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National Formulary of Unani Medicine - Part-2
National Formulary of Unani Medicine - Part-2
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Taj Mahal is a Temple Palace

by P.N. Oak

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P N Oak has given such evidences in this book which prove that the building Taj Mahal existed years before the death of Mumtaj Mahal.

The book shows that the archaeological records of the Taj Mahal were falsified. Historians had duped the public and changed the Temple Palace to grave.

This book is dedicated in grateful memory particularly to Her Highness the late Maharani Chandrawati Holkar of Indore, to whose munificence the author owes a part of his academic education, and generally to the great Kshatriya community of India which defended the faith and culture of the country against foreign invasions for millenniums with exemplary devotion to duty, courage, sacrifice and very high standard of magnanimity and moral purity which distinguish it from all soldiery anywhere in the world.

Table of Contents:

Preface to Taj Mahal was a Rajput Palace

Introduction to the Second Edition

Preface to the Third Edition

Introduction to this Edition

Photocopy of Badshahnama, Vol-1, Pages 402-403

Photocopy of Aurangzeb's Letter


The Need to Re-Examine Antecedents

Admission in Shahjahan's Own Badshahnama


Aurangzeb's Letter and Recent Excavation

Peter Mundy's Evidence

Some Encyclopaedic Versions

A Recent Concoction of the Shahjahan Legend

Yet Another Confused Account

The Badshahnama Version Analysed

Taj Mahal Construction Period

Taj Mahal Cost

Who Designed, Who built The Taj?

The Taj is Built to Hindu Specifications

Shahjahan was innocent of soft feelings

Shahjahan's Reign Neither Golden Nor Peaceful

Babur Lived in the Taj Mahal

The Falsity of Mediaeval Muslim Chronicles

The Lady of the Taj

The Ancient Hindu Taj Edifice is Intact

The Taj Mahal Has Hindu Dimensions

The Muslim Overwriting

Carbon-14 Dating of the Taj Mahal

Shahjahan's Own Ancestor Admired The Taj

The Taj Mahal Originated As a Temple

The Famous Peacock Throne was Hindu

Inconsistencies in the Legend

Balance Sheet of Evidence

Methodology that led to the Discovery

Some Clarifications

A Pictorial Analysis


About the Author:

The author P N OAK having made some far-reaching discoveries in history, is the founder president of the Institute for Rewriting World History. His latest finding is than in pre-Christian times Vedic culture and Sanskrit language held full sway throughout the world.

P N Oak was born in a Maharashtrian Brahmin family in which his father talked to him only in Sanskrit, mother only in English, relations in Marathi and town-folk in Hindi. That gave him fluency in these four languages from childhood.

Oak is keen to find a world Vedic heritage University to educate the world in the primordial Vedic unity of all humanity. To that end he invites correspondence from all those willing to help.







Detailed Product Info:

Title: Taj Mahal is a Temple Palace
Author(s): P.N. Oak
ISBN: 8188388289
Format: Soft Cover
Language: English
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Customer Reviews of Taj Mahal is a Temple Palace
Review by eswara reddy: Tuesday 04 October, 2011
this is a master piece written very lucidly with good comprehension.
with the available latest techniques in science,we can easily fix up the year of construction of tejo mahal. gvt should cme forward. nothing to hide

Review by Sudhir Singh: Saturday 02 October, 2010
This is an excellent book

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
Review by Yogesh Saxena: Thursday 20 May, 2010

Civil Misc. Writ Petition No. 36818 of 2004
(Under Article 226 of constitution of India)
(District – Agra)

1. Institute of Rewriting Indian History Through its Founder President, P. N. Oak.
S/O Late Shri Nagesh Krishna Oak, R/O - Plot No. 10, Goodwill Society,
Aundh, Pune – 411007
2. P. N. Oak. S/O Late Shri Nagesh Krishna Oak, R/O - Plot No. 10, Goodwill
Society, Aundh, Pune - 4110071. Founder President, Institute of Rewriting
Indian History, Aundh, Pune - 4110071 -----------Petitioner


1. Union of India through Secretary,
Human Resources and Development (HRD),
Government of India, New Delhi.

2. Secretary, Tourism and Archeological Department, Govt. of India,
New Delhi

3. Director General,
Archaeological Survey of India,
Government of India, Janapath, New Delhi.----------Respondents

The Hon’ble the Chief Justice and his lordships other companion Judges of the aforesaid Court.
The humble petition of the abovenamed petitioner MOST RESPECTFULLY SHOWETH AS UNDER;

