings of the author's Guru who belongs to a living tradition of an ancient lineage of mystic saints which has preserved the secrets of the path from generation to generation. An attempt has been made here to distinguish the phenomenon of... 
 Kundalini Diary: A Visual Journey in Meditation  Santosh Sachdev Kundalini Diary: A Visual Journey in Meditation   $19.49  $14.62  Buy Now 
'Kundalini Diary', a visual journey in meditation, dispels the general fear-mongering that has been created around the Kundalini. To everyone's great relief, the author asserts a very real, very reassuring possibility that the arousal of the Kundalini can actually be a natural physiological process which anyone, who is willing to submit to its discipline and is dedicated to its pursuit, can initiate with a mind free of fear and dread. Here, then, is a truly pioneering and unprecedented piece... 
 Lectures on Raja Yoga  Swami Chidananda Lectures on Raja Yoga   $5.49  $4.12   
Temporarily Out of Stock
This book presents the system of Patanjali in a nutshell. It has an excellent lectures given in 1973, on the theory of Raja Yoga, the inner yoga of concentration and meditation. About the Author: Swami Chidananda was born as Sridhar Rao in Mangalore, South India, on September 24, 1916, the first son of an orthodox Hindu Brahmin family. When he was sixteen, he shifted to Madras where, in 1938, he graduated with a B.A. from the prestigious Loyola College. During these years, devotional songs... 
 Light on Pranayama: The  Definitive Guide to the Art of Breathing  B.K.S. Iyengar Light on Pranayama: The Definitive Guide to the Art of Breathing   $22.49  $16.87  Buy Now 
In the Classic work, B.K.S. Iyengar presents the definitive guide to pranayama, the yogic art of breathing. Part One presents the theory, art and techniques of pranayama, while Part Two offers insights into meditation and realization.The authoritative and practical guide is an indispensable tool to the art and techniques of yogic breathing, for beginners and experienced yoga teachers alike.About the Author:B.K.S. Iyengar is the world’s most respected yoga teacher. Widely credited as the... 
 Little Book Of Mind-Power: Maximise Your Will To Win  Uri Geller Little Book Of Mind-Power: Maximise Your Will To Win   $10.99  $8.24   
Temporarily Out of Stock
The 'Little Book of Mind-Power' reveals how you can develop and super-charge your own will to win. Every page you turn will energise you with a new confidence and determination. Its internationally celebrated author has been acclaimed for his phenomenal Mind-Power which can bend and twist spoons and repair clocks! As Geller himself says, "In the world's most famous laboratories, I have explored psychokinesis, telepathy, even teleportation – and I am convinced of one thing. I am not unique. We... 
 Living As God  P. Raymond Stewart Living As God   $12.07  $9.05  Buy Now 
Living as God invites you to experience the mystical unity of all life. Just as God is one with all that is, so are you. From the very beginning, you are knocked from your comfortable chair and challenged to accept that you too are the author of this book. Living as God invites you to make nothing short of an evolutionary leap in consciousness: from seeing God as "out there" and separate from you to seeing God as right here, right now- as your self. It is God who is looking out of your eyes,... 
 Living in Meditation  Swami Suddhananda Living in Meditation   $25.49  $19.12  Buy Now 
‘Meditation’- this word invokes various  imagination in the mind of every listener. “divine, exhilarating, esoteric, waste of time, lazy man’s pastime”- thus opinions abound about meditation. “Mediatation is not an isolated phenomenon. It is the very nature of your ‘being’. “Meditation is not an isolated experience. Every experience of life must be   mediatation”. "Meditation is not absence of perception. It is... 
 Living Thoughts of Great People  E. Easwaran Living Thoughts of Great People   $6.49  $4.87  Buy Now 
This daily reader introduces you to all the important concepts and techniques of leading a spiritual life in today’s world. The insight given here are stated in simple words and stresses Easwaran’s eight point program for meditation and spiritual living. 
