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Sushruta Samhita: Ancient Indian Surgery (3 Volumes)
Sushruta Samhita: Ancient Indian Surgery (3 Volumes)
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RELIGIONS OF THE WORLD Let's See What We Have Here...
All religions have a common source, the very Being within, the Soul. From this point all religions, Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Islam and all others spring. Many saints say that Love is the first religion and all religions lead you to love. Love for one another (human brotherhood), love for all creation (non-violence) and love for ones self. At Vedic Books we bring you books on all religions of the world. All religions have beauty, joy, wisdom, festivity. Come join in a global celebration of the religion of love the love of religion.
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 Erotic Sculpture of India: A Socio-Cultural Study  Devangana Desai Erotic Sculpture of India: A Socio-Cultural Study   $156.49  $117.37  Buy Now 
Erotic sculpture around places of worship of any society would require an explanation. Its unignorable presence outside Hindu temples when the religion itself has been known for its other-worldly ideals and spiritual aspirations has both astonished and puzzled visitors. The Brahmin panda (guide) accompanying the inquisitive tourist at sites like Bhubaneswar or Konarak as well as the scholarly Hindu steeped in a less free later day morality find the anomaly embarrassing and proffer idealistic... 
 Essays in Buddhist Theology  Musashi Tachikawa Essays in Buddhist Theology   $32.49  $24.37  Buy Now 
Buddhism does not recognize a concept of the existence of God (theos) such as found in Christianity, but here theos is not used to refer only to an absolute deity like the Christian god. By "theology," the author means the systematic delineation of the confrontation with the condition of the times while carrying on the engagement between the divine and oneself.  Buddhism has spread widely down to the present and it manifests great diversity, in such forms as the neo-Buddhism of... 
 Essays in Philosophy  Swami Sivananda Essays in Philosophy   $4.95  $3.71  Buy Now 
This illuminating volume has been specially written for those who are soaked in Western philosophic thought and the scientific method of arriving at conclusions. These Essays in Philosophy are not based on mere belief or superstition, not on mere scriptural injunctions and declarations, but on good reason backed by the personal experiences of a living Sage of Self-realization. As such, they are bound to appeal to, and transform, people of all shades of thought and opinion. These essays were... 
 Essays on Science and Religion  Dr. T. D. Singh Essays on Science and Religion   $12.99  $9.74  Buy Now 
Science and religion are the two most dominant forces of humanity in the search for the ultimate meaning of life and the universe. Are these two forces reconcilable? If yes, what are the possible grounds for their synthesis? Could the recent developments in science and technology about human nature and the cosmos enable us to explore religious wisdom in new ways? In the pivotal times like ours, what role could science and religion dialogue play in restoring world peace? Moreover, what... 
 Essays on the Mahabharata  Arvind Sharma Essays on the Mahabharata   $33.49  $25.12  Buy Now 
This book is a classic study of a monumental work, the Mahabharata,  perhaps the largest epic in world literature.  It is an epic study of the epic on account of the voluminous size it has itself attained, the kaleidoscopic variety of the themes it covers, the great diversity of approaches it canvesses, the wide array of contributions it includes and the high standard of scholarship it achieves.  The essays of this book are on survey and discussion of manuscripts used in the... 
 Essence of Ramayana  Swami Sivananda Essence of Ramayana   $6.99  $5.24  Buy Now 
Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj’s main purpose in life is to serve aspiring souls and humanity, and one of the forms it has taken has been the production of over three hundred books on almost all aspects of religion and culture of India. Sri Swamiji has rightly called the Ramayana as being Dharma in theory and practice. IT has influenced and molded Indian life and thought for hundreds of years and is still a living force in the inner depths of Indian consciousness. Table of Contents: ... 
 Essence of Scholasticism  Charles Willemen Essence of Scholasticism   $33.49  $25.12  Buy Now 
The Essence of Scholasticism is a meditation manual, leading to arhatship. It is the Gandharan cultural area, i.e. Bactria. Brobably composed in the first century BCE, it was commented on and elaborated in several sastras, the best known being the Abhidharmakosabhasya of the fifth century. The Essence and the Astagrantha are the basic treatises of the non-Vailbhasika sarvastivadins, i.e. of the sautrantikas, of the Gandharan cultural area. These texts were translated in China in the fourth... 
 Essence of Tipitaka  U Ko Lay Essence of Tipitaka   $8.49  $6.37  Buy Now 
This book is a good beginning book to understanding the parts, structure, and meanings of the Tipitaka. Tipitaka is the Pali word meaning "Three Baskets" used to describe the body of discourses and teachings (in three categories) credited to Siddhartha Gotama, or the historical Buddha. It is also called the Pali Canon. Specialized monks memorized his stories and discourses for centuries before coming together to put them into one body of work. A descriptive overview is given for each... 
 Essence of Vajrayana  Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Essence of Vajrayana   $31.95  $23.96  Buy Now 
This is an explanation, in English, of the uncommon generation stage practice of Heruka body mandala. The author explains how we can practice the sublime visualizations of Heruka body mandala and transform our ordinary world and experiences into the transcendental reailty of a Buddha. Buddha Heruka is a manifestation of all the Buddhas' enlightened compassion, and by relying upon him we can swiftly attain a pure selfless joy and bring true happiness to others. In Part One Geshe Kelsang... 
