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Vyaktitva Vikas : Sangharsh Aur Safalata (Hindi)
Vyaktitva Vikas : Sangharsh Aur Safalata (Hindi)
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Vaastu Technology: Creating Built Space Using Life by Dr. Jessie Mercay

Vaastu Technology: Creating Built Space Using Life Affirming Principles of Mayonic Science and Technology

“…this science deals with the eternal process of the subtle energy (Vastu) manifesting into material space or material form (Vaastu). In short, it is the science of manifestation of energy into matter or material form.” (Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati).

"...If a part of free space is isolated and confined into a four walled structure called a building, it
becomes a living organism and the space enclosed will start vibrating in a particular order. If such
a building is designed to vibrate in the same numerical order as that of the indweller, the resultant
phenomenon is that he will experience harmony or perfect union with the Universal Self..."

Dr. V. Ganapathi Sthapati

"The embodied energy is Vaastu Purusha Mandala or the Creative Essence made manifest on the
physical plane. The space enclosed in a building is Praasaada Purusha Mandala or "energized
building." Such a building is a living organism built of musical units of measure. These units correspond with the primal vibrations of the cosmos itself."

Brahmarishi Mayan, circa 10,500 BC

"When inner space and outer space resonate together in harmony then peacefulness, vitality,
health, prosperity, and dynamic, ecstatic creativity become the natural order and effortless
experience." Brahmarishi Mayan, circa 10,500 BC

"In the heart of the cave of the body there is inner space and in that inner-space there is a vibrant
thread of consciousness. It is this thread of consciousness that functions as the musical string of
the bodily instrument.

The structure of the vaastu inspired building vibrates with cosmic energy and the bodily instruments resonates with this vibration. To create and offer the house of supreme bliss, and to enable us toexperience that supreme bliss here in this mundane house itself -these are the prime motives of Vaastu science" Dr. V.Ganapati Sthapati -American University of Mayonic Science and Technology -AUM S&T course schedule 
-email for course information -consulting and general information

Vaastu Architecture:

Creating Homes that are life giving, inspiring and energetically alive


The main goal of the ancient Vaastu architects and sculptors was to emulate through concrete expression the laws of the universe. Their structures expressed the truth of cosmic order and form, celebrated our connection with all life, and created harmony and spiritual bliss in the inmate. The ancient Vaastu architects were multifaceted. In addition to being architects, they were sculptors, musicians, poets and dancers. To communicate spiritual bliss and truth was their life

They preserved and passed on the knowledge of Vastu Science through practice, oral transmission, visual transmission through sculpture, and palm leaf texts. The ancient Vaastu architects and sculptors realized the Supreme Truth of Existence as the substance "Vastu". They viewed God as a scientific principle embodied in the science of Vastu. All existence is Vaastu, the unmanifest universe is Vastu -it is all that we know and are. Nothing is outside of Supreme Truth of Existence. The Vaastu temples of India and other places are the pure expression of laws of the universe: the temple is a Divine incarnation, solid and real. They are microcosms of the universe. "There is scientific reality behind them," as Sthapati puts it in his book, Temples of Space-Science.

Building architecture for home construction can be based upon the same Mayonic Principles and Universal Order that traditional Vaastu temples are. When this takes place, homes become life giving, inspiring, and energetically alive. This process is accomplished using ancient scientific principles that have been found to create repeatable results through thousands of years.


Vaastu is a term that is beginning to have world -wide notoriety however there are many misconceptions and distortions about authentic Vaastu. It is erroneously thought of as a kind of East Indian Feng Shui. Well meaning Vaastu or Vastu consultants are attempting to help improve living spaces by use of yantras, mandalas, crystals, mirrors and any number of so-called Vaastu correction devices. In some cases furniture is moved and people are told to place what is called the “Vastu Purusha Mandala” on their wall and they will feel much better in their home. From the onset I must say that, while they may be attractive and aesthetically pleasing, none of these”remedies” are in fact legitimate corrections for faulty Vaastu.

Authentic Vaastu is a highly complex science that requires thoughtful study and precise execution. It is a science born of knowledge of physics, mathematics and rhythm and form. It involves comprehension of Space, Time, Light, Sound the five elements, and an understanding of the manifestation of energy from potential to kinetic. Finally, it requires the ability to apply this scientific knowledge to architecture, sculpture, poetry, dance, and music. Despite these facts, anyone willing to put in a little bit of effort can understand the basics of Vaastu.

