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The Nehru Dynasty: Astro-Political Portraits of Nehru, Indira, Sanjay and Rajiv: Hindu Astrology Series
The Nehru Dynasty: Astro-Political Portraits of Nehru, Indira, Sanjay and Rajiv: Hindu Astrology Series
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MEDITATION BOOKS Let's See What We Have Here...
It is said that Prayer is "asking" from God and meditation is the "listening" for the response. Today more and more people are discovering the essential practice of Meditation and our books on Meditation share various techniques and insights into this practice which when incorporated into daily life causes a person to flower like a plant after first rains. Discover all dimensions of meditation books at Vedic Books. Encounter a world of inner stillness - transformation - inspiration!
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 Meditation Guidebook  Jose Lorenzo-Fuentes Meditation Guidebook   $22.49  $16.87  Buy Now 
Discover and direct the powerful creative force of your spirit through meditations. Meditation is an enjoyable experience that offers many benefits increased spiritual knowledge and understanding greater health and balance evern the successful realization of your dreams and goels. This introductory guidebook explores several several different types of meditions: Buddhist, Japanese, Chinese, Tibetan, Visulization, Prayer and Hypnosis. 
 Meditation in Sikh Religion: Eight Spiritual Lessons on Finding the Truth  Bhagat Singh Thind Meditation in Sikh Religion: Eight Spiritual Lessons on Finding the Truth   $12.99  $9.74  Buy Now 
This book contains eight inspiring lessons on finding spiritual truth by means of scientific investigation into the human soul. These lessons, originally presented as lectures by author, focus on uplifting the vital and physical man in each of us, with no spiritual ideal liberating us from ourselves into our inner being. All conscious, subconscious, and unconscious activity of man's mind functions purposefully as a unifying principle and power of the innate Godhead. Lying behind all... 
 Meditation Now: Inner Peace Through Inner Wisdom  S N Goenka Meditation Now: Inner Peace Through Inner Wisdom   $4.95  $3.71  Buy Now 
The book opens with an interview. Questions, quite penetrating questions that many people would like to ask about Vipassana, are raised by interviewer Alan Atkisson who tells us at the time of the interview that he has not ever experienced Vipassana. The interviewee is S N Goenka.A starting point for many, as in this interview, is how to deal with so many points of view in the world? How to make sense of so many spiritual paths? Is it or is it not a case of “anything goes”? S N... 
 Meditation on Om and Mandukya Upanishad  Swami Sivananda Meditation on Om and Mandukya Upanishad   $15.99  $11.99  Buy Now 
This book deals with the profound philosophy of the all-inclusive Om with the metaphysical discussion of the ultimate Reality and the method of approach to it. Table of Contents: Prayer to Om   Guru Vandana Omkara Smarana Stotra  Nirguna Song  Introduction  Chapter - I: Philosophy of Om   Symbol of Brahman  Importance of Om Benefits of Om  What is Om  Composition of Om  Sixteen States of Consciousness  ... 
 Meditation Pure & Simple: The Heart And Essence of Meditation Practice  Dr. Ian Gawler Meditation Pure & Simple: The Heart And Essence of Meditation Practice   $9.99  $7.49  Buy Now 
People who meditate regularly seem to have something special about them. Perhaps it is their deeply contented smile. Perhaps it is their natural good health. Certainly, powerful medical research tells us that meditation reliably prevents illness, maximizes performance. It is a profound healing technique and leads to peace of mind. Meditation achieves all this by restoring our natural state of balance. Once we re-establish an inner balance there is a flow-on-effect. Soon we experience physical... 
 Meditation without Gurus  Clark Strand Meditation without Gurus   $12.95  $9.71   
Temporarily Out of Stock
This book strips the practice down to its essential heart - simplicity, lightness, and peace - showing you that the most important part of practice is not whether you can get in the full lotus position, but rather your ability to become fully present in the moment. Is there a way you can learn to slow down and experience yourself more fully, your life more deeply, and other people in the present moment without adopting a new religious or philosophical ideology? Clark Strand answers with a clear... 
 Meditation: The 13 Pathways to Happiness  Jim Ryan Meditation: The 13 Pathways to Happiness   $9.99  $7.49  Buy Now 
Meditation might conjure up magical, mystical images, but basically it's a practice that brings great personal benefit in the form of better awareness, understanding, energy, health and general well being. It harnesses the deep beauty of the inner self, empowering our self confidence, and helps us make sense of our lives. Written in a clear and simple style, this friendly book shows you how to meditate step by step. Each chapter is embellished by a meditation that enables the reader to reflect... 