 Essential Hinduism  Steven J. Rosen Essential Hinduism   $59.49  $44.62  Buy Now 
In Essential Hinduism, the religion's teachings, beliefs, practices, and history are reviewed by an expert hoping to rectify that. This straightforward overview, focussing on Vaishnavism-the most common form of Hinduism - is ideal for those who wish to learn more about this ancient tradition. Beginning with chapters about the foundations of Hinduism, Rosen clearly lays out what is otherwise a complicated history. Providing Hindu terms alongside English translations, he illuminates the basics... 
 Essentials of Krishna & Shukla Yajur Veda  Dr. R. L. Kashyap Essentials of Krishna & Shukla Yajur Veda   $21.99  $16.49  Buy Now 
The focus of this book is on the light that Yajur Veda gives us to enrich the human potential and enhance the quality of life. Table of Contents: Overviews Deities and Mantras Yajna or Sacrifice Legends, Society and Science Upanishads and Yogic Insights Appendices About the Author: Dr. R.L. Kashyap is Professor Emeritus of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Purdue University, Lafayette, Indiana in USA. He had his masters degree form Indian Institute of... 
 Essentials of Rig Veda  Dr. R. L. Kashyap Essentials of Rig Veda   $4.99  $3.74   
Temporarily Out of Stock
After the publication of book, Why Read Rig Veda, in 1998 there have been persistent requests for a book on Rig Veda summarizing the key ideas in its ten Mandalas. This book is response to such requests. Summarizing the knowledge in 10,552 mantras in 80 pages is not possible. Simply giving the titles and their brief descriptions serves no one. The readers want to see the texts of mantras and their translations. The translations of the mantras are given in bold and most of them have been... 
 Ethics in Early Buddhism  David J. Kalupahana Ethics in Early Buddhism   $18.99  $14.24  Buy Now 
Throughout the centuries, moral philosophers, both Eastern and Western, considered a permanent and eternal law a necessary requirement for the formulation of a moral principle. If such a law was not empirically given, it had to be determined through reason. In contrast, early Buddhism presented a radical theory of impermanence. Interpreters of early Buddhism have been unable to abandon the presupposition of permanence, however, and hence have persisted in viewing nirvana or freedom as a... 
 Exploring Consciousness Through Unconsciousness  Pradip Mukherji Exploring Consciousness Through Unconsciousness   $18.49  $13.87  Buy Now 
It is also not a book of philosophy, religion, spirituality, new-age or old-age, though the bookseller will put in one of those categories. This book intends to give no answer to any questions, doesn’t intend to solve any problem, or give any information or words of wisdom. It is also not a quick-feel-good book. This book contains nothing that has not been said, heard or written before.           
 Exploring The Hindu Mind: Cultural Reflection & Symbolism  M.K.V. Narayan Exploring The Hindu Mind: Cultural Reflection & Symbolism    $23.49  $17.62  Buy Now 
Hinduism has a rich cultural heritage spanning the past four thousand years or more. In this long epoch starting from the Vedic times and its evolution through spiritual and Puranic periods in a multi-ethnic and multi-linguistic settings, the religion had absorbed many changes and modifications to blossom into modern Hinduism. In this book, an attempt is made to bring out the symbolism apparent or hidden in the ideas of Hindu mythology, rituals and cultural practices touching some visible... 
 Eye of the Storm : Vairotsana's Five Original Transmissions  Keith Dowman Eye of the Storm : Vairotsana's Five Original Transmissions   $48.49  $36.37  Buy Now 
The five texts translated from Tibetan into English in this book are considered the first transmission of Dzogchen Ati to Tibet.  They constitute the root and essence of Dzogchen in Tibet - basic, raw Dzogchen precepts, appropriately styled 'radical Dzogchen'.  This is the special, extraordinary teaching of our Nyingma lineage.  The great masters have all attained realization through Dzogchen, contemporary masters all owe their status to Dzogchen, and any attainment in the... 
 Fairs & Festivals of India:  Unfolding the Colourful Heritage of India  S.P. Sharma Fairs & Festivals of India: Unfolding the Colourful Heritage of India   $25.99  $19.49  Buy Now 
Hinduism remains the oldest religion in the world. It has, over the years, continued to assimilate within itself different sects, creeds and castes, along with their respective customs, traditions, culture and mode of worship, forming a formidable amalgam of astonishing vitality and dynamism. The secret of Hinduism’s successful survival can be traced to the imaginative and colourful celebration of its festivals by the people. These joyous occasions of festivals have a powerful impact on the... 
 Faith and Philosophy of Jainism  Arun Kumar Jain Faith and Philosophy of Jainism   $43.49  $32.62  Buy Now 
Jainism is a religion which symbolizes solidarity and unity between all beings. Jainism is deeply philosophical and a very scientific religion. This book covers historical developments of Jainism from its earliest time to its latest version. As one of the world’s major religions, Jainism has today a very long history of a splendid tradition, with a well-defined philosophy and code of ethics. This volume covers its beginning, antiquity, doctrines, Tirthankaras, spread, and its contribution to... 