1. That, no other writ petition has been filed or pending on the same controversy involved in the present writ petition before this Hon’ble Court, nor the petitioner’s institution, namely, “ Institute for Re-writing Indian (and World) History” has received any notice of caveat application so far in the present writ petition. The petitioner No.1 and petitioner No.2 are same person, but they are impleaded in different capacity.
2. That this writ petition is moved to re-establish the truth and cultural heritage of our Country. This writ petition is pertaining to the world marvel, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, namely, Taj Mahal, and other monuments authorship attributed to Hindu Rulers, much prior to the period of Mugal Invaders. The ancient monuments and structure are part of our tradition and culture and evidence of glorious-marvelous architectural achievement and further to that it is a part of our heritage. Fraud upon history should not be perpetuated as life is evaluated in the perspective of history. For the sake of history of heritage, these monuments should be identified, protected and preserved properly in the right perspective with right historical records of creation and construction of truth and realities, which includes rectifying and/ or correcting the wrong records, notions, motivated dis-information and mis- information.
3. That this writ petition is moved in the Public Interest, for a National Cause, to establish the truth there is no private interest or any other oblique motive, or any other personal gain. The petitioner institution, known as Institute for Re-writing Indian History, Thane, having registration no. F-1128 (T) is a public trust. The founder president of the trust is Shri P.N. Oak S/o Late Shri Nagesh Krishna Oak, R/o- Plot no. 10, Goodwill Society, Aundh, Pune.411007, who has written number of books namely 1. World Vedic Heritage, 2. The Tajmahal is a Temple Place, 3.Some Blunders of Indian Historical Research, 4. Flowers Howlers, 5. Learning Vedic Astrology, 6. Some Missing Chapters of World History, 7. Agra red Fort is a Hindu Building, 8.Great Britain was Hindu Land, 9. The Taj Mahal is Tejomahalaya a Shiva Temple, 10.Who Says Akbar was Great, 11. Vedic Guide to Health, Beauty, Longevity and Rejuvenation, 12. Islamic Havoc in Indian History.
4. That the petitioner No. 2 is the founder President of an Institution, namely, “ Institute for Re-writing Indian (and World) History “. The aim and objective of that institution, which is a registered society having register no. F-1128 (T) as the public trust under the provision of Bombay Public Trust Act. Inter alia, is to re-discover the Indian history. The monumental places of historical importance in their real and true perspective having of the heritage of India. The true copy of memorandum of association of the aforesaid society / public trust having fundamental objectives along with Income tax exemption certificate under section 80-G (5) of I.T. Act, 1961 for period 1/4/2003 to 31/3/2006 are filed herewith as marked as Annexure No.1 and 2 to the writ petition.
5. That the founder-President of Petitioner’s Institution namely Shri P. N. Oak is a National born Citizen of India. He resides permanently at the address given in case title. The petitioner is a renowned author of 13 renowned books including the books, titled as, “ The Taj Mahal is a Temple Place”. This petition is related to Taj Mahal, Fatehpur- Sikiri, Red-fort at Agra, Etamaudaula, Jama- Masjid at Agra and other so called other monuments. All his books are the result of his long-standing research and unique rediscovery in the respective fields. The titles of his books speak well about the contents of the subject. His Critical analysis, dispassionate, scientific approach and reappraisal of facts and figures by using recognised tools used in the field gave him distinction through out the world. The true copy of the title page of book namely “The Taj Mahal is a Temple Palace” . written by Sri P. N. Oak, the author/ petitioner No. 2 is filed as Annexure –3 to this writ petition.
6. That the great “Kshatriya community” pride to defend their faith and the culture of our country against foreign invasions in converting the monuments by the foreign invaders requires a sacrificial magnanimity and moral purity in the exposure of the truth to the public and thereby to safeguard their right of freedom of information couched under Article 19(1) (a) is the theme behind the writing this Article and the present Petition .The serene beauty, majesty and grandeur of the Taj Mahal, one of the seventh wonders of the world and other monuments is still not so well known to the world regarding the true story of its origin. The magnificent palace, which was built earlier got converted into the Tomb .The changeover has proved a shroud deluding from lay visitors to the researchers and the great historian Sri P.N. Oak, a co-worker of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. The popular nostalgia of legendary love to get the conversion of every Hindu Palace/Temple due to mythical attachment from fanatic raging fire converting dazzle of leaping flames and blinding smoke should be discouraged into a cool research regarding the origin. This is required to check a different form of terrorism prevalent amongst the crusader of the death to the innocent victim on the psychological level. Let us examine the scared truth about the origin of the monuments.The true copy of the title cover of books namely “Some Missing Chapters of World History” and “Some Blunder Of Indian Historical Research” written by Sri P. N. Oak containing the Boigraphy sketch of identity of great author are filed as Annexure No. 4 and 5
7. That the said book, which is the ‘ research paper’ of the author on the subject that the so-called “Taj Mahal “ is not a monument built by an Invader Emperor Shahajahan in memory of his late wife but a Hindu Shiva Temple which was converted into a love-memorial by a Invader Emperor. The true copy of the book was first published in 1968, 2nd edition on 1969, 3rd edition in 1974 namly THE TAJ MAHAL IS TEJO-MAHALAYA : A SHIVA TEMPLE is filed herewith as Annexure No.6 and large 4th edition published in 1993 shall be produced is being directed by this Hon’ble Court.
8. That the afforesaid book contaning 35 pages –booklet lists scrially numbeded 118 points of evidence with may be treated as the submission made before this Hon’ble Court for making following demands (I) The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) be ordered to remove forthwish its notices at the entrance to the Taj mahal in Agra attributting its creation to Shahjahan, since those notice in English, Hindi and Urdu are false and baseless and quate no authority.(II) Misuse of the left – flank building as a mosque be banned since the entire premises constitute a pre-Shahjahan Tejomhalaya Shiv Temple complex. (III) Free entry on Fridays be ordered to be discontinued since there being no geniune mosque in the premises why should the Government lose a day’s revenue! (IV) If Free entry on Fridays is not discontinued then Mondays should also be free-entey days because that is a day of special Shiv worship. (V) The Tejmahal, its two flanking buildings and a well being all seven-storyed they enclose over a thousand rooms which should all be thrown open to visitorssince they are charged an entrance free. (VI) The A.S.I. be ordered to remove its locks from those storyed and also pull down the crude unplastered walling-up by Shahjahan of staircases, ventillators and doorways leading to those sealed rooms. (VII) The A.S.I. be directed to search for hidden histirical evidence such as inscriptions, divine idols etc. in those sealed rooms and thick walls tampered with by Shahjahan. (VIII) The water in the seven-storyed wall be pumped out to look for jettisoned valuable and inscription etc. at its bottom when Shahjahan’s Mogul troops swooped to confiscate that temple palace complex and the bullion, gems, gold-pitcher, the gem-studded gold-railing and the Peacock Throne inside, owned by Raja Jaisingh of Jaipur. (IX) Beating of Nagaras (drums) at ausicious dawn and dusk hours be resumed as of yore in the two Nagarkhanas in the premises. (X) Since the Taj has two cenotaphs each in the name of Shahjahan and Mumtaz in two storeyes at least one each of those two pairs of cenotaphs must be fake since Muslims don’t cut their dead into two pieces to be buried under two cenotahs it is belived. Even the basement conotaphs could’s be genuine because they are two storeyed higher than the Yamuna river bed ground level. Therefore the ASI be directed to investigate which of those cenotaphs if any are genuine or whether both are fakes or whether there are any more fake conotaphs upto the ground level ? (XI) The Koranic graft patched along the entrance arches be ordered to be removed since those are illagel forged imposition to be Islamic lettering desecrating the ancient sacred Shiv shrine. (XII) Extensive repairs to the hundreds of sealed or locked rooms in the storeyes beneath and above the marble floor be ordered to be undertaken immediately to prevent collapes of the Tajmahal from internal weakness. (XIII) The A.S.I. should be directed to intestigate as to who stencilled the Arabic letter ‘Allah’ and some Englishmen’s names on the mental pinnacle shift rooted in the dome, since no such names exits on the full scale replica of the pinnacle shaft inlaid in the red stone courtyard on the eastern flank of the Tajmahal. (XIV) The Muslim attendants squatting by the side of the cenotaphs should be decommissioned and disbanded because the cenotaphs are fakes covering the ancient Shivlings. (XV) Since the towering seven-storyed Tajmahal edifice must have been raised over an underground basement the ASI should be directed to investigiate whether there is any such hidden, buried basement as was the ancient Vedic practice.
