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Karmathguru Hardcover - 2013 HINDI
Karmathguru Hardcover - 2013 HINDI
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INDIAN PHILOSOPHY Let's See What We Have Here...
India is home to some of the most ancient, time-tested and profound Philosophies and Philosophers in existence. Enjoy our books that broaden your mind, your views your inner sight. Vedic philosophy is a time tested way of understanding the essence of our very existence. Dive into the world of Vedic philosophy and more!
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 Attitude: The Power of Positivity  Attitude: The Power of Positivity   $4.95  $3.71  Buy Now 
A positive mind anticipates happiness, joy, health and successful outcome of every situation and action. Positive thinking is a mental attitude that admits into the mind thoughts, words and images that are conducive to growth, expansion and success. It is a mental attitude that expects, it finds.But how many people do you know, who stop to thing what the power of positive thinking means? Most people do not take these words seriously or spend time considering what they mean in terms of their own... 
 Beyond Freedom: Talks with Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj  Beyond Freedom: Talks with Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj   $17.49  $13.12  Buy Now 
Recently, some long-forgotten tapes of Nisargadatta Maharaj’s talks were unearthed from the archives of S. K Mullarpattan, Maharaj’s interpreter for the longest time. These tapes contained recordings of some of Maharaj’s talks with seekers, held during the last two years of his life. They capture afresh the essence and flavour of the teachings of this world-renowned Master of Advaita - the Hindu philosophy of Non-duality. These dialogues find a new relevance for our times.... 
 Concentration: Developing the Power  Concentration: Developing the Power   $4.95  $3.71  Buy Now 
Concentration is sometimes spoken of as the ability to direct one's thinking in whatever direction one wishes to. We all have the ability to concentration span: this is the time we can concentrate on a specific task before our thoughts wander and our minds race from one thing to another. To deal with such times, we need to learn and practice concentration skills. In learning these skills the aim is to extend our concentration span, bearing in mind that we have different spans for different... 
 Mahavira: his Times and his Philosophy of Life  Mahavira: his Times and his Philosophy of Life   $4.95  $3.71  Buy Now 
 Memory: Awakening the Potential  Memory: Awakening the Potential   $6.49  $4.87  Buy Now 
We all wish we possessed a sharp memory. How often do we envy those with clear recall and wondered how they do it while we fumble with names and facts on an everyday basis.Memory is the warehouse, where all static and emotional data is stored. Believe it or not, our brain is bombarded with sixty thousand stimuli each second. The problem starts here; the brain memory has a huge capacity but that space is overstuffed with unnecessary thoughts. People often say that they forget things very fast or... 
 A History of Sanskrit Literature  A. Berriedale Keith A History of Sanskrit Literature   $20.49  $15.37  Buy Now 
Taken in conjunction with the author's Sanskrit Drama, this work covers the field of classical Sanskrit literature as opposed to the Vedic literature, the epics and the Puranas. To bring the subject-matter within the limits of a single volume has rendered it necessary to treat the scientific literature briefly, and to avoid discussions of its subject-matter, which appertains rather to the historian of grammar, philosophy, law, medicine, astronomy or mathematics, than to the literary historians.... 
 Buddhist Philosophy in India and Ceylon  A. Berriedale Keith Buddhist Philosophy in India and Ceylon   $37.99  $28.49  Buy Now 
This book deals with almost every aspect of Buddhist Philosophy from Personality to doctrine of the Buddha, fundamental character, nature and spirit of philosophy, doctrine of causation and the path of salvation, the Saint and the Buddha to the School of Hinayana, the philosophy of consciousness and the origin, the development of Buddhisations and Buddhas. The book covers the subject of Buddhism thoroughly in a manner which makes it interesting to read and easy to understand. A special care... 
 Candipathah  A. P. N. Pankaj Candipathah   $44.99  $33.74  Buy Now 
Candipatha, a part of the Markandeya Purana, which is one of the eighteen major Puranas, is its most important segment. Apart from Sridurgasaptasati, which forms the core of Candipatha, there are, preceding and succeeding it, several hymns of equal importance and, in the course of its ritual performance, all these hymns, as an integral totality, have to be recited as indicated in this book.  Candipatha celebrates the Feminine Power, Durga-Sakti-with her innumerable names, across in this sacred... 
 Philosophy of Brahman  A. Ramamurty Philosophy of Brahman   $22.49  $16.87  Buy Now 
This book is in one sense a critique of metaphysics usually viewed as an attempt to explain the existence of the world in terms of a reality which is regarded as the ultimate cause or source of the world, and in another sense to understand metaphysics as a profoundly significant attempt to know or understand the true or real nature of what is there, or what we all experience empirically, or the world. Most of the philosophers belonging to different schools of philosophy tried to understand the... 
