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The Siddha Pharmacopoeia of India (Volume I, Part I)
The Siddha Pharmacopoeia of India (Volume I, Part I)
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The Vedas and their derivatives are India's treasurehouse of wisdom and it's greatest contribution to humanity. All the profound teachings, philosophy and practical sciences that were prevalent in ancient India, and are being revived in this day and age, are rooted in the Vedas. There are four Vedas (Rig, Yajur, Sama and Atharva). The Rig Veda is considered the oldest book in existence dating back many thousands of years, if not more.
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 Tales from the Upanishads  Mahesh Sharma Tales from the Upanishads   $6.49  $4.87  Buy Now 
Upanishads are called Adhyatma Vidya (spiritual knowledge) or Brahma Vidya as they convey the essence of the Veda teachings. They constitute that eternal beacon which has been illuminating the creation right since its inception by its undesirable, eternal and ever-relevant light. Its light contains that element of immortality which has nurtured and nourished the very root of the Sanatana dharma. It is a unique gift from India to the world for its eternal welfare. There are believed to be ten... 
 Tales from Vedas  Dr. B.K. Chaturvedi Tales from Vedas   $6.49  $4.87   
Temporarily Out of Stock
Vedas are the ancient tomes of Hindu religion which are the treasure troves of the values of an ideal life. Various tales given in the Vedas and other Scriptures give a detailed account of the origin of universe, man, nature, animals, Brahm, God, ages, society, culture, sin and virtues, life and death, king and subjects, planets and Nakshatras, dissolution of the world, etc. The edas are a storehouse of knowledge. Even small Mantra, though conssisting of a mere few syllables, shows... 
 Ten Upanishads  Swami Sivananda Ten Upanishads   $18.99  $14.24  Buy Now 
There is no book in this world which is as thrilling and illuminating as the Upanishads. The Upanishads contain the spiritual experiences of the Seers and Rishis of India. Constant study of the Upanishads will elevate your mind and help you to reach the first stage of Jnana. Meditation on OM with meaning and feeling will enable you to attain Self-realization. The ten Upanishads covered in this book are; Yogasara Upanishad, Vedantasara Upanishad, Siva-jnanamitra Upanishad, Advaitamrita... 
 Ten Upanishads of Four Vedas  Piparaiya Ten Upanishads of Four Vedas   $124.99  $93.74   
Temporarily Out of Stock
Upanishads are a record of human mind's earliest contemplative flights to the Unknown. Many of the anonymous seekers preceded great Masters and Prophets like Lao-Tzu, Confucius, Socrates, Zoroaster, Buddha, Mahavira, Abraham and Jesus, by at least a few centuries. Upanishads are ahead of even modern times. Physicist's concept of Ultimate Reality has progressed from atoms to sub-atomic particles to vibrating strings; and search for a Theory of Everything continues. Upanishads declare that... 
 The Brhad-Devata (2 Vols.)  A.A. Macdonell The Brhad-Devata (2 Vols.)   $44.17  $33.13  Buy Now 
Brhat-devata is an index of the `many gods', a much more extensive work than any of the other Anukramanis, as it contains about 1200 slokas interspersed with occasional tristubhs. It is divided into eight adhyayas corresponding to the astakas of the Rg-veda. Following the order of the Rg-veda, its main object is to state the deity for each verse. But as it contains a large number of illustrative myths and legends, it is of great value as an early collection of stories. A peculiarity of this... 
 The Call of the Upanishads  Rohit Mehta The Call of the Upanishads   $43.49  $32.62  Buy Now 
The Upanishads contain a large number of inspiring and instructive passages and verses--it has not been possible to include all of them in this book. For the purposes of this book the author has taken those verses and passages that have a bearing on the mystical teaching of the Upanishads. It is mysticism which is the very core of the Upanishads--and so in understanding this mysticism one comes to the heart of the sublime and magnificent teaching of the Upanishads. About the Author: Rohit... 
 The Discovery of Indus  Dr. Madhusudan Mishra The Discovery of Indus   $25.99  $19.49  Buy Now 
This book proclaims the author’s view that the in-flexional stage of Indus is the so called Indo-European and the Indus valley is the home of the Indo-Europeans. The agglutinative stage of Indus which preceded it has mostly gone unrecorded, but it is sparsely found in the prose texts of the Vedic literature.It can be historically reconstructed, as tried in the 3rd Appendix of the Discovery. The isolating stage of Indus, as found in the extant inscriptions, is the earliest form of the... 
 The Great Epic of India  E. Washburn Hopkins The Great Epic of India   $12.50  $9.38  Buy Now 
Long age when this book first appeared in the opening year of the century the great Epic, Mahabharata had not been thoroughly examined to see what literature it reflected had not received a careful investigation from the metrical side its philosophy had been reviewed only in a most haphazard fashion and its relation to other epic poetry had been almost judgment on the question of the date and origin of the poem of which scholars knew as yet this poem of which scholars knew as yet scarcely more... 