9. That in 1155- 1158 A.D.It is said that Raja Paramdardi dav, a Jat Ruler on his behalf and on behalf of the Minister Salakahan who constructed Tejoji Mahal which came in occupation Of Raja Man Singh and remain in possession of Raja Jai Singh when It was tken for conversion to Taj Mahal, for the purposes of shifting the remains of Arjumand Banu( Mumtaj )W/o Emperor Shahajahan Died In between 1629-1632 and buried at Burhanpur and her body Exhumed after about 6 months (as disclosed in Shahajan Badshahnama written by MullaAbdul Hameed lahori).
10. That, it is said that in 1629-1632 A.D. Arjumand Banu( Mumtaj )W/o Emperor Shahajahan Died in between and was buried at Burhanpur and her body may be Exhumed after about 6 months.It is submitted that 1641-1668 probable period of the shroud deluding changeover of Hindu Palace/Temple as mughal Monument/ Graveyard. It is submmited that in 1652 A.D. Aurangazab Letter showing his somsidern about need of elaborate repairs of Taj Mahal.. If Taj Mahal was constracted in 1641 to 1668, why Auranjab sought for illobrate repair. It was nothing, except for changing the authoriship of building as Mughal monument. In 1658 A.D. Emperor Shah jahan died. Their after his graveyard was also placed in Taj Mahal near the graveyard of Arjumand Banu( Mumtaj )W/o Emperor Shahajahan. It appear that koranic in graving dragged for camouflaging Hindu building with Muslim Lattering as a hoary tredition, which is evidence Adhai- Din-Ka-opda at Ajmar which was a part of vigragharaj Vishandeo’s palace an also at kutabminar with a legerdemain of Islamik carinngs on it.
11. That in 1843 A.D., the Governer General Lord Auckland with his lieutenant cunningham tempered entire historical data of the arcologicaly department by converning the authoriship of these Hindu palaces to Mughal monument for adoptding the policy of “Divide and Rule”. A deep Conspiracy Committed By Lieutenant Alexander Cunningham in 1842-1847.
12. That in 1904 A.D., the provisons of The Ancient Monuments Preservation Act, 1904,have further tempered the entire histrocial data of the arcologicaly department by converning the authoriship of these Hindu palaces/monuments to Mughal monument for adoptding the policy of “Divide and Rule”
13. That in 1951 A.D., the provision of “The Ancient And Historical Monuments And Archaeological Sites And Remains (Declaration Of National Importance) Act, 1951”are further intesified the falsehood of these Buildings by shifting the authership of these monuments. Thus this Writ Petition is filed seeking declaration to the extend of declaring the ancient and historical monuments and other and Archaeological Sites namely Taj Mahal. Fatehpur-sikiri, Agra Red Fort, Ethmadualla and other Monuments as built by Mugal invaders allegedly on the basis of report submitted by Then Governor General, Lord Auckland, and young lieutenant Alexander Cunningham conceived indigenous scheme of “Divide and Rule”and thereby misusing the archaeological studies, be declared as ultravires to Article 19 (1) (a), 25,26 49 And 51-A (f) (h) Constitution of India.
14. That this Hon’ble Court may futher declare the provision of Ancient and Historical Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains (Declaration of National Importance) Act, 1951 (71 of 1951), The Ancient Monuments And Archaeological Sites And Remains Act, 1958 of declaring these ancient building/ monuments preserved with such false mughal identity with out any scientific inquiry/ investigation as purported Mughal monuments / Graveyards as unconstitutional and void.
15. That in 1968 A.D Sri P.N.Oak written his first book titled as Taj Mahal is TEJO-MAHALAYA : A SHIVA TEMPLE. In 1974 A.D. It is submitted that in the Carbon dating test –14 conducted of the doors timber placed on the Northern side of Taj Mahal building now remooved from its location Towards Yamuna River at Dashahara Ghat and Basai Ghat from where the public could have a glance towards Shiva Temple constructed at the top of Raja Mansingh Palace Which was in Occupation of his grand Son Raja Jai Singh, when it was forciably taken by Emperor Sahajahan for burial of Arjumand Banu( Mumtaj )W/o Emperor Shahajahan Died in between and buried at Burhanpur and her body Exhumed after about 6 months
16. That this book is being well accepted in India and abroad. The popular nostalgia for legendary love has helped fan then flame of Shahajajahan’s mythical attachment to Mumtaz into a raging fire, envoloping the taj in the dazzale of leaping flames and blinding smoke of imaginary accounts, discouraging the cool, dispassionate research about its origion It has raised no controversy. Since the reasons given therein supported with documented record have proved conclusively the findings and conclusions of the author. Thus the objective of the research conducted by the petitioner No.2 is not to cultivate any animosity or any thing to invade the feeling of any citizen, except the exposure of the truth to the citizen, historians and to the young generation, as they may not be mislead by falsehood, in order to swept away by the impulse of terrorist oriented approach of the fundamentalist under our secular democratic structural approach in the preamble of our constitution.
17. That Hindu Palace/Temple conversion in Invader Monuments like Taj Mahal- Invasion of our Indian Heritage by Archaeological Dept under the garb of The Ancient Monuments And Archaeological Sites And Remains Act, 1958 ( Act No.24 of !958)- Indian Historical Blunders – A deep Conspiracy Committed By lieutenant Alexander Cunningham in 1842-1847.Reference collected from the books of Sri P.N. Oak – The Taj Mahal Is A Temple palace – Some Blunder of Indian Historical Research –Some Missing Chapters of World History- AGRA RED FORT is a Hindu building. Published by-HINDI SAHITYA SADAN 2, B.D. Chambers, 10/54 D. B. Gupta Road, Karol Bagh, New Delhi-110005.
18. That the freedom of speech and expression is basic to indivisible from a democratic polity .It includes right to impart and receive information. Restriction to the said right could be only as provided in Article 19(2) to (6) of the constitution of India. The old dictum let the people have the truth and the freedom to discuss it and all will go well with the Government. It should prevail. The true test for deciding the validity is whether it takes away or abridges fundamental right of the citizens. If there were direct abridgement of the fundamental right of freedom of speech and expression, the law would be invalid. If the provisions of the law violate the constitutional provisions, they have to be struck down and that is what is required to be done in the present case .It is made clear that no provision is nullified on the ground, that the Court does not approve the underlying policy of the enactment.
19. That the ambit and scope of “Right to Know “ along with right of conscience, fath and Religion are conferred fundamental right under Article 19 (1)(a), 25, 26, 49, 51-A (f) (h) of the Constitution of India; read with the provision of Freedom of Information Act, 2002 .The right to get information in democracy is recognized all throughout and it is a natural right flowing from the concept of democracy itself. Freedom of expression may be necessarily included in the right of information. There is no expression with out having an idea on the subject, regarding which the expression of an individual may be given effect to change the existing values of ideology, which are based on the notable extracts of certain facts. An enlightening informed citizen would undoubtedly enhance democratic values. On one hand, we are suffering from the past prejudice of caste predomination amongst the different section of the citizen. This country called as Arya Varta in the ancient time was so excellent, as there was no match equal to our country on this earth. The creation of the terminology of Aryan considering themselves to be noble was earlier regarded the real philosopher’s touchstone to eradicate the falsehood from its perception. However by the gradual deterioration in the standard of the good behavior, righteousness, decency which were having the foundation of impartiality, love and conscientiousness, there has been the complete absence of discrimination in the social coordination. The true copy of the provision of Freedom of Information Act, 2002 is filed herewith and marked as Annexure No. 7.