 Family Culture in Islam  Shahid Ashraf Family Culture in Islam   $192.49  $144.37  Buy Now 
This volume portrays the relevance of Islamic culture from different angles. This volume is titled: Family Culture in Islam, the topics covered are as following: The Backdrop Respect to parents Women in Islam Wife's Obligations Privileges for Women Pride for Women Women's Rights Islamic Perception of Marriage Muslim Marriage Traditions Marriage Essential Different Marriage Practices Divorce in Islam Special Attention to Children Affection for Children Status of... 
 Family Life under Quran  M.M.R. Khan Afridi Family Life under Quran   $224.49  $168.37  Buy Now 
Holy Quran is the embodiment of Divine Revelations, made from time to time, over a period, spanning over 23 years to the Holy Prophet, Muhammad (Pbuh) by the Almighty, through the agency of the archangel, Gabriel (Jibraeel). Originally encrypted in the Arabic language, it has been translated into almost every language of the world. Alive miracle in itself, it deals with every aspect of human life, here and hereafter. The Holy Quran is not merely a religious book; rather, an encyclopedia of... 
 Fast & Festivals of India  Manish Kumar Verma Fast & Festivals of India   $6.49  $4.87  Buy Now 
The book enlightens us about the Hindu festivals, fasts, rituals, holy baths and observance of sacred days which are a part and parcel of the great cultural heritage of India. They are religious, social and a great source of spiritual and moral enrichment. It contains a special chapter on the non-Hindu fasts and festivals, in particular of the Christians and Muslims. There are a number of festivals, celebrations, feasts and fasts which may be called non-Hindu festivals for the sake of... 
 Finding the Hidden Self: A Study of the Siva Sutras  Roger Worthington Finding the Hidden Self: A Study of the Siva Sutras   $9.49  $7.12   
Temporarily Out of Stock
Western philosophers have searched hard for the elusive entity called consciousness, but nowhere has it been captured better than in the Siva Sutras.  These Sutras describe the creative principle behind the universe and how it manifests in human consciousness.  The Origin of the Sutras is mysterious; legend has it that the sage Vasugupta discovered them engraved on a large stone tablet on Mount Kailas in Kasmir.  Lrd Siva, the creator, preserver, and destroyer of the universe,... 
 Finer Techniques of Astrological Predictions (Vol I & II)  K.N.Rao Finer Techniques of Astrological Predictions (Vol I & II)   $25.99  $19.49   
Temporarily Out of Stock
 First and Best buddhist Teachings : Sutta Nipata Selections and inspired Essays  Susunaga Weeraperuma First and Best buddhist Teachings : Sutta Nipata Selections and inspired Essays   $13.99  $10.49   
Temporarily Out of Stock
From the oldest sacred book in Buddhist Literature-The Sutta nipata, great psychological and spiritual insights address some of the deepest concerns of our time and offer practical solutions to the problems that plague our world today Extraordinarily profound is the Sutta Nipata, which is the oldest sacred book in Buddhist literature. It is a particularly authentic version of the Buddha’s discourses because of its antiquity, language and contents. Susunaga Weeraperuma’s faithful and... 
 For the Benefit of the Many  S.N. Goenka For the Benefit of the Many   $25.49  $19.12  Buy Now 
Since the early 1980s in India and around the world, there has been an astonishing increase in the number of Vipassana courses offered each year and the number of centres devoted to the practice of this teaching. This growth has been possible because of the selfless service of thousands of meditators. Working in many different capacities, they have freely given help so that still more people could take steps on the path of liberation. This is how servers can work together harmoniously. And this... 
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01.The Sacred Books of the Hindus : Translated by Various Sanskrit Scholars (Set in 30 Volumes in 38 Parts)
02.Bhagavad Gita: Home Study Course (9 Vols.)
03.Sri Vijnana Bhairava Tantra: The Ascent
04.The Yoga Vasishta
05.History of Dharmasastra (5 Vols. in 8 parts)
06.The Mahabharata of Krishna Dwaipayana Vyasa (12 Vols.) (Hard Cover)
07.Gayatri: The Highest Meditation
08.Sri Caitanya Caritamrta (9 Volume Set)
09.Mahabharata (9 Vols.)
10.Mantras to Hindu Gods & Goddesses (4 Vols.)
11.Srimad Bhagavatam
12.The Yantras of Deities and their Numerological Foundations
Folk Embroidery of Himachal Pradesh
Research on Early Man in Burma
Sukokti-Sudha-Sagar Arthart Bhagavat Puranabhasa-Gutka
Priesthood in Ancient India
Mrcchakatika of Sudraka
Conversations With Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba
Hindu Stories
Health In Your H1ands: Acupressure and Natural Therapies (2 Vols.)
Kalidasa--The Loom of Time
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I received the books per order. Wish to thank you & the organization for providing me an opportunity to read about Siddha Boganathar, it is a like finding a lost treasure for me....

KL Viswanathan

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