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The Master Mystic: The Life of Shiva Yogini Amma
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A child is born on that day and at that hour when the celestial rays are in the mathematical harmony with ones individual karma. The horoscope is a challenging portrait, revealing ones unalterable past and probable future results. The message boldly blazoned across the heavens at the moment of birth is not meant to emphasize fate, but to arouse our will to action. - Swami Sri Yukteswar

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Is the cardiac problem predictable

Is the cardiac problem predictable

by K.Kailasnath

Cardiac problem is one of the fatal diseases that embarrass the scientific world and the common man equally for a long time. Thanks to the scientific world for the immense contribution in terms of advanced treatment and medicine to rescue the patient’s life. This fatal disease becomes always dangerous due to the late detection of the disease or the ignorance of the people about the symptom of it. But, we can’t blame them as for every symptom; we can’t imagine such type disease. These thoughts may even loose the guts of the person or put a person always in confusion and trepidation. 

A good astrologer can guide a person. Astrology has been designed to befit in the foreseeing of diseases, which is likely to affect a person. In the classical astrological works, it has been said that astrology and physiology are cognate. Astrology is the science of predictions. Many of the incidences that happen in life are beyond the reasoning level, a mere coincidence, unanticipated, unimaginable and a sensible inference of the existence of prime determinant force. Conveniently, we call it as God or something else. Astrology is in the pace of understanding that power. This is a cognitive power and not realizable through the sensory organs. The great seers of the olden times made pioneering endeavor to this end and discovered many secrets and compiled them into a voluminous account for the future benefit of the generation. 

All that happen in our life is supposed to be due to the Karma force. The happiness and the unhappiness, sickness, sufferings etc. are all due to the Karma force. It means that we are responsible for our own destiny. The destiny is astrologically measurable. The 12th house is the Sanjitha Karma, 5th house is the Prabdha Karma and the 9th house is the Agamica Karma. This is the rule of astrology. This technical literature is obtainable by erecting a birth chart or horary chart. Briefly, a disease is possible to be located, time of it’s inception, the remedy needed to avert it.

The astrology says that ill treatment, mental harassment and torturing are reasons for the cardiac problem. These acts must have committed in the past life and as a result, this may disturb the person. This advises us to be gentle, affectionate and humane towards the fellow being.  The birth chart or the horary chart will show whether a person is susceptible to the cardiac problem.

In the Rig Veda, one of the hymns says that the Sun should be pleased to remove heart problem. In a chart, if the sun is debilitated, there is enough chance to get cardiac problem. But, this is a general concept only. If a debilitated Sun happened to be in the 4th house, the person is more prone to it. Saturn is another planet that can cause the heart problem. If Saturn is in the 4th house and in the house of the Sun simultaneously, the cardiac problem is almost sure.

The ecliptic has been divided into 12 parts. Each part is called house, i.e. Aries, Taurus etc. In this classification, Aquarius is the most afflicted house for the cardiac problem. The theory says that the illness is always associated with the rising sign. If this rising sign is either aspected or afflicted with a malefic planet, that person is almost sure of the cardiac problem. The aspect of Mars on the Aquarius ascendant will undergo surgical treatment for curing the disease. Similarly, Cancer, the fourth sign in the ecliptic, is likely to have the cardiac problem. This ascendant is very likely of the internal problem of the heart.

The moon is also responsible for the heart problem. If the Moon is in the wane or very weak or occupies in a malefic house, she will create the heart problem. Perhaps, the Moon is the representative of the blood and that the blood purity function is carried out by the heart and a weak Moon can obstruct that function, would cause the heart problem. I have found that always the fourth house is creating the heart problem. The Sun, the Moon, Saturn in the fourth house have brought the heart problem in one way or another. Rahu and Ketu are equally bad. But, they can’t do any harm independently.  They try to divert the attention of both the doctor and the patient, they make false symptom or conceal the problem from visibility.

One of the amazing facts about Jupiter is that even he becomes harmful in causing the heart problem. Since, he rules the glucose-energy conversion metabolism in our body; he makes impediments in the pipes that transport blood. This obstruction may cause an additional pressure on the walls of the heart.  The hyper glycemic patients must take care that this doesn’t affect their heart. The heart problem, if it is likely, should be ascertained from the astrological chart.

The most important thing is that at what time this problem may happen. The answer is that this is likely during the period of from whom the problem is developed. An example to cite, if Mars is occupying the Aquarius rising sign, that person will undergo a massive attack during the period of Mars. The period means the Vimsottari Dasa advocated by Sage Parasara. If Aquarius or Cancer becomes either the 6th house or 8th house, that person is also likely to get the heart problem during the period of the ascendant lords or the planets occupy those houses or the lords of those houses. The best choice of the efficacy of the medicine is deduced from the position of Venus. If Venus has a connection with the concerned houses, the patient will survive. Or else, the patient will get appropriate medicine after a suffering and will come back to life.

The remedial measures advised to ward off this trouble are briefed here. 1) Prajapathya Yajnam 2) Thila Homam 3) Give an image of cow in gold in charity to a Brahmin 4) Mruthyunjaya Manthra Havana 5) Ajya Homam 6)Vishnu Sahasra Nama  recital 7)Namathraya recital 8) Kushmanda Homam.  I strongly advise that Gayathri Homam and Pada Pooja and Feast for the Brahmins are mandatory along with the set of remedial measures described above.


This article was published on Wednesday 21 January, 2009.
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I am loving the other books by Sivananda I received in the first shipment. What a brilliant sage and great saint. Truly fantastic....


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