 Meditation: The Art of Ecstacy  Osho Meditation: The Art of Ecstacy   $34.49  $25.87  Buy Now 
Having explored the science of the inner, Osho says without a doubt what meditation is – playful, and what it is not – serious. He answers fundamental questions about meditation and gives a detailed description of each stage of his most revolutionary meditation technique, Dynamic Meditation. The appendix contains descriptions of many more techniques: traditional ones reinvented by Osho, as well as original Osho meditations that begin with activity and lead to the silence and... 
 Meditation: The first and last freedom  Osho Meditation: The first and last freedom   $26.99  $20.24  Buy Now 
Meditation: The First and Last Freedom is a practical step-by-step guide to 63 meditation techniques, selected and created by the great Indian mystic, Osho. The techniques range from the ancient Buddhist, Taoist, Sufi and Hindu practices to those techniques Osho has developed specifically for our needs today. Clear and scientific explanations of what meditation is and is not, a description of obstacles which present themselves along the way, and answers to meditators’ questions combine to... 
 Meditational Experiences  Students of Guruji Krishnananda Meditational Experiences   $15.99  $11.99  Buy Now 
This book gives the thousands of genuine experiences reported by the meditators of the Sapta Rishis' Path; a few select experiences are published in the monthly Newsletter of Light Work. This book is a rich collection of such experiences published from 1993 to 2001 and is an inspiration to the Spiritual seeker. 
 Meditations  A.R. Natarajan Meditations   $4.95  $3.71  Buy Now 
About the Author: A.R. Natarajan was a disciple of Sri Ramana Maharshi who published numerous books on his guru. He was the president and founder of the Ramana Maharshi Centre for Learning, the Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi Research Centre and the vice-president of the Ramana Kendra. He was the editor of the journal The Mountain Path. 
 Meditations  J. Krishnamurti Meditations   $6.49  $4.87   
Temporarily Out of Stock
This classic collection of brief excerpts from J Krishnmurti's talk and writings presents the essence of his teaching on meditation – a state of attention, beyond thought, which brings total freedom from all the conflict, fear and sorrow that form the content of human consciousness. This enlarged edition features even more of the great teacher’s sayings than the original version, including some never-before published material. About the Author: J. Krishnamurti was a world-renowned... 
 Meditations for people in charge  Paul Brunton Meditations for people in charge   $6.49  $4.87  Buy Now 
If your authority touches lives or influences minds — or if you’re close to someone whose does— this book is a great gift. It’s full of accessible, handy, and inspiring wisdom for — parents — teachers — business executives — political administration — leaders of organizations — doctors — lawyers — religious leaders and counselors — military leaders and anyone else who wants (or needs) to keep in mind the ultimate happiness of everyone affected by his or her... 
 Meditations from the Tantras  Swami Satyananda Saraswati Meditations from the Tantras   $25.49  $19.12  Buy Now 
Meditations from the Tantras is a clear and comprehensive book on meditation for beginners. The general aim is to show the possibilities open to the practitioner of meditation, the preparation that is necessary, as well as practical methods to attain meditative experiences. Featuring fundamental pratyahara (sensory withdrawal) practices such as Antar Mouna™ and introductions to other meditation techniques such as Yoga Nidra,™ ajapa japa, trataka, the kriyas and the different forms... 
 Meditations To Energize Your Life  Donna Thomson Meditations To Energize Your Life   $11.49  $8.62   
Temporarily Out of Stock
Meditations To Energize Your Life is a manual of practical meditations that will help you understand your energy and make effective use of it. You will learn to set boundaries, to conserve energy, prevent energy drain in difficult relationships, and work with anxiety and negative thought patterns. Many of these meditations take only a few minutes, you can do them almost anywhere, and the results might just change your life. Experience the beauty of your own energy. Free your energetic flow so... 
 Meditative Therapy  Michael L. Emmons Meditative Therapy   $14.49  $10.87  Buy Now 
As an explanation of the therapist's role in guiding clients' emotional, physical and spiritual growth, this comprehensive manual offers the professional therapist the therapeutic procedures that facilitate inner-directed natural healing and recovery. Two decades ago, Emmons' popular work, The Inner Source, showed thousands of readers how to tap their own powerful "inner source" of emotional healing. Now he offers to the professional therapist a full description of the therapeutic procedures... 