 Living With Siva: Hinduism’s Contemporary Culture  Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami Living With Siva: Hinduism’s Contemporary Culture   $96.49  $72.37  Buy Now 
You will find in this book the deepest truths and insights of Indian spirituality, some of it never published before, all of it relevant to your personal awakening on the path to merging with God. Drawn from fifty years of yogic realizations and sharing the Hindu mystical teachings with aspirants, Dancing with Siva is the first book of a remarkable trilogy called The Master Course. The trilogy is a detailed summary of astanga yoga also called raja yoga, which contains eight successive steps,... 
 Mahamudra  Takpo Tashi Namgyal Mahamudra   $50.99  $38.24  Buy Now 
Mahamudra is the first English translation of a major Tibetan Buddhist presentation of the theory and practice of meditation- a manual detailing the various stages and practices for training the advanced student. The original Tibetan text of nearly 800 pages was composed by Takpo Tashi Namgyal (1512-1587), a great lama and a scholar of the kagyu sect of Tibetan Buddhism. His text is so vast and thorough in scope that it is still the primary source used by living Tibetan meditation masters in... 
 Mahayana Buddhist Meditation  Minoru Kiyota (Ed.) Mahayana Buddhist Meditation   $38.49  $28.87  Buy Now 
This festschrift volume commemorating the late Richard H. Robinson, founder of the Buddhist Studies program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, was compiled in honor of Professor Robinson’s contributions to Buddhist studies. It is designed for Buddhologists and the specialized reader in religion and philosophy. The studies and essays and in this collection represent some of the best of contemporary scholarship in Mahayana Buddhist studies and deal with the theory and practice of Mahayana... 
 Manual of Vipassana Meditation  U Ko Lay Manual of Vipassana Meditation   $17.99  $13.49  Buy Now 
This book throws light on the scientific aspect of the Buddha's Teaching. His teaching is explained with the help of the three important suttas-- the Dhammacakkappavattanasutta, Anattalakhanasutta and the Mahasatipatthanasutta.   
 Manual of Vipassana Meditation  U Ko Kay Manual of Vipassana Meditation   $5.49  $4.12   
Temporarily Out of Stock
Vipassana Meditation is the unique practice taught by the Buddha. The Teachings of the Buddha are extremely vast, all enshrined in the three baskets of Tipitaka Vinaya, Suttanta and Abhidhamma. The immense wisdom of the Buddha has given us this tremendous wealth of the knowledge of the Truth, considered from all aspects and angles. The same immense wisdom of the Buddha has also put all of his teachings in a nutshell, as it were, in three neat verses. I am referring to ovada... 
 Meditation - Any Time Any Where  R Venugopalan Meditation - Any Time Any Where   $7.49  $5.62   
Temporarily Out of Stock
Do not worry-read the most practical and powerful book for desirous people who want to know what meditation is and how it is to be done any time, any where.Meditation is one of the most easiest and powerful methods of knowing oneself fully. It is like a flowing river and it is easy to work upon it without the requirement of a guide.Everybody does meditation in its subtlest form in day-to-day life, but due to oversight and fast lifestyle we tend to ignore it. When we enter a new place we try to... 
 Meditation A Practical Guidebook  Swami Tadatmananda Meditation A Practical Guidebook   $31.49  $23.62  Buy Now 
About the Book:  This book provides practical, methodical guidance for all who want to develop a powerful and rewarding practice of meditation, It begins with basic principles and proceeds step by step to more advanced topics while exploring a wide range of meditation techniques. Though the subject is vast attempt has been under to create a concise and user friendly guidebook. About the Author:  Swami Tadatmananda is a disciple of the world renowned teacher of Vedanta, Swami... 
 Meditation and Its Practice  Swami Rama Meditation and Its Practice   $25.49  $19.12  Buy Now 
In this practical guide to inner life, Swami Rama-one of the most advanced yoga masters to visit the West-teaches us how to slip beyond the mental turbulence of our ordinary thought processes into an infinite reservoir of consciousness from which we can draw guidance, creative power, joy, and tranquility. The techniques presented here have been used by the sages of India from time immemorial to live in harmony with the world around them, to find strength to face life's difficulties, and to know... 
