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National Formulary of Unani Medicine - Part-2
National Formulary of Unani Medicine - Part-2
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RELIGIONS OF THE WORLD Let's See What We Have Here...
All religions have a common source, the very Being within, the Soul. From this point all religions, Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Islam and all others spring. Many saints say that Love is the first religion and all religions lead you to love. Love for one another (human brotherhood), love for all creation (non-violence) and love for ones self. At Vedic Books we bring you books on all religions of the world. All religions have beauty, joy, wisdom, festivity. Come join in a global celebration of the religion of love the love of religion.
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   Ramesh S. Balsekar    $12.99  $9.74  Buy Now 
In his latest book Ramesh Balsekar, the banker-sage from Mumbai and author of over 30 best selling books on Advaita philosophy, presents a 3600 view of life and living. In this collection of insightful brief notes, he lucidly provides pointers to the Truth in the most direct manner possible. With delightful humour and a crisp writing style he debunks misconceptions, steers you clear of pitfalls to bring you back to the core question: what is the spiritual seeker really seeking?  A most... 
 ... And Nothing has Ever Happened  Gurudev ... And Nothing has Ever Happened   $28.49  $21.37  Buy Now 
You are already a Buddha! Just remain attentive. Attentive to nothing in particular… Simply attentive. A Buddha is one who is simply attentive. He is just present. He is pure Presence. And this Presence is a great blessing. You know that you are… there is a sense of presence. Just remember “I am.” Just remember and be.         
 35 Golden Keys To Who You Are and Why You're Here  Linda C. Anderson 35 Golden Keys To Who You Are and Why You're Here   $29.95  $22.46  Buy Now 
Eckankar is a modern day religion with ancient roots, and teaches direct experience of a deep spiritual essence connecting all life to God. This book is an excellent guide to the ancient wisdom of Eckankar and is essential to all who, regardless of their religious beliefs, are looking for clear answers to age-old spiritual mysteries. Like few others, this book takes will take you far beyond what they already know about God, and brings you closer to what you may always have felt was true.... 
 A Comparative Survey of Hindu, Christian and Jewish Mysticism  E. M. Abraham A Comparative Survey of Hindu, Christian and Jewish Mysticism   $18.99  $14.24  Buy Now 
The present book is a comparative and evaluative study of Hindu, Christian and Jewish mysticism. Not much work is done in the field, though there are sketchy studies of any two of these schools and not all together Again the author has taken within his scope, not only the three schools of Vedanta, but has considered the four important Upanisad viz. Isa, Kena, Katha and Mundaka. He has then dealt with Christianity, with reference to the New Testament and the Christian Mystics. He has drawn on... 
 A Comprehensive History of Jainism (2 Vols.)  Asim Kumar Chatterjee A Comprehensive History of Jainism (2 Vols.)   $52.78  $39.59  Buy Now 
In this book an attempt has been made to write a comprehensive and connected account abut Jainism from 800 BC to the time of Mughal Emperor Akbar. In this work, the author has tried to show that Lord Parsvanatha was the first prophet of non-violence and the earliest genuine teacher, advocating the equality of men and women. It also carries descriptive account of the well-known Jaina tirthas (sacred places) and nearly three hundred places have been discussed. This work has been generously... 
 A Dictionary of Chinese Buddhist Terms  W.E. Soothill A Dictionary of Chinese Buddhist Terms   $54.95  $41.21  Buy Now 
For about a thousand years, Buddhism dominated the thought of China and her thinkers were occupied with Buddhist philosophy. This dictionary serves as a resource to the interpretation of Chinese culture, as well as an important reference for the comparative study of Sanskrit and Pali originals. The author provides a key for the students which to unlock a closed door which does serve to reveal the riches of the great Buddhist thesaurus in China. Author further, explains that various... 