As you read on you will be amazed at the depth and profundity of authentic Vaastu. You will be introduced to ancient knowledge that has been hidden for centuries that Vaastu consultants have had no access to. You will learn of the origin of Vaastu and the true meaning of the word. You will learn introductory principles involved in building an ideal Vaastu structure from the ground up. You will also see how these principles can be applied as authentic remediesfor your existing home, transforming your living place into a divine space.

The Pranava Veda

The first source book of Vastu science and Vaastu science and technology is the Pranava Veda. The Pranava Veda is also the first Veda and the “source Veda. ” That is, it is the source of ALL the present day Veda.

“A good deal of evidences is available both in Tamil as well as in Sanskrit works, particularly in Srimat Bhagavatam and Skandam about the remote existence of Pranava Veda. This Veda was later on called the science of Vastu (energy) and Vaastu (embodied energy), which is gaining much popularity today across the globe.” (Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati)

“eka eva purã vedo pranavaha sarva vãngmayha”

“There was only one Veda called Pranava Veda in the remote past.” (9th0 Skãnda, 14th Chapter, Sloka 48 of Bhãgavatam – Veda Vyasa)

This ancient work, The Pranava Veda and Vastu Science, and Vaastu Science and Technology was originated by a great scientist/ artist named Mamuni Mayan about 10,000 years ago. Mayan lived on a landmass south of India, south of the present Kanyakumari, known as Kumari Continent. Due to a series of land disturbances including ocean water encroachments and deluges the continent became an island called Jambu Dweepa. Just before the last great deluge that covered Jamboo Dweepa with water Mayan migrated to Southern India. During that time he established Vaastu as a dynamic science and technology. His work included architecture, sculpture, dance, music and other art forms, astronomy and astrology, and herbology.

Through precise mathematical formulas Mayan was able to recreate the process of pure consciousness (Absolute Space) becoming conscious and awakened in structures such as buildings, temples, statues, dance, music and other forms of expression. These structures created in this way became “live” or living structures. One might say that through the knowledge of “consciousness becoming conscious,” life was breathed into forms and structures.

In addition, through precise mathematical formulas, Mayan was able to create structures that were not only alive with pure consciousness but also resonated specifically to the individual resonance of any given human being. Thus, the human being had direct and immediate contact/resonance with Pure Consciousness making the individual more alive and vibrant.

Authentic Vastu has been a lost science for centuries because the detailed scientific texts (which include knowledge of quantum physics, astrophysics, astronomy, nuclear physics, and mathematics) were not understood by scribes and scholars over the past centuries. Hence, the crucial scientific and mathematical aspects of Vastu and Vaastu were left out of the Vedic texts that were derived from the Pranava Veda.

Without the scientific and mathematical technologies, all that remained was superstition and partial truth. It is through the efforts of Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati, (Tamil Nadu, India) an eminent architect, sculptor and teacher, that the ancient science and art of Vastu is being revived in its completeness through his translation and application of recently discovered ancient documents on Vastu Science and Vaastu science and technology as conceived by Mamuni Mayan.

"The embodied energy is Vaastu Purusha Mandala or the Creative Essence made manifest on the physical plane. The space enclosed in a building is Praasaada
Purusha Mandala or "energized building." Such a building is a living organism built of musical units of measure. These units correspond with the primal
vibrations of the cosmos itself."

Brahmarishi Mayan, circa 10,500 BC

Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati

The Manifestation Process Called Vastureva Vaastu

“The Self unfolds Itself, by Itself, for its Self”
Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad -Gita

The crux of Vaastu Science and Technology is the manifestation process called Vastureva Vaastu and the application of specific related principles to poetry, dance, music and architecture. While our focus here is on built space in the form of architecture, the same principles apply in terms of the manifestation process. Vastureva Vaastu simply means unmanifest pure potential Energy (Vastu) turning itself into material form (Vaastu). With the understanding of this process and the simultaneous yet successive manner in which it occurs one comes to fully realize that Vastu is Vaastu. Pure Consciousness, Brahman, is the same as the material world and the material world is the same as Pure Consciousness, Brahman. There really is no distinction between manifest and unmanifest.

“… forms produced by the application of Vaastu Science are the forms of the Spirit…”
Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati

Mamuni Mayan perceived how the vibrating Cosmic Being activates a self -spin, expands and manifests itself as the material world. Mayan then articulated how we as humans could replicate that process so that 1our cultural forms (houses, dance, music, poetry, sculpture) are also vibrating Cosmic Being.