 Meditation and Mantras  Swami Vishnu Devananda Meditation and Mantras   $16.99  $12.74  Buy Now 
This volume is intended to dispel the cloud of confusion that has accumulated around the subject of meditation. Those who are looking for secret short-cuts, novel innovations, exciting new trends and fads in the area of self-development may be disappointed. The methods presented here stem from the classic four path of Raja Yoga, Karma Yoga, Jnana Yoga and Bhakti Yoga. These are given in their uncorrupted form, yet with consideration for the Western mind and scientific... 
 Meditation and Spiritual Life  Swami Yatiswarananda Meditation and Spiritual Life   $13.99  $10.49  Buy Now 
This book is a practical manual of spiritual life with special emphasis on meditation. Though designed for the use of religious people in general, it is specially intended for those who sincerely practise prayer, japa and meditation, and are eager to attain some spiritual fulfillment. The true seeker of Truth will find in it simple but valuable guidance regarding preliminary preparations, the different techniques of meditation, the various obstacles that are to be overcome, the nature of... 
 Meditation and the Art of Dying  Swami Veda Bharati Meditation and the Art of Dying   $15.49  $11.62   
Temporarily Out of Stock
This scholarly, insightful work integrates history and philosophical wisdom to span the gap between life and death. It introduces the meditative art to Eastern and western sages who have transcended the fear of death. The inspiring examples cited from various cultural traditions will draw youaway from preoccupation with your own mortality toward a deeper enjoyment of life itself. It you have been touched by the realism of death. This book will help you look for the purpose in its lesson. 
 Meditation Any Time - Anywhere  R. Venugopalam Meditation Any Time - Anywhere   $7.49  $5.62   
Temporarily Out of Stock
In this book the author will be talking of meditation that can help an individual to tap the inner energies and also to unleash the power to help you to work towards the attainment of spiritual goals. Read the most practical and powerful book to know as to what meditation is and how it is to be done any time, any where by an expert Guru Rudrabhayananda. About the Author: R. Venugopalan, the author of this book is a post graduate trained in Tibetan and Indian Tantra apart from possessing a Post... 
 Meditation Differently  Herbert Guenther Meditation Differently   $46.99  $35.24  Buy Now 
'Meditation Differently,' presents a translation of an important Tibetan work which contrasts and compares two central traditions of Buddhist meditative practice - the Mahamudra and the rDzogs-chen practice- particularly the sNyingthig version. This book offers not only a translation, but also a detailed and critical commentary based on original Tibetan sources. The commentary offers a hermeneutical and phenomenological study of the key ideas in the understanding of Being and of... 
 Meditation for People in Crisis  Paul Brunton Meditation for People in Crisis   $7.99  $5.99  Buy Now 
Considering the being itself as the centre of happiness, the author describes the stages of awakening that pave the way of fulfillment. He urges the troubled to shed off their gravest inhibitions and graciously acknowledge the self. Only we can attempt an opening to our hearts and mind. For those in Crisis or with someone close is in turbulent times — help is at hand. Look inside for practical, inspiring guidance on — where to turn — how to cope — how to understand — how to help —... 
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01.History of Dharmasastra (5 Vols. in 8 parts)
02.For the Benefit of the Many
03.The Manuals of Dhamma
04.Manual of Vipassana Meditation
05.A Re-appraisal of Patanjali's Yoga-Sutras: In the Light of the Buddha's Teaching
06.Key to Pali Primer
07.Essence of Tipitaka
08.Vipassana: Addictions & Health
09.Importance of Vedana and Sampajañña
10.Realising Change: Vipassana Meditation in Action
11.The Discourse Summaries
12.The Hindu History
Walking with a Himalayan Master Swami Rama
English Nepali Dictionary
Praman evam Pramanaya Vimarsha
Herbal cosmetics in Ancient India with a treatise on Planta Cosmetica
A Handbook of Medicinal Plants : A Complete Source Book
Bronchial Asthma Care in Ayurveda and Holistic Systems
The Sarvagi of Gopaldas
Seeds of Light
The Kalika Purana: Sanskrit text, introduction & translation in English
Drig Drishya Vivek
Fantastic introductory text for beginners. Starts from the k ..
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