 Religion and Philosophy of the Veda and Upanishads (2 Vols.)  A.B. Keith Religion and Philosophy of the Veda and Upanishads (2 Vols.)   $74.99  $56.24  Buy Now 
The work presents to the student of religion, in objective form and with constant reference to the original sources and to modern discussions, a comprehensive but concise account of the whole of the religion and philosophy of the Vedic period in India. The work comprises twentynine chapters grouped in five main parts: (i) Sources, (ii) God and demons of the Veda, (iii) Vedic ritual, (iv) Spirits of the dead, (v) Philosophy of the Veda. It draws mainly from the original sources. A... 
 The Problem of Perception  A.D. Smith The Problem of Perception   $23.00  $17.25  Buy Now 
A major contribution to the theory of perception, A. D. Smith presents a truly original defense of direct realism--the view that in perception we are directly aware of things in the physical world. The Problem of Perception offers two arguments against direct realism--one concerning illusion, and one concerning hallucination- that no current theory of perception can adequately rebut. Smith then develops a theory of perception that does succeed in answering these arguments; and because these... 
 The Mind in Ayurveda and Other Indian Traditions  A.R.V. Murthy The Mind in Ayurveda and Other Indian Traditions   $62.99  $47.24  Buy Now 
The book "The Mind in Ayurveda and Other Indian Traditions" authored by Dr. A.R.V. Murthy presents an unique blend of scientific and philosophic exposition of the concept of psyche. The book presents the work in eight well-designed chapters. Such a surveying of the concept of psyche in varied fields of expression in a range of contexts provides the author a comprehensive opportunity to realize the phenomenon of mind and psyche as depicted in varied fields of perception from folklore to poetry... 
 Philosophy of Sarvodaya  Acharya Dada Dharmadhikari Philosophy of Sarvodaya   $9.49  $7.12  Buy Now 
In this book, Dada gives us a clear analysis of the fundamentals of Sarvodya philosophy. A revolutionary versatile writer and powerful orator, Dada is regarded as on e fof the best interpreters of the philosophy of Sarvodya. This book is based on the talks by Dada before a selected audience. In speeches such as these some repetition becomes inevitable. However it must be remembered that it occurs in different contexts and cannot be erased, because its omission will not make the subject matter... 
 Dharma Patanjala a Saiva Scripture from Ancient Java, Studied in the Light of Related Old Javanese and Sanskrit Texts  Acri, Andrea Dharma Patanjala a Saiva Scripture from Ancient Java, Studied in the Light of Related Old Javanese and Sanskrit Texts   $187.99  $140.99  Buy Now 
The book presents a thoroughly revised edition, English translation, and study of the Dharma Patanjala, an Old Javanese-Sanskrit Saiva scripture transmitted through a single palm-leaf codex of West Javanese origin dating back to the 15th century AD. The cultural and doctrinal background of the text, as well as its codicological and philological aspects, are introduced in Part I.  Part II presents an annotated diplomatic edition of the text with facsimile reproductions of the codex on... 
 Philosophy of Gorakhnath: With Goraksha-Vacana-Sangraha  Akshaya Kumar Banerjea Philosophy of Gorakhnath: With Goraksha-Vacana-Sangraha   $46.99  $35.24  Buy Now 
This book is an attempt to present a systematic and consistent account of the philosophical background of the spiritual culture associated with the names of Yogi Gorakhnath and other adepts of the Natha school. The account is mainly based on an original Sanskrit text of the school attributed to Gorakhnath, which is believed to be a faithful record of some of the traditional views of the school. This book is an attempt to present a systematic and consistent account of the philosophical... 
 The Golden Chain  Algis Uzdavinys The Golden Chain   $18.99  $14.24  Buy Now 
Presenting key writings of the most important sources of Pythagorean, Platonic and Neoplatonic thought, The Golden Chain defines this philosophy as a spiritual and contemplative way of life that ultimately leads to the vision of God.  These writings point to underlying influences from Chaldean, Egyptian, Phoenician and Indian sages, suggesting that the Hellenic wisdom from which all subsequent Western philosophy arose was established upon a perennial philosophy of unchanging metaphysical and... 
 The Advaita Vedanta of Brahmasiddhi  Allen W. Thrasher The Advaita Vedanta of Brahmasiddhi   $25.49  $19.12  Buy Now 
The Brahma-siddhi, `The Demonstration of Brahman` is Mandana Misra`s largest work, his most important and the sole one dedicated as a whole to Vedanta. The topics occurring in the doctrine of this work which the present author intends to study here in this book are inter-related; they all have to deal with the nature and functioning of error, whether every-day error or the transcendental error, avidya, which makes us see the multiplicity of phenomena where there is nothing but the utter... 