 A Dictionary of Hinduism  Margaret and James Stutley A Dictionary of Hinduism   $38.49  $28.87  Buy Now 
This encyclopedic dictionary is indispensable to all those interested in Hinduism, whether specialist, student or general reader. The dictionary comprises around 2,500 romanised Sanskrit subject headings with their English equivalents, explanations and etymology. An index of English subjects with Sanskrit equivalents, and an extensive bibliography are appended. The dictionary indexes and describes the mythology, folklore, religion, philosophy, literature and history of Hinduism over a period... 
 A Dictionary of Hinduism  S.Kapoor A Dictionary of Hinduism   $25.49  $19.12  Buy Now 
Hinduism, one of the great religions of the world, is the major religion of India, where nearly 85 percent of the population is classified as Hindu. Hinduism has developed over about 4,000 years and has no single founder or creed; rather, it consists of a vast variety of beliefs and practices. In its diversity, Hinduism hardly fits most Western definitions of religion; rather, it suggests commitment to or respect for an ideal way of life, known as dharma. A Dictionary of Hinduism is the... 
 A Guide to Hindu Spirituality  Arvind Sharma A Guide to Hindu Spirituality   $14.49  $10.87  Buy Now 
Spirituality is often viewed as something mysterious and esoteric-and Hindu spirituality even more so. Equally, it is often confused with religion and religious practices. But the central claim of spirituality is really quite simple: that our normal life does not exhaust the experience of reality. The word spirituality is simply a signpost pointing to this unexplored region; unexplored yet experienced by each one of us.  A Guide to Hindu Spirituality serves as a guide to help us explore... 
 A Handy GK Book A to Z of World Religions  Jim Willis A Handy GK Book A to Z of World Religions   $22.49  $16.87  Buy Now 
This book provides an encyclopedic view of the history, people, and practices of the world’s major and alternative religions. From Aaron to Zoroastrianism, nearly 300 entries examine key religious figures, prophets, deities, places, and scriptures, augmented by some 100 illustrations. A Handy GK Book A To Z of World Religions examines the world’s major religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. It also describes spiritual practices that predate organized religion.... 
 A History of Buddhist Philosophy  David J. Kalupahana A History of Buddhist Philosophy   $20.99  $15.74  Buy Now 
The present work has, since its original publication in 1976, offered an unequaled introduction to the philosophical principles and historical development of Buddhism.  Now, representing the culmination of Dr. Kalupahana's thirty years of scholarly research and reflection, A History of Buddhist Philosophy builds upon and surpasses that earlier work, providing a completely reconstructed, detailed analysis of both early and later Buddhism. 
 A History of Indian Buddhism (Hard Cover)  Hirakawa Akira, Tr. & Ed. A History of Indian Buddhism (Hard Cover)   $62.49  $46.87  Buy Now 
A History of Indian Buddhism, the summation of a lifetime of research onIndian Buddhism, is an exceptionally comprehensive discussion of IndianBuddhism, with detailed chapters on its history, doctrine and bibliography. The text also presents some of the debates on Indian Buddhism that haveoccurred in the Japanese academic community and emphasizes issues that have often been treated only in passing in India and the West. Hirakawa'sextensive use of Chinese translations of Indian Buddhist... 
 A History of Indian Philosophy (Vol. III)  Surendranath Dasgupta A History of Indian Philosophy (Vol. III)   $35.49  $26.62  Buy Now 
The work appears in five volumes. Vol. I comprises Buddhist and Jaina Philosophy and the six systems of Hindu thought, viz.., Samkhya, Yoga, Nyaya, Vaisesika, Mimamsa and Vedanta. It also contains the philosophy of the Yogavasistha, the Bhagavadgita and speculations in the medical schools. Vol. III contains an elaborate account of the Principal Dualistic and Pluralistic Systems such as the philosophy of the Pancaratra, Bhaskara, Yamuna, Ramanuja, Nimbarka, Vijnanabhiksu and philosophical... 