20. That truth will not make us rich, but it will certainly make us free. The wrong historical data leads to the horror, as we have seen during the period of demolition of the Babri Masjid. There has been number of concomitant given by the respective community representing to the follower of two prominent religions, but the loss that we have suffered in the shape of hatred between the two section of the society, cannot be compensated without revealing the truth. Unfortunately, the term Hindu communalism is more exaggerated by the fanaticism under the garb of secularism, while the Hindu community as a whole has always been receptive to all the religion. The question, which is cropping its importance, is much more in relations to the question pertaining to Invader contributions to Indian life and culture. Such facts which have been geared to brainwash the subject of the pupil, with that of perverted history under the long spell of foreign rule, may be distorted according to the command of the ruler and as such till date the truth has not brought forward to the surface and is exclusively aliens to the appeasement policy generated in order to rule the parliamentary democratic set up in our country.
21. That the mentalities affect and paralyse the traditional heritage and provide a loss to the integrity of our country. Our ancient ancestors namely Rana Pratap and Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj and Guru Govind Singh during the period of Mughal rulers have not conceded with the terror and torture, they used in proselytization. It is very shameful for the independent citizens to live under the false perception of character assassination. Thus in all fairness, we may be bound to accept that although the Britishers may pose themselves more civilized, but inspite of their so called great insight, there is the historical blunder committed by them, while writing the Indian history in relations to the authorship of the monuments. Invader rulers, without exception were sadist, yet they represent themselves as just, kind and patrons of learning. The construction is seen with all Hindu traditions, while these foreigners, who were either Invader or crusaders have done the destruction of these constructions. These persons were stained with all wickedness and disgraceful conduct, which is still apparent in the society and remain prevalent during a thousand year of rampant Invader communalism, then how we can expect that they have not demolished all the Hindu Temple and converted them with slight modification as their monuments. The township of Ferozabad, Tuglaqabad, Ahmedabad, and Hyderabad are falsely ascribed to that of Sultan, though the same was belonging to our ancient Hindu Rulers. The country in which the milk was available to every citizen without investing any money to the extent of his requirement and consumption has now been adulterd after ruthless killings of our cattle’s by these invaders of the public confidence. Actually “Hinduism” is nothing representing to religious foundations, but our belief, synonymous to nationalism and sooner it may be understood and practiced in such a manner, we may seek the protection of our integrity by saving the population of the innocent citizens.
22. That at Dilwara Jain temple in District Shirohi, Rajasthan having the white Marvel and the Elephants statue, there are still the sign of the atrocities committed by these Mugal invaders having the mass destruction of the construction on the upper portion of structure. However, since the temple lying below the surface was filled up with the mud and earth., this Dilwara Jain Temple having identical construction as that of Taj Mahal and other Marvel buildings could have been saved from these invaders of Humanities. Thus the truth may be exposed to the public that the invaders were never the Builders of monuments, but they were rather the destroyer of our ancient cultural heritage, which was preserved by the 85% of Hindu citizens from the time immortal. Let Hindu be now permitted to save their temple from being converted to the Graveyards any more by our so-called guardians of society under the appeasement policy of “Divide and Rule”.
23. That the mankind must be satisfied with the reasonableness within reach and the decision-making process may belong to the knowledge of the law. Thus the reasonableness and the rationality, legality, as well as philosophically, provide colour to the meaning of fundamental right .The concept of equality is not doctrinaire approach. It is a binding threat, which runs through the entire constitutional text. Thus the affirmative action may be constitutionally valid and the same cannot ignore the constitutional morality, which embraces in itself the doctrine of inequality. It would be constitutionally immoral to perpetuate inequality among majority .The constitution is required to kept young energetic and alive. The attempt be endured to expand the ambit of fundamental right. It is said that the dignity of the ocean lies not in its fury capable of causing destruction, but in its vast extent and depth with enormous tolerance. Thus the wider the power, the higher the need of caution and care, while exercising the power.
24. That public education is essential for functioning of the process of popular government and to assist the discovery of truth and strengthening the capacity of individual in participating in decision making process .The decision making process include the right to know also and pushing the protection beyond the primary level betrays the bigwigs desire to keep the crippled more crippled forever. The education of spiritualism is the foundation for value based survival of human being in a civilized society. The force and sanction hidden behind civilized society depend upon moral value; and the morality cannot be cultivated through the falsehood of ideological barrier. Thus the children may not be required to read such facts, which are having the foundation of falsehood.
25. That our educational institutions are the foundation of the characteristics; on the basis of which; the young generation will solve the problem of national solidatory and integration. The children are taught to adhere with the truth for their existence in future; but the alarming situation linked with the history written by the alien rule has not only nurtured the myth amongst the independent citizens; but many monuments have been falsely credited to the alien Invader rulers, who were driven across the Indian borders at sword point and continued to rule our nation mercilessly without given any importance to the existing palace and the temple built by the inhabitant ancestors of the rulers at the contemporary period.
26. That education is an investment made by the nation in its children for harvesting a future crop of responsible adults productive of a well functioning society. However children are vulnerable. They need to be valued, nurtured, caressed, and protected. Imparting of education is State function. Thus since the human mind is not a tape recorder, it would make a perfect reproduction letter in the society .It is said that every State action must be informed by reason. Thus the freedom of expression, which includes “Right to Know” may be allowed to be enjoyed by the citizen to the fullest possible extent without putting shackles of avoidable cobweb of rules and regulations putting restriction on such freedom. Justice has no favorite, except the truth. A reason varies in its conclusion according to the idiosyncrasy of the individual and the times and the circumstances, in which he thinks.
27. That the terminology of history is derived from Greek word ‘Historia’ meaning there by an enquiry. Since the enquiry is nothing, but the same is attributed to the different branch of knowledge. Thus the inquisitiveness is always generated in educated mind. The history should not be guided solely on etymological terminology. The meaning of ‘Itihas’ which is derivated from a Sanskrit word, leads to three terminology .The first one namely ‘iti’ means such and such (a happening or event),’ha’ means indefinitely while ‘aas’ means happened. Thus the history is chronological happening of the different event during the past period
28. That the Student/children, the future citizens under taking the education of Indian History studying on the misconception/ pattern of Anglo Saxon teaching, which was meant for division of Indian society on the policy of “Divide and Rule”. There is a important question posed, as to whether we have actually gain our independence or we have to undertake another journey full of animosity, aggressism on account of terrorism and fanatic ideology prevalent throughout the World of some particular religion. Thus on account of being sentinel /Guardian at large, this is the voice of the majority of Hindu Citizens to save our ancestral cultural heritage and thereby to give protection to our future citizens. They have the threat of being subjected to atrocities, if the drastic step to save the citizens from the oppression and exposure of falsehood may not be done at an earliest time. Thus every nationalist, who has got a slightest patriotic cult in his inhibition, has got a Fundamental Right and a Constitutional Duty to safeguard our cultural heritage against the falsehood. Imparting of education is a State function. The State, however, having regard to its financial and other constraints is not always in a position to perform its duties. The function of imparting education has been, to a large extent, taken over by the citizens themselves. Some do it as pure charity; some do it for protection of their Interests.