 Death, Dying and Beyond  Alok Pandey Death, Dying and Beyond   $14.49  $10.87  Buy Now 
Man's paradoxical relation to death is that he sees the fact of death all around him, yet lives as if he were immortal. He may struggle to understand, wandering from the material scientist to the mystic in search of the secret meaning of death. In this book the author examines the complex questions on the nature of death, and follows Sri Aurobindo's deeper vision behind the veil of death to find the answers to some of the most perplexing ethical and existential problems related to death,... 
 Science, Materialism, Mysticism  Amal Kiran (K. D. Sethna) Science, Materialism, Mysticism   $11.49  $8.62   
Temporarily Out of Stock
This book discusses from a philosophical perspective classical Newtonian versus relativistic Einsteinian physics, Heisenberg's uncertainty principle, etc. There is special emphasis on Albert Einstein's path-breaking views and philosophy of science, showing how for him physics in a sense almost merged with metaphysics.           
 Teilhard de Chardin and Our Time  Amal Kiran (K. D. Sethna) Teilhard de Chardin and Our Time   $9.49  $7.12  Buy Now 
This book starts with comparative studies of Roman Catholicism, the scientific-spiritual philosophy of the Jesuit priest and palaeontologist, Teilhard de Chardin, and Pantheism with which Teilhard has been linked. The author concludes after analysing Teihardism from all possible angles that it is "rather akin to the ancient comprehensive Vedanta of the early Upanishads" and that when "that Vedanta as revived in the Bhagavad Gita" is "modernised", "by setting it in the context of Evolutionism,... 
 Advaita Philosophy Of Sri Adhi Sankara  Amarakavi Ramachandra Advaita Philosophy Of Sri Adhi Sankara   $7.99  $5.99   
Temporarily Out of Stock
The author having gone deep into ‘advaita siddanta’ (Akiya Bhava with the divine) explains his unique experiences in the book.  In an introduction, the Hon Editor observes that the divine revelations to the author excel the Vedas and Upanishads, identifying missing links, the book is to generate interest in realizing what is inherent in humans.’ The yoga system of Amarakavi is claimed to be appropriate to humanity today and that the Ashtanga Yoga is not suited to the present time. -... 
 Nyayadarshan  Ambika Dutt Sharma Nyayadarshan   $65.99  $49.49  Buy Now 
Authored in twentieth century by Mahamahopadhyaya Phanibhushan Tarkavagish on the Nyaya-Sutras and Vatsyayana's Nyayabhashya, this Bengali commentary is a very important treatise that integrates internal development of Nyaya philosophy and its all minute points. The Bengali commentary, rendered first time in Hindi, on the Lakshanasutras shaping the basic structure of Nyaya philosophy, is being produced here. 
 The Nasiketa Story  Amos Nevo The Nasiketa Story   $38.49  $28.87  Buy Now 
This book is the first critical edition of a comprehensive Sanskrit version of the Nasiketa myth, with a full translation into English. The text is composed of several manuscripts belonging to the same branch of the story development, and is compared to the printed Sanskrit versions and to some others, still in manuscript form.The introduction presents a short analysis of the religious-philosophic ideas conveyed by the Naciketa story throughout the generations, based on the author's Ph.D.... 
 Deliberations on The Life Divine: Volume One (Book I: Chapters I-VI)  Ananda Reddy Deliberations on The Life Divine: Volume One (Book I: Chapters I-VI)   $10.49  $7.87  Buy Now 
The first in a series of projected volumes, this book is a transcribed edited version of talks delivered by the author on the first six chapters of Sri Aurobindo’s The Life Divine. Dr Reddy’s approach is to explain in the simplest of terms the main philosophical arguments presented by Sri Aurobindo by showing how he takes up an argument from multiple viewpoints and then finds a natural and unifying synthesis through spiritual experience and intellectual thought. The author has kept... 
 The Hindu Vision  Anantanand Rambachan The Hindu Vision   $8.95  $6.71  Buy Now 
This is a discerning and lucid articulation of Hindu belief and practice. Professor Rambachan combines insight born out of his own devotion with mastery of relevant texts and traditions to create a gem of a book. He describes worship in its familial and temple contexts, holding before the reader the aim of worship as unbroken awareness of God in all of life. This awareness intensifies and expands the religious and moral meaning of life, death, and human action, Dharma, moksa and... 
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