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The Siddha Pharmacopoeia of India Part-II (Formulations) - Pharmacopoeial Monograph of Ayush Kutinir Curanam
The Siddha Pharmacopoeia of India Part-II (Formulations) - Pharmacopoeial Monograph of Ayush Kutinir Curanam
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Kriya Yoga: Its Mystery and Performing Art

by Swami Sadhanananda Giri

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Kriya Yoga – Its Mystery & Performing Art, written by Swami Sadhanananda Giri is described by many of its readers as the Kriyayoga Samhita or the Holy book of Kriyayoga. The luminous words of this inspiring & empowering title are pregnant with spiritual wisdom, which has changed the lives in hundreds of its readers exposing the proper practice of Kriya as originally taught by Yogiraj Sri Sri Lahiri Mahasaya. It is highly recommended as a follow-up of the classic – “Autobiobraphy of A Yogi” written by Paramahansa Yogananda. Paramahansa Yoganandaji’s luminous words in “Autobiobraphy of a Yogi” have inspired millions of people across the world to taste the innermost essence, the nectar of Kriyayoga. But even with such huge number of followers, an ideal & authentic text book of Kriyayoga with both theoretical & practical details is in demand.

The secret behind the success of the above title in reorienting its readers’ outlook & lifestyle in general is nothing but translation of the divine powers of its author into its contents. The present title with its inspiring & empowering words is a gift to the mankind from another Sadguru – Swami Sadhanananda Giri – from the same lineage. It is a printed shape of his realizations emanating from highest level of spiritual wisdom. Kriyayoga is a novel science comprising of all the best techniques available in different traditional oriental systems of yoga for control of the innate breathing exercise or Pranayama. Yoga – in its totality – prepares the mind as well as the body for the ultimate goal of life – association & assimilation of the individual consciousness with the Supreme Consciousness. The path described for such a marvelous journey is same, simple & secret in every religion – control of the senses & concentration of the mental faculty through control over the respiratory process.

Kriyayoga is mentioned in the ancient renowned philosophy of the great sage Patanjali, as a mean for communication with the Absolute by way of certain significant practices – intensely secret. Our revered Sri Sri Lahiribaba revived that sacred tradition & presented to us as the most advanced, up-to-date way of spiritual practice – suitable for both the familymen & renunciants, for any human soul beyond any barrier of religion, caste, age, sex or nationality. As in every art, practice of Kriyayoga too has to be performed under the supervision of an able Master – a self-realised Guru ‘in living’, who himself has crossed all the stages of yogic sublimity. He is the sole origin & medium of transfer of spiritual energy to an obliged & obeisant disciple. Only He holds the key to self-realisation for the disciple. The insurmountable restlessness of human mind has to be focused in the way taught & tutored by the Guru. Any attempt to sail alone in spiritual practice is totally prohibited. Swami Sadhanananda Giri descends from a sacred Guruparampara, the traditional Indian lineage of Guru.

Through this masterpiece he wishes to provide every spiritual practitioner in the path of Kriyayoga a ‘practical guide’, to satiate his inquisitiveness, for an insight into the knowledge necessary to allay all misgivings & also to help him appreciate his journey through newer stages of spiritual upliftment during sadhana.

Table of Contents:


Lineage of Swami Sadhanananda Giri
Section I
    The Individual and the Absolute
Section II
    Pranayama and Its Necessity
Section III
    1. Yoga and Its Necessity
    2. What is Yoga
    3. Kriya Yoga and General Classifications of Yoga
Section IV
    Part A: Primary Components of Kriya Yoga
    1. Yama (Self Restraint)
    2. Niyama (Precepts)
    3. Asana (Sitting Posture)
    Part B: Pranayama
    1. The Mystery of Creation
    2. The Corporeal Entity
    3. The Concept of Communicative Tributaries (Nadis)
    4. The Entity of Serpent Power
    5. Shatchakra
    6. What is Pranayama
    7. Etiology of Pranayama
    8. The Mode of Pranayama
    9. Utility of Pranayama

    Part C: Some Vital Accesories of Kriya Yoga
    1. Kechari Mudra
    2. Mahamudra
    3. Sambhavi Mudra
    4. Mulabandha Mudra
    5. Bhramari
    6. Atmadarsana and Nadasravana
    7. Yoni Mudra
    8. The Outcome of Mudra
    9. Japa Kriya
    10. Nabhi Kriya
Section V: Lessons of Kriya
    1. The First Lesson of Kriyayoga
    (Novice Stage)
    2. The Second Lesson of Kriyayoga (Ascetic Stage)
    3. The Third Lesson of Kriyayoga (Accomplished Stage)
    4. The Fourth Lesson of Kriyayoga (Nirvana Stage)
Section VI
    1. Some Essential Information for the Kriya Yoga practitioner
    2. Some Advices from Yogiraj Sri Sri Lahiribaba
    3. Some Essentialites for a Kriya Yoga practitioner
    4. Some Important Rules and Regulations

Section VII

          Some Mystic Exposures

Section VIII

Yoga and the Synthesis of Religions.

1. Islam

2. Chiristianity

3. Buddhism


1. Glossary of Sanskrita Terms used in the book with their English equivalents

2. Bibliography

3. Index.


About the Author:

October 8th 1951, drew first breath on the day of auspicious autumnal Mahashtami. Childhood & early youth were like any other boy. Initiated in chanting the verses of Srimadbhagabat Gita for the first time after upanayana (ceremony of taking sacred thread – a ritualistic symbol of bramhins) came across the sloka – “ananyaschintayanta mam ye janah paryupasate tesham nityabhiyuktanam yogakshemam vahamyaham” (9/22) – The Holy God takes upon himself the entire responsibility of someone who is exclusively devoted! It stirred him strongly. The result – departure from home in search of Truth. Wandering about for days & months in this or that part of the country he attained strange experiences & profound knowledge of scriptures but derived no satisfaction. By some miracle once came in contact with Swami Bhabananda Giri who took him under his arms.

Now started crossing the stages of yogic sublimity one after another. Within a very short period reached the final goal. After self-realisation, started the life of Acharya. To cater the needs of practitioners of yoga he has authored several books. Pregnant with profundity of wisdom & sublimity of thought these mystic exposures have turned out to be of permanent importance in the world of theology. To his innumerable devotees & admirers he is not only the embodiment of Godliness, but a living God – the ultimate repository of peace & sublimity. He holds the key to self-realisation & salvation. Following his guidelines one can cross the barriers of mundane existence to attain the summit of human life. Mortals like us are indeed fortunate to have a being such as him in our midst – a recluse of the highest order who has not retired into the obscure nooks of the Himalayas or into the inaccessible sylvan retreats of the Narmada, but continues to live within us in a semi-urban conglomeration of Jujersa, just a few miles off Calcutta.



Detailed Product Info:

Title: Kriya Yoga: Its Mystery and Performing Art
Author(s): Swami Sadhanananda Giri
ISBN: 9788190284516
Year of Publication: 1998
Bibliographic Information: xv + 184p. Append.
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
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Customer Reviews of Kriya Yoga: Its Mystery and Performing Art
Review by nilay bhattacharya: Monday 30 March, 2009
This Book enlighten the beginners of KRIYA Yogis to reach to the ultimate Goals of their lifes.Practising as GURUJIS suggest will give a different sensation in our lifes.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
Review by Debasis Ghosh: Sunday 29 March, 2009
One of the best books on Kriya available today. I ordered a few copies for friends who actively persue Kriya yoga as taught by Yogiraj Lahiri Mahasaya.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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One of the best books on Kriya available today. I ordered a ..
5 of 5 Stars!

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