Breathing Life Into Forms: Crucial points in Vaastu architecture that support the creation of a healthy, vibrant, living structure

Authentic Vaastu consulting takes into account very specific and scientifically derived principles in building or rectifying a home or other building. As a note, the use of yantras, mirrors, candles, pictures, or other devices do not correct the existence of “faulty” Vaastu energy. Vaastu Science and Technology requires specific elements to be properly executed in order to obtain life supporting Vaastu structures. The following are some of the important elements that are considered in building a vital Vaastu structure:

1. The Grid: the spinning Earth creates a flow of energy from its’ center that is called “the grid.” This energy is related to the earth’s rotation at the equator. It flows North and South in alignment with true north rather than magnetic north. When a house or structure is aligned precisely with “The Grid” the effects of Vaastu are realized (there is a mathematically determined deflection that is sometimes used depending upon the results desired). Another aspect of The Grid is the solar energy that flows east and west as the sun moves across the sky. When a home is properly aligned with the north/ south grid it is automatically aligned east and west allowing health giving sun to enter the structure.
2. The Mother Wall: The “mother Wall “ is the primary wall or container that serves to create a space for the Vaastu effect. In a home, for example, it is often the main four walls or foundation of the house. We call it “mother wall” because it forms the structure that gives birth to the Vaastu effect. The size of the mother wall is carefully determined based upon mathematical calculations called ayadi calculations. In the drawing below ,the mother wall of the home design is indicated in red.

“There is no other secret about the role of Indian Vaastu excepting that it looks
upon the outer space as the manifest form of the unmanifest with an internal
order and it (the Indian Vaastu) encloses that order in the built form for the human
race to live in perfect union with universal being" (Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati, p. 260 Building Architecture of Sthapatya Veda)

3. Ayadi Calculation: The Ayadi calculation is the exact mathematical calculation that scientificallyequates to your personal resonance/vibration and the resonance of the specific house or piece of jewelry (statue etc.) With the ayadi calculation a number of factors are considered in determiningexactly what size the mother wall must be create the desired resonance within you when you enter and reside in a specific Vaastu structure. This is a vital piece of information that supports the fullness of the Vaastu effect. Without a proper ayadi calculation the vibrational quality of a structure is often harmful to human habitation. This is what is known as a “sick house.”

4. Modules: Once the ayadi calculation is determined, and the mother wall designated, the structure is divided into 9 by 9 modules. The modules can be square or rectangular. These modules help locate important features such as windows and doors on the appropriate grid lines. This maximizes the positive effect of the grid, solar energies and cosmic energies. Extensions (rooms) of various shapes and forms can be added beyond the mother wall but only in accordance with the mathematical formulas of the ayadi and modules,


5. The Brahmasthan: The Brahmasthan is the central point of the structure. It is the central module, and two to three adjacent modules, of the 9 by 9 grid formed by the mother wall. It is the nucleus of space from which and in which the Vaastu effect is generated -that is, it is the Space element through which the process called Vastureva Vaastu occurs. Locating the Brahmasthan is of vital importance in breathing life into a structure. This central point can be likened to the nucleus of an atom around which energetic forces revolve. The Brahmasthan is the source of the five elements within the building structure and the source of the positive qualities that permeate the structure and cause it to be avibrating, positive living structure. Maximum benefit arises when this central area is designed in harmony with the rest of the structure. In figure 1 above, you can see that the center of the house is open space. This open space is the Brahmasthan.

6. Yoni line: The Yoni line is a clear pathway of energy that moves through the house in a straight line from the properly placed front door to a back door or window. This Yoni line can be likened to the kundalini energy of the human body in that it allows for the free flow of energy through the structure. That free flow of energy interacts with the aliveness of the house making the entire structure even more vibrant. When properly placed, the structure lives and breathes harmoniously. Because a Vaastu structure is an energy generator, there is no need to close windows and doors in order to contain energy. In a Vaastu home, energy is plentiful. That plentiful energy then resonates with the inmates and supports their life and energy.

7. The Front Entrance: The correct front entrance placement is vital to the general effect Vaastu has on a home or structure. This placement determines which cosmic forces are activated and flow through the entrance and what the effects are. For example, a main entrance in the northeast quadrant (placed in a very specific, mathematically determined position) is very supportive to health, family relationships, and relationships in general. The front entrance placed in the very center of the south-facing wall creates a harmful effect on the occupants. Moving that door to the module east or west of south center using specific mathematical equations will do the opposite and actually enhance the lives of the occupants. It is said that, “the eyes are the doorway to the Soul.” In this case, “the door is the highway to the Soul.”