 A History of Indian Philosophy (Vol. V)  Surendranath Dasgupta A History of Indian Philosophy (Vol. V)   $19.49  $14.62  Buy Now 
The work appears in five volumes. Vol. I comprises Buddhist and Jaina Philosophy and the six systems of Hindu thought, viz.., Samkhya, Yoga, Nyaya, Vaisesika, Mimamsa and Vedanta. It also contains the philosophy of the Yogavasistha, the Bhagavadgita and speculations in the medical schools. Vol. III contains an elaborate account of the Principal Dualistic and Pluralistic Systems such as the philosophy of the Pancaratra, Bhaskara, Yamuna, Ramanuja, Nimbarka, Vijnanabhiksu and philosophical... 
 A History of Sanskrit Literature  A. Berriedale Keith A History of Sanskrit Literature   $20.49  $15.37  Buy Now 
Taken in conjunction with the author's Sanskrit Drama, this work covers the field of classical Sanskrit literature as opposed to the Vedic literature, the epics and the Puranas. To bring the subject-matter within the limits of a single volume has rendered it necessary to treat the scientific literature briefly, and to avoid discussions of its subject-matter, which appertains rather to the historian of grammar, philosophy, law, medicine, astronomy or mathematics, than to the literary historians.... 
 A Hundred Devotional Songs of Tagore  Rabindranath Tagore A Hundred Devotional Songs of Tagore   $11.95  $8.96  Buy Now 
Devotion is dedication of the self to the All Serene. To Rabindranath Tagore, it is more than mere dedication. It is a vrata to be in perfect unison with the Vratapati, the Lord of askance in sincerity, purity and poignance. To be christened with the spirituality of Tagore in the most intrinsic and poignant pattern is to muse and re-muse his devotional songs, and in doing so, one cannot but discover within oneself the lotus-land of spiritual excellence. Indeed, somewhere in the heartland... 
 A Manual of Buddhism : A Manual of Buddhism: In its Modern Development  R. Spence Hardy A Manual of Buddhism : A Manual of Buddhism: In its Modern Development   $13.89  $10.42  Buy Now 
This is one of the earliest works on Buddhism and a pioneer attempt to analyse the deeds and doctrines attributed to Gotama. It also gives a compendium on the ontology and ethics of Buddhism with an appendix indicating the twelve sources from which the materials were drawn by the learned author, who collected no less than four hundred and sixty-five works from Ceylon in original Sanskrit, Pali and Sinhalese and Elu. The author begins his thesis with the system of the Universe, and deals in the... 
 A Metaphorical Study of Saundarananda  Linda Covill A Metaphorical Study of Saundarananda   $37.99  $28.49  Buy Now 
This book is an exploration of the metaphors that underpin Buddhism as a religious and cultural system. A focal point for the exploration is provided by the enchanting and richly metaphorical Sanskrit text, the Saundarananda, by the Buddhist monk and poet Asvaghosa. The poet uses fundamental metaphors such as the Buddha as a physician or the Dharma as a path, as well as less familiar conceptual superimpositions such as the parallel between meditation and gold refining, to structure the poem and... 
 A New Light on The Veda  Dr. R. L. Kashyap A New Light on The Veda   $7.99  $5.99   
Temporarily Out of Stock
The object of this book is to unveil the secret in the Veda. Different views of the contents of the Veda are stated. The arrangement and division of the Vedas into two section, karma kanda and jnana kanda. About the Author: Dr. R.L. Kashyap is Professor Emeritus of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Purdue University, Lafayette, Indiana in USA. He had his masters degree form Indian Institute of science, Bangalore and obtained Ph.D. form Harvard University. He is the recipient of many... 
 A Second Chance  Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada A Second Chance   $6.95  $5.21  Buy Now 
The law of karma states that we're all responsible for our actions, and death is the crucial moment when mysterious forces acting according to this law work behind the scenes to determine our destiny. At a time when reincarnation is quickly gaining acceptance, not only with the growing ranks of people reporting out-of-body and near-death experiences but with the public at large, "A Second Chance" is indispensable to our daily lives. This amazing narrative is based on an ancient book of... 