29. That Article 25 of the constitution in India secures to every person, subject of course to public order, health and morality and other provisions of Part III, including Article 17 freedom to entertain and exhibit outward acts as well as to propagate and disseminate such religious belief according to his judgement and conscience for edification of others. The right of the State to impose such restrictions as are desired or found necessary on grounds of public order, health, and morality is inbuilt in Arts. 25 and 26 itself. Article 25(2)(b) ensures the right of the State to make a law providing for social welfare and reforms besides throwing open of Religious institutions of a public character to classes and sections of Citizens and any such rights of State or of the communities or classes of the society were also considered to need with due regulation in the process of harmonizing the various rights. The vision of the founding fathers of the Constitution to liberate the society from blind and ritualistic adherence to mere traditional superstitious beliefs sans reason or rational basis has found expression in the form of Art. 17 of Constitution of India. The protection under Arts. 25 and 26 extends a guarantee for rituals and observances, ceremonies and modes of worship which are integral parts of religion but as to what really constitutes an essential part of religion or religious practice has to be decided by the courts with reference to the doctrine of a particular religion or practices regarded as parts of religion
30. That a society, where there is no moral values, there would neither be social order nor secularism. Bereft of moral values secular society or democracy may not survive. Almighty alone is the dispenser of the absolute justice. Thus an independent and efficient judicial system, belong the repository of omnipotent power is always consider as one of the basic structure of our constitution. The pre-constitutional days cannot be countenanced as a source of law to claim any rights, when it is found to violate human rights, dignity social equality amongst citizen. Democracy cannot survive and the constitution cannot work unless Indian citizens are only learned and intelligent; and they are also of moral character and imbibed the inherent virtue of human being such as truth, love and compassion. Duty of every citizen of India is collective duty of the state.
31. That every citizen of India is fundamentally obligated to develop a scientific temper and humanism .He is fundamentally duty bound to strive towards excellence, in all sphere of individual and collective activity, so that the nation constantly rises to the higher level of endeavor and achievements. Everyone, whether individually or collectively is unquestionably under the supremacy of law. However it is true that exaggerated devotion to the rule of benefit must not nurture fanciful doubts or lingering suspicion and thereby destroy social defense, as the curiosity cannot be the subject matter of fair criticism. Thus the conclusion derived that on one hand, every citizen is having the freedom of speech and expression so far as they do not contravene the statutory limits and may prevail in the atmosphere with out any hindrance. Fundamental duties and the obligation of the citizen may yet provide a valuable guide and aid to interpretation of constitutional issues which not only required for resolving the issues but also to provide guidance to the society. Giving a man his due, one of the basics of justice finds reflected in right to equality .Law frowns upon such conduct thus the court accords legitimacy to possession in due course of time.
32. That the concept of sovereignty was present from the ancient time but the sovereignty was conferred upon an individual who is suppress the wicked and is recognized as great resources in itself like the god of fire, air, sun, moon and religion. The religion in the ancient time was considered as spiritualism and it was not dependent upon any ritual ceremony, but it was considered s the knowledge in the darkness of ignorance and injustice. The sovereignty was supposed to promote the cause of the religion, wealth and enjoyment of life and those, who were voluptuous, malicious, mean and low-minded, were ruined by the retributive justice. Thus the sovereignty was considered as a destroyer of the wicked by fire; a restrainer of the wicked by storm (Varun) and its controller. It was considered to be the dispenser of ease to the best pupil like the moon and a replenisher of wealth. These qualities were the quality of the sovereign power.
33. That now the sovereignty is attributed upon the three institution namely the legislature, the executive and the judiciary. The combined effect of the three institutions makes a democratic society. The legislature is creature like lord Brahma while the executives like lord Vishnu may provide the welfare to the public. The judicial institutions like lord Shiva is the dispenser of justice and is also the protector of all subjects. The law of retributive justice wakes when the people sleep. Hence wise men regard the law or punishment as virtue or religion.
34. That the sovereignty and the people should form three Councils, Educational, Religious, and Administrative. One individual should not have the absolute power of government, the sovereignty being the general president of the councils .The qualifications of the president the presidents of separate councils are their interest in the welfare of the country, their excellence of learning and character, and their influence over the people. A country prospers as long as the people are righteous. Also their welfare requires the appointment of learned educational officers, appointment of learned men as the dignitaries of the spiritual council and of virtuous learned men as administrators. Obedience to law is required of all.
35. That the secularism is the basic structure of constitution and as such in absence of study of religion for generating brotherhood amongst the fellow citizens as to provide mutual coordination and the ideology of live and let live to other is the basic education, which cannot be said as an attempt against the secular philosophy of the constitution .The constitution as it stands does not proceed on the “melting pot theory” while it represents a “salad bowls”, where there is homogeneity without any obliteration of identity . The foundation of the religion is spiritualism, which is based on trust and confidence and an ability to strive for the good self of the other individual. The law must be enforceable to preserve the society with out any derivation and hindrance and thus it may not resultantly face the social catastrophe.
36. That the little Indian shall not be hijacked from the course of freedom by mob muscle method and thereby to subtle perversion of discretion by other large Indian “dressed in little, brief authority”. The people of our country has right to know every public Act and the principle of finality may not be insisted upon as the maxim “interest reipublicae ut sit finis litiun”. Wisdom and advisability of public policy may be demonstrated in order to given effect to the statutory provisions under our constitution thus an inquiry and investigation may be needed a complete with the opinion of the expertise to arrive a conclusion as to whether the plurability in a society is not splited the very object of the law through appeasement to the minority group of the citizen in order to provide a conducive political social and legal framework with out destroying the very fabric on the basis of which the pillar and the foundation were built in order to assimilate the minorities with the majority.
37. That the Hon’ble court may never venture to disown its jurisdiction when the constitution is found to be at stake and the fundamental rights of the citizen are under fire of falsehood and thereby usurpation of the power by terrorizing for personal leisure and pleasure through self created dogmas and rituals of particular religion at the cost of other citizens. Thus the exposure of the falsehood may become the right of the affected party to vanish the assertion based on unpatriotic sentimental perversity.