8. Other considerations: The Vaastu Consultant, trained in Mayonic Science, takes many other things into consideration including slope of land, flow of underground water, roads, bodies of water, quality of soil, vegetation, flowing water on the surface (streams and rivers), the flow of water through pipes in the building, ecological building materials, and much more. The unique aspect of Mayonic Science, the original form of Vaastu, is that these considerations are based on mathematics and physics rather than superstition. Selected elements considered are on the following pages. The impact of applying these Vastu principles to a structure (home, office, church, temple, apartment, village, statue, painting, piece of jewelry, etc.) is that that structure, regardless of size, becomes a “ living structure” that vibrates with known qualities and characteristics that are supportive of human life and spiritual well being.

Without applying Vaastu principles, specifically Mayonic Science and Technology, the effect on human life of a structure is random and often non supportive. Gaining proper training is of great importance. One cannot learn this science adequately from books or the many weekend workshops being offered around the world. A well thought out program of instruction supervised by a traditional Vaastu architect is a requirement for learning this work. The American University of Mayonic Science and Technology is the only institution or individual teaching authentic
Vaastu Shastras and Sthapatya Veda in the western world. AUM S&T is supervised by the only living designated Guru in this field.


While the ideal is to build a Vaastu home from the ground up using the appropriate principles, an existing home may be “rectified” by applying as many of the correct Vaastu principles as possible to any given structure. Sometimes it is just a process of opening the heart of a house or changing the location of a front door or, it may include removing a wall to open the Brahmasthan. In any case, a properly trained Vaastu consultant, trained specifically in Mayonic Science and Technology can advise you on what is needed to transform your home into a healthy, vibrant living structure that will in turn change you into a vibrant, healthy individual.

Selected Elements of Vaastu Technology

One of many soil tests 

1. Tala system of Spatial Measures
2. Selection of Building Site
a. Shape of site and rectification
b. Underground water flow test
c. Soil test for compactness
d. Soil toxicity (gasses)
e. Sound test
f. Soil taste test
g. Color of soil
h. Ambiance and feeling of happiness
i. Vegetation analysis
j. Water bodies, rivers, streams, lakes, ponds
k. Ants, bones, hair, grave sites (visual inspection)

l. Slope and declivity of land
3. General orientation of buildings, cities, villages
4. Vaastu Purusha Mandala
5. Effects of subtle and gross space on human system and psychology
6. Designing of built space for human dwelling
a) Placement of building on plot
b) Orientation of building to cardinal directions, declination, declivity,
c) Finding true north, gnomon, pole star
d) Basic patterns for house building
e) Proportions of building (length/width)
f) Mother wall purpose and function
g) Ayadi calculations, nakshatra, nama nakshatra
h) Converting space to energy grid (9x9)
i) Identify Brahmasthan
j) Division of padas/ modules and luminaries Precision building

k) Brahma Sutra and Soma Sutra, thread of light
l) Assignment of rooms – space within space
m) Location of doors
n) Extensions
o) Placement of walls
p) Calculating wall and ceiling height

q) Windows and ventilators

r) Pillars

s) Roof pitch and proportion

t) Special considerations: staircase, bathrooms, toilet, utility room, fireplace, stove and sink, hot water heater, furnace

u) Outside considerations: Incoming water (well), electricity, oil tank, gas/propane, grey water/; sewage, ponds, rain catchments, animals-cattle, etc.

v) Garage

w) Driveway

x) Energy wall purpose and placement

y) Gates

z) Trees and plants surrounding building

aa) Outbuildings and guest or employee quarters

7. Building materials
8. Paint colors
9. Auspicious and cosmic periods for beginning Vaastu construction
10. Vaastu ceremony
11. Follow through on construction
12. Town planning - traditional and modern
13. Public structures (health centers, library/ museums, live entertainment
14. Rectification of existing buildings:
a) Checking location on grid
b) Check dimensions of main wall- is motherwall possible?
c) 9X9 grid on existing structure
d) Extending grid/motherwall
e) Locating Brahmasthan
f) Removing obstacles (walls etc)
g) Rectifying soil and slope of land
h) Room placements (can you move rooms?)
i) Move electricity, water, fireplaces etc.
j) Changing driveway
k) What else?
15. Temples time cars, houses, statues, music, dance, etc.
16. Layout of kitchen (stove; sink)
17. Drafting materials overview
18. Drawing floor plans
19. Drawing elevations Student constructed
20. Points to check on drawings Vaastu Temple cottage
21. Summary
22. Vision of the possibilities: Vaastu science as means for
gaining self-realization.


This article was published on Wednesday 27 May, 2009.
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