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INDIAN PHILOSOPHY Let's See What We Have Here...
India is home to some of the most ancient, time-tested and profound Philosophies and Philosophers in existence. Enjoy our books that broaden your mind, your views your inner sight. Vedic philosophy is a time tested way of understanding the essence of our very existence. Dive into the world of Vedic philosophy and more!
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 Saundaryashri: Studies of Indian History, Archaeology, Literature & Philosophy (5 Vol. Set)  P. Chenna Reddy (Ed.) Saundaryashri: Studies of Indian History, Archaeology, Literature & Philosophy (5 Vol. Set)   $884.99  $663.74  Buy Now 
The present book unusually runs into five volumes comprising nearly 175 papers dealing with the recent findings and interpretation relating to Literature; Archaeology: Prehistory and Proto-history, Rock Art, Early and Historical Cultures, Marine Archaeology, Science & Conservation; Architecture & Sculpture; Epigraphy & Numismatics; History; Religion & Philosophy. This book will attract the scholars, students and laymen alike. About the Author: Prof. P. Chenna Reddy - the... 
 Cult of the Goddess  ArputhaRani Sengupta (Ed.) Cult of the Goddess   $450.49  $337.87  Buy Now 
This volume is comprised of forty-one well researched and illustrated papers on Cult of the Goddess. It tries to trace the origin and trajectory of the divine feminine force in art and culture for over a period of five millennia, which is a great achievement in itself. While exploring the living tradition of the Great Goddess, the book offers unique insight to the psyche of India and the Greater India.In the multifaceted goddess cult, the goddess takes diverse forms in her role as a destroyer... 
 Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Puranas (5 Vols.)  Swami Parmeshwaranand Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Puranas (5 Vols.)   $325.00  $243.75   
Temporarily Out of Stock
The Puranas have inspired and sustained the Hindu culture over the millennia. These scriptures have created, strengthened and preserved a great tradition of spirituality. Neither a school of religio-philosophical thought nor any socio-religious movements of the subsequent period of history of India has remained untouched by their influence.This Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Puranas in five volumes offers comprehensive information on more than one thousand Puranic themes and on many aspects... 
 Indian Philosophy  Jadunath Sinha Indian Philosophy   $224.49  $168.37  Buy Now 
Three Volume Set: Dr. Jaunath Sinha's significant work on Indian Philosophy in three volumes deals with the subject comprehensively. It closely follows the basic texts of the various schools, which is a unique feature of the work. 
 Islamic Philosophy under Quran  M.M.R. Khan Afridi Islamic Philosophy under Quran   $224.49  $168.37  Buy Now 
Holy Quran is the embodiment of Divine Revelations, made from time to time, over a period, spanning over 23 years to the Holy Prophet, Muhammad (Pbuh) by the Almighty, through the agency of the archangel, Gabriel (Jibraeel). Originally encrypted in the Arabic language, it has been translated into almost every language of the world.  Alive miracle in itself, it deals with every aspect of human life, here and hereafter. The Holy Quran is not merely a religious book; rather, an encyclopedia... 
 Voice of the Void  Sung Min Kim Voice of the Void   $200.49  $150.37  Buy Now 
Aesthetics of the Buddhist Mandala on the basis of the Doctrine of Vak in Trika SaivismThe research undertaken here about Buddhist mandalas is basically designed under the philosophical question how the visible dimensions of forms are related to their invisible contents. The textual sources in reference to Buddhist mandalas teach that the essence of mandalas is shunya (void) and their forms are the reflective images (pratibimba) of shunya. This volume investigates how the colourful form of... 
 Encyclopaedia of Vedanta  P.R.P. Sharma Encyclopaedia of Vedanta   $192.49  $144.37  Buy Now 
For over a millennium, Sankara's Vedanta advaitism: nondualism, has been exposed to extensive discussion, debate, and even polemic. In modern times, it has often been viewed as a system of metaphysical thought, involving a set of several subtle, though interrelated, doctrines - which all have the Upanisads at their base. The book does not just present Vedanta as a system of metaphysical thought. It is essentially an off-beat effort seeking to philosophically analyse the concepts... 
 Global Philosophical and Ecological Concepts (2 vols. Set)  Rudi Jansma Global Philosophical and Ecological Concepts (2 vols. Set)   $189.49  $142.12  Buy Now 
We live in a time when humanity itself has become an ecological and evolutionary problem for the earth rather than a participating friend. At the same time we live in a unique epoch where many cultures of past and present come together, intermingle and fructify each other. The concepts of cycles in nature, causality, hierarchical relationship, ecology and evolution are discussed from the angle of a select number of high cultures which determine our views and attitudes. This work is a selected... 
 Dharma Patanjala a Saiva Scripture from Ancient Java, Studied in the Light of Related Old Javanese and Sanskrit Texts  Acri, Andrea Dharma Patanjala a Saiva Scripture from Ancient Java, Studied in the Light of Related Old Javanese and Sanskrit Texts   $187.99  $140.99  Buy Now 
The book presents a thoroughly revised edition, English translation, and study of the Dharma Patanjala, an Old Javanese-Sanskrit Saiva scripture transmitted through a single palm-leaf codex of West Javanese origin dating back to the 15th century AD. The cultural and doctrinal background of the text, as well as its codicological and philological aspects, are introduced in Part I.  Part II presents an annotated diplomatic edition of the text with facsimile reproductions of the codex on... 