 A Short History of Religious and Philosophic Thought in India  Swami Krishnananda A Short History of Religious and Philosophic Thought in India   $4.95  $3.71   
Temporarily Out of Stock
The present book on the structure of Inner India is one of a special kind, for it offers to students of Indian Culture a taste of its quintessential essence and, to those who are eager to know what India is, a colorful outline of the picture of the heart of India. The survey of thought covered in this book ranges from the Vedas and the Upanishads to the Smritis, including the Epics, Puranas and the Bhagavad Gita, as well as the religious modes of conduct and the philosophic tradition of the... 
 A Simple Monk  Dalai Lama A Simple Monk   $75.49  $56.62  Buy Now 
His Holiness the fourteenth Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso, has captured the world's heart and imagination with his extraordinary wisdom and humility in the face of China's brutal, decades-long occupation of Tibet. This stunning new visual biography marries provocative writings on His Holiness by some of today's most intriguing authors with vibrant full-color images by photojournalist Alison Wright, author of 'The Spirit of Tibet'. Published with the cooperation of New York's Tibet House, which... 
 A Sufi Master Answers  Elizabeth Kessing A Sufi Master Answers   $16.49  $12.37  Buy Now 
This book is a fine companion to the series of Hazrat Inayat Khan`s The Sufi Message. The author, Dr. Elisabeth Keesing is a lifelong devotee of the master and a well-known and laureated writer in the Dutch language field as a historian and as a writer of both fiction and non-fiction. Also she is the author of the well known biography of Hazrat Inayat Khan, titled Hazrat Inayat Khan: A Biography Delhi 1981. Hazrat Sufi Inayat Khan (Baroda, 1882-Delhi 1927) was a famous musician in his yound... 
 A Survey of Buddhism  Sangharakshita A Survey of Buddhism   $27.99  $20.99  Buy Now 
The Survey of Buddhism continues to provide an indispensable study of the entire field of Buddhist thought and practice.  Covering all major doctrines and traditions, both in relation to Buddhism as a whole and to the spiritual life of the individual Buddhist, Sangharakshita places their developement in historical and cultural context.  This is an objective but sympathetic appraisal of Buddhism's many forms, that clearly demonstrates the underlying unity of all its schools. The... 
 A Treasury of Mahayana Sutras  Garma C.C. Chang A Treasury of Mahayana Sutras   $31.99  $23.99  Buy Now 
The Maharatnakuta Sutra is one of the five major sutra groups in the Mahayana canon. Of the two great schools of Buddhism, Mahayana has the greatest number of adherents worldwide-it prevails among the Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Tibetans, and Vietnames-and contains within it a number of movements, notably Zen which have been of growing interest in the West in recent decades. Yet despite this increased attention and enormous following, translations of Mahayana scriptures have been scarce and... 
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01.The Sacred Books of the Hindus : Translated by Various Sanskrit Scholars (Set in 30 Volumes in 38 Parts)
02.Bhagavad Gita: Home Study Course (9 Vols.)
03.Sri Vijnana Bhairava Tantra: The Ascent
04.The Yoga Vasishta
05.History of Dharmasastra (5 Vols. in 8 parts)
06.The Mahabharata of Krishna Dwaipayana Vyasa (12 Vols.) (Hard Cover)
07.Gayatri: The Highest Meditation
08.Sri Caitanya Caritamrta (9 Volume Set)
09.Mahabharata (9 Vols.)
10.Mantras to Hindu Gods & Goddesses (4 Vols.)
11.Srimad Bhagavatam
12.The Yantras of Deities and their Numerological Foundations
Vagbhata's Astanga Hrdayam Vol. 1 (Krishnadas Ayurveda Series 27)
Sivananda Lahari
The Square and the Circle of the Indian Arts
Gupta Sculptures
Nagarjuna's Letter
The Bhagavad Gita
Vedic Metre in its Historical Development
Weekend breaks from Bangalore
Mudras: Yoga in Your Hands
Diabetes mellitus in Indian medicine
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just writing to let you know my THANK YOU for the great service. even if a bit later than expected, the book reached me today (dec 8) in perfect order and i'm very happy with it, and with you keeping in touch as well. it's been a pleasure & i'd gladly order with you again in the future....


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