38. That in Bijoe Emmanuel Vs State of Kerala (1986) 3 SCC 615, the question raised in the aforesaid case, as to whether three children who were faithful to “Jehovah’s witnesses” may refuse to sing our national anthem or salute the national flag of our country despite being the student in the school, where during morning assembly, the national anthem is sung by other children. The circular issued by the Director of Public Instruction, Kerala provided obligation of school children to sing the National Anthem. Thus these children were expelled. The Hon’ble Supreme court while setting aside the aforesaid order of expulsion of the children from the school was pleased to examine, as to whether the children faithful to “Jehovah’s witnesses”, a worldwide sect of Christianity may be compelled against tenets of their religious faith duly recognized and well established all over the world which was upheld by the highest court in United States of America, Australia and Canada and find recognition in Encyclopedia Britannica. It was held that the appellants truly and conscientiously believed that their religion does not permit them to join any rituals except it them in their prayers to Jehovah, their God. Though their religious beliefs may appear strange, the sincerity of their beliefs is beyond question. They do not hold their beliefs idly and their conduct is not the outcome of any perversity. The appellants have not asserted the beliefs for the first time or out of any unpatriotic sentiments. Their objection to sing is not just against the National Anthem of India. They have refused to sing other National Anthems elsewhere. They are law abiding and well-behaved children, who do stand respectfully and would continue to do so, when National Anthem is sung. Their refusal, while so standing to join in the singing of the National Anthem is neither disrespectful of it, nor inconsistent with the Fundamental Duty under Article 51 A (a). Hence no action should have been taken against them.
39. That in a pluralistic society like India, which accepts secularism as the basic ideology to govern its secular activities, education can include study based on “Religious Pluralism”. Religious pluralism exclusivism and encourages inclusivism. Thus in pluralistic society, it is necessary that there may not be any encroachment upon the follower of other ideology. Value based education is likely to help the mission to fight against all the kinds of prevailing fanaticism, ill will, violence, dishonesty, corruption and terrorism in the different form Citizens by getting the protection to a certain degree of preference to the minority on the cost of majority of citizen .The education is permissible only on the grounds of convenience, suitability and familiarity with an educational environment but the same should not be excessive to the substantial departure of tolerance and based on practically not existent intolerable fanatic ideological aggressism .
40. That the prevalent socio-economic system having the vast majority of the people, ignorant uneducated and easily liable to be mislead may also be provided their due legitimization in governance of their life as they repose tremendous faith in the secularism .It is the constitutional obligation of the state to provide the justice by emancipation of the falsehood as the commitment of Article 19 (1) (a), providing right of expression to an individual. It may be unreasonable if we are unable to give the exact definition of reasonableness to the people in a democratic institution .Law cannot afford any favorite other than truth as the manifest injustice is curable in nature; rather than incurable mediocrity over meritocracy, which cuts the root of justice. Protective push or prop by way of reservation or classification must withstand any over generous approach to the section of the beneficiary, if it handles the effect of destroying another’s right to education, more so, by pushing in a mediocre over meritorious and thereby belies the hope of generating the social coordination.
41. That long slavery, paradoxically enough, makes the slave to look upon the very change that bind him as his life support. This story was told to the convict in ancient time and who was confined in the dingy cell for fifteen years. After fifteen year the detainee was set free and he gingerly step out of the prison gate. His eyes, which were used to the dim light wilted at the bright sunshine outside everything including traffic, the gazing eyes were the strange look to the detainee and as such he felt terrified. He took a long look at the outside world and thereafter he inhaled a deep breath and there after by a sudden dash he again reached to his dog’s tether in the cell as his imprisonment has sapped his self-confidence. This is what has happened in India.
42. That this feeling utter destitution, dejection, desperation and the loss of all confidence is the result of our slavery, by which the Indians have forgotten their own past history, lost freedom and obliviousness of the delights of an unfettered life thus it is necessary to keep the flame of the truth burning in the heart of every enlightened citizen as the majority of the public is unaware of the truth.
43. That the glory of our country may only be restored when our traditional heritage culture may revive, when every citizen may get the rid from adulterated history. The historical concepts, which have been distorted during the long period of slavery, may become a task of utmost importance and urgency. An inadequate understanding on impressionable citizen has resulted in the further accessibility in implanting the misleading concepts and thereby breaking the heads and idols of the fellow citizen due to the segmentation of the society in many composition.
44. That the true history must atleast be written in the contemporary language and it should remain independent from interpolation, otherwise the very existence of our cultural heritage may be evaporated from the sight of the future generation. The Governor General, Lord Auckland, and young lieutenant Alexander Cunningham conceived indigenous scheme of misusing the archaeological studies. This young Cunnigham, an army engineer had no training in the archaeological department, he wrote a lengthy letter dated September 15, 1842 suggesting archeological exploration in India. This letter is reproduced on page no 246 Volume 7 journal of Royal Asiatic Society, London, 1843 A. D. It discloses that the purpose of archeological exploration in India is neither the study; nor preservation of historical monuments, but to use archeology as the imperial tool to create mutual dissension and resentment between Buddhists, Jains and other Hindu with Invaders by falsely crediting all monuments to the authorship to alien invaders while few may be labeled as that of being constructed by Buddhist or Jain, but not by Hindus.
45. That the indo-saranice theory of architecture is the existence of Hindu patrons in all medieval monuments thus it is necessary that the credit must be given to such Hindu artists who designed the monuments. It may not be given to medieval cruelty and fanaticism adopted by chauvinistic Invader invaders. The infidel designs on each and every Invader mosque and tomb reveals the tolerance of Hindu citizens who were subjected to the cruelty and terrorism from the last one thousand years. This article does not reflect any animosity between the different section of the society but this is a description of sum of the thought provocating a revelation in relations to the blunder committed by the Historian on the foundation of sacrosanct concepts.
46. That the pioneer, In English daily newspaper of Lucknow it was observed that “The Archeological survey of India reports (brought out under Alexander Cunningham) are feeble, inane and all but useless and the Government has reasons to be ashamed of the majority of the volume. It appears that Cunningham planted false Invader cenotaphs inside Hindu building, inserted Koranic over writing on Hindu edifices and sponsored the fabrication of documents to be given to Invader caretaker for conversion of the Hindu Building like Taj Mahal, Red fort, Fatehpur Sikri, Sikandara, Etmadudullah built by Hindu rulers to the Invader monuments. Let us begin with the dubious instance of 230-ft. high tower called as Qutub Minar to which historian claims to have been built by Qutuubbdin Aibak from 1206-1210 A.D. The other historian claims that it was built by his son- in- law and successor Iltmash, while other claim it to be built by Allauddin Khilji. The fourth view is of Ferozshah Tuglaq, while the fifth view is that all these rulers jointly or severely built the tower. Everyone knows that there is no basis for the above assertion. But the public knows the truth by mere seeing the sight of Qutub Minar that the same is having so many deity and temple adjoining to this monument. The true copy of report published in Hindustan Times regarding the sign of maker of Taj Mahal published on 6th July 2004 is filed as Annexure No. 8 .
47. That these historians may be impeached for gross dereliction of their duty and for committing cheating upon the conscience of the public. The truth is not amenable to all individual as no one could dare to become vigilant enough and to collect true version about the mediaeval township of Hindu rulers. We therefore caution the world of history not to place any faith in Anglo-Invader translations of Invader lettering or documents made is submited that The number of report regarding the authorship of Taj Mahal, Fatehpur-sikiri published in Amar Ujala on the basis of the reserch condect by its Senior Sub-Editer Sri Bhanu Pratap Singh Resident of Shastri-puram, Bodala Road, Sinkandra, Agra shell be produced at the time of arguments.