 An Introduction to Epic Philosophy  Subodh Kapoor An Introduction to Epic Philosophy   $179.95  $134.96  Buy Now 
The Epic Age of India was an age of Light and Darkness, Peace and Unrest, Progress and Decline, Prosperity and Adversity- an age of proud self-assertion and fiery valour. It was an age of excellent learning, culture, religion, philosophy. moral and manners, solemn rites and pompous ceremonies. It was an age where the learned Rishis became the pioneers of civilization. They traveled all over India, selected suitable sites for their hermitages on hill-tops, by tidal rivers or in some lovely and... 
 Yogavarttika of Vijnanabhiksu (4 Vols.)  T.S. Rukmani Yogavarttika of Vijnanabhiksu (4 Vols.)   $175.49  $131.62  Buy Now 
This is the first time that an attempt to render the Yogavarttika into English has been made. Its syncretic nature and the difficulty of understanding it without the aid of the sutra and bhasya has always deserted the undertaking of this work for a study in such detail. The present work gains added importance due to the critical notes given under every varttika. The bringing together of all the three-the sutra, bhasya and varttika-will serve the scholar and layman alike and will fulfill the... 
 Encyclopaedia of Vedic Philosophy  P.R.P. Sharma Encyclopaedia of Vedic Philosophy   $160.49  $120.37  Buy Now 
Contrary to the popular perception that Indian civilization has been largely concerned with the affairs of the spirit and "after-life". India's historical record suggests that some of the greatest Indian minds were much more concerned with developing philosophical paradigms that were grounded in reality.†This book is an introduction to Vedic philosophy. It is introductory in two ways.First, it presupposes on the part of its readers, no prior acquaintance with the subject.†It should be capable... 
 History of Indian Philosophy (5 Vols.)  S.N. Dasgupta History of Indian Philosophy (5 Vols.)   $150.49  $112.87  Buy Now 
The work appears in five volumes. Each volume is devoted to the study of the particular school of thought of Indian Philosophy. Vol. I comprises Buddhist and Jaina Philosophy and the six systems of Hindu thought, viz., Samkhya, Yoga, Nyaya, Vaisesika, Mimamsa and Vedanta. Vol. II completes studies in the Sankara school of Vedanta. It also contains the philosophy of the Yogavasistha, the Bhagavadgita and speculations in the medical schools. Vol. III contains an elaborate account of the... 
 History of Science, Philosophy and Culture in Indian civilization  D.P. Chattopadhyaya History of Science, Philosophy and Culture in Indian civilization   $149.95  $112.46  Buy Now 
These volumes, in spite of their unitary look, recognize the difference between the areas of material civilization and those of ideational culture.  The Project is not being executed by a single group of thinkers and writers who are metholdologically uniform or ideologically identical in their commitments. In fact, contributions are made by different scholars with different ideological persuasions and methodological approaches. About the Author: D.P. Chattopadhyaya, M.A., LL.B., Ph.D.... 
 History of Science, Philosophy and Culture in Indian Civilization (Vol-XI Part 4)  D.P. Chattopadhyaya/R.Balasubramanian History of Science, Philosophy and Culture in Indian Civilization (Vol-XI Part 4)   $144.49  $108.37  Buy Now 
The volumes of the Project on the History of Science, Philosophy and Culture in Indian Civilization aim at discovering the main aspects of India's heritage and present them in an interrelated way. The jiva who lives in the world is the enworlded subjectivity. The concept of trhe "enworlded subjectivity" interrelates consciousness, science, society, value, and Yoga. Every individual who is placed in this world becomes an enworlded subjectivity encountering and experiencing three worlds as... 
 Complete Works: Swami Vivekananda (9 Vols. Hard Back)  Swami Vivekananda Complete Works: Swami Vivekananda (9 Vols. Hard Back)   $143.99  $107.99  Buy Now 
A huge collection of the books, lectures, letters, poetry of Swami Vivekananda in 9 volumes in Hard Back edition.About the Authour:Swami Vivekananda is regarded in India as a patriot and saint. He came to the United States and spoke at the World's Parliament of Religion in Chicago. After the Parliament, the Swami traveled throughout the United States and England lecturing and giving the Western world his best teachings on Vedanta, teachings that seemed customized for the particular needs of... 
 Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies (Vol. XI)  Karl H. Potter Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies (Vol. XI)   $128.49  $96.37  Buy Now 
 This is the second Volume of this Encyclopedia devoted to Advaita Vedanta. It takes up the history of that movement from where Volume Three of this Encyclopedia left off and covers the literature from Vacaspati Misra in the tenth century to Citsukha scholar from around the world both living and dead.In the Introduction the Editor reviews a contentious issue among contemporary Advaita scholars concerning the accuracy of the interpretations of Samkara's intentions found in the writings of... 
 Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies (Volume XV)  Karl H. Potter Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies (Volume XV)   $128.49  $96.37  Buy Now 
All too frequently the term Vedanta is used when what is meant ,whether recognized or not, is Advaita Vedanta and more specifically, the philosophical system associated with Sankaracarya. Yet in fact Vedanta, literally meaning “the concluding portions of the Veda” i.e ., the Upanisads, is properly used in Indian Philosophy to designate those systems that take such texts as the Upanisads authoritatively alongwith a few others such as the Brahmasutras, alternatively known as the... 
 Vedanta-Parijata-Saurabha of Nimbarka and Vedanta-Kaustubha of Srinivasa (in 3 Volumes)  Rome Bose Vedanta-Parijata-Saurabha of Nimbarka and Vedanta-Kaustubha of Srinivasa (in 3 Volumes)   $128.49  $96.37  Buy Now 
Nimbarka's commentary on the Brahma-Sutras known as the Vedanta-Parijata-Saurabha, and that of his immediate disciple Srinivasa styled the Vedanta-Kaustubha, are the chief works of the school of philosophy associated with the name of Nimbarka. The latter is not, however, a mere commentary on the former, as is sometimes wrongly supposed, but a full exposition of the views expressed in the Vedanta-Parijata-Saurabha which is very terse and concise and not always clear. Both the treatises are... 
 Indian Psychology (3 Vols.)  Jadunath Sinha Indian Psychology (3 Vols.)   $127.99  $95.99  Buy Now 
Here is the magnificent attempt made at a constructive survey of Indian psychology. In the words of the author, the philosophical literature of India is not only rich in metaphysics, but also in psychology, logic, ethics, aesthetics, and epistemology. There is no system of Indian philosophy which has not advanced a theory of knowledge, and which has not appealed to the facts of experience. Every school of philosophy has made valuable contributions to psychology, logic, ethics and other mental... 
 The Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies (Vol. 3)  Karl H. Potter The Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies (Vol. 3)   $125.49  $94.12  Buy Now 
This volume summarizes what we know of early Advaita Vedanta upto the Samkara's pupils, Suresvara, Padmapada, totaka and hanstamalaka.  An analytical introduction by the editor introduces the reader to the concepts utilized by Gaudapada, Samkaracarya and mandana Misra in expounding and defending the Advaita view.  This is followed by summaries of all the authentic Advaita works of these authors, together with those of Suresvara and padmapada as well as a number of other works which... 
 Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies: Yoga Indiaís Philosophy of Meditation (Vol. XII)  Gerald James Larson Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies: Yoga Indiaís Philosophy of Meditation (Vol. XII)   $115.49  $86.62  Buy Now 
The volume Yoga: India's Philosophy of Meditation, traces the intellectual history of Patanjala Yoga philosophy from the early centuries of the Common Era through the twentieth century. This volume also provides a systematic discussion of the philosophy of classical yoga. Particular attention is given to the meaning of "concentration" (samadhi), "engrossment" (samapatti) and the "extraordinary cognitive capacities" (vibhutis, siddhis) and the role that these notions play in the Yoga philosophy,... 
 The Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies (Vol. 8)  Karl H. Potter The Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies (Vol. 8)   $115.49  $86.62  Buy Now 
 The following volume constitutes the second in a series devoted to Buddhist philosophy. It takes up more or less where its predecessor, Volume VII of this Encyclopedia, leaves off, around the beginning of the second century A.D. This is a period still not well understood, with a great deal of scholarly disagreement remaining about many aspects of the history and thought of the period. The editor of the volume has tried to utilize the most up-to-date scholarship known to us. The volume... 
 The Tradition of Astronomy in India Jyotihsastra: History of Science, Philosophy and Culture  in Indian Civilization (Volume IV Part-4)  B.V. Subbarayappa The Tradition of Astronomy in India Jyotihsastra: History of Science, Philosophy and Culture in Indian Civilization (Volume IV Part-4)   $115.49  $86.62  Buy Now 
This Volume endeavours to present the preceptible facets of the tradition of astronomy in India:- the torch-bearers of this tradition and their texts; main characteristics of Indian astronomy; scientific approach to the phenomenon of eclipse; pancanga and its social dimensions including the vrata-s, festivals and other observances, origin of astrological ideas, their seeming links with astronomy and certain contraditictions; extensive computations concerning planetary revolutions in a huge... 
 Laghusiddhantakaumudi of Varadaraja (Vol. 3): A Primer of Paninís Grammar  Kanshi Ram Laghusiddhantakaumudi of Varadaraja (Vol. 3): A Primer of Paninís Grammar   $112.99  $84.74  Buy Now 
†The present volume, which is the third and final of the three-volume-series, consists of five chapters containing the elucidated translation of 508 sutras and 69 varttikas which lay down the meaning conditions for the use of case-endings and explain the derivational process of primary (krdanta) and secondary (taddhitanta) derivates, compounds (samasa) and feminine forms. The scheme and method of exposition adopted in the preceding two volumes have been followed here also.About the... 
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