 The Hymns of the Rgveda  Ralph T.H. Griffith The Hymns of the Rgveda   $48.49  $36.37  Buy Now 
The Rgveda, the odest literary record of the Aryan race and the sacred book of the Hindus, has very few authentic translations in English. Most of the translations are only the imitations of interpretations which the mediaeval hindus, as represented by Sayana, have offered. Griffith's is the only translation which, though guided by Sayana, ventures to deviate from him widely and frequently. it may be ranked as an independent translation hitherto made in English. The Rig Veda derive its... 
 The Indus Script and the Rg-Veda  Egbert Richter Ushanas The Indus Script and the Rg-Veda   $29.95  $22.46  Buy Now 
This book offers a detailed study of the Indus script in relation to the Rg-Veda. In the first chapters of this book, the author discusses and rebuts several well-known misconceptions about the Vedas and the Vedic Period. The deciphering of the Indus script has been met with suspicion and ridicule. Many people are nowadays of the opinion that the Indus script is altogether indecipherable. The masterkey of this book is the discovery of a symbolic connection between the Indus signs and the... 
 The Jaiminigrhyasutra Belonging to the Samaveda  W. Caland (Ed.)(Tr.) The Jaiminigrhyasutra Belonging to the Samaveda   $24.99  $18.74  Buy Now 
The Grhya sutras contain rules for customs, ceremonies and sacrifices through which the life of an Indian attains purification. They record a number of popular customs and manners connected with conception, birth, name-giving, first-outing, first-eating by the child. They include rules for tonsure, initiation, completion of studies, customs of courting, engagement, wedding etc. They are important for the Student of Comparative History inasmuch as they contain parallels in the manners and... 
 The Light of Veda  Dr. R. L. Kashyap The Light of Veda   $4.95  $3.71  Buy Now 
A practical approach helps to understand the hidden meaning in the mantras, gives a glimpse of vedic literature from the point of view of modern man. Table of Contents: Overview of Vedas Spiritual Interpretation and the Symbolism of Yajna Mantrā: Its Nature and Meaning The Method of Initiation, Diksha Conclusions About the Author: Dr. R.L. Kashyap is Professor Emeritus of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Purdue University, Lafayette, Indiana in USA. He had his masters... 
 The Nighantu and the Nirukta of Sri Yashacarya  Lakshman Sarup The Nighantu and the Nirukta of Sri Yashacarya   $62.49  $46.87  Buy Now 
The Nighantus are the glossaries or lists of rare and obscure words occurring in the Vedic hymns. According to Yaska they were collected and classified by the descendants of ancient sages for the easier understanding of the Vedic texts. The Nirukta is a famous work of Yaska. It is the oldest Indian Treatise on Etymology, Philology and Semantics. This being a commentary on the Nighantus, collection of obscure words which tradition ascribes also to Yaska, follows the three-fold division of the... 
 The Panchadasi of Srimad Vidyaranya Swami  Nanda Lal Dhole (Tr.) The Panchadasi of Srimad Vidyaranya Swami   $32.49  $24.37  Buy Now 
Madhava, Madhavarya, Madhvacharya and Madhyavamtya were the names by which Vidyaranya Swami use to pass prior to his turning into a recluse. He wrote many works all of which attest his learning and erudition. He wrote on medicine, grammar, astrology beides writing commenaties on the four Vedas known by the name of Madhavaprakash Sarvadarshangraha and others.The Panchadasi is an important text on the Vedantic philosophy. It consists of fifteen chapters written by srimat Vidyaranya Swami.The... 
 The Presence of Siva  Stella Kramrisch The Presence of Siva   $78.49  $58.87  Buy Now 
One of the three Great Gods of Hinduism, Siva is a living god.   The most sacred and most ancient book of India, the Rg Veda, evokes his prsence in tis hymsn.  Vedic myths, ritual, and even astronomy testify to his existence from the dawn of time.  In a lively meditation of Siva - based on original Sanskrit texts, many heretofore not translated - Stella Kramrisch ponders the metaphysics, ontology, and myths of Siva from the Vedas to the Puranas.       
 The Purana Index  V.R. Ramachandra Dikshitar The Purana Index   $167.95  $125.96  Buy Now 
Three Volume Set: A comprehensive Index to all the Purans was desideratum. Puranas constititue an important branch of Indian literature Prof. V.R. Ramachandra set himself on this work intially on five Mahapuranas viz. Vayu, Brahmanda, Matsya, Vinsu, and Bhagavata. The present work is in three parts. The work is exhaustive in nature and covers the vast and varied field of ancient Indian culture in all aspects. Access to this most important surviving work of classical Vaisesika and... 