48. That the Later Percy Brown, James Ferguson, Sir Kenneth Clarke, Sir Bannister Fletcher and Encyclopaedia Britannica orchestrated the same cunning tune of Cunnigham. That resulted in firmly establishing and perpetuating a colossal archaeological fraud which is being sedulously taught all over the world as profound academic truth and is echoed in newspaper articles and telecasts for over a century. Cunningham’s suggestion was obviously highly appreciated. Because when he retired from the army as a Major General he was straightaway appointed the first archeological surveyor of India in 1861,as director from 1862 to 1865 and as Director General from 1871 to 1885. Thus the historical data based on archeological study conducted by Cunningham are scheming brain of notorious design regarding their vagueness and deceptive notions. The archeological survey of India was dramatically closed from 1861 to 1865 when the two assistant of Cunningham namely J D Beglar and Carlleyle took over the charge and prepare the list of historical monuments with fabricated historical records. Consequently persons working around the world as the expert Invader known as Saracenic architecture in museum became the pseudo experts unwittingly perpetuating the fraud with the people. T he historical cities were converted to Islam and the pre Invader edifices built according to the Vedic architecture were vanished from existence.
49. That the ancient Indian history is remarkable from the time of the epic of Ramayana and Mahabharata. There are the evidence that their exists the Hindu palaces having the creation of it by the marble and other precious stone. In the ancient time there was sculpture based on our ethical and religious concepts. The cultural heritage was in existence in the form of iron pillars, the mandate of the ruler on copper scripts and the creation of the artistic image indicating civilization on the different religious temple of the contemporary period. These were the valuable antiques, which were ruthlessly destructed by the foreign invaders. The portraits of the ruler and their identification could be seen on the rocks and coins of the relevant period, which are hidden inside the earth due to the barbaric destruction of our Hindu heritage. The prominent place of these heritage found are at Mohinjaddeo, Harrapa (Sind), Takshila (Punjab), Kaushambi, Sarnath, Mathura(Uttar Pradesh), Patilaputra , Nalanda(Bihar), Rajgiri , Sanchi, Burhotra (Madhya Bharat),Agadi, Vanvasi, Talkand and Maski(south).
50. That there has been number of articles written by foreign visitors/delegates/diplomat and ambassadors amongst whom Magastahenes from Domiscus (Syria) and Deoneses (Egypt) are prominent .The descirption of the great ruler Sri Chandragupta Maurya may be found in the writing of Magasthenes. The Chinese writer Faiyan left the glimpse of Vikramaditya period thereafter Honchong came to India and remained here for about 15 years who has described the period of Harshvardhan religious and social coordination. Harshvardhan was the prominent ruler of our nation. At the last we may get some description from the article of Alavruni who came along with Mohammed Ghaznavi and examined the traditions of Hindu which are described in (Tahikate hind )
51. That thus the civilization at Sindh river at Harappa has got the enormous storing capability of the food articles which were distribute by the Hindu rulers during their ‘Anusthan’ in the different part of our country .The discovery of ‘Godam’ meant for storage of the grains is still found in Harrapa civilization which has become a part of Pakistan after th division of our country. It is evident that the people of the contemporary period were having their expertise in molding the copper pots for storage of the valuable herbal extracts meant for providing the cure from the ailments. All these cultural heritage of our Hindu civilization has not been preserved by our archeological department.
52. That the period of destruction after reaching to the optimum heights after the propagation of Jain religion and Buddhism, may be relate back from the period of Ajatshatru, Nand Samrajya when Sikander invaded our country in 267 B.C. at Peshawar. He fought a battle from King Puru near Jhelum river and due to natural calamity of unprecedented rains, the elephant could not provide any impact upon aggressors, who were fully equipped to fight the Guerilla battle. The defeat of King Abhishad in Kashmir was the beginning of external invasion by the foreign invaders.
53. That during the Maurya dynasty, the King Chandragupta Maurya, who was getting instructions from great Chanakya had successfully defeated Celucus but subsequently he entered with a compromise with Chandragupta Maurya as a result of which Chandragupta got eastern part of Unan namely aria, archosia, gadrosia and paronishdi. Chandragupta Maurya subsequently married with the daughter of King of Unan. Thus our country under the domination of the dynasty of Chandragupta Maurya was extended up to Unan to Mysore in the south. Thus except Kashmir and Kalinga the boundary our country was extended upto Afghanistan and Baluchistan. But unfortunately the period of Chandragupta Maurya could not remain intact. There was the revolt at tatshila which was suppressed during the reign of Bindusar by great ruler of our nation namely Ashoka the great. King Ashoka fought a battle with Kalinga and in this manner the dimension of the area, which was extended upto Baluchistan was further extended from makaram, sindh, kutch, kyauli, swat ki vally, but Kashmir Nepal and Assam remained in exclusion to the aforesaid domination.
54. That subsequently Great King Ashoka became the disciple of Lord Buddha and he has started expansion to the percepts of the religion by having the affixation of the symbolic predomination adhered with the aforesaid religion. He constructed the Ashoka pillars from mono block of a rock. On the top of which, there was the symbolic resemblance of four lion, while in midst, there was a chakra comprising of 24 arches and the Bull and the elephants scriptures were carved out in the middle of the single rock, below which, there was the lotus in the downward directions. The symbolic resemblance of the lotus became a tradition for construction of the temple. Thus we may find out that wherever the lotus is evident on any monument with the scripture like the vegetable leafs, grapes, peacock and other religious offering provided to the deity kept inside the temple.
55. That the foundations of Invader were based on the concepts of destruction of the existing values prevalent amongst the Buddha and Hindu religion. Although, it is widely accepted that prior to the creation of other Religion, every one was himself initially the follower of Hindu religion. He was initially opposed to existence of other religious adomination. There was the preaching, that whosoever he might be, he does not follow the Islam, then, there may be the army of Invader followers, who may terrorise him for conversion to them. In this process if there may be the use of terrorism by showing of it the follower of other religion may loose the confrontation in the expansion of Invader fundamentalist then even they use to profess the aforesaid crusade. Thus after the existence of such a drastic army of the crusaders, there was no possibility that the other peace loving religion may still remain in existence. Unfortunately Hindu, Jain, Buddh religion followers were dependent upon the policy of non-violence, peace and tranquillity and under their religious philosophy i.e, the entire world is likes a family of the different ideology.
56. That the beginning of the Invader invasion in our country starting from the time of Mohammed Bin Quasim in 712 A.D., there was the gruesome murder committed of King Daher and thereafter his two daughters after outraging their modesty were handed over by Mohammed Bin Quasim to his uncle namely Abdul Abbass of Oman. However the Invader ruler after been instigated by the daughters of the King Daher got this Mohammed Bin Quasim death by putting him alive inside the leather of the cow for invading the chastity of two girls prior to their offering to Sultan. This was the beginning of destruction of our cultural heritage by these ruthless invaders. The description of it may be seen in a book written by R. C. Mazumdar namely the ‘Arab mission of India’.
57. That Sultan Mohammed Ghaznavi robbed Somenath temple. Ultimately after invading and defeating the different Rajput rulers for more than seventeen time from the year of 1000 to 1026 A.D. This man was the follower of Islamic fanatism, who destructed many temples during his aggression. Abdul Fateh Daud,a Invader ruler of Sultan was so terrified that he offered his apology to Mohammed Ghaznavi and at the same time Jaypal who committed the suicide instead of being surrendered before Mohammed Ghaznavi, his son Anand Pal was also defeated near Peshawar. In the sixth attack committed upon our nation by Mohammed Ghaznavi. Anand Pal thereafter associate of the King of Ujjain, Gwalior, kalingar, kannuanj, Delhi and Ajmer, but due to the division in the army , Mohammed Ghaznaviu again defeated him and thereafter the he attacked on the Palace of Nagarkot Kingdom. These invasions started from the year of 1007 upto 1027 A.D. continued to remain near Sindhsagar Navnandh, Yagesghwar, Barran, Mahram, Mathura, Kalinjar and ultimately at Katiabad due to disintegrity of the Hindu rulers. Ultimaley Mohhamed Ghaznavi died on 30th April 1030.