 Meditative Yoga: Integrating Body, Breath and Mind  Are Holen Meditative Yoga: Integrating Body, Breath and Mind   $38.49  $28.87  Buy Now 
Meditative Yoga brings restful peace to both body and mind, and renewed energy in everyday life. Start tired and end refreshed as body, breath and mind are united in slow, effortless movement. Students of meditative yoga gradually discover new ways of unlocking their inner strength. This book teaches a simple, classical meditative yoga different from many modern, more dynamic and forceful versions of yoga practiced today. About the Authors: Are Holen (born 1945) become involved in... 
 Memory: Awakening the Potential  Memory: Awakening the Potential   $6.49  $4.87  Buy Now 
We all wish we possessed a sharp memory. How often do we envy those with clear recall and wondered how they do it while we fumble with names and facts on an everyday basis.Memory is the warehouse, where all static and emotional data is stored. Believe it or not, our brain is bombarded with sixty thousand stimuli each second. The problem starts here; the brain memory has a huge capacity but that space is overstuffed with unnecessary thoughts. People often say that they forget things very fast or... 
 Message of Swami Chidananda to mankind  Swami Chidananda Message of Swami Chidananda to mankind   $4.95  $3.71  Buy Now 
A compilation of insightful discourses on subjects such as Yoga, Meditation, Guru and disciple, Sadhana, mind control and the true purpose of life. 
 Metaphysical Meditations  Paramahansa Yogananda Metaphysical Meditations   $15.99  $11.99  Buy Now 
This little book offers definite metaphysical methods of meditation for the student who has already struggled through the mobs of rowdy thought and has entered the portals of silence. The meditations are of three types: prayers or demands addressed to God, affirmations about God, and those spoken to the individual consciousness. Contents Include: Devotion and worship Meditations on God Expansion of consciousness Finding God Material concerns Self-improvement Christmas meditations. About the... 
 Mind - Its Mysteries and Control  Swami Sivananda Mind - Its Mysteries and Control   $9.49  $7.12  Buy Now 
 Morning Meditation Prayers  Swami Dayananda Saraswati Morning Meditation Prayers   $4.99  $3.74   
Temporarily Out of Stock
“The classical definition of meditation is saguṇa-brahma-viṣaya-mānasa-vyāpāraḥ, action centred on Īśvara. Following this definition, this book provides the reader a series of meditations. Even a slow attentive reading would be meditation.” About the Author: Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati likes to call himself a traditional teacher of Vedanta, a link in a long unbroken tradition, from Adi Shankara to the present day. Rooted in the richness... 
 Pali Primer  Lily De Silva Pali Primer   $4.95  $3.71  Buy Now 
This is a book long overdue, as my first Pali teacher, the late Mr. Julius Breugoda wished me to compile such a one, or translate the work he did into English, many years ago. I am sorry I was not able to bring forth Pali Primer during his lifetime, but I feel I am discharging a great obligation even at this late stage.     
 Path to Blessedness  Swami Chidananda Path to Blessedness   $4.95  $3.71  Buy Now 
The matter contained in this book with the title "Path to Blessedness" is a simple exposition of the inner Science of Self-realization through the path of self-subdual, mind-control, concentration and meditation. This entire book constitutes a sincere attempt to serve earnest seekers after spiritual Truth and to spread a Great Wisdom that is likely to be of benefit to mankind. The said lessons were very carefully recorded in shorthand script and are now made available in this book after... 
 Perennial Psychology of the Bhagavad Gita  Swami Rama Perennial Psychology of the Bhagavad Gita   $43.49  $32.62  Buy Now 
This authoritative translation and commentary makes a timeless Eastern scripture as useful today as it was centuries ago. Swami Rama draws out the psychological concepts of this immortal text and makes them accessible to all students. Spiritual seekers, psychotherapists, and students of Eastern studies will all find a storehouse of wisdom in this volume. This book deals with analyzing and training the internal states of the human being so that one can be active in the external world while... 
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03.The Manuals of Dhamma
04.Manual of Vipassana Meditation
05.A Re-appraisal of Patanjali's Yoga-Sutras: In the Light of the Buddha's Teaching
06.Key to Pali Primer
07.Essence of Tipitaka
08.Vipassana: Addictions & Health
09.Importance of Vedana and Sampajañña
10.Realising Change: Vipassana Meditation in Action
11.The Discourse Summaries
12.The Hindu History
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Mahabandho: Mahadhavala Siddhanta Shastra (Part III, Vol.IV)
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Geeta for Children
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