 The Religion of the Veda  Shridhar B. Shrotri The Religion of the Veda   $62.49  $46.87  Buy Now 
The work is complete in four chapters preceded by an introduction discussing in detail the sources, viz., the Vedas, brahmanas and Sutras. Translation of Oldenberg's classic German work on Vedic religious beliefs, cults and customs. trans. by Shridhar B. Shrotri. Represents the best of orientalist scholarship. 
 The Rig Veda: An Anthology of One Hundred Eight Hymns  Wendy Doniger O'Flaherty The Rig Veda: An Anthology of One Hundred Eight Hymns   $19.49  $14.62  Buy Now 
Gathers Vedic hymns about creation, death, sacrifice, ritual and the various gods and characters of Indian mythology.About the Author:'Wendy Doniger is the Mircea Eliade Distinguished Service Professor of the History of Religions in the Divinity School at the University of Chicago, where she is also a professor of South Asian languages and civilizations.  
 The Rigveda  Maharishi Dayananda Saraswati The Rigveda   $51.49  $38.62  Buy Now 
 The Secret of the Veda  Sri Aurobindo The Secret of the Veda   $12.99  $9.74  Buy Now 
A study of the way of writing of the Vedic mystics, their philosophic system, their system of symbols and the truths they figure, and translations of selected hymns of the Rig-Veda. "Is there at all or is there still a secret of the Veda?" Sri Aurobindo asks in the opening sentence of this book. He examines the ritualistic and naturalistic theory of nineteenth-century European scholars and then sets forth his own view: "The hypothesis I propose is that the Rig-veda is itself... 
 The Secret of the Veda (Hard Cover)  Sri Aurobindo The Secret of the Veda (Hard Cover)   $12.49  $9.37  Buy Now 
A study of the way of writing of the Vedic mystics, their philosophic system, their system of symbols and the truths they figure, and translations of selected hymns of the Rig-Veda. "Is there at all or is there still a secret of the Veda?" Sri Aurobindo asks in the opening sentence of this book. He examines the ritualistic and naturalistic theory of nineteenth-century European scholars and then sets forth his own view: "The hypothesis I propose is that the Rig-veda is itself the... 
 The Secret Teachings of the Vedas: The Eastern Answers to the Mysteries of Life - Vol 1  Stephen Knapp The Secret Teachings of the Vedas: The Eastern Answers to the Mysteries of Life - Vol 1   $17.99  $13.49   
Temporarily Out of Stock
This is a book that provides one of the best reviews of ancient Eastern philosophy and gives access to some of the most important spiritual knowledge found anywhere. It also offers a look at some of mankind's loftiest of thoughts and realizations about who he is and what his relationship is with the universe. This book supplies a means to unlock the mysteries of the ancient Eastern wisdom and presents answers to questions not found in other religions or philosophies. It condenses information... 
 The Sraddha - The Hindu Book of the Dead  R.C. Prasad The Sraddha - The Hindu Book of the Dead   $18.49  $13.87  Buy Now 
Of the sixteen samskaras which encompass a Hindu life the last one is performed for the dead by their sons or grandsons or relatives. Many passages in the Puranas and Dharmasastras extol the role of the son in the life of a devout Hindu. The present book deals with the rite of Sraddha and vindicates the popular belief that Sraddha, being an important topic, forms an integral part of Hindu Dharmasastra. the belief in the after-death survival of deceased ancestors and their separate world belongs... 
 The Srimad Devi Bhagavatam  Swami Vijnanananda (Tr.) The Srimad Devi Bhagavatam   $78.49  $58.87  Buy Now 
The Srimad Devi Bhagavatam, on the basis of its order, style and theme belongs to the genre of Mahapuranas, in spite of its exclusion from the original list of the Mahapuranas. It is to the Saktas what Srimad Devi Bhagavatam is to Vaisnavas. Opinions about the date of its composition vary; however it can be safely said that it attained its present shape sometime during the eleventh century AD. Its ideas trace source from all the major works of ancient India-the Vedas, the Epics and the Puranas.... 
 The Student's Sanskrit-English Dictionary  Vaman Shivram Apte The Student's Sanskrit-English Dictionary   $50.49  $37.87  Buy Now 
About the book: The present Dictionary is designed to meet the long-felt need of the English knowing reader, who is interested in the study of classical as well as modern Sanskrit. It covers a very large field - Epics such as the Ramayana and Mahabharata, Puranas and Upapuranas, Smrti and Niti literature, Darsanas or Systems of Philosophy, such as Nyaya, Vedanta, Mimamsa, Sankhya and Yoga, Grammar, Rhetoric, Poetry in all its branches, Dramatic and Narrative literature, Mathematics,... 
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