58. That the journey of Shahabuddin Mohammed Gauri started from 1176 to 1178 for the victory of Multan and Kutch. He conducted so many attacks with the help of King of Jammu upto 1186. He entered in Gujrat, but Mool Raj the King of Anhilavada got him defeated. However in 1191, he conquered Malinga and Shar-Hind, which included the territory of Delhi. Thus Delhi and Ajmer remained under his domination, while he attacked at Kannuaj, Chandivada (near Etawah), Gwalior and Vijana. Gayasuddin Mohammed Gauri died in 1102.
59. That the reason for the defeat of Rajput rulers was on account of the fact, which is exhibited by the recital of Turk aggressors that there is the survival of the fittest. There was no morality in the Hindu army and as such the Invader rulers defeated them. The main reasons for the defeat were the caste system and idol worships prevalent at the relevant time. The intellectuals were side tracked and the society was divided into much segmentation in which Kshatriya only were considered to be the fighting class amongst the Hindus. Hindu Religion was based on diversity of different caste, Creed, Sects and Multiplicity of Religion The citizens were having the orthodox feeling and they were very much living under the domination of superstitions. This was the reason that the Hindus were subjected to the cruelty by the foreign invaders.
60. That the Kutubuddin Aibak appointed a Invader governor upon Ajmer. He expanded the territory of Mohammed Guari to Meerut, Jhansi, Kol, and Runthambor. He converted many temples into Invader Mosques at Gwalior and Anhilvada. Bakhtiyaruddin Khilji invaded Bengal at the time of Kutubbuddin. There were many rulers namely Aalathmus, Razia Sultana, Naseeruddin Mohammed, Tuglaq Khan, and ultimately Jalaluddin Khilji came to the power. But his real nephew and son-in-law Allauddin Khilji trapped him and killed as a traitor. He committed the murder of Jallaluddin’s sons namely Aktali khan and Rukunniddin. This Allauddin after getting his enemy killed became the ruler to control the governance of the occupied territory. There was the stability in respect of the price of food grains. The cow was sold at one by third cost of the goat during his period. However Alluaddin died in the year of 1316 A.D.
61. That the starting of Gayasuddin Tuglaq and after his death one Mohammed Tuqlaq who was called as a symbol of many contradictions at the same time he was intelligent and cruel while on the other hand he was a religious and lunatic but he was called as unfortunate idealistic who shifted his capital from Delhi to Devgiri at Daulatabad .The successor of Mahmmaed Tuglaq was Feroz Tuglaq who developed the government farm and made the invention for the rotation of the crops. He converted many Hindu monuments and all these monument description is described at Fatauath- e-ferozshahi .The cities were known as Feroza, Ferozabad, Hissar, Jaunpur and Fatehabad during his time period. He created a army of the slaves comprising of about one lakh eighty thousand people belonging to the inhabitant of the same place where he was the conqueror. After the end of Tuglaq dynasty the Taimur dynasty completely vanished the remains of Tuglaq rluers. However soon the Taimur dynasty appointed Khijr Khan as there representative who created Syed regime. It has been said by the great German philosopher Gete that the success and the defeat are the part of the same coin as the joy and sorrow are reactionary and the unity is disintegrity are the reflections of the same quality. This was also the reason that after Mohhamed tuglaq there was the extinction of Invader dynasty and there was the beginning of Hindu rulers at Vijaynagar.
62. That the correspondent of BBC, London Times, Derspegel, New York Times ,Washington Post ,Christian Science ,Monitor Times and ‘life’ weekly’s continue to misrepresent these Hindu Building as that of Invader origin. The freedom of expression continues to ruthlessly suppress the truth about these historical buildings belonging to the pre-Invader origin. These Historian have meticulously calculatively kept their readership ignorant regarding the truth of pre–existing palaces and temple prior to declare them the building as Invader monuments.
63. That now our government has provided the restriction for taking even the photograph of the prominent historical buildings in India under the guise of archeological department as to maintain the status quo regarding the falsehood created by the historian and to avoid the alleged animosity between the majority class of the Hindu with the minority Invader. It has been revealed by Encyclopaedias Islamia that the Arabia itself obliterated all its past history by destroying image before the foundation of Islam. The origin of Kaba which is the central shrine is in itself a Hindu temple surrounded by huge shrine consisting of 360 HIndu images belonging to Indian king Vikarmaaditya who founded them in 58 B.C. Even the word ‘Allah’ is a Sanskrit word signifies “Mother or goddess“ while mekha (Makka) in Sanskrit signifies a sacrificial fire of Vedic worship prevalent during the pre Islamic days. The monuments have not only been destroyed in the peninsula of arvasthan belonging to King Vikramaditya, which was captured by the Arabian during the Islamic invasion. The intriguing aspect of regarding the existence of Shivalinga in Kaba shrine in Mecca is well known as sun-gay aswad that is of black stone. It is still a misfortunate part on the majority of Hindu Citizens that the income collected from the temples of Karnataka is distributed to about 80% of its share to the Haze piligrimage, where there is the slaughtering of the 2500 cows and camale as that of the rituals.
64. That the poetic composition of pre Islamic Arabian poets kept in famous library called as Makahtab-e-Sultania in Istambul in turkey contains the biographic details of these pre Islamic construction while the second part embodies the period beginning just after prohphet Mohammaed upto the end of Vanee- umaya dynasty resembling the Sanskrit name of Krishnayya voice. There has been a big signboard few mile away from Mecca banning the entry of any non Invader in the area. This signboard signifies the period shrine was stormed and captured by the invader having their faith in Islam. The same position is visualized at Azmer sharif where there is still the covering over the Shivalinga for which the Islamic follower are strictly providing the vigilance as it may not be disclosed the existence of the Temple of Lord Shiva. Thus it be go on searching the different historical facts with the open eyes we will find that there are ample evidence to deflate the Indo- Saracenic architecture theory bubble.
65. That there is thus a valid reason why Hindus are not in a position to produce any documentary evidence with regard to the Hindu origin of fort. Even then we maintain that if a systematic archaeological excavation is undertaken inside the fort and if its dingy cellars and basements are opened and scoured they may still reveal Sanskrit inscriptions and idols smashed and buried by Invader occupiers. In fact whatever little and excavation has been made has resulted in the recovery of horse and elephant statues. Yet taking things as they stand any court of law will uphold the plea that Hindus have a valid reason for not being able to produce any documentary proof.
66. That the Hon’ble court will then ask the Anglo-Invader school to produce its documents. That school too has not got even a shred of a document to prove that any one or more Invader rulers built or rebuilt the fort. A hazy mention to that effect in a court flatterer’s chronicler is no documentary proof. It is like you or we noting in our diaries that we built the Houses of Parliament in London.
67. That the Apex court held in Ram Sharan Autyanuprasi’s case 1989 (Supp.) (1) SCC 251/AIR 1989 S. C. 549, that men’s life is inclusive of his tradition, culture and heritage and protection of that heritage in its full measure would certainly come within the encompass of an expanded concept of Article 21 of the Constitution. It is the life- mission of the petitioner to re-establish the truth with regard to the National and Important monuments having heritage of Indian culture and values of Indian life.
68. That as per the discovery of the author Sri P. N. Oak, (contrary to the assertions by the Aechiological Survey of India, in short ASI), the Taj Mahal is Tejomahalaya, a Shiva Temple

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Taj Mahal is a Temple Palace
Saivism and the Phallic World (2 Vols.)
The Astadhyayi of Panini: With translation and Explanatary Notes (Volume XI)
The Hindu View of Life
A Brief History of Dharmasastra
Nirgrantha (Vol.3)
Glimpses of Hindu Cults and Culture
The Book of Hindu Imagery: Gods, Manifestations and Their Meaning
May 27 to May 27
Astrosecrets (4 Vols.)
Taj Mahal is a Temple Palace
this is a master piece written very lucidly with good compre ..
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